Home The Hebron Shooting Attacks - What Is and What Isn't Being Reported
Home The Hebron Shooting Attacks - What Is and What Isn't Being Reported

The Hebron Shooting Attacks - What Is and What Isn't Being Reported

What is being reported

Two Jewish hikers in their 20's were murdered in a terror attack at Telem Spring, near Adora, south of Jerusalem.

Two Jewish boys and a girl departed on a hike from Kiryat Arba to the spring, a secluded nature spot.

An all-terrain vehicle drove up next to them, and two terrorists inside opened fire. The two youths were armed and returned fire killing one terrorist and wounding the second. The youth died from their wounds.

The girl managed to hide and phone Kiryat Arba's Magen David Adom emergency services at about 12:00 noon Friday. Despite her traumatized state, she guided the emergency crews and IDF forces to the location of the attack. Since she was unable to give the precise location on the trail, it took the forces a long while to locate her.

The bodies of the two Jewish victims and one Arab terrorist were found. The Red Crescent emergency services reportedly evacuated the second terrorist to a hospital in Hevron.

What isn't being reported

-- The terrorists used a vehicle belonging to a bodyguard of Abbas.

-- It was not the girl's directions that were at issue, numerous shootings involving Arab on Arab violence were being reported and priority was given to the Arabs rather than the dying Jewish hikers.

-- Look for probable revelations that the terrorists were members of the PA security forces unless that winds up going unreported


  1. Anonymous28/12/07

    Israel is in dire straits, in extreme danger.

    The logic of releasing avowed Jew killers and giving them guns, bullets and armoured vehicles is criminal. It is insane. This behaviour goes contrary to all common sense and rational thinking. A child could tell you this.

    What is required right now in order to save Israel and the lives of her citizens is the total elimination of her enemies. And I don't mean just those pulling the trigger. I mean Olmert. Olmert is responsible for the deaths of Jews in Israel. He is no less an enemy of Jews and Israel than any murderer of Jews in history. It's time (to paraphrase another godless giant) he became dust under the wheels of history...

  2. Ghastly. Geez, all they were doing was going to a nature preserve and they can't even have a few days of peace and serenity there.

  3. Well, business as usual in Israel no?

  4. Pathetic, but not surprising.


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