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Remember Yitzchak Rabin, Forget his Victims

The show is set as the ruling powers put on a show to remember the 12th anniversary of Rabin's death, in the way they did not bother to commemorate the anniversary of the liberation of Yerushalayim.

I do not weep for Yitzchak Rabin nor can I even begin to understand the mindset that says I must mourn for an elderly politician more than for the little girl riding a bus on which a Fatah suicide bomber dispatched by Yasir Arafat (Rabin's partner in peace) detonated himself. I reject the moral universe of anyone who places the life of a corrupt senile politician transformed into a martyr by a corps of press agents over the lives of the men, women and children murdered as a consequence of Rabin's policies.

Accompanying the "regime approved" memorialization of Rabin, are the usual bouts of hysteria over Yigal Amir. Currently a law has been passed denying Amir parole for life. He has been denied a furlough to attend his son's Brit or to have the Brit take place in his prison (a not uncommon practice in Israel even with serious offenders) and even the hospital where his wife was set to deliver his son was ordered not to accept her if she comes on the anniversary of Rabin's death.

I do not weep for Yigal Amir but when he met Yitzchak Rabin, he killed one man... if even that. The man on the other end of the bullet had and has on his hands the blood of every single terrorist atrocity since he gave Arafat and his Fatah cohorts a base inside Israel's borders. If Amir is to be damned like Kayin for all eternity, then what is one to make of the jubilant terrorists freed from Israeli prisons time and time again. What is one to make of the moral order that damns a man for one killing yet insists on releasing an army of killers and even arming them? That insists on celebrating the man who set loose an enemy army on Israeli soil as a saint?

The reality is that Rabin was neither a hero nor a saint. He was a corrupt politician, an overrated general and a notorious drunk and finally a senile old man, manhandled by his ancient political enemy turned ally, Shimon Peres into an agreement that has filled Israeli's cemeteries with the dead. At the memorial ceremony Ehud Olmert will no doubt proclaim that he walks in Rabin's footsteps. And indeed he does. For once Olmert will have told the truth, because Olmert's policies are nothing more than the continuation of the insanity of the Oslo accords.

The madness of constantly making concession after concession, of meeting terrorist atrocities with useless half-measures and cringing before the whip of international condemnation while lapping up every puddle of praise began with the Rabin government. Its legacy lives on in Olmert's plan to cut a deal with Arafat's powerless successor and transfer parts of Israel and Yerushalayim in exchange for a useless set of promises and a rain of rockets, bombs and bullets.

The commemorations of Rabin's death urge you to remember Rabin and forget his victims. I instead urge you to remember both. Remember the soldiers and civilians, the men and women and children, the injured and the dead, the amputees and the disfigured, the tortured and the slain. Remember that this evil was not inevitable, it was a choice. Rabin and his government made that choice then just as Olmert and his government are making it now.

If it is evil to set loose a gang of murderers in a neighborhood, to watch them kill and kill again with folded hands, then Rabin, Peres and Olmert are evil. If such an act is described by anyone as noble or virtuous, the person saying this has demonstrated their own complete divorcement from any concept of right and wrong. I do not mourn men who do evil and then put on saintly garb or worship at the altar or Tolstoy and Gandhi. I mourn those who die at the hands of their destructive policies.


  1. Well said, Sultan.

    I've wondered about the 12th anniversary hype. Is 12 significant in Judaism? Have Rabin memorials been as publicized like this in previous years?

    Personally, I think Rabin should have added something to his last will and testament along the lines of: "To my fellow Jews and countrymen I leave...a lifetime of kassam rockets, a lifetime of suicide bombers and bloodshed, the inevitable and continued murder and maming of your men, women, and children."

    I have no sympathies for Yigal Amir but all of these harsh statements about his wife and infant son is unfair.

  2. Just as the anti-Jewish left has a yearly commemoration of Rabin, the right should have a similar ceremony at the anniversary of the Altalena incident. There should be reenactments akin to the American civil war reenactments. People waring Rabin masks should fire on people swimming to shore and people with Ben-Gurion masks should praise the cannon.
    Of course the the anti-Jewish left will go to the corts to ban free speech, but if the courts allow it, it should be a yearly orange festival.

