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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Mirages in the Desert

 Obama’s NASA Spent $390K on Cartoon “Green Ninja” to Fight “Coal Man”


In the deserts of the Middle East, political mirages appear easily and disappear just as easily. There are countries and armies that exist only on paper. And there are invisible tribal nations that have no flag and never appear on a map, but that have their own militias and govern themselves.

The Middle East as it exists neatly laid out in the pages of the New York Times or the Washington Post has little relationship to the messy realities of a region with few clean borders, only messy collections of tribes, families, ethnic groups and quarreling variations of Islam clinging to a few miles of dusty land, a handful of olive groves, some oil wells and their children and machine guns.

Out in Syria, the mirage of the Free Syrian Army, its camps full of soldiers defecting from the military to form a secular liberation force, has dissipated, vanishing into the sand. And all it took to knock down the Potemkin villages of the FSA that never existed was an attack on the only part of the Free Syrian Army that did exist—its warehouses full of American and European military aid.

The End of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Syrian Scam

Ex-Wife’s Response to Wichita Bomber’s Conversion to Islam: “What is Wrong With Him?”


While Obama conspires to lock people up for things like collecting rainwater and sends in his stormtroopers to raid guitar factories that use wood not finished by Indian workers, he’s freeing crack dealers from prison.

Solid citizens and future Obama voters pardoned by him include… Ezell Gilbert...

Gilbert, now 41, who has a criminal record that goes back to his late teen years, was observed by Tampa police on a stakeout, dealing drugs in a high-crime neighborhood in Tampa in October 1995.   He was arrested after two customers apparently bought crack from him in the front seat of the car Gilbert was driving, while his five-year-old daughter, Keidra was in the back seat.

Obama Frees Crack Dealer Who Took 5-Year-Old Along to Sell Crack

Drug Dealers Unveil Heroin Brand Named “ObamaCare” - Like ObamaCare, it completely messes you up, takes your money and leaves you with nothing.

Piers Morgan Attacks 1st Amendment after Attacking 2nd Amendment


China is out to kick foreign powers out of Asia and lay claim to any nautical territory that it wants; especially if its waters are enriched by oil. Like the Empire of Japan, the People’s Republic is hungry for oil and obsessed with the strategic weaknesses of building an empire while beset by resource problems.

The PRC’s oil tends to be coastal which makes it too easy for a foreign power to break its economy. And like a great city, it has no hope of being self-sufficient when too many of its vital resources have to be imported from across the water. The only way to protect its economic lifeblood is with naval power.

The next stage of China becoming a great power depends on it pushing the United States out of Asia and forcing Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, not to mention other American allies, to make their peace with its new empire. 

Obama’s China Bluff

77% of Americans Think Obama Won’t Be Remembered as a Great President


“What you had here was a ready-made volunteer workforce,” said Agar Jaicks, who was chairman of the county Democratic Central Committee, the governing body of the Democratic Party in San Francisco. “And you also had in Jones a man who touched a component of the consensus power forces in the city, such as labor and ethnicity groups, and he was very strong in the Western Addition. So here was a guy who could provide workers for causes progressives cared about.”

The Democratic Party is a Cult Worthy of Jonestown

Dem Senator: Cut Pay for Veterans, Not Congress - “We have taken pretty big cuts,” Schumer said.


There are two narratives of the Arab Spring. In one of them, the people rose up against the tyrants.  In the other an international conspiracy of Western and Muslim countries collaborated with the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Arab countries.

To destroy the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the state has to do more than accuse Morsi of abuses of power; it has to show that he and his organization were illegitimate because they were Un-Egyptian.

That will prove that the differences between Mubarak and Morsi aren’t incidental. Mubarak may have been thuggish and corrupt, but he was an Egyptian patriot. Morsi will be charged with being an Iranian traitor who conspired to take away the Sinai and turn it over to the terrorist proxies of a Shiite state.

Egypt Buries the Brotherhood

Obama Picks Fired Husband of Dem Congresswoman to Fix Healthcare.gov

An earlier survey (2011) by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics corroborated the women’s concerns. It found that approximately 37 per cent of Palestinian women in both the West Bank and Gaza had experienced physical or sexual abuse by their husbands in the previous 12 months.

The only answer to the suffering of the people of Gaza, including its neglected women, is for the international community to hold Israel accountable…
Muslim Men Beat Wives, Human Rights Groups Blame Israel

Report that CIA in Benghazi Told to Stand Down, Shot Down by Report that They Were Told to Stand Down


What were the odds he would be named Mohammed? About as good as the chances that he would blame the whole thing on a cultural misunderstanding due to his unfamiliarity with swimming pools and the rights of women.

Muslim Claims He Molested Girls in Pool Because He Can’t Swim


Call it the Democratic Party’s modern version of the Three-Fifths compromise that counted slaves as 3/5ths of a white person. The modern Democratic Party, unlike its slaveholding days, has upgraded black people to 7/10s of a white person.

The notoriously racist Republicans not only pay women more than the Democrats do, but Republicans pay Blacks and Hispanics 9/10s of their white employees.

Democratic Politicians Pay Minority Staffers 7/10 of What They Pay Whites


“It would be a pretty sorry situation if the state tried to prosecute and send to jail everybody from the South Side that took welfare money they didn’t have coming,” he told the Tribune in 1976. “There’d just be nowhere to put them.”

