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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Idelogy of Tolerance

In Israel when an Arab is appointed or given a first time position, Israeli newspapers promptly celebrate it as a great achievement for an Arab to hold a post in a Jewish country.

When Peretz appointed Labor MK Raleb Majadele as Israel's first Arab Minister or when JNF recently got its first Arab director or Adib Hassan Yihye became Israel's first ambassador to Finland; the press promptly treated it as a major achievement. Those who felt that Israel's nature was being further diluted and its security endangered were shouted down as racists. The ideology of tolerance demanded that it be treated as a celebration.

But what happens when the reverse occurs? After Taibeh, an Arab town in Israel began running a 45 million dollar deficit and experienced gross financial abuses, the government replaced the mayor and council and appointed a temporary mayor to get its affairs in order. The mayor was Jewish.

Unsurprisingly the Arabs did not welcome Taibeh's first Jewish mayor with the ardor that Israel media outlets running the gamut from the left to the moderate right have welcomed Arab ambassadors and ministers. Instead they reacted with rage and protests. Predictably Arabs feel entitled to political positions in the Israeli government but feel no obligation to reciprocate.

The ideology of tolerance always runs one way. Jews are expected to celebrate Arab political appointments but Jews are not welcome to take Arab posts, no more in Israel than anywhere in the Arab world. The ideology of tolerance after all is not universal. It is a one way formula that labels some oppressors and others victims and disadvantages one at the cost of the other, whether in Israel, America, Europe or anywhere the poison of political correctness has penetrated.

Jews who foolishly promote and celebrate the success of Arab officials are helping to dig the graveyards of their own state by promoting the enemy and in turn excluding their own. Israel cannot survive as a mixed state, in no small part because its Arab population is openly and outrightly hostile and disloyal. It can only survive when brother stands by brother.


  1. Anonymous10/7/07

    Ken, emet. Emet raba.
    Shalom, v'erev tov.
    Yesha Galluzzo

  2. And Israel can't survive when it blatantly defies Hashem.

    Can you say, "We're in deep doo doo"?

  3. I think Israelis on the whole probably do rejoice when they (mistakenly) believe that when they extend olive branches to the Muslims/Arabs it will eventually be reciprocated. Always there's the hope that maybe this time will be different. This time they'll become civilized. This time they'll change for the better.

    The really tragic part is...they just never do, and the Israelis get stabbed in the back with more suicide bombings, rockets, and accusations of racism and apartheid.

    Naturally the apartheid and ethnic cleansing in among Arabs toward Israelis is rarely recognized.

  4. Diversity is wrong.
    Noah was told to seperate his children and never the twain were the meet.
    When Israel allows foreigners inside they also allow the building of high places, bamot and other pagan worship sites which anger G-d.
    No one has a problem with China being Chinese, Japan being Japanese or the MookyWooky Tribe of south america having a purely mookywooky man ruling as chief and not allowing anyone else in.

    But seems that Israel, US etc must be "diversified" and "Culturally diverse" Ethnically diverse, racially diverse.
    Hog spit! Horse hockey.

  5. Forgive my curiosity, but what is "horse hockey"? I'm Canadian, but I've never heard of horse hockey.

  6. Horse hockey is what is left over after equine digestion.
    It is good for vegetable gardens and requires the wearing of what westerners fondly refer to as s... kickers on your footsies.


  7. Why do you compare the USA with Israel? The USA is not Israel and never will be, no matter how many Jews live there.

    Jews complain about "foreigners" living in Israel (and I agree), but then you (I'm assuming you're Jewish) juxtapose the USA with Israel as though the USA is a state destined by G-D to become a Jewish state, which it is not. I do not find the term "American" in the Tanach.

    Please explain to me what is an American "corrupted" by diversity? Such generalizations bespeak the tragic reality that Israel is become an irredenta controlled by the USA and the Christian Zionists. What you should be proclaiming here (for all the "diversified" world to hear) is that Gentile nations can diversify to any extent (albeit hopefully without Islam), but Israel and the Jewish people are forbidden by their Torah to diversify. Period.

    This is what would irk me were I an Israeli Jew: so many American Jews attempting to dictate from their comfortable homes in the USA how the Jews of Israel should vote and should live. I would say (were I an Israeli Jew), "Hey, you want to tell me how to live, come over here and live, and then you tell me! Otherwise, shut up!" I don't hear Israel's Jews commanding American Jews how to live their daily lives in the USA.

