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Retarded Protest Tourist of the Day

"Palestinian protester uses a sling against Israeli soldiers while eating an ice-cream during a protest opposed to Israel's security fence in the West Bank village of Bilin April 4, 2008. REUTERS/Baz Ratner"

...First of all this is not a Palestinian Arab but a Western tourist, one of a breed of a "Protest Tourists", left wingers who take a trip, throw some stones at Israelis, have photos taken of themselves to show off at rallies and book readings back home.

This one appears to be a particularly lazy example of a Protest Tourist, not only has he not bothered to buy a trendy Keffiyeh for 20 dollars, but he's eating ice cream while throwing stones. Lazy, stupid and a trust fund to boot.

I'm not sure why he can't let go of the ice cream long enough to properly express his hatred for Jews, maybe he has an oral fixation and it's his equivalent of thumbsucking. Photos of this retarded moron have shown up all over Reuters' news service and is undoubtedly making hearts swell back in Seattle or San Francisco or wherever he's really from.

With the rise in Protest Tourism, perhaps kicked off by fake Palestinian Edward Said, when he boasted of throwing rocks over the border, being a protest tourism has become trendy to the sort of unemployed 20 somethings who are perpetually outraged by stuff but think Greenpeace is a little passe. Their tour package apparently includes a visit to an Arab village, a chance to have their photos taken with terrorists and all the rocks they can throw. The really committed ones go on to join ISM or some equally repulsive pro-terrorist group such as the Christian Peacemakers Team (neither Christian nor making any Peace, technically they may be a Team, so they're batting 1 for 3) in hopes of becoming the next Rachel Corrie.

Protest Tourism is the inevitable intersection between the prosperous status seeking nature of the upper middle class roots of left wing activists and their politics. Its repugnant desire to participate in the genocidal agenda of Islamic terrorism from a safe distance and with a comfortable photo op, really has no point of comparison except perhaps Western Thai sex tourism or people who go to China to buy organs from political prisoners.

You can understand why Reuters would want to focus on him since real Palestinian Arab protesters look less like lazy stoned catalog models and more like these guys and that doesn't sell as well in the West.


  1. How do you tell the difference between a "real Palestinian" and a fake one?
    You can't!! they are all fake to begin with.

    Glad you exposed this and the feckless, cheap "Reuters , all the news that is fit to make up, all the Photoshops we can produce"

  2. I guess Reuters feels as long as the guy has dark hair they can pass him off as a Palestinian.

    Protest tourism is a terrific way to describe these I-want-to-discover- myself trips to the Middle East and contrived outrage against Israel. Rich, white, upper middle class and a family willing to indulge him in his every whim.

    What do you want to bet this punk is also on his college's newspaper and writes contrived articles and expresses faux angst over the Palestinians?


    Shavua tov :)

  3. I'd love nothing more than to infiltrate one of these ISM or Peace Now groups and expose their behavior.

    They should be banned from Israel though. It's not right that pro-Israel protestors, even teenagers are arrested or held on administrative detention without due process and these Western pro-Palestinian punks can cause havoc with impunity.

  4. Hmmm. Maybe someone should hand this guy a boomberang and take away his slingshot.

    he he he.

  5. I wonder what flavour cone that was? Did it have sprinkles? Whatever it is, don't you think that cone makes him look really manly?

    Personally, I think ice cream cones are the ultimate in screaming to the world, "Hey!! I'm dang serious about what I believe in!!!"

    The muzlim ought to use one when he's out campaigning.


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