Home Barak and Olmert: Hand Over Israel to the Terrorists, Promise to Defend Nations with Magic Beans
Home Barak and Olmert: Hand Over Israel to the Terrorists, Promise to Defend Nations with Magic Beans

Barak and Olmert: Hand Over Israel to the Terrorists, Promise to Defend Nations with Magic Beans

As the situation worsens, the delusion continues. One failure follows another. Barak, who has been whitewashed by the short memory of Israeli politics and the abysmal failures of Amir Peretz, is now going along with Olmert's plan to transfer most of the West Bank to Fatah terrorists with anti-missile systems.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said this week that major Israeli population centers would be threatened by Palestinian Authority rockets if Israel relinquishes Judea and Samaria. That, however, is no reason not to carry out such a withdrawal, according to the Defense Minister, but rather to quickly equip Israel with a defense system against attacks from those very areas.

PA control over Judea and Samaria would place Israel's major population centers, such as Tel Aviv, within Kassam rocket range, Minister Barak explained during a Tuesday meeting with IDF reserve officers. Therefore, Barak emphasized, Israel must first acquire and implement an effective anti-missile defense system, and only then hand over control of the territory to the PA.

There are not even words adequate enough for this stupidity. Land is given away permanently. Anti-rocket systems only work for as long as the enemy doesn't develop a rocket that can get past it. Russia which has been busy arming Iran, which has been busy arming Hamas, has developed counter-measures to anti-rocket systems. In Lebanon Iran demonstrated it had the ability to use drones that would bypass Israeli countermeasures.

And the volume of systems necessary to deal with nightly Kassam barrages would alone be tremendous because Kassams are a good deal cheaper than countermeasures. When the army wasn't even adequately equipped for the Lebanon War, who seriously believes that it will be equipped to guard Israel site by site. And will this system only protect major cities turning countless Israeli towns into Sderots?

A defensive strategy is doomed to fail. Israel is not Russia. It cannot retreat and wait for snow. Handing out billion dollar defense contracts to Rafael and Elbit will buy more houses in Kochav Yair and Mercedes Benz' while doing nothing to deal with the threat Israel faces. Each year delayed worsens the threat as the cancer of Arab terrorism metastasizes full blown.

Technological magic beans won't save Israel. Only armed force and determination to act will and a refusal to concede more to the enemy in the futile hope of somehow averting the coming catastrophe.

If Israel gives away the rest of the West Bank to form a terrorist state, Israel will face a Hamas state shortly on both sides of the border, with Iranian forces behind it. The war will come again this time with enemy tanks and artillery within sight of Jerusalem. W

While Olmert and Barak squabble, while Livni maneuvers, while Feiglin takes shots at Netanyahu, the Haredi Rabbis fight a concert simply because it celebrated the reunification of Yerushalayim, Ovada Yosef continues cursing everyone in sight, Gaydamak spins his billion dollar web, plans for an alternative right wing party rise and fall; the darkness draws near. The campfires are dying and night approaches. If the Jews do not wake soon, we will wake with our throats cut.


  1. Brutally honest, Sultan. Above all else...HONEST. Excellent article.

  2. Israeli's don't seem to mind much.

  3. The knife is already cutting the skin and blood is trickling down.

  4. Anonymous8/8/07

    I saw a Twilight Zone once about a destructive little boy who could read people's thoughts and had the power to destroy. One by one his neighbors began disappearing. It got to the point that everyone bowed and scrapped to this little boy just so they wouldn't be "wished" into the cornfield like all who displeased him.

    Olmert -- how is it that someone who was a third rate mayor, who loathes the nation of Israel so much can walk unscathed in his path of destruction? His entire despicable family is a testament to his hatred. Is there no-one who loves Israel and the Am who can lead that will not reward the enemy?

  5. Regarding Feiglin, if you read what he writes or listened to what he says, you would see that he avoid ad hominen attacks at all costs. He sticks strictly to the issues.

    It is Netanyahu, and virtually everyone else, who takes potshots at Feiglin, avoiding a debate of the issues, and rather attempting expel him from the party (while spending a lot of money doing so).

  6. umm scott have you seen the manhigut yehudit blog?

