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It's a happy day in Iran's neighborhood

It's a beautifull day in the Tehran neighborhood. A beautifull day in Iran's neighborhood. A beautifull day for a neighbor. Would you be mine?Could you be mine?... Iran: Man sentenced to have eyes surgically gouged out for crime he committed decades ago when he was 16 Former Iranian hostages say new President of Iran was among those who took them hostages at the American embassy in Tehran Victorious new Iranian President pledges to go Nuclear continuing with Iran's nuclear program I've always wanted to have a neighbor just like you. I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you. So, let's make the most of this beautiful day. Since we're together we might as well say: Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor? Won't you please, Won't you please?P lease won't you be my neighbor?

Homosexual Palestinian: Winning or Losing a War in a Word

What's in a word anyway? Hat. Apple. Color. Jew. Palestine. Homosexual. We define the world using words. When we think about concepts whether it is Torah or secular ideas we most often must do so in terms of words. The choice of words we use colors our understanding of a given situation. Propaganda consists not only of defining what a word means or choosing the right words to frame its message but at its most successful redefines and recontextualizes the subject under discussion so that it is impossible to think of it except in their terms. Two examples. Palestinian. Homosexual. What the two have in common is that they redefine a subject with the use of a single word that carries with it an entire worldview with devastating effect on Jews who have done an utterly poor job of defending against it. Palestinian creates a false national identity and is the linchpin of the transition from the true narrative in which the surrounding Arab states for reasons of ethnic and religion

Heroes of Peace: Saluting a true Hero of Peace

In an attempt to deprogram the 'warmongering' public the media both in America and Israel and the usual academic elites have been trying to sell us 'Heroes of Peace' in place of 'Heroes of War.' Gandhi who beat his wife and made her clean other people's toilets to teach her humility while he stole money from his father, asked Japan to invade India, told Churchill to surrender to Hitler and the Jews to walk into the gas chambers is considered a 'Hero of Peace.' A secular saint for the liberals and atheists though he himself was neither liberal nor atheist except when it came to collaborating with Muslims against his own people. There's Yitzchak Rabin who the left tells us is to be considered despicable for his military achievements in 'colonizing and oppressing arabs' or when in the 80's he announced a policy of 'breaking their bones' to deal with the infitada but became a hero when senile and barely functioning he signed away

Democrats claim Dunkin Donuts is just like Hitler

On the heels of a controversy in which Democratic politicians have compared American soldiers to Nazis, Pol Pot and the KGB, accusations are once more flying over comparisons by Democratic Senators of Dunkin Donuts to Nazi Germany. Earl Gerbereich, CBS News, Monday 2:27 AM "I went inside the Dunkin Donuts and right away it hit me. There were men in some kind of uniform behind the counter following orders from their commander," Senator Dick Durbin said, "it was just like seeing one of those Nazi movies. It felt like the Third Reich to me." Matters grew worse for the Senator as he was asked to wait on line to get his donuts. "Wait on line," Durbin protested, "what is this Nazi Germany? Why are we being herded into lines? This is fascism! Millions of American soldiers gave their lives to stop Hitler only to import fascism onto our own soil!" After pledging to liberate the Dunkin Donuts from the manager whom the Senator called, Hitler and w

Destroying the World Under the Rainbow Flag

The gay parade will be going forwards in Yerushalayim under the rainbow flag which the courts have demanded will be hung officially by the city municipality. Of course to Jews, as opposed to secular perverts, and for that matter many non-Jews, the rainbow actually represents G-D's covenant with Noach not to drown the world again. It is ironic that the rainbow which was a sign of Hashem's covenant not to destroy the world has become a sign of those repeating the perverting of the world that helped bring about the mabul. Unintentionally homosexuals and the far left who march under the rainbow flag are advertising that they are only here because of Hashem's mercy of the rainbow and if not for that he would drown the world again; perhaps unconsciously aware of their crimes they are holding up the rainbow flag to remind Hashem of his covenant not to drown the world again for their sins

The American Flag and the Muslim Koran: What's Sacred?

