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In Israel the Masquerade Begins

The game is a masquerade. In the masquerade everyone dons their masks. The peasants may become lords and the lords, peasants. The sheep may dress as wolves and the wolves as sheep. The cowards will roar like lions and the traitors will puff out their chests like the noblest of patriots.

The name of the masquerade is politics of course. Just in time for a major peace conference and a proposed laundry list of concessions that will move Israel one dangerous step closer to oblivion, Olmert and Barak suddenly appear to have found their cojones. Olmert approved an attack on Syria which if true, sounds as if it should rank among Israel's most daring operations. Barak meanwhile is busy playing the hawk, mustering out his most militant rhetoric, blustering that there is no Palestinian partner in peace... even as his own government prepares to make massive concessions to the terrorists.

There is a reason why politicians hate extremists and why to a politician the worst curse word, the worst accusation is to be labeled an extremist. Because extremists are open about what they are. Love them or hate them, embrace them or revile them, you know what an extremist's views are. By contrast the successful politician closely prescribes to Machiavelli, you can only guess at his views by the track record... because the politician is always participating in a masquerade. But while it may be impossible to be sure of what a politician is, you can be sure of what a politician isn't... a politician isn't what he is trying so hard to appear to be.

Even as Olmert and Barak down their lion's masks and roar at the audience and paw the air, the police has begun a crackdown on Women in Green. Women in Green of course were notorious for doing their best to obstruct previous concessions and agreements. Olmert and Barak's sudden militant posture only makes it obvious that it is a feint intended to distract the voting public from their true intentions, which are not militant but pacific. That is why the release of Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons continues unabated. That is why the sham disarmament agreements which have yielded only more terror, are part of the larger pretense... the next step of the concessions.

In the madness of the cowardly, Olmert and Barak have decided that they can get the best deal with a weakened Abbas, a puppet they can use to ward off Hamas, foolishly forgetting that agreements with the Palestinian arabs have no value whatsoever and that in Arab politics, the militants are always destined to win in the end.

We have a hint now of what will be handed over, the final status lines that will be drawn and redrawn, the blade carved into the heart of the City of G-d by the traitors who spin the wheel of fate as if it were merely their own fate rather than that of a nation.

Every act is leading up to the second phase, of which the first phase was the creation of a terrorist state. The second phase will be the creation of a terrorist nation... if it is not stopped before it is too late.

Meanwhile the masquerade is in full swing, the clown President waves at his public, the ringmaster Defense Minister cracks his whip, the acrobats distract the public with scandals and the trick is about to happen on stage in which the lady which is the land of Israel will vanish but not reappear.

The festival begins. Devil's night.


  1. Wonderful article once again, Sultan.

    Olmert and his kind remind me very much of the judicial politicians who always claim they are tough but fair, tough for the conservatives who want them to be tough on crime and fair for the liberals.

    They're paper tigers.

    I admire Women in Green. They're armed only with the truth and that is proving very threatening to Olmert, like a police interrogator shining a bright light on a criminal suspect.

    They know it's powerful and so does Olmert. He scared of them.

  2. "Seize him and unmask him --that we may know whom we have to hang at sunrise" by Edgar Allen Poe in 'The Masque of the Red Death.'

  3. Although I despise Olmert and wish for his assassination (same as I do Bush), we can't forget that at the beginning of the Iraqi war Bush told the PM that they would surrender land to the terrorists and if there was any opposition - "you've seen what we've done to Iraq."

    From the beginning of Bush's political career his intent was to remove every Jew from Israel. This is his final year in office - the worst of his atrocity toward the Jews is about to happen. He's going to go full force to accomplish his goal.

    If there's a Jew left alive in Israel by the end of the political year - it's only by the rachmones of the Avershter.

    May Hahsem strike Bush and Olmert with their own personal plague for their hatred of Jews.

    (I need tea...the solution to the world's problems. LOL)

  4. Hiya there, Yobee :) Hope the tea has soothed your anger.

    I don't want anything bad to happen to Olmert. Bad as he is, something in me still cries out that he's a Jew and that little meditation before the Bedtime Shema says, I forgive every Jew.

    I just want Olmert to wake up and change his ways, go back to G-d.

    The Poe quote did go nicely with Sultan's article, don't you think?

  5. yes it went great :) no doubt about it

  6. Sultan, have you every aligned the political moves with the words of the navi'im? Seems to me the alignment keeps getting closer.

  7. I don't forgive olmert. Never will, not even when Moshiach comes. I don't forgive people who want the destruction of Israel, nor my destruction.

    Plus, I doubt evil olmert is even Jewish. Doesn't matter what he claims. He's Russian - not Jewish. Actually, I doubt most russians who claim to be are.

    We live in a funny world. If you meet a German and he claims in an aggressive manner that he is not Jewish, most likely he is. (My family are German Jews. Denial is a part of our upbringing. LOL)

    If you meet a Russian who claims he's Jewish, there's a good chance he's not. He was probably looking for a way out of Russia.

    What a world. :]

  8. yes and the fall of bayit sheini too


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