Thursday, April 27, 2023

Biden's 'Freedom' Platform of Grooming and Killing Kids

Biden has tried to ban gas cars and stoves,and has banned incandescent light bulbs, air conditioners, large mesh fishing nets, menthol cigarettes, charter schools, women in sports, conversion therapy, roads in Alaska, and mining in Minnesota among many other things.

Now he’s running for a second term on a platform of freedom.

“Freedom – personal freedom – is fundamental to who we are as Americans,” Biden, who had fought to force millions of people to wear masks, recited in a campaign video.

The last time he was this eloquent, Washington D.C. was all but under martial law and he rode to the inauguration of his stolen election past rows of National Guardsmen in a locked down city.

The Biden video then went on to warn that, “the question we are facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom, more rights or fewer.”

And if you doubt that, Biden’s infrastructure bill included a pilot program to remotely track drivers. His newly revitalized IRS is cracking down on moms who sell used clothes on eBay and his administration created a disinformation office to track political dissent on the internet.

Endorsing Biden’s exciting new freedom agenda was a politician antonymous with freedom.

“Our democracy is under attack. Our freedom is being stripped away,” Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, whose one-party party rule has banned singing in churches and synagogues, disposable utensils, fur coats, purchasing puppies, flavored tobacco, gas furnaces, salmon fishing, shark fins, rat poison, Indian mascots, leaf blowers and travel to half of America.

“It’s time to step up—and there’s no one better to lead that fight than President Biden,” Newsom urged in his campaign tweet. “Looking forward to another 4 years of his leadership.”

If there’s anyone who knows about stripping away freedom, it’s Gov. Newsom whose system forcibly shut down churches and synagogues, and banned protests on government property.

“Every generation has a moment,” Biden, who was born during WWII, claimed, “To stand up for their fundamental freedoms. I believe this is ours. That’s why I’m running for reelection.”

After dodging the draft in Vietnam, Biden’s reporting for duty at the age of 80 to fight for freedom.

On a word association test, Americans listed “dementia” and “old” as being among the words that they associated with Biden. “Freedom” did not make the list. That was back in 2020, but it’s hard to believe that in the years of misery since, “freedom” has beaten out “dementia” in either the minds of the voters or in the mind of the man who has to remember how to walk down stairs.

But since Biden can’t run on a platform of promising to take his medication long enough to steal the rest of the money out of your wallet, he’s running on the same platform as Patrick Henry.

Sort of.

“Around the country, MAGA extremists are lining up to take those bedrock freedoms away,” Biden claimed, in front of pictures of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

What sort of “bedrock freedoms” is he running to protect?

According to Biden, he’s going to fight for our freedoms against Republicans “dictating what health care decisions women can make”, a euphemism for killing babies in the womb, and “banning books”, a euphemism for keeping graphic pornographic books out of schools.

When the Framers met in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, they neglected to add killing babies and grooming kids to the Constitution as our bedrock freedoms. They did however bar the government from suppressing political speech and the right to bear arms. Those are actual bedrock freedoms that Biden has repeatedly violated and intends to go on violating.

While his supporters went on an arson spree attacking pro-life centers around the country for the crime of encouraging women to keep their babies, the Biden DOJ and FBI spent all of its time raiding pro-life activists who were engaged in non-violent civil disobedience.

Unlike arson and killing babies, the right to protest actually is one of our “bedrock freedoms”.

“Let’s stand with teachers and parents against politicians try to score political points by banning books,” Biden had previously pleaded at a White House event. When actual parents had protested these ‘books’, including those featuring graphic sex with children, by speaking out at school board meetings, the Biden administration tried to investigate them as terrorists.

The right to assembly isn’t one of our bedrock freedoms, but pushing sex on 8-year-olds is.

The Biden campaign ad includes a pile of supposedly banned books. Buried under Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and To Kill a Mockingbird is Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison. Lawn Boy features 8 and 10-year-olds performing sex acts. “I was ten years old, but it’s true. I put Doug Goble’s d___ in my mouth,” runs one line. This is what Biden wants to force into every school.

Last year, the Biden administration sent in the feds to go after a school district in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for daring to remove books from its school library that included ‘This Book Is Gay’, which teaches students to use ‘sex apps’ to hook up and then “meet the trick in a public place”.

Biden’s idea of freedom is using the power of the state to crush local parents for refusing to let their kids be groomed to secretly prostitute themselves through their smartphones.

The freedom to suppress parents who want to protect their kids is “fundamental to who we are as Americans”. Almost as much as banning light bulbs, cars and women winning at sports.

Running for a second term on a platform of killing and sexually abusing children is unique.

But it’s also a cunning strategy. As long as voters are debating the merits of Biden’s proposal to kill and sexually abuse children, they’re being distracted from their economic misery. All the talk of whether parents should face domestic terrorism investigations for opposing books that promote graphic sex to 8-year-olds may make them forget that they can’t afford to buy food.

“I pledge to make sure your kids can be safely raped or murdered,” may not be the best campaign slogan, but it is memorable. Especially if you wrap up Justice Department investigations of concerned parents and peaceful protesters in a drag act of freedom.

Freedom means different things to different people. To the Founding Fathers it meant that Americans would be left alone by the government. To Biden and his party, it means that the people should never be left alone by the government for one solitary single second.

That generic totalitarianism has been infused with a perverse ideological insanity.

The price of a government that never leaves you alone is economically enormous. Biden has proposed a $6.8 trillion federal budget and his corrupt inflationary spending is destroying the finances of the nation and the future of generations. But it’s also catastrophic morally. An intrusive state always needs crises to serve as a pretext for its crackdowns. And the warped morals of totalitarians tend to revolve around cruelty and debauchery. Especially to children.

Freedom to totalitarians looks like the right to kill and rape children. And the authority to force parents and all decent people to keep quiet while they do it.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Biden's New EPA Rule May Double Power Bills

Americans can’t afford to buy food, so Biden decided that they also shouldn’t be able to heat their homes during the winter. After an “environmental” measure that would prevent a majority of the country from being able to afford new cars, Biden is now going after their power bills.

The latest EPA proposal would mandate ‘carbon capture’ at power plants. A study by MIT showed that carbon capture raises the cost of electricity from 30% to 50% depending on the type of plant. Another study by Australia’s Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis however showed that prices could actually climb as high as 95% to 175%.

Imagine your power bills doubling? That will be the final blow for millions of Americans.

Biden’s corrupt inflationary spending broke the economy and sent prices soaring. State environmental regulations in California, New York and other leftist areas increased the cost of electricity. Last year, 1 in 6 homes had fallen behind on their utility bills. A survey found that a third of households were cutting back on food and medicine to be able to heat their homes.

With more than 20 million households struggling, Biden decided to deliver the killing blow.

His administration’s illegal carbon capture mandates would hike electricity costs 30% to 175% and utilities will be forced to pass the cost of this expensive ‘green’ tech to their customers just as they are already being crushed under the burden of expensive and unreliable solar and wind systems. How many Americans can afford to pay twice as much for their utilities?

Not only would Americans pay more for the privilege of ‘carbon capture’ power, but the power plants would produce less power. Louisiana’s Cleco utility warned that its carbon capture experiment would cut power production by 30%. Pay more, get less: that’s carbon capture.

But that’s also all ‘green energy’.

Like most ‘green’ technologies, carbon capture is a scam. That’s not just a conservative position. Even the most fervent environmentalists, including Greenpeace, which calls it the “Great Carbon Capture Scam”, and the Sierra Club, have said it doesn’t work.

