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Home 2 quotes on British anti-semitism

2 quotes on British anti-semitism

"Britain IS currently playing host to the biggest ever annual number of violent anti-Semitic attacks, both on people and on property, since the 1930s. Who can blame the teachers, so conscious of their uncoolness, for wanting to get 'down wiv the kidz'? They're too respectable to daub swastikas on a synagogue - but it sure feels good to band together and bully them Israeli academics!Just imagine; for once, the swots aren't having their books ripped up in front of them by a gang of thugs - THEY'RE the ones doing the ripping."

"...in this country it tends to be academics who react to anything from mild censorship to book-burning with 'That's how Hitler started!' That they are now doing something Hitler would thoroughly approve of, and did - barring contact with Jews - seems to have escaped them."

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  1. Anonymous2/5/05

    I don't like the British.
    I don't think many people do like the British.
    They make bad food. I think that has a lot to do with their bad attitudes too.
    They let too many Muslims in the country too. Now it will turn on them.
    I wonder what Prince Chuckie thinks of the muslims?


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