Liberals are bemoaning the right wing, as they call it, out to create an ammendment to protect the American flag from being burned. Their position is that freedom is more important than protecting the flag and the flag really isn't that important after all. To them those who oppose the desecration of a flag are far more of a threat to america than those who do desecrate it. Meanwhile supposed rumors of a Koran desecrated is greeted by those same liberals with hysterical outrage. When was the Koran desecrate? Where was it desecrated? Who knew about it being desecrated? If indeed the Koran was desecrated they proclaim, it's a terrible atrocity. American soldiers, whom the left claims to support about as sincerely as they claim to dislike terrorism, are unfavorably compared to Nazis. The Muslims who responded to the false reports in the usual way Muslims respond to anything from a soccer victory to a national defeat to a sale on goats milk, with yet another killing spree. Liberals

Liberals support companies seizing your house

Conservatives are regularly accused of being in the pay of big buisness, yet in the Supreme Court decision over 'condemning' houses and buildings that are in perfectly good condition so a company can acquire and redevelop the land it was the liberal justices who supported it as constitutional and the conservatives justices who opposed it. Of course it is no surprise that the icon of liberalism, the New York Times, itself acquired its office space this way by having the city of New York condemn and seize the property of a building owner and then demolish it to make way for its new building. Liberals have always liked the idea of redistributing property and despite a lot of chatter of doing it on behalf of the poor, it usually benefits those in power whether it was the commissars in the USSR or the commissars of Political Correctness in the US, the New York Times. The conservative justices led by Reagan apointee Sandra Day O'Connor argued for the individual right to private p

Sharon, Hero of Gay Jerusalem

Sharon, hero of gay Jerusalem. The Israeli prime minister made history yeasterday by becoming the first leader of that country to meet with the local gay community. Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon yesterday met with a delegation from the local gay community at his offices in Jerusalem. It was the first time ever that an Israeli leader met with gay leaders. The delegation spoke to Sharon about equal rights for homosexuals and other issues. Prime minister Sharon was in good spirits and the meeting was conducted in a very friendly atmosphere, according to a delegate .The Jerusalam Open House quotes him as saying "I think everybody should live their lives as they choose to." Once upon a time Sharon was the Hero of Israel. Sharon was the hero of Sinai. Once upon a time his supporters sang, Sharon Melech Yisrael. Sharon King of Israel. Today Sharon has sunk lower than ever. Now Sharon is the Hero of Gay Jerusalem. The Hero of the Men's Room. Indeed Sharon's coalition is

Clinton's Lies and Collaboration with Al Queda

As the Democrats stage mock hearings on Bush's impeachment and left wing activists chant that Bush staged a war under false pretenses, we might consider the war under false pretenses that Clinton staged in which US troops worked with Al Queda and Iranian terrorists to destroy parts of Yugoslavia and create terrorist states for Kosovo Albanian Muslims and Croats in Bosnia. Frontpage Magazine has a good article on the attempt to maintain the fraud in Milosevic's war crimes trial by people who ought to be on trial themselves. Meanwhile the papers are full of the search for Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader accused of genocide for shooting a few thousand adult muslim males in what has been dubbed the "Massacre of Srebenica." Of course when Muslims kill people, it is because they are justifiably outraged by their victims or because a magazine reported that someone flushed a Koran. However when people defend themselves by shooting said Muslims it instantly beco

Most Wanted Terrorist becomes new PA Police Chief

Even as America is praising Abbas for his progress, Israel has captured yet another suicide bomber sent by Fatah, which had endorsed Abbas for President and Zakariya Zubeidi, the head of Al Aqsa in Jenin is joining the PA police force. Zubeidi is one of the terrorists on Israel’s most-wanted list for coordinating attacks on Israelis. He claims that as a PA police officer he will not have to change any of his behavior. “Even a Palestinian police officer serves the Palestinian people,” he said. “He protects their safety, property and rights. There is no difference whether I’m a field agent [sic] fighting for the Palestinian people or if I’m a man of law.” Palestinian arab terrorists continue to murder Israeli soldiers and civilians and we are seeing a repeat of Oslo as America pressures Israel to arm the Palestinian terrorists and give them 'breathing room' to fight terrorism, something they not only have no intention of doing, but in fact we see them rebuilding their terrorist i

Neturei Karta join forces with Neo-Nazis

Even for one of Europe's quirkier capitals, it was a bizarre spectacle -- a far-right politician who has questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers noshing on salmon pate at a bar mitzvah and tapping his foot to wildly pulsating Hasidic music. "The rabbi is a good friend of mine," John Gudenus said of his host. "Why, we've even had him over to the house!" Brooklyn-born Moishe Arye Friedman says he's chief rabbi for hundreds of anti-Zionist orthodox Jews in Vienna. He wants formal state recognition of his religious community, and thinks the rightists can help. Gudenus and his cohorts say they have no hidden agenda in supporting Friedman's cause -- but they may have something to gain from it. "For people like this, being seen with an orthodox Jew is an attempt to gain some legitimacy," says Wolfgang Neugebauer, the recently retired head of the publicly funded office that tracks neo-Nazi trends in Austria. "They try to create an `alibi