A Stanford study found that carbon capture actually increases air pollution.

A UC Berkeley study found that carbon capture would double water use which would be environmentally catastrophic in Southern California and other water-poor areas.

If carbon capture is unpopular with both conservatives and environmentalists, why is Biden so determined to impoverish Americans using a plan that both sides agree is a bad idea?

While carbon capture is a hypothetical technology that, like most green tech, doesn’t work, it does fulfill its primary purpose of making it too expensive for consumers to use power. Carbon capture technology doesn’t actually change anything about the environment, but it makes conventional gas and coal plants too expensive to operate.

And that is the whole point.

After being shut down by the Supreme Court which struck down the EPA’s power grab of regulating ‘carbon emissions’ , which is not a pollutant, the new move is meant to force power plants out of business so that they can be replaced with even more expensive and unreliable wind and solar. As expensive and inefficient as carbon capture is, wind and solar are monumentally more expensive and inefficient. A carbon capture mandate for power plants might hike power bills by 30% to 175%, but would in the long run be far more expensive than that when those plants are shut down and everyone is forced to depend on wind and solar.

While carbon capture is unpopular with environmentalists, some top Democrat donors have heavily invested in it including Bill Gates and George Soros. Carbon capture startups scored $882 million in capital last year so there’s a lot of Democrat donor money riding on it.

Millions of Americans will get poorer and freeze in the winter so Biden’s donors can get richer.

In the UK, which has even more fanatical environmental regulations than America, 50,000 people die every year because of “fuel poverty”. In December 2022, an estimated 1,000 people died because they couldn’t afford to heat their homes. Most of them were senior citizens.

This is the nightmare that Biden and his advisers want to bring to America.

France suffered its deadliest summer in a decade with thousands of deaths last year because of a lack of air conditioning. (The Biden administration has also been working to make air conditioners too expensive for working class Americans to afford.)

The EPA has tracked a growing increase in heat and cold-related deaths in America while falsely blaming them on its invented bogeyman of ‘climate change’ rather than environmental regulations that have made it too expensive for people to heat and cool their homes.

With a third of Americans struggling to pay their power bills, how many will die if Biden succeeds in illegally forcing carbon capture through and doubling power bills? With a population that is five times that of the UK and areas even colder, we could see as many as 250,000 deaths.

That is an outcome which environmentalists, who want a drastic reduction in the human population to ‘save the planet’, have enabled in the UK and which they are implementing here.

The Biden administration has destroyed our standard of living, is taking away our cars, our gas stoves and now wants us to freeze in the winter and suffer heat stroke in the summer. This brutal purge will enrich his donors and eliminate many of the elderly more likely to vote GOP.

The only thing carbon capture really ‘captures’ are our lives.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Two Shootings and a Racist Double Standard

In Kansas City, Missouri, Ralph Yarl, a 16-year-old teenager, was shot and wounded by the homeowner when he knocked on the wrong door. In Gastonia, North Carolina, Kinsley White, a 6-year-old girl was shot and wounded along with her parents when a basketball that children had been playing with rolled into a neighbor’s yard.

Ralph has already gotten a phone call from Joe Biden, and an offer to visit the White House. He has two lawyers representing him. His story has been splashed all over the national and even international media. The Washington Post has run no fewer than 17 stories about Ralph’s case: far more than the gangland funeral home shooting that actually took place in Washington D.C.

Kinsley, last heard tearfully asking, “Why did you shoot my daddy and me?” has not gotten a presidential phone call.

The very different treatment of the two stories would be baffling except for the one defining fact that to leftists explains everything in the universe and justifies all their power grabs and abuses.

Ralph, as you probably know from the media, was black and his shooter was white. Lest anyone miss this vital fact, the mainstream media incorporated it into headlines such as, “White Kansas City man Charged with Shooting Black Teen” and “Police Charge White Man for Shooting Black Teen Boy”.

Kinsley and her family are white. Their shooter was black. No media outlet would ever run a headline, “Black North Carolina Man Charged for Shooting White Kindergartener”.

Race is only a salient factor in a story if white people are the perpetrators, not the victims.

The media has already determined that the confused 84-year-old man who shot Ralph was a racist. The evidence for this so far has consisted of his race and claims by his dreadlocked grandson that he began watching a lot of FOX News after his wife was moved into a facility.

There’s no similar assumption that the 24-year-old black man who shot a white family was a racist. No one in the media has asked friends or family members how he felt about white people. The media would no more do such a thing than it would swap stories like “Ralph Yarl armed only with ‘black skin,’ family lawyer says” for, “Kinsley White armed only with ‘white skin’.

Shooting someone, as we know, is only wrong if they have the wrong or right skin color.

“Doug and I are praying for Ralph Yarl and his family as he fights for his life,” Kamala Harris obnoxiously tweeted. “Let’s be clear: No child should ever live in fear of being shot for ringing the wrong doorbell. Every child deserves to be safe. That’s the America we are fighting for.”

Ralph is not a child. He’s a 16-year-old teenage boy. Kinsley is a child. And because her skin is the wrong color, Kamala will never tweet about her or give a damn that she was shot.

That is racist. It’s a deeply evil attitude that, as Obama would tell us, is not who we are. But it is whom he helped make us. Anti-racist racism is everywhere and it has poisoned America.

Stripped of the race-baiting that has come to define the Democrats, their media and the entire movement, the Ralph Yarl case is no different than that of Kaylin Gillis, a young white woman, who was shot and killed when she and her boyfriend mistakenly pulled into the property of another elderly homeowner who came out with a gun and opened fire.

Since Kaylin’s shooter was also white, the media has a limited interest in the story.

“I had high hopes, and I had plans,” her boyfriend said. “I didn’t want to be with anybody else, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. My world was taken from me Saturday.”

Had Kaylin been black, Biden and Kamala might have paid attention to the case. Maybe next time he loses the love of his life, he’ll have the sense to pick someone of the right race.

As we already learned from the Black Lives Matter riots, which tore the country apart over a few deaths in police custody while ignoring the thousands of black-on-black murders each year, murder isn’t wrong unless it’s committed by a white person against a black person.

A white person shooting a black person is a racist. A white person shooting a white person is just suffering from gun violence. A black person shooting a white person is suffering from racial trauma. And a black person shooting a black person was suffering from a lack of opportunities.

Or as incoming Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said of the thugs who beat white people in Millenium Park, “it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.”

It is also not constructive to demonize Robert Louis Singletary, who prior to shooting a 6-year-old girl and her parents, had assaulted his girlfriend with a sledgehammer but was allowed out anyway. He was probably starved of opportunities in his community.

The unfortunate truth is that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and racial huckster lawyer Ben Crump, already greedily slurping at the thought of another big payout, and the entire media, don’t care about Ralph Yarl, any more than they care about Kinsley or Kaylin. The 16-year-old boy isn’t interesting to them on his own and had he been shot by a black man, he would have been just another statistic like the one out of every 1,000 young black men shot and killed in the year of BLM. The only reason that Biden called Ralph is because he was shot by a white man.

It’s really the white man they care about. And how he can be used as a racial caricature: the embodiment of all the evil white men who are oppressing black people all over America.

The white bogeyman whom Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the rest of the gang promise to protect black people from as long as they keep voting for them and tolerating their criminality.

Black lives, white lives, no one’s lives matter to them, only elections do. Elections are the gateway to power and the entire purpose of their political movement is to take power.

Racism has been the platform and plank of the Democrats for longer than anything else. The party that once whipped up lynch mobs against black people by exploiting white victims now whips up lynch mobs against white people by exploiting black victims. The crime hasn’t changed, only the races have flipped.

