Home Arabs Terrorism Rape is a Muslim Weapon of Terrorism
Home Arabs Terrorism Rape is a Muslim Weapon of Terrorism

Rape is a Muslim Weapon of Terrorism

For the last few decades, apologists, the weak-minded and Palestinian sympathizers have had a ready made excuse for Palestinian terrorists. Israeli oppression and the supposed "helplessness" of the Arabs justified any atrocity.

When a mob tore to shreds two Israeli reservists who had taken a wrong turn, when Palestinian Arab terrorists killed a mother and her children in a drive by shooting, when suicide bombers blew themselves up in cafes, pizzerias and shopping malls; that same mantra was always trotted out, don't blame the murderers, blame the victims.

Now a gang of six serial rapists from a Bedouin village has been arrested, who assaulted girls as young as 13, in their words; "We are raping Jews because of what the IDF is doing to the Palestinians in the territories."

The world has willingly gone along with justifications that began with, "We are murdering Jews because of
what the IDF is doing to the Palestinians in the territories." Will it draw the line here? Why should it. If the murders of women and children can be excused as part of the "resistance" to "Israeli oppression", if their murderers can be addressed as "Mr. President" and awarded Nobel Peace Prizes, why not their rapists?

The difference might be that rape reveals the cognitive dissonance at the heart of apologies for Palestinian terrorism. Rape is not an act of resistance, but an act of violence. Where apologists have worked hard to mischaracterize suicide bombing as the act of desperate people who lack tanks and jets with which to fight their wars, rape reveals the inner brutality at the heart of Arab terrorism. Acts not of resistance, but greed, brutality and lust.

A key part of the Sudanese genocide and ethnic cleansing carried out by its Arab government and its militias was acts of mass rape and mutilation. But that is not only an issue in the Sudan, but everywhere the Muslim conquest expands its borders. Sweden, Norway, France and Australia have seen tremendous spikes in rapes carried out by Muslims, and an accordingly large campaign by the press and police to suppress the data and avoid talking about them.

The actions of these six Muslim Arab rapists is part of a larger pattern, going all the back to Mohammed, the founder of Islam, who rewarded the gangs of bandits who followed him with the loot and wives and daughters of his victims. These are not the actions and attitude of oppressed people, but of those who want to oppress.

The Palestinian Arabs are not an oppressed people, but an enraged one. Enraged by the humiliation by their own failure to destroy the Jews, time and time again. Humiliation for Arabs breeds rage, can only be redeemed by acts of violence, of which rape is just one in a catalog of atrocities. In Pakistan, gang rapes of a wife or daughter are often ordered by tribal elders as penalty for shame brought by one family to another. Over 150 such rapes were carried out in one year alone. This is the nature of Muslim honor.

Those apologists who will not try to actively defend the rapes will no doubt claim they are an aberration, but they are no aberration. They are part and parcel of a sick and twisted culture and when Arab and Muslim culture comes into contact with us, like Honor Killings, they are an inevitable export to our shores. They are what happens when we value a sob story over justice and cultural diversity over cultural integrity.

Rape has all too often been a crime, for which excuses have been made and the victim has been blamed. Terrorism too has become a crime for which the victim is blamed and the burden shifted away from the terrorist. In both cases this is done because the system sympathizes with the perpetrators and creates loopholes and justifications for them to escape justice. Anyone who wishes to find excuses and pretexts for rapists and terrorists will always find them, but a society and civilization is defined by the willingness of men to oppose crimes, not to excuse them and to stand up and fight against those who perpetrate them.


  1. Anonymous27/2/07

    The only reason arabs rape is because they are sex perverts.
    They rape their own mothers and daughters. This is well known.

  2. The fact that people actually accept rape and other crimes of violence as a justifiable response to anger at Israel, the IDF, Jews is sickening and scary.

    What next? Anti-semitism as a legal defense? I can almost see lawyers claiming their arab/muslim clients are'not guilty by reason of anti-Semitism.'

  3. On a somewhat related note, I saw a clip of Al Gore's appearance on the Academy Awards preaching that global warming isn't a political issue but a moral one. Applause, applause from the Hollywood audience.

    Strange how this issue of muslim terrorism and violence isn't a moral issue--to them.

    Sigh. You'd think after September 11 the entire world would support Israel, recognizing that its enemies are the enemies of the rest of the world.

    Sigh. Why don't they see it? Why don't they care? Why hasn't that become a moral issue for the majority of humanity?

  4. Sorry SK, but I'm missing why this is a racial thing. Last I checked Jews rape too (Kolko?). On what basis are you asserting that Arab rage has some specific magic quality that transfers itself into sexual assault?

    The only reason arabs rape is because they are sex perverts.

    What does that even mean? How do you define pervert? And what's your evidence for applying this generalization to 300 million people?

  5. Well K.A., when liberals claim something is a moral issue not a political one, they're trying to do an end run around the debate of democracy and declare it as the only true way

    another word for that is theocracy

    and the issue of muslim terrorism is a moral issue for them, just a moral issue in which the terrorists are moral and we're not

  6. friar, if you've read the post you might notice that this was not just a series of rapes, but a series of political rapes and part of a larger global pattern carried out by muslims

  7. Anonymous1/3/07

    Great piece here about the sick sexual violence of Islam...

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    rape is part of their culture

    you simply must respect it
    no matter how sick or vile

  8. Anonymous3/3/07

    If the Israelis had any balls left they would stop depending on the Govt and Police and go ahead and do what needs to be done.

    Maybe if the Bedouins woke up to find their Camels and other livestock with their their throats slit they would really reappraise their actions.


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