Home humor Satire Live with the Victorious Hizbullah fighters on the ground it's the BBC
Home humor Satire Live with the Victorious Hizbullah fighters on the ground it's the BBC

Live with the Victorious Hizbullah fighters on the ground it's the BBC

5:31 London - This is the BBC

Nigel: Hello my name is Nigel Aintwhyte and in a moment we'll be going live to our correspondent in Lebanon where the full brutal might of the Israeli warmachine has been unleashed on an innocent and unarmed handful of women and children and the few brave Hizbullah fighters courageously defending them against this unprovoked aggression. Stay with us as unlike the American networks we provide you with accurate and unbiased coverage.

And now our correspondent, Angela Wentworth.

5:33 Lebanon

Angela: This is Angela Wentworth reporting to you from Lebanon where a handful of courageous fighters armed only with their courageous courage, small rocks, RPG's and batteries of advanced Chinese missiles are resisting the Israeli occupation of their country. Here is one of them Hamoud Al-Ghazi. Hamoud how is the fighting going so far?

Hamoud: Fighting going great. We down six Israeli planes today. Five yesterday. Many more tomorrow.

Angela: This is amazing news! A truly amazing victory for one of the most intrepid resistance forces on earth. Where are these airplanes so we can get a shot of them for our viewers?

Hamoud: Somewhere, somewhere around here. I not keep track of planes. I have important work to do shooting them down. Ask Mahmoud where the planes are.

Mahmoud shakes head.

Hamoud: Never mind. Zionists probably stole the planes back when we weren't looking. We shoot down more planes today and you see them. Victory for Hizbullah. Nasarallah!!! Allah Akbar. Jihad!! Jihad!!!

Israeli plane passes overhead and Hamood and Mahmoud and the others immediately dive down. Bombs fall and they cower on the ground until the plane passes. They rise from among the rubble.

Angela: Why didn't you shoot down that plane?

Hamood: No, no. We don't shoot down that plane.

Angela: Why not?

Hamood: No, no. Only one plane. We wait till many planes come and shoot them all down so we not waste ammunition on one plane.

Angela: Oh that makes sense.

Hamood: Nasrallah!!! Saladin!! Jihad!!! Allah Achbar!!! Great victory!! You see!! Great victory for Assad and surviving Lebanese people.

Angela: What about the rebuilding after the war.

Hamood: Not rebuilding stupid infidel woman, rearming.

Angela: I meant rebuilding Beirut and the rest of Lebanon after the bombing.

Hamood: Who give a damn about Lebanon?

Angela: Err...

Hamood: I mean, yes, yes. We true friends of the Lebanese people. That is we Lebanese people. True Lebanese people. We rebuild Lebanon you see. Better than before.

Angela: Do you think you'll need help from the international community to do it?

Hamood: International community infidels, haram. Pigs and monkeys. We rebuild Lebanon out of downed Israeli planes.

Angela: My goodness. Do you really think that will work?

Hamood: Yes, me and Mahmood here we do it ourselves. Down millions of Israeli planes and build new city out of them. Good planes. Good steel. Victory!! Nasrallah we die for you!!! Jihad!!!

A new flight of Israeli IAF planes pass by and Hamood shrieks and dives back into the rubble headfirst and hides there until they pass. He emerges looking a little uncomfortable.

Hamood: I was going to shoot those down too but they too small. I wait for bigger planes.

Angela: Those were bombers.

Hamood: I wait for big bombers. Shut up!! Shut up or I behead you on television just like my wife!

Angela: Anyway I'm sure our viewers in London and perhaps in the American states whose Christian neo-conservative Zionist regime is approving this genocide of the friendly Lebanese people would like to know your thoughts on it.

Hamood: We shoot down all Zionist planes! Shoot down all American planes! Victory through Jihad! Nasarallah leads us to victory! Sons of Saladin, lions of Arabia! We make new Holocaust for Jews like one that never happened.

