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Does Obama attend a Church or a Mosque?

Once the primaries were underway, Barack Hussein Obama was very careful to promote himself as a Christian and the keystone of his Christian identity was Trinity Church, a Church shaped around a former Muslim whose Divinity School Masters Degree was on Islam and who used the Church to preach hatred for America and support for terrorism. That man of course is Jeremiah Wright.

With the revelations that Jeremiah Wright is a former Muslim and received his Masters degree from the University of Chicago's Divinity School on Islam in Africa-- Obama's affiliation with Wright's Trinity Church takes on a whole new meaning.

When Obama attended Wright's Trinity Church, was he really attending a Church or a Mosque that Wright had built with a Christian facade over it.

Wright has admitted to incorporating ideas from Black Muslims into Trinity. He himself is a former Muslim who promotes an Islam centered view of America and Israel as demon states. There are Synagogues that are actually Churches dedicated to targeting Jews. Muslims have been covertly imitating some of this. There is a Jews for Allah and Muslims have been trained to lead religious discussions with Christians by equating Christianity with Islam, proclaiming that they too believe in Jesus. If there are Messianic Christian synagogues, why not a Prophetic Christian mosque?

Either way, conspiracy theories aside, the Church that Obama was attending had more in common with a Mosque than with a conventional Church. It was led by a former Muslim whose specialty was and is Islam. A former Muslim who hates America and Israel and who preaches ideas that are basically Black Muslim ideas. So Obama's claim that Trinity Church normalizes him as a Christian goes out the window, because Trinity Church is no mainstream Christian Church. It's as close as anyone can come to attending a Mosque without actually attending a Mosque.

Consider Obama's "I'm not a Muslim" defense reverted back to square one. Obama's American Church was at best halfway to being a Mosque.


  1. The Jesuits started it..
    A Jesuit will with what is called "mental reservation" marry, join another church, pose as any religious leader of any sect, in order to spread the philosophy.
    The infiltrate churches, synagogues, etc as wolves in sheeps clothing to pull out followers for themselves.

    Would not be a leap to believe that Jeremiah Wright is a full blown Moslem with an agenda at stirring up division and hatred within the USA.
    It would fit with the 20 point plan of Moslems to bring down the USA. See hit here:


  2. Hijacking religion by coming inside to siphon off membership or to influence the whole organisation has been an old tool . I have no doubt that he could very well be a Muslim that has insinuated himself inside to twist minds to his way of thinking.
    These people need to be exposed.

  3. As far as I'm concerned Trinity Church is really a mosque without a minerat.

    Seems they've learned this bait and switch from Bapstit and Assembly of G-d curches and how they lure Jews in.

    Many many years ago I went to a "synagogue" because a friend's sister said her two brothers were rabbis. It was on a Friday night, the building had no steeple but the lecture was all about JC and from the NT.

    Boy was I fumming and walked out. I haven't talked to that "friend" in years either.

  4. Anonymous9/4/08

    How many article have you seen in the mainstreem media about this new revelation? I have not, except on LGF, but they are a blog, and I bet you not many regular Americans know those stories if they don't appear on TV or the main newspaper, and they will not spoil their fav chances to win. We are living in interesting times with Islam getting to the White House in 8 years.

  5. Anonymous9/4/08

    WOW! As a resident of Chicagoland I had not heard about this latest prick into the NObama balloon. Wish the Trib's Kass would include this in an upcoming piece. Ayers and Wright are in the mainstream media's eyes. Let's get this out, too.

  6. The mainstream media is beginning to cover this but how to tackle it is difficult for them. They'd have to face to very politically incorrect things--Islam expanding into churches and black christian racists.

    I don't think Trinity is a new phenomena, either. Several months ago in Buffalo a church in a black neightborhood ran TV ads describing itself as a church for the true lost children of Israel. I watched the commercial and thought it sounded more like NOI.

    Same too with that Nation of Ya****. Devoted to the true lost tribe of Israel, the black man, but sounds a lot like NOI.


    Corrpupt to the the core, too I might say.

    These Nation of Israel groups while initially quasi Christian/Jewish can easily slip into a brand of Islam. Some are extremely violent, too.

  7. Sorry. My last comment was confusing. I just ment to say that these new "lost tribe" churches in the black communities are beginning to align themselves with NOI via a common theme--white opression.

  8. It is interesting to revisit this old post. Obama seems unchanged but the LGF site sure has changed.


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