Home Democracy wins! Terrorists win!
Home Democracy wins! Terrorists win!

Democracy wins! Terrorists win!

Wanted Palestinian terrorist Zakaria Zubeidi leader of the Al Aqsa terrorist group in Jenin, affiliated with the Palestinian authority, casts his ballot. Israel has hunted Zubeidi for several years but has promised the United States not to interfere in Palestinian elections.

Unsurprisingly two terrorists from the Al Aqsa brigade won office, including one in Jenin where Jamal Abu Rob, who killed a number of fellow Palestinians and gave himself the nickname , "Hitler," is the new elected leader.

It's hard to conceive of a better demonstration of the complete absurdity of the liberal and neo-con position that Bush has championed and sacrificed thousands of US troops for, that democracy ends terrorism and extremism. Extremists and terrorists are happy to exploit democracy to get to power as the original Hitler did. As long as we are clueless enough to wave democracy as a cure-all mantra, instead of something that benefits a people ready to accept responsibility, we will only be aiding terrorists and Islamic extremists as we did in Iran and attempted to do in Uzebkistan and as we are now doing in Egypt by dismantling the very governments that keep Islamic extremism in check.


  1. Anonymous28/11/05

    Hashem calls them Jackasses for a reason.
    And that calls for bridles and bits, not democracy.
    These people NEED dictators who ride them.
    They cannot rule themselves.


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