Reagan’s Welfare Queen Whom Liberals Say Didn’t Exist, Existed and Killed

Obama’s FDA Now Plotting to Ban Anti-Bacterial Soap


All the California papers are saying that Jerry Brown is bound to win. “Jerry Brown’s re-election a virtual lock” the San Francisco Chronicle declares.

Why? Because he has an approval rating of 58 percent. And an incredible 52 percent of those surveyed would vote for him.

Republicans shouldn’t even bother running against him because there is no way he could lose. Jerry Brown should instead focus on his presidential campaign. He could run on a platform of letting men in dresses use womens’ bathrooms and a light rail train to nowhere.

Governor Moonbeam may Become President Moonbeam

Kerry Gives $16 Million to Vietnam to Fight Global Warming


It might not be possible to see a bill through in the New York State legislature that would prohibit public funds from being used to in any way fund ASA events or publications… or ASA members and their work.

Considering how much the ASA relies on public universities, such a move might hurt them quite a bit. California would be an uphill battle. But it might be altogether doable in New York.

 Fighting the ASA Israel Boycott with a Boycott


Is Jon Stewart an obnoxious liberal pretending to be a comedian… or a comedian pretending to be an obnoxious liberal?

What’s the difference between a joke and the news? Not much when both have an agenda. There really is no difference whether the clown nose is on or off. except that when it’s on, you aren’t supposed to get offended or react with outrage. It’s all in good fun.

Jon Stewart has spent a long time hiding behind the clown nose. It’s hypocritical for him to complain about anything else doing the same thing.

Jon Stewart Outraged at Megyn Kelly Using his “Clown Nose” Defense

Are You Ready for a Feminist Programming Language? - There is to be no debugging. We need to do away with functional-centric, bugphobic attitudes in programming. You need to accept the program the way it is.


We’ve chosen not to have any long range plan for exploiting the moon. We’ve even crippled our deep sea mining by allowing the UN to claim profits from it.

Maybe Chinese exploration and exploitation will shake loose a Sputnik event. But that doesn’t seem likely right now. The deeper problem is that unlike our explorer ancestors, we divorced exploration from exploitation.

That was a fatal idealistic mistake that doomed the whole enterprise. It’s not a mistake that China is likely to make.

No, China Isn’t Restarting the Space Race

Is Harry Reid the Manchurian Candidate? - Nonetheless, one reporter did manage to ask what business Reid “expected to get done with a man he had called a dictator.” Neither Hu nor Reid responded.


After Theodore Roosevelt was the New York City police commissioner back in the 1890s and began walking the beat and yelling at corrupt cops, the role of commissioner hasn’t mattered all that much.

Take Ray Kelly, the man shoved out the door by Bill de Blasio as a dirty racist and fascist. But Kelly and Bill de Blasio both worked for the Dinkins administration and its “Have fun, commit crimes” policy.

Now Bill de Blasio is bringing back Bill Bratton… who was Giuliani’s police commissioner.

Why De Blasio’s Bill Bratton Appointment Doesn’t Matter


The old inequities of the health insurance system were logical consequences of how insurance works as a business in terms of managing risk. They were not arbitrary discrimination, they reflected logical and unavoidable differences that are inherent in insurance and risk pools. The inequalities and waivers of Obamacare are government-sanctioned and politically-motivated creations of favored and unfavored classes of citizens. Probably unconstitutional as well

Neo-neocon writes. That's what happens when you exchange a rational, though occasionally impersonally cruel system, for one that is irrational and personally cruel.

The old system might screw you because that's the way the world works. The new system will screw you because it thinks you deserve it.


Never does Cowan publicly list America's richest people. Of the top 10 wealthiest individuals in America, three are self-made (Gates, Ellison, and Bloomberg). Of the next 10, four are self-made (Bezos, Page, Brin and Zuckerberg, who is 29 years old). In fact, if you descend down the Forbes 400 list, you will find self-made billionaire after self-made billionaire and few of the Wall Street hedge fund operators and bankers Cowan so decries.

In fact, Cowan's vaunted income inequality metric has been driven not by Wall Street but by technological innovation and the network effect.

It has given a bright 23-year old the opportunity to turn down an offer of $3 billion for a company he founded just two years ago.

It has given a bright 17-year old the opportunity to sell a mobile app he developed in high school for $30 million.

The left has no response to this except to rant something about white men. Wealth in the United States has to be recreated. The wealthiest men are those who find new ways of making money, whether they inherited it or not. A static business model doesn't survive in the free market.

You may be able to stay a millionaire if you inherited millions without working too hard, but you're not going to be at the top of the heap.


Taken as a whole these are the twenty to twenty five percent of citizens that form It’s irreducible base. They will never know anything other than the fable they told themselves long long ago. The truth will be out there but forever beyond their withered reach. If they could know what all the others now know, they would also know how vile their entire life has been; how colonized their minds; how enslaved their souls. And so they cannot know -- or allow themselves to know -- or permit others to tell them. Like the lost children of Hamelin they will follow their Piper into the cleft in the mountain and the cleft will, in time, snap shut behind them. They cannot be rescued or redeemed. Let them go. They are known as “”dead enders” because, in the end, they are as dead as all their pretty lies.

As for the rest -- the ones that know and know that they know or are coming now to know that they know -- treat them carefully. It will be like watching many millions slowly awaken to the horror of what they’ve done to themselves and to their countrymen. They will be ashamed of themselves and not a little sickened and weakened from their extended experience with political depravity. Not all of them will make it out of the mire. Some will be unable to bear the knowing and so will return to the unknowing; will go slide back into the muck.

From Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest


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