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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Jews plague Latin America

Latin American and Arab nations met at a summit to discuss some common issues. What common issue can you imagine they might both have?

A. Large scale economic impoverishment

B. Corrupt tyrannical regimes

C. The Jews

If you guessed C, the answer as usual is yes. The ceremony began with an opening speech demanding the Jews get out of Palestine. The conference ended with a resolution calling for the Jews to get out of Palestine as well as...

"an international conference to define what terrorism is, and endorsed the right of peoples to "resist foreign occupation in accordance with the principle of international legality and in compliance with international humanitarian law."

I bet all the latin american countries can now enjoy looking forwards to their own terrorists discussing the principles of legality in kidnapping and executing bishops. I would also suggest the following.

"an international conference to define what cocaine and heroin are and what drug dealing is and endorsed the right of peoples to purchase and distribute various substances in accordance with the international principle of getting wasted and being a drug lord"

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