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Not A Muslim Beach Party

Back when coke came in bottles, Lawrence Welk was in full swing and The Shirelles were topping the charts; this might have been the plot for one of those beach movies with Frankie Avalon and Anette Funicello. Gangs of nasty thugs invade the beach, attack the lifeguards and mess up everyone's good time and it's up to the surfers to drive them off.

But it's not 1965 anymore but 2005 and when the thugs are Lebanese Muslims in a Sydney beach in the media retelling the surfers are the violent racists abusing various poor unnamed middle eastern men who then have no choice but to go on a violent murderous rampage.

Beachgoers in Sydney had long suffered a situation which Lebanese gangs invaded the beaches, told women there that they were whores and deserved to be raped. They attacked any of their boyfriends and husbands who tried to interfere and then finally attacked and beat two lifeguards, one to unconsciousness. In the Australian beach culture, lifeguards are sacrosant volunteering to help people. The police refused to do anything and finally some of those surfers fought back and were of coursed tarred with racism and thugism by the same media that willfully refuses to see what was being done there all along.

Muslims don't go for beach parties much or surfing and so no one else can either. And after all in England Piglet from Winnie the Pooh has been banned from many places now and beach culture is far more offensive to Muslims than even a toy pig. Clearly it must go and anyone who resists is a racist. Anyone who fights back is jailed. This is the world we are coming to and the surfers who once rode the waves are sinking fast.


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