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The Arab Invasion of South America

When students protesting Hugo Chavez's plan to make himself into a dictator for life protested in Caracas chanting "Freedom", the riot police that smashed through their ranks were under the supervision of Deputy Justice Minister Tarik or Tareck El-Aissami.

In his early thirties Tarik El-Assimi is one of the younger men to have held such a post. His father Carlos el-Aissami headed the Venezuelan branch of the Baath Party, while his great-uncle Shibli el-Aissami was a close Saddam ally and served as assistant to the Secretary General of the Baath Party.

Before the invasion of Iraq, Carlos El-Aissami held a press conference in which he described himself as a Taliban and called Osama Bin Laden, "the great Mujahedeen, Sheik Osama bin Laden". The son, Tareck el-Aissimi who headed up Venezuela's visa department and now serves as deputy justice minister, began as student union leader supervising drug dealing and a car theft ring, while intimidating his rivals. He maintained links to terrorist organizations. With the rise of Chavez, Tariq El-Aissimi's rise began as well.

While the press insisting on talking about Chavez's "reforms", the simple reality is that Chavez is suppressing opposition and positioning himself as a dictator for life. He is backed in this effort not only by the usual left wing and marxist allies in America and Europe, but by Arab and Muslim terrorist regimes, including Saddam Hussein's former Iraq and Iran.

When discussing South America, one of the most understated topics is the extent to which Arab terrorist networks have developed a foothold from Mexico to Uruguay. Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian Arab immigrants have infiltrated the economic, business and political lives of South American nations spawning crime rings, drug smuggling and political corruption. The bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Argentina would not have been possible without the complicity of Argentina's Syrian immigrant President Carlos Menem.

The simple list of Arab South American Presidents is startling in and of itself. These include Abdalá Bucaram, the Arab President of Ecuador. Antonio Saca, the current Palestinian Arab President of Ecuador. Jacobo Majluta, the former Lebanese Arab President of the Dominican Republic. Jamil Mahuad, the former Lebanese Arab President of Ecuador. Carlos Menem, the former Syrian Arab President of Argentina. Said Musa, the current Palestinian Arab Prime Minister of Belize. Edward Seaga, the former Lebanese Arab Prime Minister of Jamaica. Julio Cesar Turbay, the former Lebanese Arab President of Colombia. Carlos Flores Facusse, the Palestinian Arab former President of Honduras.

While much is written about the Arab and Muslim takeover of Europe, the Arab and Muslim domination in Latin America tends to be ignored except by those who live there. Within half a century South American nations who were often allies of the United States and Israel have become increasingly hostile, unstable and corrupt and the behind the scenes work of the Arab diaspora into Latin America has played a major role.

When you think of large scale Muslim immigration population explosions, most people think of Europe. But Venezuela where Chavez now rules and where Tariq el-aissimi is crushing student protesters has as many as one million Muslims. There are as many as three quarters of a million Muslims in Argentina. While we often look west as Islam grows across Europe, it can also be instructive to look South from time to time because the enemy is nearer than we think.


  1. Anonymous7/11/07

    Come to Honduras!!, in here they (palestinians)are the owners of this country, u forget to mention the Ex president of Honduras Carlos Flores FACUSSE - Palestinian-

  2. Anonymous7/11/07

    In here - Honduras= the palestinians are the owners of this country.

    u forgot to mention the Palestinian Ex president of Honduras Carlos Flores Facusse

  3. Interesting that you posted this article now. I just got through watching the Tavist Smiley Show. Tavist was interviewing author Lawrence Wright about his book 'The Looming Towers', which is about September 11.

    Wright may have won a Pulitzer but I think his comment that once Osama bin Laden is either caught or killed terrorism will gradually fade off is dead wrong. Terrorists need not, as he contended, belong to a bona fide al Quaeda cell to be a serious threat.

    There are al-Quaedaisms, splinter groups. As long as the infiltrate and co-op governments and receive money they're a danger.

    And to say they're just fringe groups is dangerous. They're flourishing in Europe and now in Latin America and to a lesser extent Canada.

    The threat is South America is indeed much more dangerous than we realize.

    Excellent article.

  4. thank you, the correction is noted

  5. no terrorism won't go away with the death of one man, anymore than nazism would have died with hitler

    the only way to kill something is for it to stop working and producing the results that those people behind it want

    that's why communism died, not because one man died, but because it no longer worked

  6. Murderous ideologies of a feather flock together. Marxism, Islam, Nazism, all of these killer beliefs go hand in hand.

  7. Anonymous7/11/07

    Yes Yair Davidy speaks of Palestinians owning south and central america.
    This is because they are the same people.. Canaanites.

  8. I believe Osama is dead already.
    Most of his photos and films are faked and photoshopped.

  9. It could be. In which case Al Quaeda is doctoring images of Osama to present to the world an anthropomorphic figure of Islamic evil, not unlike the Christian devil.

  10. Antonio Saca is not the president of Ecuador,but El Salvador, and is actually fairly anti-Chavez


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