The racists are just as racist, they just call themselves anti-racists now.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Israel is Fighting the World's War

The dead included a 6-year-old boy and his 8-year-old brother killed in a car ramming attack in Jerusalem, a British mother and daughters gunned down on the road, a 27-year-old from Connecticut traveling to a wedding, and an Italian tourist run over on the beach.

In some countries, the soldiers fight wars, in Israel, they fight to stop a genocide.

Islamic massacres are often defended with some variation of “the occupied have the right to resist”. The Muslim occupiers keep resisting the indigenous Jewish population by killing women and children, and random foreigners whose only crime is being non-Muslim in a land that the terrorists want to reclaim for Islam.

Ever since the “throw the Jews into the sea” era, the agenda has never changed.

After the shooting of two brothers driving through the occupied village of Huwara, the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research conducted a poll asking the Arab Muslim settlers if they approved of the terrorist attack. 71% of them supported the killings.

When Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, arrives on Monday evening, it finds a nation at war against a genocidal enemy that has half the world under siege.

In the past several weeks, five terrorists were arrested in Sweden, four in France in yet another plot to carry out an attack the Champs-Elysées, a teenager in the UK will be tried for plotting an attack at the Isle of Wight Festival and an Islamic terrorist leader in Australia was sentenced to 15 years in prison for planning to behead a non-Muslim and drape his body in the ISIS flag.

Stories like these have become so routine and overshadowed that we no longer pay any attention to them. Islamic terrorism unites us all. Its victims include America and Europe, India, China and Russia. It crosses the world from Africa to Asia and ends up on our doorstep.

With so much of the world under siege, it is a wonder that a tiny country so narrow you could walk its width has been the finger in the dike, holding out against a tide of death flooding the world.

The Jihad did not begin in Israel, but it was a warning to the world of what was to come. The prediction that we would one day all be Israelis, that Islamic terrorism would become a part of our everyday lives and we would go on while trying to ignore it, has long since come to pass.

But, as Israel enters its memorial day and red poppies known as the ‘blood of the maccabees' mark the fallen, followed by Yom HaAtzamut, its independence day, there are still things, both good and bad, that we can learn from the Jewish State. The connection between the two Israeli commemorations, memorial day on Monday night and independence day on Tuesday night, is a powerful reminder that independence can only be maintained through a willingness to fight.

Surrender is not an option, but it has never been an option in a country where it would mean the mass murder, with occasional side mass rape, of the population. Israel has retreated, it has negotiated, but it has never surrendered. The terrorist attacks serve as a constant reminder of an enemy that obsessively kills women and children because its mission is total extermination.

Only 38% of the Israelis killed in Islamic terrorist attacks in 2023 were military age men. 27% were female and 22% were children. The murdered included 6-year-old and 8-year-old boys run down in the street, a 14-year-old boy on the way to synagogue and a 15-year-old British girl traveling with her family.

This is why the Israeli soldier serves. He is there to put his body on the line between Islamic terrorists and the most vulnerable and innocent children whose lives they lust to take.

Islamic terrorists don’t kill children by accident, they see it as their highest calling.

House Democrats recently protested the arrest of Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, of Tunisia’s Islamist Ennahda Movement, who had called for “unceasing war against the Americans”.

“There are no civilians in Israel. The population—males, females and children—are the army reserve soldiers, and thus can be killed,” Ghannouchi had also declared.

The Islamic cleric has often been described as a “moderate” by the media. Moderate Muslim clerics believe in exterminating all the women and children. What do the “extremists” believe?

Despite Israel’s turbulent politics, Yom HaZikaron, the commemoration of the fallen, briefly clarifies the stakes.

And the stakes are the children. And the world.

The Muslim world convinced the international community to pressure Israel by promising that the Jihad would stop there. “Give us Israel and it will end,” they urged. Despite all those promises, the Islamic war against civilization has spread across the world. Most of the world’s major nations and some of the minor ones have their own Islamic insurgency that plays by the same rules: alternating political demands with brutal massacres in the name of Islamic rule.

Generations of Israelis have gone to an endless war, sacrificed sons and daughters, to hold back the tide. They did it in defiance of the ignorance, hostility and pressures of the world.

They did it because they believed, they did it because they refused to die and they did it because surrendering to an enemy that gleefully butchers children was unthinkable.

Despite everything that has happened in the last generation, the world has learned little. But the Israelis have learned that peace is an illusion and that all they can do is hold the line.

When the torches are lit and loved ones weep, when the ‘blood of the maccabees’ blooms, a nation reckons again with the price that it pays for survival. Whatever myths pacifists may harbor and anti-war activists preach, there is no escape for any nation from paying that price.

Some nations have it paid by others, as the United States of America has done for so much of the globe, but in a world where evil is a reality writ in the black ink of the Koran, there can only be temporary refuges from the reckoning.

Israel still relies on a draft army. The price paid for war is a shared burden, but so is the price paid for appeasement. The fallen and their families come from all walks of life. These men and women, grandmothers, sisters, sons and nephews, have paid the world’s price in tears. They did not do it for the world, but their nation’s memorial day is nonetheless a lesson for the world.

Paying the price for freedom has long since become a cliche. Israelis do not pay the price for freedom. They pay it so that their children, their loved ones and their people are not eradicated from the earth by a brutal enemy that has no concept of mercy and worships barbarism.

The Israelis have come up against a choice that we will all have to make sooner or later. They chose not to die. The day will come when we may face that choice as starkly as they do.

Let us hope and pray that we choose well.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Monday, April 24, 2023

A Secret Police Station Grows in Chinatown

There was a ramen restaurant offering spicy beef tendons on the ground floor and a spy base upstairs on a busy street in Manhattan’s Chinatown. When the FBI raided it last year, agents in dark blue shouldered their way past hole-in-the-wall produce stands selling cheap strawberries, ads for overseas mobile phone plans, and illicit gambling dens to search a secret police station.

Indictments charge that this police station did not belong to the NYPD, but China’s feared Ministry of Public Security. The men working there in the shadow of the rusted blue steel of the Manhattan Bridge were allegedly harassing and threatening Chinese Americans, organizing political events and donating to and meeting with local and national Democrat officials.

A handful of blocks away from police headquarters, federal court buildings, and the financial district where Wall Street’s brokers play with billions a day, sits a slice of Chinatown where elderly men still ride shaky bicycles and tiny elderly women carrying giant sacks of recycled cans on their backs pass by. An artist offers cartoonish sketches of Mao alongside Madonna and musicians squat on sidewalks playing haunting airs on stringed lutes.

While most New Yorkers think of Chinatown as being all one place, there are actually strict divisions between the generations of immigrants, mainlanders who predate the Communist takeover and later arrivals who are divided by language and politics. The feuds between these two groups across tenement property lines and community groups have been as furious as they have been invisible to the rest of the city. And it’s a struggle in which the new Communist arrivals with their superior numbers and political connections have won not only in Manhattan, but in San Francisco, Los Angeles and in other parts of the country served by the covert buses ferrying illegal migrants from city to city from depots near the illegal secret police station.

Where Cuban exiles mobilized and made Cuban Americans a bastion of anti-Communism despite aggressive and energetic efforts by Cuban intelligence operatives, traditional immigrant ‘Chinatowns’ (which represent a minority a the Chinese-American population in America) are dominated by Communist front groups to whom Democrat elected officials owe their allegiance.

