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How to Make Your Own Race Riot

The angry rioter is a sacred figure in the progressive pantheon of social justice. But the saint of the looted convenience store is as mythical a figure as the selfless community organizer. The race riot isn’t a bubbling stew of outrage out of which wounded souls emerge to cry out for justice. It’s a complicated criminal conspiracy in which the perpetrators rarely suffer any consequences. Here’s how a race riot is actually put together. 3. Riots aren’t fed by outrage, but by opportunism The rioters aren’t outraged, they’re usually bored young men, frustrated and lacking in empathy. Many of them have gang ties or a criminal record stretching back to kindergarten. They’re the same people who commit crimes in any other non-outraged context. The rest are there to get some attention while providing them with protective coloration. 9 out of 10 people screaming frenziedly while holding up “Black Lives Matter” signs would eagerly scream and hold up “Tiger King 4 President” or “

Anger Privilege

If you want to know who has privilege in a society and who doesn’t, follow the anger. There are people in this country who can safely express their anger. And those who can’t. If you’re angry that Trump won, your anger is socially acceptable. If you were angry that Obama won, it wasn’t. If you’re black and angry about the police, your anger is celebrated. If you’re white and angry about , or any leftist cause, you’re on the side of the angry angels. But if you’re angry that your job is going to China or that you just missed being killed in a Muslim suicide bombing, your anger is unacceptable. Not all anger is created equal. Some anger is privileged rage. If you hang up an effigy of a Democrat governor while protesting the lockdowns, you will lose your job. But if you topple statues, loot stores, or throw bricks at police, celebrities funded by corporations will help bail you out. Violence, like anger, is also a matter of privilege. Only some get to do it. Public acts of viol

The Media Wants America to Stay Closed Forever

CNN doubled its audience in April, while MSNBC hit its best total-day ratings. Network news programs rose 39% since last year, gaining over 8 million viewers for their best numbers in over a decade. Cable news networks have become the most watched channels on cable and network news has been beating prime time programming. The pandemic is the next best thing to Walter Cronkite rising from the dead. The New York Times is up to 6 million subscribers with an increase of 587,000 digital subscriptions that it attributes to "widespread interest in news of the coronavirus pandemic". Last year the paper was struggling to make it to 5 million subscribers. Digital subscriptions are up across the industry. Digital subscriptions rose 29% at the Dallas Morning News, 17% at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and the Poynter-FactCheck's Tampa Bay Times boasted of tripling the rate of digital subscriptions. (That didn’t stop the Tampa Bay Times from getting an SBA loan at the expense of sm

Dems Blame Trump for Anti-Asian Hate Crimes by Minorities

The video shows an Asian woman running through a subway station in Chinatown before being ambushed by a young black man who begins punching and kicking her. Now Senate Democrats have cited the incident in Senate Resolution 580 which condemns the terms “Wuhan Virus” and “Chinese Virus”, that correctly describe the origin of the pandemic, as likely to lead to “Asian Americans being harassed, assaulted, and scapegoated.” While the resolution is clearly aimed at President Trump, who has insisted on describing the virus as the “Chinese Virus”, and at conservatives who have resisted the WHO’s efforts to obscure the origins of the outbreak in the People’s Republic of China, a survey of the anti-Asian attacks, including those cited by Democrats, tells a different story. The resolution describes the subway attack as part of the “incidents of anti-Asian violence occurring in March 2020… a woman wearing a mask was kicked and punched at a New York City subway station.” The attack actually

Bring Grandma-Killing Governors to Justice

In April, Governor Gretchen Whitmer posed and primped on The Daily Show in a “That Woman from Michigan” t-shirt as a narcissistic slam at President Trump. That same month, that woman from Michigan issued an executive order, that the Daily Show and SNL didn’t mention, "protecting" residents of long-term care facilities, by forcing nursing homes to admit patients infected with the coronavirus. Her order dictated that a "long-term care facility must not prohibit admission or readmission of a resident based on COVID-19 testing requirements or results" and told hospitals to discharge coronavirus patients back to the homes they had come from. Some nursing homes were designated as ‘hubs’ and coronavirus patients were transferred into them, even though these facilities had uninfected residents. Despite claims that these ‘hubs’ would carefully separate infected and uninfected patients, that didn’t always happen. While there had been a plan to move coronavirus seniors to

