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Friday Afternoon Roundup - From Mars to the Middle East

"What's the deal with peace processes? There's no peace, just a process."

It's been a long week and then a long weekend. Meanwhile in the world and all around it, Annapolis is coming and to those who want to do a little to help, it's possible to make three free phone calls to officials at this site Via (Bookworm Room)

Front Page Magazine has an interesting view with the President of the Mars Society on breaking the grip of terror on our economy through oil prices.
You know there is an old aphorism, "there are three things necessary to wage war: money, money, and yet more money." Well, the same is true of jihad. So consider the following. In 1972, the USA paid out $4 billion for oil imports, an amount equal to 1.2% of our defense budget at that time. Last year, we paid $260 billion - which was half of what we paid for national defense! Over the same period, Saudi oil revenues have grown in direct parallel from $2.7 billion in 1972 to $200 billion in 2006, and this year are likely to exceed $300 billion. And if something isn't done to break the oil cartel, the situation is likely to get much worse, because with China and India industrializing, world demand for fuel is going up, and OPEC is in position to exploit this to effect further radical price hikes -- in fact they've raised prices 50% this year alone. We are financing a war against ourselves, and the way things are going, we will soon be paying the enemy more than we are paying our own military.

Reuters has a rather disturbing look at the culture of homosexuality and pedophilia in the Muslim world that takes root in the absence of women, also a subtopic in my previous post.

Detective Bill Warner has a look at a part of the Muslim terrorist crime syndicate's operations in the United States, that I wrote about here

TAMPA EVERY MONTH. The merchandise is picked up by a
local truck driver and then delivered to a variety of Muslim
convenience stores in the greater Tampa area where it is
retailed at full price resulting in huge profits, Sami al-Arian
had set up this network. In February 2007 alone, over 150
shipments of the counterfeit merchandise (microsoft vista
programs) were received at the Port of Tampa resulting in
over $1,000,000 in sales.

You can not show this much profit in the convenience
stores, way off the register, you can not put this money in a
bank and you can not wire transfer such large amounts
without calling attention to yourself from the FBI, so what
do you do ? You buy cars ! You have multiple associates
in the used car business in the Tampa area purchase
vehicles from the auto auctions with your $700,000.00,
deliver the vehicles to a central warehouse storage lot near
the port of Tampa and ship the vehicles to Dubai UAE in
containers for resale. Why Dubai, Dubai is the largest used
car connection in the world and has a whole industry
dedicated to changing the identities of cars, those vehicles
you purchased at the auto Auction with the $700,000.00 can
be resold at up to 4 times the retail value in Dubai

Via Little Green Footballs, Aviation Week has more information on Israel's attack on Syria.

The first event in the raid involved Israel’s strike aircraft flying into Syria without alerting Syrian air defenses. The ultimate target was a suspected nuclear reactor being developed at Dayr az-Zawr. But the main attack was preceded by an engagement with a single Syrian radar site at Tall al-Abuad near the Turkish border.

The radar site was struck with a combination of electronic attack and precision bombs to allow the Israeli force to enter and exit Syrian airspace unobserved. Subsequently all of Syria’s air-defense radar system went off the air for a period of time that encompassed the raid, U.S. intelligence analysts told Aviation Week.

Atlas Shrugs warns that we may be losing Lebanon

Carl in Jerusalem at Israel Matzav talks about Israel's real 'demographic problem'

The vast majority of religious Israeli Jews said they were politically right-wing, with 71% defining themselves as such compared to just 7% who said they were left-wing. Among secular Israelis too, more defined themselves as right-wing (43%) than left-wing (27%). Some 21% of religious Israelis, 29% of traditional Israelis and 30% of secular Israelis defined themselves as centrists.
The Anti-Racist Blog has more on Norman Finkelstein's further degeneration

A recent e-mail from Norman Finkelstein, which was forwarded to Dean Elana Kagan of the Harvard Law School, indicates that Finkelstein’s name-calling has now turned sexist. Using his mother’s voice, Finkelstein describes Dean Kagan as “a whore” and says that if his mother were still around she would come up to Cambridge and call her that demeaning, sexist term “to her face and then throttle her.”

And in more leftists behaving badly news, The Midnight Sun blog has more on Rudd's threat to "knock over" Prime Minister Howard.

For the kind of braggadocio going on in the Left ranks, go no further than Kevin Rudd, Opposition leader, who stood up and announced that he could ‘knock John (Howard) over in a bar fight’.
No doubt he could, so long as Rudd could still run away from any Muslims or get on his knees and beg them for mercy.

At Up Pompei is a disgusting story about disabled war veterans being expelled from a swimming pool because their appearance "disgusted" other swimmers

Gateway Pundit has a roundup of news on the latest Clinton scandal which has them sinking to a new depth, telemarketing.

Boker Tov Boulder writes that the World Prefers Its Jews Dead

It's hard to be American Indian in America, but I think being a Jew is similar - in that the world likes dead Jews better than us living ones. We have different PR problems: People think Indians enjoy a pipeline to Mother Earth, yet refuse to believe the Jewish connection to the land of the Israel. Go figure.
Finally Pillage Idiot has a chat between Ron Paul and his Cocker Spaniel

"Dr. Paul": They're trying to paint me as some kind of anti-semite.

Cocker Spaniel:

"Dr. Paul": Which is ridiculous. I mean, we even have "Jews for Ron Paul."

Cocker Spaniel:

"Dr. Paul": It doesn't matter to me that the "Jews" for Ron Paul tend to be Unitarian Universalists.


  1. Look forward to visiting each and reading the posts.

  2. Anonymous24/11/07

    If he were a Jew or a Christian,this revelation would not have been buried by the government media.

    TAMPA - A prosecution court filing provides new details of a videotape the government says was made by a University of South Florida student and posted to the Web site YouTube.
    The video, authorities allege, was made by Ahmed Mohamed, 26, who was arrested in South Carolina on Aug. 4 along with Youssef Megahed and accused of transporting explosives.
    The prosecution says Mohamed acknowledged making the video in which he demonstrated how to use a remote-controlled toy to detonate a bomb.
    The prosecution court filing quotes Mohamed as saying in Arabic on the video, "Instead of the brethren going to, to carry out martyrdom operations, no may G-D bless him, he can use the explosion tools from distance and preserve his life, G-D willing, the blessed and exalted, for the real battles."
    The quote comes in a reply the government filed to a motion by Megahed seeking to have his case tried separately from Mohamed. Megahed's attorneys argue that terrorism-related allegations against Mohamed will unfairly prejudice the jury against Megahed.
    Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hoffer writes in his response that he opposes the severance of the case, saying there is no basis to think the jury could not be fair to both defendants.
    The "G-D" portions of the quote stand for the word "god," according to Steve Cole, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office. "Jay did that out of respect to God. That's the way he prints that name," Cole said.


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