Such was allegedly the case with 107 E. Broadway where the America Changle Association shared space with an acupuncturist, a restaurant and a handful of other typical neighborhood businesses. Prosecutors allege that the America Changle Association housed the secret Chinese police station which used its premises to coordinate with China’s Ministry of Public Security and to threaten opponents and fugitives from the brutal Communist regime.

The Changle district of the Chinese city of Fuzhou provides most of the cheap migrant labor for the sweatshops and restaurants in Chinatown. The Fuzhounese come in, sometimes legally and sometimes illegally, and then are bused to work in Chinese restaurants across America. If you’ve seen Chinese dishwashers who don’t speak English furiously scrubbing in the back of some red-and-gold painted eatery with Fu Dog statues out front, the odds are that they’re from Changle. And that they barely know that they’re in the United States of America.

The Chinese city of Fuzhou had allegedly set up the spy operation in Little Fuzhou. To most New Yorkers, the street it was on looks like just another packed Chinatown thoroughfare, but within Chinatown, East Broadway is the ‘broadway’ of Little Fuzhou. At the borders, the Cantonese of the older Chinese-Americans confronts the Fujianese of the new arrivals. And the Cantonese speakers have been delighted to see the FBI raid on one of the epicenters of Fujianese power in Chinatown. Local papers and TV stations have talked of little else.

They hope that the FBI raid on Little Fuzhou last year and the recent indictment of two men, Chen Jinping (no known relation to President Xi “Pooh” Jinping) and “Harry” Lu Jianwang, will be the beginning of a larger reckoning. But that may be excessively optimistic. Secret police stations are one thing but the America Changle Association has political connections to Mayor Eric Adams and most Democrat politicians, local or national, who represent the area.

At one America Changle Association event, Democrat politicians and representatives for Rep. Grace Meng were in attendance. Figures associated with the Fuzhou group were shown to have donated to Adams, Meng, as well as her father, Jimmy Meng, a Democrat state assemblyman who was sent to prison after soliciting an $80,000 bribe inside a fruit basket. Other recipients included Rep. Judy Chu, on whose behalf Chinese spy Fang Fang helped organize a town hall.

If all of these stories seem small, it’s because law enforcement is barely touching the tip of a political iceberg that could shred the country. Earlier this year, Canadian Security Intelligence Service documents leaked revealing that similar setups of immigrant association groups had been used to work to elect Trudeau and his Liberal Party. The secret papers exposed “undeclared cash donations” and “having business owners hire international Chinese students and ‘assign them to volunteer in electoral campaigns on a full-time basis.’”

Chinese diplomatic institutions were helping set up community associations and then mobilizing them to help the political candidates favored by Beijing, Trudeau and his Liberals, win.

It would be foolish to pretend that this is not happening in America. Had the CSIS materials not leaked, no one would know how Trudeau and his leftists were really elected. And, barring an FBI leak, we likely won’t learn what the Bureau really knows about China’s interference in our elections. And even if we do, China’s political puppets have learned to shout “racism” over any measure from expelling ChiCom spies to investigating research theft to banning TikTok.

The alleged secret police station in Little Fuzhou is one piece in a much larger political operation. And while the DOJ and the FBI have stepped in to resist China’s long standing practice of conducting police state operations on American soil, they aren’t about to blow up the secret relationship between Democrat elected officials and Communist front community groups.

The secret base above a ramen place was typical of Beijing’s operationalizing of its mass migration to western nations. Consulates coordinate community groups which become elected local and then national officials. Businessmen funded by the Chinese government and its oligarchs become community leaders, donate to politicians and set the agenda for Chinatown.

And that agenda becomes the Democrat agenda.

Harassing political dissidents, threatening violence against them and their families, organizing pro-China rallies, all things that “Harry” Lu Jianwang was accused of doing, are small stuff in the bigger picture. Last year, David Wenwei Chou opened fire in a Taiwanese church in Laguna Woods, California. Chou had been a director of Las Vegas Chinese for Peaceful Unification: allegedly a chapter of the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification.

How many other Chinese Communist operatives would be willing to carry out terrorist attacks in this country in the event of hostilities? And what are Beijing’s plans for operationalizing them?

Such questions may not be asked even though plenty of patriotic Chinese-Americans have put them forward and warned that Communist infiltration presents a grave threat to their country.

Meanwhile, the secret police station near the Manhattan Bridge where the subway passes in a rattling show of sparks overhead has closed. Another one will open in its place. Little Fuzhou continues to grow and there will be no shortage of waiters with nothing to eat and struggling businessmen watching their loans balloon with the interest rates who will happily sign up as “volunteers” to serve the Ministry of Public Security. There will be knocks on tenement doors in the dead of night, red flyers, threats outside restaurants where roasted pigs and chickens hang spread out in the windows, and perhaps even a disappearance or two that will go unresolved.

And some of the same operatives will lend a hand and some cash for the Democrats.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Immorality of Identity Politics

Identity politics is best understood as a moral caste system. Buying into variants such as critical race theory means accepting that your actions matter less than your race, gender or sexuality. The promised liberation of identity politics imposes the collectivist understanding that nothing you do truly matters outside the constraints of your caste. Who you were born is who you are.

It’s difficult to think of a dogma that is more at odds with the philosophical worldview of the Founding Fathers or the Judeo-Christian theology of America. Identity politics violates the political and religious foundations of this country. These ideological assaults are bolstered by the conviction that personal redemption through economic strivings or repentance are conspiracies to fool people into believing that change comes through individualism rather than collectivism.

And yet the damage to the national fabric is almost secondary to the moral damage that identity politics inflicts on individuals. The Judeo-Christian moral revolutions came from the conviction that each individual had free will, personal responsibility and a relationship with his creator. Dispense with individual free will and individual conscience goes with it. In its place are the rioting mobs of Black Lives Matter for whom, like the Nazis, morality is group warfare. The only individual actions that matter are membership in a group whose moral nature is innately coded at birth. To be white is to be a sinner and to be black is to be sinned against.

The essence of identity politics is its conviction that individuals can have moral standing only in relation to their group. Understanding morality without awareness of group membership is the equivalent of atheism for wokes. That is why they are unable to grasp literature whose protagonists lack clear racial or sexual markers. Diversity markers in movies, television and novels are not just elements of political correctness, they are vitally necessary signifiers for a woke population that can only see moral drama through the lens of identity politics.

Identity politics tricks people into believing that nothing they do can influence the moral balance nearly as much as the group into which they were born or were selected. The moral relationship of a murderer and murder victim is secondary to the groups that they belong to. This is not the exciting new idea that wokes think that it is. It’s the default state of affairs in most of the world where caste, tribe, clan and family relationships are primary and moral choices are secondary.

A justice system responding to a murder in most of the non-western world is primarily aware of the groups that the victim and the perpetrator belonged to. Morality is not universal, but caste-based. Murder is more wrong in some intersectional power relationships than others. And in some, as with the victims of honor killings, it’s downright understandable. Asking, “Who is the victim” is not an attempt to solve a crime, but to measure morality through social status.

Identity politics claims that it’s a form of liberation, but liberation begins by taking power from a group and handing it to the individual. Identity politics takes power from the individual and hands it to the group. Identity politics begins by denying individual morality and concludes by denying individual rights. Rather than liberation, it offers total and overwhelming repression.

Cancel culture is not an accidental byproduct of identity politics: it is identity politics. It attacks membership in a group, that of peers, employees, family and friends, students and the larger culture, reinforcing the message that group membership is conditional on abandoning individual views. The members of the lynch mob, individually weak, show the supremacy of collectivism by targeting individuals as components of a mob. The tactics of cancel culture also relay its fundamental message that group membership is superior to individuality. And that those individuals who resist are easily crushed by a mobilized group.