    Rabbi Schneerson (OBM) never made Aliyah to Israel (which, if I'm reading the Tanach properly, is a rather important segment of Judaism for Jews), yet he made his choice very public regarding those political candidates whom he thought most deserving of governing the State of Israel. By now Rav Schneerson legacy is that he has created a veritable Jewish state in the Bronx (which also is not a Jewish state!)!

    Who is defying HASHEM if not those Jews who refuse to make Aliyah? And you're worried about Israeli Jews "defying HASHEM"? Were more Diasporic Jews willing to make Aliyah to Israel, you wouldn't need worry about Arab Muslims and Christian Zionists polluting the country with non-Jewish culture (which would include also American culture): such an enormous Jewish presence in Israel would displace the Muslims and Christians out of Israel proper. Rav Kahane made this point many times, if I remember correctly.

    The USA is not a Jewish state and never will be. Get over it. If Gentile nations want to diversify, then let them-- but don't complain about America becoming diversified as though it is not a Gentile nation, because it is a Gentile nation. Only Israel is not to diversify or assimilate to foreign, non-Jewish customs.

  8. "Horse hockey is what is left over after equine digestion.
    It is good for vegetable gardens and requires the wearing of what westerners fondly refer to as s... kickers on your footsies."

    OK. Now I know what you're talking about. We learn at a very early age up here in Canada that when playing hockey near the barnyard, beware of and avoid the yellow ice.


  9. Even if every Jew in creation lived in Eretz Israel they still would contend with Arabs and christian missionaries.
    When all jews Did live there.. they contended with Rome and Greece and Syria and Babylon and Assyria.. Edom and Amalek and Hivities and Amorites and all Philistines and etc.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    It is not only Israel who is not to mix with other nations.
    G-d told Noah that his children were to seperate and not mix.
    The tower of Babel was about mixing also . NO one is to mix.
    Each group is to remain apart.
    There are many I might add parenthetically who believe that the US is Yosef... so one day many might be very shocked. :)

  10. This is 2007 and not the time of the Greeks and the Romans. Please. My point is that "all Jews" living within Israel proper would enable Israel to displace the Arab Muslims to without Israel proper. No-one said Amalek is going to go away. Hell, they're members of the Knesset already. But wouldn't it be so much better to have "all Jews" within the borders of present-day Israel (which, unlike ancient Israel, now has nuclear weapons at their disposal) and fighting as a unified force against Amalek (which, in my opinion, is Islam and the Arabs who follow this religion)? And besides, didn't G-D command in the Torah that all Jews must "inhabit the land"?

    I'm sorry, but I cannot find in the Torah where G-D tells Noach to "separate". Is this a Talmudic teaching? I'm a Noachide and so I do not delve into the Talmud (even if I could afford one!). Where does it record in the Torah that G-D commanded Noach to "separate"?

  11. How can the USA, diversified as it already is, be Yosef? This doesn't make sense to me.

  12. There is much proof that the US is Yosef. Mucho mucho proof.
    This is not the forum for that, however.
    Noah was indeed commanded to send his sons out to various corners of the world.. it is in tanakh. Reread.

    Israelites still live among Rome, Greece, Amalek and etc. to this very day.
    They live with Amalek because of disobedience to the command to destroy the nations of Canaan .
    Not one King ever did as G-d commanded.

    Yobeeone is correct. Israel as a nation Blatantly defies the G-d of the Universe with their secular filth, their definace of commands and their open making of alliances with the nations around them.

    Rome=Esav etc are alive and well.

    There is a large arguement as to whether this is the time to return or not.. a religious debate.
    A rather large number of Orthodox do not think this is the official return to the land of Israel, some peoples emotionalism notwithstanding.
    Israel was not founded on Torah in 1948 or as a religious nation. It was founded as a secular socialistic nation which is hardly the definition found in Tanach.

    am I saying its founding was wrong?
    NO! I am not. G-d intervened and had his hands on , and that is reason enough to preserve and fight for her.
    I am simply pointing out to you that there are various opinions within Orthodox Judaism including from some very important Godolim on these matters.

    If you are upset at Christians quoting to Jews on scripture, you must realize that you are also doing that with your opinion on Jews who do not "return" since, even the Gedolim are not in accord with this.

  13. Diversity by the way has nothing to do with being Yosef.
    Israel always dwelt with Erev Rav



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