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Friday, October 20, 2006

Thank Goodness for ABC News

If it wasn't for those intrepid folks at ABC News, we might you know have to assume that the FBI is possibly questioning 'Something' instead of 'Someone', interrogating chairs, tables and other inanimate objects. Thanks to ABC News we know they're interrogating someone, thus a human being, possibly male, possibly female, possibly of any conceivable race or age.

Thank you ABC News.


  1. Read further. It's the APs headline, not ABC News

  2. Its not silly.
    At one time the FBI was investigating oranges in a crate and questioning them very much on why they were so juicy!!

  3. Oh everyone knows OJ is guilty

  4. Oh come on, innocent oranges don't hang around next to such nasty pears

  5. We'll not have such rumors--excuse me-I mean uncomfirmed reports about oranges and pears.

  6. Yes we must keep up... appearances

  7. whats your problem? the point was WHO they were questioning, rather that they WERE questioning, IE that questining was taking place by the fbi - that the FBI made a connection with SOMEONE in re: the NFL bomb plot.

    Any idiot understands that

  8. The 'point' was to humorously point out that the headline was absurdly written

    they had more specific information in the story they could have utilized



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