  7. Sultan, please provide quotes. And make sure they are attributed to Moshe Feiglin himself, not others affiliated with Manhigut Yehudit.

  8. moshe feiglin is responsible for what his organization does and when it happens often enough, it's naive to believe that he's not involved or aware

    and I have to say this


    is not exactly thrilling me either

    I'm not a Netanyahu supporter. I just don't think Feiglin is a realistic candidate and all he's accomplishing right now is to keep Olmert sitting pretty right where he is

  9. Sultan, I've met Feiglin in person twice, speaking to two very different audiences. Both were largely religious, but one was younger and very supportive and one was older and somewhat (to very) hostile. At no point did he lose his cool or decline to answer a question.

    Feiglin is not Manhigut Yehudit, even if he is the leader of the organization. Nevertheless, you have still declined to provide any specific statements that irked you.

    Regarding the JPost article. Seriously. Not a single attributed quote, lots of allegations and insinuations, no opportunity for Feiglin or anyone else from MY to respond. No doubt as a supporter of Israel (not knowing you, I assume this) you know that the world press publishes anti-Israel propaganda and hit pieces all the time. Certainly it is just as possible that hit pieces are published in the Israeli press as well. It isn't as if they are so pristine as to be above suspicion. Whenever reading anything, regardless of the source, some skepticism would be advised.

  10. as the leader of an organization in an election campaign, you set the course or the people who answer to you do

    I don't believe the manhigut blog is running hit pieces against caroline glick as an entirely separate entity from moshe feiglin

    I've had my own ties to ZA though I never met moshe feiglin, I respect what he has done in the past, unfortunately in my opinion MY is a waste of time and his current election campaign simply helps olmert

    yes I know quite well to read anything coming out of the press with skepticism but it does raise some interesting questions

  11. Anonymous8/8/07

    Reading your comments about Feiglin makes of very sacred. Who is there that can get elected and has the Jewish backbone that is needed? Without a practical alternate we a doomed to more of the same. Funding can be arranged by having every Key donate at least one dollar. But, we cannot waste any more time. Let us make a blog listing every potential leader and people can offer comments. Then the top people will form a new party.

  12. Sultan, let's say the JPost article is 100% true. So what? Are you saying Feiglin SHOULD be expelled from Likud? Just because Kadima (may) be for Feiglin remaining? For what reason? Because he adheres more closely to the Likud platform than Netanyahu?! The entire attempt to expel him was wrong-headed and mean-spirited.

    Regarding the blog entry on Caroline Glick. What exactly is ad hominem in there? Glick is known to be Netanyahu fan. And considering the insulting and completely outrageous stuff she wrote about Feiglin in last Friday's column, I would say that it was a reasoned response.

    I don't get the reasoning people have about someone like Feiglin "only helping Olmert."

    Perhaps you missed the bit where Netanyahu called for Jordanian troops to take over security in Yehuda and Shomron? Bibi, for all his good points (he was an excellent Finance Minister) would be no different than Olmert as PM. He would sell out Israel, just a little more slowly and with less zealousness.

    Since you've already said you don't care much for Bibi, then perhaps you are proposing some other figure on the right as a leader? Except that unlike Feiglin they are either not interested in leadership (eg the leadership of Mafdal is on record as preferring to "influence" the leader - LOL, that's worked so well) or literally have no chance (eg Marzel, who heads up a tiny party that, even when it does pass the threshold to get into the Knesset, just barely does so).

    Feiglin has a very good chance of becoming the leader of the Likud, if not this election, then almost certainly the next. I've been following him for five years, and he's had a steady progression from 2% to 12% to likely over 30% this time. Unlike many people, he actually understands that the road to leadership is a long one and a lot of hard work.

  13. There is no real candidate for Israel.
    When Israel allowed the statement of Peres about there being a difference between Israelis and Jews..that they are not the same, Israel sealed its fate a bit.
    Jews were given that land, not some international mishmash of people blended together in a secular mush.
    So , cut out "Jews" and you have divorced yourself from the G-d given right to live in the land and that land WILL spew you out!

    Fighting about what MAN will help Israel is idol worship.
    Men cant help Israel and that is the main problem she has had all along.. thinking Men are the solution.
    The rejection of G-d in the mind of Israel is its death warrant.


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