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German Ties to Al Queda and Islamic Terrorism

On June 14, 1985 Arab Hizbullah terrorists hijacked TWA flight 847 from Athens to Rome. They rounded up passengers with Jewish sounding names. 23 year old Navy diver Robert Stethem was taken off the plane, beaten and tortured and then shot. Mohammad Ali Hamadi one of the terrorists responsible has been released by Germany and returned back to Hizbullah in Lebanon despite American requests to extradite him.

Had this been a unique case it might be possible to overlook it but that is far from the case. Instead Germany has proven to be a haven for terrorists.

In 1972 the Olympic games were held in Munich when Arafat's terrorists attacked taking Israeli Olympic atheletes hostage. German authorities attempted several failed rescues with unqualified police officers who did not even open fire. While the hostages tried to chew through their ropes, the terrorists murdered them before being killed themselves. The Olympic committee did not halt the games and refused Israel's request for a permanent memorial as this might "alienate other members of the Olympic community."

Germany returned the bodies of the terrorists to Libya where they were buried with full military honors. That same year Germany freed the three surviving terrorists in an exchange after another airplane hijacking. Arafat who saw the terrorists off telling them, "Allah Protect You," and Mahmoud Abbas who financed the attack would become leaders of the Palestinian authority, internationally praised and acclaimed as men of peace.

On September 11th, 2001 Muslim terrorists hijacked four US airliners matching the record of Arafat's PLO terrorists who had innovated airplane hijacking in modern terrorism. The attackers including the mastermind Mohammed Atta were part of what was known as the Hamburg cell in Germany which planned and ultimately executed the murders of thousands of Americans. Working out of Mosques and Islamic bookstores little was hidden from German authorities who showed no concern with videotapes, books and sermons calling for a Jihad against America.

Among those later arrested in Germany was Mounir Motassadeq who was tried and convicted as an accessory to the attacks of September 11th but his conviction was overturned on appeal and he was finally only charged and convicted with being a member of a terrorist organization and given a sentence of only 7 years. If he is not freed before then, based on Germany's track record he will be released to an arab or muslim country from which he cannot be extradited.

Abdelghani Mzoudi, an associate of Mohammed Atta and a member of the Hamburg cell was also arrested in Germany and tried and acquited by a German court. Mamoun Darkazanli, who was a top associate of Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda financier. He had power of attorney over an Al Queda bank account in 1998 and was not arrested by German authorities. He has appeared on US most wanted lists and was an associate of three of the 9/11 hijackers and was questioned by German police in 2001 and released. After the Madrid bombings, Spain requested his extradition and a German court denied it and he continues as a free man in Germany today.

There is an obvious reason why Germany remains a favored base of operations for terrorists in Europe and why unlike England, France, America, Holland and Spain; Germany has remained unmarked by Islamic terrorism. Germany has supplied a safe harbor and a base of operations for terrorists while refusing to cooperate and outright obstructing international anti-terrorist efforts. While France is better known for opposition to the War in Iraq, the French have made arrests and fought terrorism domestically. Germany has given terrorists a free ride in the most explicit ways.

Post 9/11 Germany has become a fount of 9/11 conspiracy theories and historical revisionism aimed at claiming that the attacks were the work of the United States government thus doing for September 11th what they had earlier done for the Holocaust. While incitement to terrorism and racism is supposedly illegal, the Frankfurt book fair featured an outpouring of Anti-Semitic and Anti-American literature.

The question is not whether Germany has ties to Islamic terrorism, the question is how deep do they go. German inteligence had a major hand in the destruction of Yugoslavia by backing first Croatian militants and then the foreign Jihadists who came to fight alongside the KLA, including Iranians and Al Queda. The two greatest terorist attacks of the last 50 years, Munich and 9/11, were planned by groups operating on German soil whose perpetrators were released.

There is a clear and unambigious pattern of terrorists operating out of Germany and when Arab or Muslim terrorists are arrested by Germany, extradition is refused and sooner or later the terrorists end up being freed. Mohammad Ali Hamadi has now been freed and is back with his terrorist comrades in Lebanon. Mounir Motassadeq, the only man convicted of the 9/11 attacks will be free as well in several short years.

Is this incompetence by German law enforcement which is among the best in the world? Is it contempt for America and sympthy for terrorists? Or is it something more?


  1. Anonymous20/12/05

    Germanys plans since WW2 are no secret.
    They openly have declared that they have plans for the world and for the middle east and in their foreign policy paper they have declared they wish NATO nukes at their disposal for "Berlins" aims.
    If this doenst scare people.. I pity the world.


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