The act of cancelation is a microcosm of identity politics. The group brutalization escalates from online harassment to mob violence, from ritual humiliation to violent assaults and murder. From anonymous trolls to antifa assaults, the virtual scales to real life. Online hate is a training ground for riots, terrorism and a civil war. What makes all of it possible is the conscious abandonment of individual morality for identity politics. The moral code of identity politics is that there are no universal moral codes that apply equally, only the political death struggle of “us” and “them”.

Woke syntax moralizes its amorality by depicting it as “punching up” or “punching down”. Intersectionality pretends to draw moral lines by defining who is and isn’t fair game based on group membership. What the higher moral logic of identity politics embraced by leftist intellectual elites really means is Shiites against Sunnis, one African tribe against another, a perpetual war of identity until extinction.

Moral exhaustion is part of the appeal of identity politics. The liberation that collectivist movements offer is the freedom from personal responsibility and conscience. In all its tribal ugliness, identity politics offers simple answers with no need for soul searching. To accept critical race theory is to know whether you are good or evil through the simple expedient of glancing in the mirror. You may be on one or the other, but you had little to do with it.

The moral demands of modernity are more exhausting than ever and without religion, the upper middle class westerner is less able to navigate the ethical ambiguities of a changing world. Like all totalitarianism, identity politics offers simple solutions to unsolvable problems. Coming after the wreckage of liberalism, globalism, multiculturalism and all the failed isms of the last century, it offers a return to savagery, the simplicity of the hatred of the other, wrapped in sophistry.

Identity politics is a rebellion against every civilizational development for thousands of years. That is the source of its appeal. This is the grim genocidal vision for which liberals have exchanged the Enlightenment. That is what they want to indoctrinate at every level from kindergarten to the corporate workplace. That is what they want for America.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Friday, April 21, 2023

Earth Day is Killing Us

Grouches complain that a lot of fake holidays are created by companies, but Earth Day is actually a fake holiday created by a sharp Madison Avenue ad agency, and the name comes to us from the same guy who coined, “Timex: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking".The Earth takes a licking much better than Timex watches, but it’s the job of ad agencies to convince us that consumer products are permanent, while the world is ephemeral.

Madison Avenue supplied the name, but Senator Gaylord Nelson, the eugenicist Democrat, had come up with the idea for the event. Gaylord’s Earth Day kickoff hit a bump when Indians showed up and threw garbage on the stage to protest his environmental plan to seize their land for a national park. But the media excised this inconvenient truth from Earth Day history.

Real inconvenient truths don’t appear in Al Gore’s documentaries.

It was 1970. Nixon’s Vietnamization was underway and the Left, sensing that its antiwar protests had a limited future, was looking to build a new movement. The idea came from Gaylord, the name came from Madison Avenue, but the culture war needed young radicals to organize, show up, protest, and tell their parents that they wanted Democrats running America forever.

That’s where Ira Einhorn, a young radical, who co-founded Earth Day and acted as the master of ceremonies at its first rally, came in. Einhorn had started out as an anti-war activist, but like Gaylord and other Democrats, he could see that the anti-war publicity machine was going away.

Everyone from politicians to ad agencies to aspiring gurus like Einhorn was looking for the next big cultural phenomenon that would speak to the narcissism of the luckiest generation in history. Einhorn realized that civil rights and anti-war rallies were getting old. The future was a new environmentalism that would make the old environmentalist eugenics look cool and hip.

Einhorn ended up committing totally by killing his girlfriend and composting her body. Then he fled to Europe where the same lefty activist network went on protecting him from prison.

Happy Earth Day.

Earth Day didn’t do anything for the environment except make a huge mess. Parade floats filled with garbage were used to warn about pollution. Students chalked messages on the street. Everyone drove out in cars for Earth Day to warn about the dangers of driving cars.

Gaylord’s Earth Day speech was revealing of what environmentalism was and wasn’t.

"Environment is all of America and its problems. It is rats in the ghetto. It is a hungry child in a land of affluence. It is housing that is not worthy of the name; neighborhoods not fit to inhabit. Environment is a problem perpetuated by the expenditure of billions a year on the Vietnam War," Gaylord rambled.

Environmentalism was everything and nothing. It was every Democrat agenda rolled into one. It was the welfare state and the anti-war movement.

If the Democrats were going to run on it, then it was environmentalism.

And if they weren’t, then it wasn’t.

At no time in his speech did Gaylord address any actual environmental problem. Instead he focused on urban blight, caused by his own party, and shamed Americans for their prosperity.

“Our goal is a new American ethic that sets new standards for progress, emphasizing human dignity and well being rather than an endless parade of technology that produces more gadgets, more waste, more pollution,” Gaylord insisted, invoking the faux spirituality already in vogue.

Finally he declared an "environmental war" to save America's cities that would only take "$20 to $25 billion more a year in federal money than we are spending or asking for now."

Joe Biden, who first ran for office that year, wants to spend $174 billion on just electric cars.

The endless war on the environment is starting to cost more than any actual war.

Billions have been spent with little to show for it except more cash in the pockets of environmentalist Democrats like Al Gore who built a $300 million fortune with his advocacy.

The planet is no better and no worse off since 1970. The same isn’t true of America.

In 1970, 62% of aggregate income went to the middle class. Today it's only 29%. The winners of the environmental economic war on Americans were the upper crust Earth Day crowd.

There are more gadgets than ever, but fewer Americans can afford them.

Environmentalist policies helped push jobs out to China while leaving American cities and towns barren. There are more rats in the ghettos and housing not worthy of its name than ever before.

The current big objective of the environmentalist movement and the Biden administration is to crush coal while taking another huge bite out of the remnants of the American middle class.

“Secretary Kerry trying to equate the job of an electrician in a coal mine who makes $110,000 to a solar tech, who might make $35,000 to $40,000, is not a good analogy for our state," Senator Shelley Moore Capito argued.

But it’s a great analogy if you’re trying to turn more of the middle class into the lower class.

Jimmy Carter made Denis Hayes, a key organizer of Earth Day, the director of the Federal Solar Energy Research Institute. Hayes had an undergraduate degree in history from Stanford. Despite never having a degree in anything science related, he became a visiting professor at Stanford's School of Engineering and the CEO of Earth Day. He remains a board member of Earth Day alongside such notables as the President of Finland, the head of the Wells Fargo Foundation, and a woman whose bio lists her as an “internationally renowned chef.”

The Earth Day store offers "premium organic" t-shirts urging "Make Every Day Earth Day" for $28 bucks "Far out, man! This classic tie-dye T-shirt is bringing the 60’s back in style," the ad copy declares. The details mention that the actual fabric is imported. You can guess from where.

The same goes for the rest of the expensive junk in the Earth Day store.

In 1970, there were 18 million manufacturing jobs in the United States. Today there are 12 million and that’s after a period of record growth under President Trump.

China has built a manufacturing empire. It happily celebrates Earth Day because every advent of the fake Madison Avenue headline means more American jobs and dollars headed its way.

Earth Day, according to Senator Gaylord Nelson, was supposed to address poverty in America. Instead Earth Day has been the biggest machine for creating poverty, hunger, and misery in America. Environmentalism didn’t fight poverty, it spread it, trading American jobs and social mobility for the smugness of upper class students seeking a new political fight after Vietnam.

As much as the anti-war movement hurt America, the environmental movement did worse.

