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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who Gets To Be Eaten Last?

There's a story about a party of men lost in a jungle who see crocodiles, jungle cats and snakes crawling across the jungle floor toward them.

"You can't fight them," the leader of the party thinks, "give them a tidbit and perhaps they'll be satisfied and leave you alone."

Deciding that it is hopeless to fight, the party push the weakest man in the group toward the beasts. The beasts fall upon him and devour him, but they only move closer.

"It's only fair after all," says the leader of the party, "it is their jungle after all and we have no right being here. Share and share alike. Surely that will be enough."
And so another of the party is pushed toward the hungry animals. The beasts fatten themselves on his blood and flesh and draw the ring around the party even tighter. One by one the men in the party betray one another until only the leader of the party is left. And he begins cutting off pieces of his own body to toss to the beasts. First he cuts off a toe and then a finger. The beasts eat it up but they only draw closer. So he slices off an arm and a leg. He falls to the ground and the beasts draw closer. And now having dismembered himself he can no longer even escape. The name of the game is "Who Gets Eaten Last". The only winners are the predators.

Western nations have been playing the game of "Who Gets Eaten Last" for some time now. The game has more powerful nations selling out weaker nations in the name of principle, in the name of supporting the inevitable victors and in the name of business and the name of cowardice.

South Africa tried to buy a peace deal by selling out Rhodesia. England imposed economic sanctions on Rhodesia and forced most of the world to go along. British intelligence subverted Rhodesia's intelligence agency and turned it into a vehicle for the enemy with the head of Rhodesia's own intelligence feeding information and aid to the Marxist terrorist Mugabe (sound familiar? Think about the next time another CIA agent goes public with criticism of the War on Terror or another top Mossad figure endorses the peace process.) Today Mugabe controls Rhodesia, now renamed Zimbabwe, which faces starvation and a brutal tyranny.

In exchange for selling out Rhodesia, South Africa earned the chance to be next on the list. After the world was done with Rhodesia it ganged up on South Africa. In the 90's it ganged up on Yugoslavia. First German intelligence worked with their old Croatian Ustasha allies to carve out Croatia. Then Clinton and NATO assaulted Yugoslavia, bombing civilians, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian alike to carve up Yugoslavia and allow the Bosnian Muslims to create a Jihadi state in the heart of the west.

Today England faces the reality that it will wind up just like them. And who is left to sell out England or support it? Like the dismembered man in the jungle, England finds itself increasingly alone.

The same European Community which had spent the last three decades selling out Israel, now faces its own domestic intifadas. While Europe continues pressuring Israel to give in and destroy itself in the hopes of appeasing the barbarians at its own gate, the barbarians will not be appeased. And why should they be? When you cut off your own feet, the crocodiles only get hungrier. Islam doesn't intend to be a second class citizen in Europe and it won't be.

Western nations which have repeatedly sold out the nations that would have stood besides them now find themselves stretching out their hands blindly and laughably to Pakistan, to Russia, to China, to the Arab world in hopes of aid. The Arab and Muslim nations pocket their money and their military aid and keep the lid on a few terrorist groups just enough to avoid disturbing the peace. The West retreats to enclaves believing that the more of the world it turns over to the aggrieved, the safer everyone will be. And all this has only brought the enemy into their own cities and nations. Rhodesia is now London. The West Bank is in France. Yugoslavia is in Sweden.

The Bush Administration whose own interests would have been served by aiding the rise of conservative European parties has done no such thing. Instead American conservatives fawned endlessly over Tony Blair, which only helped insure the rise of an Anti-American Tory party. Rather than building a conservative American-European alliance, Bush has squandered European allies in Spain and Italy as cannon fodder in Iraq, building ad hoc coalitions where he should have built enduring alliances.

The sight of LGF cutting loose the European Anti-Islamists is a troubling one. It's also ironic that LGF is cutting bloggers loose for views and statements far milder than are to be found in the writings of Orianna Falaci whose photo prominently appears on the LGF page. There's little doubt that many of the European anti-Islamist parties including Vlaams Belang have roots in fascism and even ties to Neo-Nazi groups. Their agenda is nationalist rule not multiculturalism. On the other hand LGF has linked to blogs that want a Christian America, without comment or criticism. Stop the ACLU is on LGF's blogroll for example. Why is Stop the ACLU okay but not Brussels Journal? Because in Stop the ACLU's America, non-Christians would be second class citizens, while in Brussels Journal's Europe, non-Europeans would be? Is one really prettier than the other? If LGF can support Christian Dominionism in the name of the War on Terror, why not European Dominionism? Personally I find both to be dangerous and I wouldn't be able to live well under either one, but these days the name of the game is, "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Ally."

Right now the West tragically continues the process of dismembering itself. Aided by political correctness and abetted by business interests who care more about their prospects and what they can gain by selling their own down the river, the process is accelerating. At this rate a century from now not a single Western nation will still exist. And that truly will be tragic, both for the world and for human civilization. If you don't understand why that's so, go visit Mugabe's Zimbabwe.


  1. As you demonstrated so well history is filled with these sorts of bungled alliances where a country is an ally one day then an enemy the next and then an ally again and back and forth it goes.

    Even worse is that we train other countries to fight their/our enemies. Does this intelligence information and inside know how eventually shoot us in the foot? In some cases we are training the very people who will later attack the US. I am sure it does.

    Regarding nationalism---

    Is it necessarily a bad thing? I don't think so. Only when it becomes hateful and goes to the extreme of the Third Reich and becomes more about rcial superiority than nationalistic pride.

    It might sound arrogant as all get out and reek of superiority but that is what has kept European nations strong. They have, or at least had, a strong identity, history, a strong language, lifestyles that were specifically French, British, what have you. France for instance takes great measures to maintain its French culture and language. We see this also in Quebec, Canada.

    The US also, despite being a melting pot, has a similar American/nationalistic history and culture centered around democracy, freedom of religion, capitalism etc. Ditto with Israel being both a Jewish state with a definite Jewish culture and way of life within a democracy.

    The influx of Muslim immigrants eats away at this unique culture. So bolstering it is essential. I see nothing wrong with being nationalistic.

    Isn't the blog owner of LGF also a Christian? It is upsetting that the Christian right is taking a Christian "get 'em" mentality regarding the ACLU. Sure, they have flaws but guess who helped me out tremendously years ago with access to public information? The ACLU. They were my David to the police department's Goliath. And they didn't chargeme a cent. Without their free legal assistance I would have had no source of help.

    Nobody is thrilled with the prospect of working with a group tied to neo-Nazis. But if we can manage a way to find a common ground and challenge their support we might have to.

    But never lose sight of who they are.

    The fact of the matter is, when your civil rights are being trampled on, the ACLU lawyers and good to have in corner. Yes, I realize they can be atheistic but the law is the law and they'ere excellent lawyers and good people to have in your corner.

  2. I hope that made some sense.

  3. Glad you wrote this!(Waves Rhodesian flag around)
    and the anthem in up on Lemon now too.
    You have hit the nail on the head yet again. Congrats.

  4. I give it 50 years and the west will cease to exist. Maybe even sooner! (said the lover of sentence fragments! Long live fragments!)

  5. LOL Yo! Long live fragments and ellipses. How I love my...



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