  3. PS: This is off topic but this morning I was watching a program about the death of Paul Tibbens last week. Tibbens piloted the Enola Gay that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima that ended WW II.

    Anway, according to television show I was watching, Tibbens wanted to be cremated because he feared people would deface his tombstone. Really sad. You have to wonder if he felt tremendous guilt and wanted to blot out his own name from the history books.

    And the cremation itself...resigning himself to the same fate as the Hiroshima victims? Possibly.

    In any event, his death received much less coverage than actor Robert Goulet and even less than Rabin's.

  4. Oops, I meant Paul Tibbetts.

    You wonder how many people remember the Altalena versus how many remember Rabin's death.

  5. Anonymous4/11/07

    If you're on facebook I suggest you go to this group about rabin: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6932337620

    Someone there wrote this about you:

    "the link of sultanknish, made by the same ppl murdered rabin
    we didnt forget how crazy and dangerous you are, as far as
    i concern, its a good time for you to go and settle in gaza

    you loonies !!"

  6. well paul tibbets had a 15 million dollar bounty on his head

    ...no anonymous, I'm not on Facebook, but I have seen traffic coming from there... the left needs "these are the people who murdered Rabin" types to justify their anti-democratic totalitarian behavior

  7. Anonymous4/11/07

    Every year the Israeli media have an opportunity to renew, if only for a short while their campaign to denigrate religious Jews in Israel. In reality they never really stopped. But the anniversary of Rabin's death is a very special media/photo opportunity where they can screw up their faces and put their best sad faces on for all to see. If only Rabin had been allowed to live we would have had peace by now they all seem to be saying in their best childlike voices, sniffing back tears.. I'm just waiting for them to plate his image in gold so they can dance around him in an arm waving frenzy.

    It's not surprising no-one mentions the carnage he was responsible for even before he was Prime Minister. I'm sure the intentional murder of fellow Jews would have been explained away as a necessary evil, painful concessions, goodwill gestures, bold moves - sacrifices for peace. Like now in Israel, now that G-d has been made unwelcome by the rainbow flag wavers and multiculturists in Tel Aviv and other places in Israel.

    Ehud Olmert will no doubt proclaim that he walks in Rabin's footsteps.

    Let's hope so...

    Remember the Altadena.

  8. Anonymous4/11/07

    Excellent post Sultan! Yasher Koach!

  9. Tibbets saved millions of lives by ending Japanese insanity once and for all.

    Rabin is honored because Israel has made its choice and they no longer love nor value the land or Judaism. Those who do are in the minority now and seem to have no voice.

    In the 60's there was a saying,
    "suppose they gave a war and no one came?"

    Well suppose the majority of Israelis did not go along with the suicidal land give away? Would it happen anyway?
    ONe man cant do this alone. If Rabin had found himself speaking in a vaccuum he would have just slithered away. He found a ready audience and that is the problem to this very day.

  10. Anonymous4/11/07

    Yitzchak Rabin, Simon Peres, Bibi Natenyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, even Avigdor Lieberman - they are all bought. When they are murdered they are all considered saints. The same happened with Kennedy. Never mind he started the war in Viet-Nam

  11. Well Kennedy didn't start the war in Vietnam . That war preceded him by a long while. Before the US was there France was involved.
    The war in Vietnam was not a bad thing , it was fought badly by the US powers that be because they would not let the soldiers do their job but restricted them every step of the way.
    Hanoi should have been bombed out of existence.
    Leaving Vietnam was horrific. I know many Vietnamese who are now US citizens from that time. They are wonderful people who had to flee for their lives. I know others who were in concentration camps of North Vietnam and now they are here. We should have finished what we began by fighting an all out war.

  12. Anonymous5/11/07

    Great Article

  13. You can't feel sympathy or anything for someone whose intent was to destroy Israel. He spit on Israel, which is spitting on the covenant, which is spitting on Hashem.

    rabin reaped what he sowed.


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