Home corruption Israel israeli police brutality olmert Video footage of Deputy Chief of Police Mickey Levy מיקי לוי assault on Nadia Matar נדיה מטר
Home corruption Israel israeli police brutality olmert Video footage of Deputy Chief of Police Mickey Levy מיקי לוי assault on Nadia Matar נדיה מטר

Video footage of Deputy Chief of Police Mickey Levy מיקי לוי assault on Nadia Matar נדיה מטר

The following is video footage of Mickey Levi מיקי לוי , now Deputy Chief of Police's infamous assault on Nadia Matar נדיה מטר at a Women in Green rally against the Oslo Accords during the Rabin government in March 1994.

Partial audio follows: "We came here for one thing. To remind the world and the government of Israel of the names of Israelis who were murdered from the beginning of the Oslo Peace Accords. No one in the world mourns for them, not Arafat, not the UN

David Misrati murdered in October 2003,

Efraim Ayubi 30 years old, murdered on November 7th, 2003

Shalom Lapid, 19 years old..."

At this point Nadia Matar is seized and dragged away. Later Mickey Levy accused Matar of attacking him. Nadia Matar was put on trial, which was only halted after this tape was released. Despite committing perjury, Micky Levi, a close associate of Ehud Olmert went on to be promoted and will now be Deputy Chief of Police.

Update: I dug this clipping out of my collection. I think it speaks for itself.


  1. It's very disturbing to watch. What a coward Levy must be to make up a lie that such a petit woman wrenched to the ground "attacked" him. Clearly he and his superiors wanted to silence her. They went out of their way to escalate an otherwise small and orderly demonstration.

    At 31 seconds into the tape, an elderly woman is seen hitting one the cops (?Levy) on the back (once) and no one takes notice of that. They wanted Nadia Matar. She was targeted but to say she attacked anyone is a joke. She was orderly, inline, not shouting or screaming. Just reciting and memorializing murder victims.

    In Buffalo we have street vigil for murder victims all the time and nobody ever gets arrested, no matter how critical they are of police.

    Overall impression? Horrible that these armed men were threatened by a group of women (most middle aged or elderly) armed with nothing more threatening than their purses.

  2. the police were under orders by the rabin government to stamp out opposition to oslo that had sprung up everywhere and would eventually bring down the peres government

    matar was a leading figure in the opposition so she was plainly targeted... even though the demonstration was legal being under the 50 limit

    such tactics are routine when carried out by a government that cherry picks thugs to prominent positions in law enforcement in order to suppress the opposition

    netanyahu's failure to take drastic measures to reform the judiciary and police is what ultimately brought him down, since those were immediately exploited to being manufacturing scandals against him... none of which actually stood up to any scrutiny

    the similar takedown of president katzav, so peres can step into his place is yet another testament to how grave the situation is

  3. Anonymous21/2/07

    (yo makes third attempt to post. curse you evil google!!!)

    Isn't democracy in action beautiful? So, the difference between Israel and ohhhh let's say Russia at any given moment in history is what?

    I'd make another comment, but it's mamash offensive so I'll just go back to the watching the Disney movie "Atlantis". Sink or swim! :]

  4. or the chicago police department, or on a bad day the NYPD for that matter

    I've seen an NYPD officer nearly rip an old lady's arm out of the socket at a subway stop, because she couldn't hear his order to stop

    it takes dedicated commitment to keep large police forces from going bad, and the commitment here was to make sure they were bad and stayed bad

  5. Anonymous21/2/07

    Yeah, don't we know the NYPD. I lost total respect for them when I lived there. Pretty much like I've lost total respect for the IDF, Israeli police and the Israeli government in general.

    I vote for Nadia as the next PM.

  6. yeah me too

    it seems to be hard to draw a line between an ineffectual police or a bunch of thugs

    and people have become willing to put up with the thugs, as long as the crime rates are down

    I mean I've known good NYPD officers and detectives, but the bad ones I've seen are outright disturbing and what's worse is that they're being covered for by the rest

    it's not really off topic, because this is the basic problem, of running a police force that does its job well but doesn't see itself as above the law

  7. Hi Yob---Yes, that's one of the things that occurred to me when I saw the video, and all out attempt to squelch Nadia's words. She wasn't being violent or even remotely doing anything that could be considered disorderly conduct.

    They wanted to shut her up. They could have ignored and marginalized what she was saying but the cops knew the truth of what she was saying and were threatened by it.

    Putting people in jail for free speech is very much like communist Russia.

    Locally, we have plenty of police corruption and abuse. In one case, a religious group went into a police station to grill cops for not addressing various crimes. While the church group was in the small room, a cop released pepper spray on them.

    In most corruption cases, the blame the victim first for being a trouble maker. The so-called good cops who know abuse took place say nothing because they don't want to get blackballed by their fellow officers.

    A few years ago, someone from police headquarters told me that when a criminal is brought to headquarters a cop will sometimes put on black leather gloves as he brings the person on to the elevator. He then stops the elevator midway and beats the guy, with lead strips inserted into the fingers of his gloves.

    And to get away with the beating, all the cop has to do is say the person was struggling and resisting.

    Nadia Matar should run for PM next time. Nadia for PM!

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    Then when you come to Sultan's to post something, type in your google ID user name (which is your entire email address) and password.

    Don't worry. Your email doesn't show up, only your screen name shows on the comments section. I was freaked out for a while that my email would be posted.

  8. I've never even heard of this incident, let alone seen the video - thanks for putting it up for all to see. Erev Rav, like cockroaches, hate the light and scurry for the dark corners to avoid being seen. What a coward, what a thuggish hack, Levy was and is - yet FoOlmert gives him authority, gives him guns and the authority (and, probably, direction) to use it against Jews exercising their basic right to challenge authority! HaShem didn't react that way when Abraham Aveinu challenged Him over the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, but Olmerde can't show even 1/10,000th of the grace to actual respond with words.

    This illustrates perfectly the disgusting situation in Israel, where the government is against the people and even against the very concept of the country itself. The pogrom at Gush Katif last year still leaves my stomach in knots, and heavy-handed dictatorial behavior like this by those sworn to protect Israeli citizens is similarly sickening.

    If any Israelis may be wondering why Aliya from the West has slowed, just watch this video. But, of course, don't forget to examine the insanely high tax rates, the incredibly intrusive bureaucracy, the anti-Jewish attitude and actions of the government of the "Jewish State" and the active prosecution of those who act to defend their lives. What good is a country that denies its roots - why should it even exist? What is an American with the right to buy any number of any kind of firearms, and to carry a concealed firearm supposed to think about moving to a country where people are lucky to be granted permission to buy one gun, and who are then charged with a crime for defending their own life and livelihood? Well, I'll tell you - I'll wait for Moschiach to come and set up a just government, because the Leftist, anti-religious Jew-haters of the Erev Rav Olmerde government are the antithesis of that. Believe me, it is extremely difficult and disappointing to have to write these words about Israel's government, but facts are facts.


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