Almost as many Americans kill themselves in one year as died in the entire Vietnam War. The suicide rate shot up 35% in the last twenty years.

Losing America was much worse than losing Vietnam.

Every Earth Day comes with the usual recitation of political dogma with which children are indoctrinated before they can even read. On one side are piles of trash and on the other side are whales and polar bears happily dancing arm-in-fluke. The truth is that on one side there are Ivy League colleges and environmentalist think tanks while on the other side there is the Rust Belt, there are millions of Americans without jobs and without hope, and millions more waiting to see if the Biden administration will take away their jobs, their homes, and their futures.

The wages of Earth Day are ‘Love Canals’ all over America with dying towns, workers permanently out of work, dying of meth, committing suicide in unprecedented numbers.

Earth Day is America’s Chernobyl, an environmentalist catastrophe that is killing us. And Earth Day has destroyed more of America than any environmental catastrophe ever could.

It’s time to end the great hoax from Madison Avenue, from a brutal killer and a political hack, before it destroys what’s left of America.

Kill Earth Day before it kills America.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thursday, April 20, 2023

How Globalism Gave Us a Transgender Bud Lite

The story of how Budweiser went from a patriotic traditional values company to launching a creepy Bud Lite campaign featuring Dylan Mulvaney, a man who claims to be a little girl, began with the Bush administration when, after 150 years, Anheuser-Busch ceased to be an American company. Today it’s just another subsidiary of a Belgian-Brazilian multinational.

Except for its St. Louis employees, few noticed the difference when Anheuser-Busch became InBev, and the United States government failed to object to the hostile takeover. While the majority of Americans, and the governor of Missouri, opposed the move, the Bush administration did not. The media fashionably sneered at a campaign against the hostile takeover which called for fighting the “foreign invasion”. Eventually the company surrendered.

The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed declaring, “Why John McCain Should Embrace Anheuser’s Foreign Takeover”. (Cindy McCain was a major shareholder.) The Journal urged, “free trade and globalization are in the national interest. So is the sale of Anheuser-Busch to InBev.” How does the national interest look now? Would the Journal care to rethink its position?

The Bush administration, staffed with Wall Street Journal readers, easily approved InBev’s takeover of Anheuser-Busch and another foreign deal that put 80% of America’s beers in the hands of foreign companies. As an article noted, “Suddenly, instead of 48 major brewers operating in the United States, there were two — albeit two offering consumers dozens of competing brands. Together, they accounted for nearly 80 percent of U.S. beer sales.”

Bush Republicans allowed America’s crown jewels to be sold off and taken over by foreign companies. Now they’re wondering why those companies seem hostile to American values.

Why wouldn’t they be? They’re not American. And they don’t even like us much.

AB InBev is a multinational monstrosity with major business interests in Cuba and China.

InBev CEO Michel Doukeris recently said that the market he’s most excited about is China. And while AB InBev won’t be marketing Mr. Mulvaney in China, they decided to respond to a fall in beer volume consumption in America by shaking up their brands with a woke makeover.

“DEI must be embedded into how we think, behave and operate,” AB InBev warns.

Every AB InBev brand has been pushing some sort of sexual identity campaign so that in, “Brazil, Skol’s ‘Respect is On” campaign applauds individual choices and differences” and “to show support for the LGBTQ+ community, Corona’s #OrgulloSinEtiquetas campaign urged consumers in Mexico to show their ‘pride without labels.’” Bringing in a man who pretends to be a little girl to push Bud Lite is just part of this grand DEI vision by a foreign company.

It’s not even about us. AB InBev is a global empire practicing woke values imperialism. We’re just one of the minor provinces it invaded and is setting fire to in the name of its ideology.

Transgender politics are a major priority for AB InBev. Jackie Senner, the company’s Global Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, who boasts that it offers, “gender affirming medical support for trans colleagues in the U.S. and name change support for colleagues in Brazil.”

And this philosophy comes from the top down with CEO Michael Doukeris heading up AB InBev’s Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council. But it’s also nothing personal. The multinational attacks local cultural values around the world. Or at least most of it.

American companies have also gone obnoxiously woke, but much of corporate wokeness is driven by foreign CEOs or owners across major companies. Unlike American companies, multinationals like AB InBev have no skin in the game. They don’t care about the cultural damage that they do because it doesn’t touch them. Rather than building relationships with individual consumers, they rely on massive marketing and ad campaigns to do it for them.

Anheuser-Busch’s origins in a saloon are far away from its current place in a roster of brands. Beer is not a product to AB InBev, it’s a brand, and the culture war is a way to boost its brands. AB InBev cares much more about its social responsibility score than it does about what midwestern customers think. Wokeness is a form of elite virtue signaling. Bringing in a man who pretends to be a little girl is a way to make a mocked corporate brand appear more upscale.

To AB InBev, the backlash against Bud Lite is a marketing victory. That might not have been the case if the company had any meaningful roots in the midwestern areas where companies are jettisoning its beer, but it doesn’t have them anymore or in America. Multinationals are based around major urban centers with no real commitment to any individual country or culture.

A lot of Budweiser drinkers still think of the company in terms of its 9/11 ad, but it’s no longer that company and hasn’t been in a long time. This Bud’s brought to you by Dylan Mulvaney, by the HRC campaign and by social responsibility metrics. It doesn’t make liquor, it makes ad campaigns that signal its political virtues. That’s what the Journal’s globalization gave us.

Globalism was catastrophic for our economy and our culture. It not only destroyed working class and middle class jobs, it turned over the commanding heights of our economy to foreign companies using familiar brand names with no American allegiances. Consumer choice has been one of the casualties with a handful of foreign companies controlling most brands.

Would the Wall Street Journal feel differently about Anheuser-Busch’s takeover today?

Americans have woken up to the dangers of globalism. The myth that some mythical goddess of the market would prevent globalization from wrecking the country has been put to bed. The devastation is all around us in a multitude of ways and politicians are starting to catch up.

As long as corporations have a great deal of control over our culture, they ought to remain in American hands. The path to a creepy man pretending to be a little girl pitching Bud Lite began with the globalism of the Bush administration. And our culture and values are paying the price.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Big Tech's Disinformation Billionaire

From Russia smears to fake news to a lawsuit accusing former President Trump of rape, the money behind some of the dirtiest Dem tactics come from an obscure Big Tech billionaire.

When E. Jean Carroll first accused Trump of rape, the media quickly backed away. It didn’t help that she told media outlets that “most people think of rape as being sexy” and “it’s the responsibility of the woman, too. It’s equal. Men can’t control themselves.” But after a fitful attempt at using the story to sell books, Carroll vanished and then returned with a lawsuit.

In a deposition last year, Carroll claimed that no one else was paying her legal fees. That was not true. The money was allegedly coming from American Future Republic: an anti-Trump group funded by Reid Hoffman. A filing by Trump’s attorneys alleges that, “previously, Hoffman contributed more than $600,000 to the legal defense fund of Bean LLC6—otherwise known as Fusion GPS, the company responsible for the creation of the Steele Dossier.”

The Steele Dossier was the founding hoax document for Russiagate and Spygate.

Reid Hoffman bought his way into being a Democrat power broker by throwing around tech industry money. Before the last election, he was peddling a $250,000 Zoom “private, off-the-record conversation with President Obama, hosted by me.” But he’s also become notorious for having his name attached to dirty Democrat figures and dirtier operations.

