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New Rachel Corrie opera to be unveiled in London

The famed London theatre , 'Spits-at-Jews,' home of such productions as 'The Jew of Malta', 'Shylock', 'Oliver Twist' and 'The Jew Who Stole My Parking Spot: a Tragedy in Sixteen Parts' has announced plans to put on an opera. The zombie corpse of Wagner will write and direct an opera based on the life of martyr and heroine Rachel Corrie, known by her Indian name as 'Wrestles with Bulldozers.' Here is a brief excerpt from it.

Rachel Corrie, was a Washington lass
Who traveled to Israel to help Hamas
She did her best to help them kill
The Jews of whom she had her fill
She risked herself just to protect
The secret tunnels which must bisect
To bring the bombs and guns inside
The houses above in which they hide

Rachel! Rachel! Auxillary of Hamas
Rachel! Rachel! Beloved of Abbas
Virgins in Paradise feel no shame
Becoming lesbians in your name

Rachel for a pancake flattening was bound
And yet fearlessly she stood her ground
The Zionist bulldozer advanced on her
And yet she was utterly without fear
She had burnt American flags as offerings
To Allah together with her terrorist gangs
She knew her murderous cause was just
Surely the Zionist bulldozer would bust

Rachel! Rachel! Auxillary of Hamas
Rachel! Rachel! Beloved of Abbas
Virgins in Paradise feel no shame
Becoming lesbians for your fame

Her ISM organizer warned her to back away
No cameras are filming, she heard him say
But she sneered and called him a hoser
And dived for Allah under the bulldozer
They called for an ambulance but it was late
Being loaded with bombs of 100 kilogram weight
They called for a Palestinian doctor to save her
And he stitched her nose to her toes to her hair

Rachel! Rachel! Auxillary of Hamas
Rachel! Rachel! Beloved of Abbas
Virgins in Paradise feel no shame
Burn for you with a lesbian flame

Who killed Rachel, you may ask
Discovering that is no great task
It was the Jews!!!!
It was the Jews!!!!
Who was it who slew that maiden fair?
With her pale white skin and blond hair
It was the Zionist Jews!!!
It was the Zionist Jews!!!

They did it in Germany and Russia
They did in Guatemala and Prussia
Now they're doing it in Palestine
Just like they made Frankenstein
Their crimes don't make the evening news
Because the media is controlled by the Jews
The Jews!!!
The Jews!!!

But we're not Anti-Semites, no we're not
Though the Jews keep calling us that
We'd like to form a mob
And beat them about
But we have weak puny fists
So we became journalists
And we write novels and narrative plays
Against the Zionist Jews and their evil ways


  1. Anonymous24/10/05

    I auditioned for the title role of Rachel but got turned down since I did not fit the lunatic look they were seeking.
    Oh well.. the music sucks anyway and the leading man was a goat in an Arab suit.

  2. Anonymous24/10/05

    Those people will be hearing from our officers in the next few days.

  3. Anonymous24/10/05

    you put a goat in an arab suit and by gosh you've got yerself the smartest arab who ever lived

    now put an arab in a goat suit and you've got yerself a goat too plumb dumb to eat wadded up newspaper

  4. Anonymous24/10/05

    Why are arabs wearing Goat suits?

  5. Anonymous24/10/05

    I saw one guy in a goat get up the other day but I didnt realize he was an Arab. I think the spats fooled me.

  6. Anonymous24/10/05

    because they wore out all the camel suits and the donkeys are too stubborn to lend them theirs

  7. Anonymous24/10/05

    if arabs dress up as goats liberals will just blame us for getting their goat

  8. Anonymous24/10/05

    Don't muslims worship goats ?
    Or is that Hindus?
    I never get that straight.
    But , whatever, I thought Rachel was dead, how is she starring in an off broadway production?
    go figure.
    Life is just too confusing

  9. Anonymous24/10/05

    hindus don't eat goats, we worship goats

    goats are our reason for living, also cows, chickens and any livestock

    basically we worship farm animals, we have no lives

  10. Anonymous24/10/05

    Does anyone know if they are still auditioning for parts and where?
    I would like seriously be interested.

  11. Anonymous24/10/05

    auditions in my backyard

    everyone come to sodom and bring your dancing shoes

  12. Anonymous24/10/05

    Hey Laura.. ASL?

  13. Anonymous24/10/05

    ahmed, habibi, why you running around me chasing after loose american women

    come back to cairo and we can open that flower compost shop together

  14. Anonymous24/10/05

    I was never an anti semite no matter what you heard in the media!
    I dont much like Italians but thats because of my mother in law from hell who is Sicilian and needs a muzzle and a choke collar.
    But jews aint half bad. They make decent bagel stuff and they dont bother no body.

  15. Anonymous24/10/05

    You guys are mean

  16. Anonymous24/10/05

    Anonymous you just wrote that you dont like Italians now you call the other posters mean?
    Oh come on now man.

    anyway, nice satirical post sultan

  17. Anonymous26/10/05

    Ok.. Just to let you all Know.. I got the part!!!!!!
    I will play her in the new musical!!!
    I guess those few extra pounds paid off.
    Now I have to learn to sing.
    The director said I have that valley girl attitude so necessary to the part.
    I worked on it, going to school in Santa Barbara was a help I think.
    Ok gotta run but thanks all for your prayers and help in getting this coveted part. did I spell that right? hehahaha.. Ok bye bye all.

  18. Anonymous26/10/05

    I am actor too

    I play arafat in production, 'Death of a Smelly Old Man' like your Arthur Miller, death of a salesman only with arafat and more bombs

    good luck, allah bless and blast and break no one's legs unless they is zionist

    remember all joos is terriers

  19. Anonymous26/10/05

    Hamid.. (blush) you sweet talker you.
    I had a terrier once. Jack Russell.
    I just loved himmmmm... ooooooooo.
    Hamid if you have tickets to your show I would come you know.

  20. Anonymous26/10/05

    I hope the Sultan doenst mind if we chat on his blog.
    Its so convenient really.

  21. Anonymous26/10/05

    we no have tickets, tickets for infidel westnerner zionists

    we have cheese, good muslim goat cheese, you show cheese at door, smell cheese if cheese goat cheese, give cheese they let you in

    I sent you big triangle of goat cheese (we not invent goat cheese wheel yet), it may spoil a bit in shipment but stench tells you how good it is... like fine wine, cheese ages for quality

  22. Anonymous26/10/05

    Hamid you really know what to say to a girl to make her swoon I must say.
    how old are you? I am relatively young.. 19. But the director loved my fresh faced california look for the part.
    I would love to play in Arabic theatre someday.
    I am not fond of goat cheese. But limberger has its graces as far as smell goes. It tastes really good if you can get past that smell. Can i bring some of that instead?

  23. Anonymous26/10/05

    Laura, I am a mere lad of 53 but I am told that I look at least from the tobacco, coffee, hasish and antifreeze

    I have played many leading man roles in arab theatre, "Death of Smelly Old Man," "A Camel Too Fat," "Waiting for Mohammed," "The Fatman Cometh" and many other classics

    I love young american girls, also young american boys, really any young boys

    I have important nigerian lottery information for you too

  24. Anonymous26/10/05

    53 is young today.
    I think your cheese has gone to your head though.

  25. Anonymous26/10/05

    no my cheese go to belly mostly

    also some to nose


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