Angela: I know the British people are greatly gratified by your hopes for peace and your courageous plans to resist the Israeli occupation and rebuild your lives despite the trauma of this past week.

Hamood: We kill British too. London belong to Allah. We turn Canterbury into mosque. Turn Parliament into mosque too! Hang Queen, turn Buckingham Palace into mosque! Make many, many mosques.

Angela: Of course we at the BBC have always been the strongest supporters of a multi-cultural society and have long supported hanging the Queen and turning Buckingham Palace into a mosque.

Hamood: Hang you too, unless you become my wife. Or temporary wife. I know good Imam in Iran who marry us for three minutes. All I need.

Angela: Errr

More Israeli planes pass overhead and Hamood dives back into the rubble as the bombs begin to fall.

Hamood: Allah save me. I am your servant. I never drink beer again. Not one drop. Only save me! Save me!

The planes depart and Hamood climbs out of his hole again.

Hamood: Run you Zionist cowards! We hunt you down! We march to Jerusalem! We burn your women! Jihad!! Jihad!! Nasrallah we die for you!! Just not this minute!!!

Angela: So is there...

Hamood: Did you see how I shot down that plane?

Angela: What?

Hamood: I shot down plane while you weren't looking. Stupid infidel cow! Your camera point wrong way. You missed great Hezbollah victory.

Angela: Terribly sorry. Perhaps you could do it again?

Hamood: No! You probably Zionist spy anyway.

Angela: I assure you the completely unbiased and objective BBC is one hundred percent on your side.

Hamood: One hundred percent not good enough! Where the rest! We are the warriors of Islam! Allah Achbar! Jihad!!! Victory!!! Nasrallah will destroy Zionist infidel pigs just like our brothers in Afghanistan and Iraq and Gaza!!! Victory!!! VICTORY!!


  1. Leave it to the BBC moonbats to spew a load of tripe. What on earth is the BBC's motivation for Jewish hate? Did they eat at Tastee Pizza in Stamford Hill and discover the hot sauce on the falafel really does contract your cheeks like cellophane or something?

  2. I really wanted to fisk this, but it's too good. Also kind of true. More e-kudos here: http://friaryid.blogspot.com/2006/07/this-is-really-stupid.html

  3. Yeah! Hang the Queen! Jihad Rocks!

    Thanks for the Laugh,

  4. the BBC hates the Jews because we have all our teeth

  5. Anonymous19/7/06

    I used to be married to Angela and I take great exception at your characterization of her.
    Inspite of our many differences she was a woman of a little integrity.
    She had nice legs at least.
    I don't see the sense in bashing her like this. I had to myself. she got out of hand too often.
    But you have no call to do this.
    She reports as she sees things. Her glasses are thick and very strong and meet her needs now.

  6. Brilliant satire. Or is it? Sounds very much like a real BBC world news report.

    You should send this to their assignment editor :)

  7. oh it pretty much is the BBC without the accent

  8. Anonymous19/7/06

    I know it was a joke but reports like that really do come out of the Israeli media

  9. Anonymous19/7/06

    I just came back from a weekend in the UK and got to watch the BBC aand sky news newscasts. Sky was being 'objective' mostly showing soundbites of Herzog, Bibi, Barak, etcc with nothing from Arab speakers but the BBC was at times also 'objective' but other times I just realized that it isn't anti-semitism, it's just plain anti-human liberal relativism.

    On Sunday morning when the eight Israeli railway workers were killed, a British soldier was also killed in Iraq. The first 15 minutes of the BBC newscast was devoted to the Israeli casualties and the G8 summit, and only aftewards did they dryly report that a British soldier had 'died' in some altercation with militants in Basra Iraq.

    So people, please stop calling them anti-semitic, the BBC is just plain uneloquently stupid.

  10. The people at the BBC are dumb as a post, it's true. But their reporting certainly reflects an anti-semitic bias. No way around that.


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