How concerned is Hoffman about sexual assault? In 2015, he invited Jeffrey Epstein to a dinner that he was hosting. The notorious pedophile was even honored with a replica of a ‘Disobedience Award’: a social justice award funded by the Big Tech billionaire. (The award was shut down after it was given to BethAnn McLaughlin for her #MeToo activism despite threatening to stab another woman. McLaughlin was accused of pretending to be a bisexual Indian geologist and faking her death making her only the second most embarrassing recipient.)

Reid Hoffman has gone from dining with Epstein to covertly funding a rape lawsuit because of his obsession with Trump and his penchant for political dirty tricks. The LinkedIn co-founder had donated $2 million to pro-Biden PACs and has been the money behind a variety of false flag operations from an anti-Trump cartoon coordinated with the Lincoln Project, whose former press secretary went to work for one of Hoffman’s campaigns to fight ‘disinformation’, to an effort to convince conservatives to turn on Justice Kavanaugh by using fake Republicans.

Like many of the billionaire tech industry ‘disruptors’ in politics, Reid Hoffman came out of the ‘PayPal Mafia’ before co-founding LinkedIn. Aside from being a major tech investor, Hoffman used his billions to become a Democrat megadonor pumping millions into the Democrats. But as the tech guru son of a Black Panther lawyer, Hoffman was not satisfied with straight politics.

The best way to understand Hoffman is as a younger, more tech-savvy George Soros, who has used his Silicon Valley skills to finance operations that “disrupt” American politics. Beginning with ‘Investing In US’, with a mission of bringing “entrepreneurs and investors to join the resistance”, he backed ACRONYM which created fake sites pretending to be local papers.

MotiveAI, another setup backed by Hoffman, had its own fake news operation targeting Republicans: one of which, titled, ‘Drain The Swamp’, aimed to sabotage the Kavanaugh nomination by trying to convince Republicans that the Supreme Court nominee had “helped Bill and Hillary Clinton cover up the murder of a White House aide.”

MotiveAI then took credit for “28 districts flipped and the highest Democratic margin since 1972”.

Such digital dirty tricks have become a signature of groups funded by Hoffman.

During the 2017 Alabama Senate special election, New Knowledge, a lefty tech project, came after Republican candidate Roy Moore to, in its own words, orchestrate “an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet”. The funding for the ‘Alabama Project’ came from Reid Hoffman.

Hoffman apologized for the “disinformation” campaign. “I find the tactics that have been recently reported highly disturbing,” an official statement from the Big Tech billionaire claimed. “I am embarrassed by my failure to track AET—the organization I did support—more diligently as it made its own decisions to perhaps fund projects that I would reject.”

This was quite unconvincing since Hoffman had a history of funding digital dirty tricks.

New Knowledge had gone into business flagging “disinformation” and produced a report on it for the Democrat Senate Intelligence Committee. It also worked with Fusion GPS which had produced the Steele Dossier.

Hoffman, like fellow ‘PayPal Mafia’ member Pierre Omidyar had also taken to funding anti-Trump groups and candidates claiming to be Republicans, including Evan McMullin, Liz Cheney and Republican Women for Progress. The common denominator of all of these false flag operations was the conviction that the best way to manipulate Republicans was through fake Republicans.

The Carroll lawsuit was also meant to appear natural and apolitical, when it was not. Once again a Hoffman-funded group was the money behind the political facade. And most investigative journalists have learned to look for Hoffman’s money behind false flags, disinformation campaigns and dirty tricks. They haven’t worked, but they have helped slowly make him infamous. And now, with the Trump rape lawsuit, people outside the tech industry finally know who the rotund leftist billionaire is.

Hoffman isn’t stopping though. And when he can’t be satisfied with manipulating voters, he has been accused of trying to buy elections in a more direct fashion.

Before the 2020 election, Vox reported that, “Hoffman’s team has also told people they are exploring some initiatives that sources feel could prove to be legally dicey, Recode is told: They have looked into what a donor could legally do to help with the collection and delivery of mail-in ballots, expected to be at record highs this year. They have also considered whether Hoffman’s team could directly pay activists who convince others to commit to vote in North Carolina — rather than funding a go-between, like an outside group, as donors traditionally do.”

Disrupting systems, breaking the rules, is celebrated in Silicon Valley, and as Big Tech’s ‘Masters of the Universe’ keep breaking our society, they may discover that the damage from disrupting countries is not an abstraction measured in private equity fund returns.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

After Billions in US Aid, South Africa Sides With China

In November 2022, Climate Envoy John Kerry announced a giveaway of $1 billion in foreign aid to South Africa. The failed racist state which regularly suffers blackouts from its socialist power system was being offered billions to subsidize electric cars and green energy.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed that “President Ramaphosa and the South African Government have created a bold plan identifying a clear strategy for achieving South Africa’s most ambitious climate targets.”

In reward for that $1 billion and the billions in foreign aid dispensed over the years, South Africa is conducting joint military exercises with China and Russia.

The Biden administration had little to say except that it was “concerned”, but wasn’t about to tear up that $1 billion check to make sure that a crime-ridden country with $500 million in car thefts a year has all the electric cars its car thieves need to steal and resell.

Naledi Pandor, the African National Congress’ Foreign Minister, a Muslim convert, claimed that it was just “an exercise with friends” and that objecting to her government’s decision to conduct military exercises with China and Russia was an “abuse of international practice.”

The ANC government has the right to conduct joint military exercises with our enemies. And we have the right to stop funding the corrupt ANC Communist party destroying the country.

The United States provided over $500 million in aid to South Africa last year. In 2020, we delivered over $600 million. That’s part of over $3.5 billion in the last decade.

What have we gotten in exchange for that?

In 2018, then UN Ambassador Nikki Haley commissioned a report which noted that South Africa was among the countries least likely to vote with the United States. That put the ANC government in a club with Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Venezuela. Almost all of the countries on the list were America’s sworn enemies. That was not a coincidence.

There were suggestions that the United States might condition foreign aid on support at the UN. Aid to South Africa did fall from $386 million to $271 million before shooting up again in 2020.

Biden’s billion dollar giveaway to the ANC regime more than makes up for any brief shortfall.

South Africa’s ANC government views us as an enemy while we continue to view the country and its government as some sort of success story.

In America, pictures of Nelson Mandela decorate billboards and the relationship between Nelson and Winnie Mandela was made into a movie, ‘Winnie Mandela’, despite her role in murdering Stompie Moeketsi Seipei, a 14-year-old boy, in a failed effort to get him to make a false accusation of molestation against a white Methodist minister fighting Apartheid.

Mandela, a Communist terrorist mythologized into a plaster saint, was succeeded by Thabo Mbeki who claimed that AIDS was caused by malnutrition and who began the country’s blackouts, who was succeeded by Jacob Zuma, who was accused of raping an HIV-positive woman before taking a shower to get rid of the virus, who was succeeded by Ramaphosa.

The State Department claims that “South Africa has made notable strides toward building an inclusive democracy that provides increased opportunity for its people.” Not remotely true.

A fifth of adults in South Africa are HIV positive. More than half the country is living in a state of poverty. 74 people were murdered every day making for one of the highest murder rates in the world. Blackouts are constant with more days of blackouts than not over the course of a year.

All of this is the legacy of the African National Congress. Apartheid ended over three decades ago. The ANC has burned through the country’s infrastructure and its capital. Decades of corruption have destroyed any future and it’s stuck with a $130 billion national debt that is estimated to pass 100% of its GDP by 2025. Worse still, its GDP shrank by 1.3%.

Western governments and protesters got the regime they wanted. So did China.

