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Sunday, May 29, 2005

JFK made Oliver Stone drive drunk!

Reports that director, leftist and lunatic Oliver Stone was arrested driving drunk and with drugs in his car is clearly a plot by the Cuban mafia to discredit his pursuit of the real assasins of JFK. It has been confirmed that a team of CIA/Mossad agents were hiding in his glove compartment and that the booze was actually fired into his mouth by a marine trained sniper who had defected to the USSR. More on this story as he turns it into a movie.


  1. Anonymous29/5/05

    My community can beat up your community (sticks out tongue)

  2. Anonymous29/5/05

    Yes we got him drunk and it won't be the last time either and if you out us we will deny it all and you will look foolish. MUWAHAHAHHAHAHA.



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