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Home Obama's Racist Spiritual Advisors Video Roundup

Obama's Racist Spiritual Advisors Video Roundup

This of it as TRL for the crazy racist preachers surround Messiah in Waiting, Barack Hussein Obama.

1. First up of course is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. After all no listing of Obama's crazy racist preachers could be complete without the man who joyously shrieked God Damn America after 9/11, claimed the government created AIDS and blamed Italians like Giuliani for killing Jesus.

Like Obama, Wright was born into the upper middle class and today is well in the upper class. Also like Obama, Wright had a Muslim background which he made the most of by creating a Church that incorporated Black Muslim ideas via Black libertationist theology that was heavy on the race baiting.

For 20 years Jeremiah Wright has been Obama's close personal friend and spiritual advisor. Obama's family goes to Wright's church, Trinity, and Obama lifted "The Audacity of Hope" from Wright's sermons.

When videos like this first went national, Obama tried to dance around them with a convoluted speech about how all of America was racist anyway so Wright's crazy hate didn't matter. Then when Wright put his own interests above Obama's by going on a speaking tour when he was supposed to stay out of the spotlight, Obama coldly cut him loose.

2. I began covering the Michael Pfleger and Obama connection back in March before most. Pfleger slowly hit the big blogger radar with stories on him at Michelle Malkin's and a few others but the furor quickly died down. Now with the release of new videos, the Pfleger story hit ABC news and hit the big time.

Here via No Quarter is the new Pfleger video over at Obama's Trinity Church introduced by Obama's new pastor Moss that got Obama to disclaim Pfleger.

So another of Obama's crazy hatefilled pastors goes under the bus, which is a shame because Pfleger offered hours of easy entertainment. Also Pfleger's love for Louis Farrakhan, along with Wright, made him truly repulsive.

3. Then there was James Meeks, another one of Chicago's racist preacher clowns and Obama personal advisor as well as political backer. And of course another Farrakhan supporter.

We don't have slave masters, we got mayors, but they still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able to be educated.

You have got some preachers that are house niggers. You have some elected officials that are house niggers. And rather than them trying to break this up, they are going to fight you to protect that white man.

Preach it. James Meeks was briefly featured on the news but never hit the big time the way Wright and now Pfleger have.

4. At number four Obama's current Trinity pastor, Otis Moss, who's going to be the next to hit the big time.

5. At Number five is the Rev. Willie Barrow who's likely to follow Otis Moss. I've reported on Willie Barrow before and while she doesn't seem to spend time hopping up and down like a lunatic, she's a close friend of Farrakhan and another Obama spiritual advisor with radical left wing politics.

She backed Farrakhan's Hate Crimes board member and when other members of the hate crimes commission resigned, she stood by her support of Farrakhan. Willie's Barrow support of Farrakhan is something she has in common with Wright and Pfleger among others.

6. Shara Adderley at number six has no video, but like Willie Barrow, Wright and Pfleger, Adderley is one of Obama's People of Faith endorsees and her rants suggest that she's entirely capable of matching at least Pfleger.

In addition to re-inventing her past, the most obvious new Hillary
Clinton strategy is to use 'Token Negroes' like BET Founder Bob Johnson,
Tavis Smiley, and Magic Johnson to name a few, to attack and discredit
Barack Obama, a tactic which many blacks find additionally offensive,
calling these black Clinton cronies 'sell-outs'. Spread the
word....share the facts. The Clinton's have been conning the black
community for a long time and are NOT what they claim to be. I bet they
go home at night, pour some expensive wine, kick their feet up and just
laugh like crazy about what big black suckers we are. But now, it's time
to prove them wrong !


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