Liberal Jewish Opposition to Israel’s Sovereignty is Cowardly

The House of Saud, the oldest enemies of an independent free Jewish state, have at least temporarily abandoned their project to destroy it by replacing it with the Islamic terrorist colony of ‘Palestine’. That’s more than you can say for liberal Jews. It’s a sad day when Wahhabi Islam shows more aptitude for setting aside its fanaticism and adapting to reality than the alphabet soup organization leaders and non-profit newspapers that have been running the liberal Jewish community into the ground for over a hundred years without ever learning a thing. This failed establishment is wringing its hands because Israeli law might be applied to parts of the West Bank filled with Jewish towns and villages that were liberated 53 years ago in the Six Day War. That means Israeli citizens living in cities like Ma'ale Adumim (pop. 38,193) would actually fully live under Israeli law, instead of a clumsy hybrid system of military law, antiquated regional law, and national law. And, as Caro

3 Out of 5 Deadliest Coronavirus Outbreaks Were in State Nursing Homes

The lockdown model sought to flatten the curve by preparing hospitals for a massive influx of patients by clearing out everyone including elderly patients, who were sent back to nursing homes. The hospitals, with a few limited exceptions, were not overwhelmed, but the nursing homes were. 1 in 3 coronavirus deaths, as of now,  have involved  nursing homes. These deaths were amplified by policies in blue states,  especially New York  and  New Jersey , compelling facilities to take coronavirus patients, while concealing the number of deaths at facilities behind  false claims  of resident privacy. Blue state administrations have tried to blame the thousands of deaths on mismanaged private nursing homes, and while some nursing homes are badly run, the worst death tolls were in state nursing homes. The 5 deadliest outbreaks in nursing homes took place in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Three of those facilities, the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the Paramu

Pelosi’s HEROES Act Forces Unemployed Americans to Compete With Illegal Aliens

Who are Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Heroes? Based on the $3 trillion HEROES Act that House Democrats have just unveiled, the answer is illegal aliens and criminals. While the HEROES Act pretends to be about coronavirus relief, its focus is on immigration. With over 20 million jobs lost in April, the HEROES Act  goes  to great lengths to make sure that millions of illegal aliens will still be able to keep their jobs, no matter how many Americans lose theirs. Buried under the  misleadingly titled , "Protections for Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers", is a virtual blank check to keep illegal aliens from being deported. The HEROES Act's definition of "critical infrastructure workers" covers cafeteria workers, warehouse janitors, and pet food delivery boys. Anyone who works in virtually any field involving food in any way is a "critical infrastructure worker". An illegal alien putting out mouse traps at any facility involving food from "who

Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Includes Advocate of Printing Infinite Money

What do you get if you combine the destructive society-destroying policies of Bernie Sanders with the black hole of enthusiasm that is Joe Biden? That’s the new radically insane Democrat nightmare. Bernie’s policies were terrible, but he had an enthusiastic following. Biden generated all the voter enthusiasm of spoiled tuna, but his selling point was that he wasn’t going to do all the crazy Bernie stuff. Now the Biden campaign is trying to unite the party by adopting some of the Bernie policies so that the Democrats are going to be stuck with all the unelectable socialist ideas and a boring candidate. The worst of both worlds. Biden is such a terrible candidate that he vanished from the media landscape until a sexual assault allegation against him went mainstream. And that’s in a media environment where the major news networks were so desperate that they had begun touting George W. Bush as a model of leadership. When even the most biased media since Pravda can’t even try t