The ANC’s Cyril Ramaphosa recently expressed his love and admiration for China’s Communist government and declared that, “South Africa applauds China’s principled foreign policy posture.”

“We therefore readily align ourselves with the four calling-ons articulated by President Xi, which call on all countries to respect the diversity of human civilisations and perspectives while advancing the common values of humanity.”

Then let President Xi fund the ANC.

In the last years of the Bush administration, US foreign aid to South Africa rose from the single digits to the triple digits. Under Obama, writing $300 million checks a year to the failed state became the new normal. It’s time to cut off all foreign aid and end this one way relationship.

It may be too much to expect a reevaluation of Nelson Mandela: the bosom buddy of every international monster of his day including Castro, Arafat, Gaddafi and Mugabe. But under a series of ANC leaders, South Africa has evolved into a murderous racist oligarchy where white farmers are murdered every day in an ongoing state-sponsored campaign of ethnic cleansing.

“The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate redistribution of land to black South Africans,” President Ramaphosa threatened.

That didn’t stop Biden from holding a high-profile meeting with him last year or from his administration offering billions in green energy subsidies to a corrupt failed state.

South Africa’s military exercises with China and Russia make it clear that’s treason.

The Biden administration claims that “the United States and South Africa share vibrant educational and people-to-people ties, significant economic and political interests, as well as common development objectives throughout Africa.” Not one of these things are true.

America has no political interests in common with the ANC. The only objective the ANC has is taking our money while allying with our enemies. Supporting Mandela and the ANC was a tragic mistake that led directly to the deaths of as many as half a million people in South Africa due to crime, violence and the spread of HIV. Our alternatives are another bout of regime change to set things right or to stop writing $300 million checks to try to fix South Africa.

The sight of South Africa’s military and a Chinese warship conducting exercises ought to make it clear that the ANC is our enemy. And that any further foreign aid just funds our enemies.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Monday, April 17, 2023

Crime Killed a Quarter of a Million Black People

Over the last decade, BLM, and assorted leftist and libertarian groups dismantled our criminal justice system. Police forces were defunded, pro-crime prosecutors refused to lock up criminals, federal and state prison systems released tens of thousands of them, and a wave of legislative decriminalization legalized everything from shoplifting, to drug dealing and mugging.

The pro-crime policymaking that eliminated public safety and cost over 3,000 lives in 2020 alone was done under the guise of fighting racism. Statistics which showed that black people were more likely to be arrested, imprisoned or shot during criminal encounters with police were used to spread conspiracy theories falsely accusing the criminal justice system of systemic racism.

What all of these racist conspiracy theories popularized by politicians, the media, and the entertainment industry ignored was that black people were also far more likely to be crime victims. Even as the BLM riots got underway, black people in surveys were strongly opposed to police defunding. The opposition was so vehement that Democrats not only abandoned the issue, but claimed that they had always been opposed to it and ran against their own position.

Despite years of false claims portraying black people as victims of a biased criminal justice system whose police forces are descended from “slave catchers” who repress minorities at the behest of white suburbanites, surveys of black people continue to tell a very different story.

A Pew survey found that while only 33% of white Democrats wanted to reduce crime, 63% of Hispanics and 66% of black people thought that fighting crime should be a priority.

And that’s nothing new.

Leftists and libertarians lied that the War on Drugs was racist when it was actually pushed by black groups, including the NAACP, which demanded the death penalty for drug dealers.

That same Pew survey showed that while only 38% of white Dems answered that reducing the availability of illegal drugs should be a priority, 57% of Hispanics and 60% of black people believed that it should be.

Now a Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows that black people are far more likely to suffer from crime than white people. The survey, meant to generate support for unconstitutional gun ban measures, instead unintentionally demonstrated that crime hurts black people more.

The KFF survey noted that “three in ten black adults (31%) have personally witnessed someone being shot”, “one-third of black adults (34%) have a family member who was killed by a gun” and (32%) say that they worry all the time about themselves or a family member being shot.

One in six of black adults say they don’t feel “safe at all” from gun violence in their neighborhood, compared to 2% of white adults. 1 in 4 also bought a gun to protect themselves.

Gun violence is just another way of saying crime.

Black people are disproportionately affected by crime. Pro-crime policies led to the deaths of an additional 2,244 black people in 2020. According to a Johns Hopkins report, “in 2020, one out of every 1,000 young black males (15–34) was shot and killed” and, “more than half of all black teens (15–19) who died in 2020—a staggering 52%—were killed by gun violence.”

CDC numbers showed that homicide is a leading cause of death among black men under the age of 20, and from the ages of 20 to 44. White men are killed by guns at the rate of 3.15 per 100,000 while black men die at the rate of 48.16 per 100,000. Pro-crime policies increase crime and kill thousands of black people. That’s what a real disproportionate impact looks like.

Every time pro-crime politicians free criminals, pro-crime prosecutors refuse to prosecute violent offenders, and legislatures eliminate bail, the impact is felt most strongly in the black community.

Law enforcement isn’t racist, but getting rid of it is. When a community depends more on a particular service, losing it has a clear disproportionate impact. Keeping the peace, arresting offenders and dispensing justice is one of the few primal duties of government. The breach in the social contract when the government fails to provide peacekeeping services is devastating.

Most crimes are committed by repeat offenders. The only way to interrupt the cycle of violence is to lock them up. Successful tough on crime policies in the 90s made cities safe once again and led to an economic boom in inner cities. Manhattan’s Harlem went from a danger zone to hosting Bill Clinton’s office, but in 2022, crime increased 44%. The Clinton offices have mostly moved down to the Wall Street area, but where they remain in Central Harlem, crime is up 32%. Next door in West Harlem, it’s up 133%. That means Bill is less likely to tour the Apollo Theater, but it also means that the mostly black residents are the ones feeling the worst of it.

Pro-crime activists have spent years regaling us with the suffering of convicts while caring very little about the shattered lives they have left in their wake. Foundations, protest groups, activist organizations and even PACs have spent hundreds of millions lobbying for criminals, fighting for their release and remaking our system to favor perpetrators, not victims. Their political success has come with a very high cost. And much of that burden has fallen on black people.

It is hard to think of any single policy in the last generation that has done more harm to black people or claimed more lives than the pro-crime agenda. Pro-crime activists have falsely claimed that police shootings of black men are a form of genocide. They’re not. Crime is.

One study counted 286,075 firearm deaths among black people from 1990 to 2021. That’s over a quarter of a million deaths. Some of them are due to suicide, but suicides are much lower among black people than white people, and the majority of black gun deaths were homicides.

And seeing a quarter of a million deaths, the pro-crime Left wants even more bodies.

Those quarter of a million deaths have been largely self-inflicted, but, much as with the welfare state, they were aided and abetted by white liberal policymakers who had come to believe that what the black community really needed was for the government to enable its criminals.

Racist liberal condescension continues to destroy black communities, families and lives.

2020 demonstrated that tough on crime policies can save thousands of black lives and, over time, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of black lives. Pro-crime policies are a racist disaster which reduced black people to criminals and then set out to free criminals to help black people.

That’s why 1 out of every 1,000 young black men are dead.

Pro-crime policies are racist. They enable a crime epidemic that has killed more black people than the total number of battlefield casualties for all races in the Civil War. More black people died in the year of Black Lives Matter than our entire death toll in the Iraq War.

Can it get worse than this? In 1991, 12,226 black people were murdered. For the first time, more black people were killed than white people. The numbers are trending that way once again. While the Left claims that highways and dress codes are systemically racist, their pro-crime policies are a racist program that promises liberation but offers only mass death.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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