The failure of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center

Thousands came to the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center. Construction workers and ordinary people worked among untiringly among the rubble. The health consequences they would suffer would go on to haunt them as the protection they were provided was inadequate and medical followups were sorely lacking. When the ruins were cleared, what remained was a great pit and the question rose of what would fill it. Much of the public wanted to see the towers rise again but that was not what the architects wanted. The public wanted the towers rebuilt as a symbol of determination. Architects had no use for the towers. Both Libeskind, Governor Pataki's architect and Childers, the developer's architect, had come out in print describing the WTC as awfull. Their goal was not to rebuild anything but to replace it with a building that would make their reputation based on their own aesthetic tastes. From the beginning the rebuilding of the WTC had been grotesquely mishandled. Days af

Bush administration moves to silence Jews

The ADL is wondering why the government is spending all this energy to prosecute two AIPAC staffers. Why use a Pentagon employee to create a sting aimed at AIPAC that exploited basic human sentiments by offering to provide information about upcoming terrorist attacks? You don't have to be Jewish or loyal to Israel for such a situation to create a compelling appeal. The usual conclusions have involved complaining about the anti-semitic structure of the FBI but the reality is that this goes much higher up. America has reacted all the wrong ways post 9/11 and at the heart of the assumptions of neo-cons, paleo-cons, liberals and leftists is the presumption that we must come to an arrangment with the arab and muslim world. Of these only neo-cons believe that this arrangment requires force which is why they are accused of militarism but their idea of force is only a leverage to remove tyrranical regimes and democractize the arab world. Their vision is essentially a liberal one and it req

Newsweek accuses US of flushing Koreans

Newsweek magazine has published yet another gripping expose of American military abuses reporting that US military personnel have been responsible for flushing Koreans. The names of the Koreans being flushed have not yet been released not have their identities been named or confirmation achieved but with the brutal american atrocities around the world, we can be sure they're true. Civil rights groups have reacted with predictable outrage to the allegations of Korean flushing. "The US war machine which has oppressed people of color across the world has now descended to the toilet by flushing Koreans," Amnesty International declared. "Flushing Koreans down the toilet is a clear insult to Islam," Imam Sheikh Al-Quzadi of Egypt's Al-Quazar Mosque stated, "we will declare a holy war against the American infidels and drink their blood out of china saucers. We have no idea why Americans are flushing Koreans down the toilet but we are certain that this is meant

Scientology follow PETA into degrading the Holocaust

Few know it but the Institute for Historical Review, America's top Holocaust denial center and most legitimate outgrowth of the Neo-Nazis, is Scientology influenced. Its founder who was edged out by Scientologist staff members has stated that the Church of Scientology was behind the takeover. For over a decade the director of IHR has been a Scientologist. Indeed court documents showed that around 75,000 dollars from IHR went to Scientology. The overlap is little surprise since Scientology's doctrines have things in common with those of Nazi Germany. The 'Thetans' that Scientology believes attach themselves to us fit in well with Nazi attempts at paganism. But more compellingly is Scientology's elitism and belief in a master race of the enlightened, themselves. Their denial of charity and mercy and an embrace of emotional brutality and self-centeredness that is the hallmark of the 'Enlightened Scientologist' Now Scientology which has been banned in Germany, b

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IDF soldier loses eye to Palestinian stone throwers

As Jews prayed at the Kotel, Arab stone throwers began once again their ritual of hate. They threw stones. In the west arab stone throwing has been portrayed as a heroic act of resistance against the Israeli colonialist oppressor. The image of the stone throwing arab has been celebrated along with t-shirts of che as left wing icons of heroism. As Jews prayed at the Kotel, IDF soldiers went to defend them and were injured. Because in real life the stones that are thrown hurt, maim and kill. In real life a young IDF soldier will never be able to see as he once did again. In the US teens who have thrown stones at passing cars and injured or killed the drivers or passengers have gotten hefty sentences but when IDF soldiers respond to stone throwing with rubber bullets they are castigated as monsters. Israeli and western peace activists and Arab members of parliament move upfront bringing children with them to showcase the brutality of Israelis to photographers while from behind them palest

Will Israel's Labor Party become an Arab party?

It's a cliche to point out that the Labor party has advanced the interests of arabs as having a higher priority than Jews. But now as after the latest registration drive Arabs are shown to form nearly a quarter of the party membership, it is time to wonder if Labor will not soon become an Arab party. Traditionally left wing parties attempt to position themselves as defenders of minorities against the exploitationist elites. However the Labor party has always represented the exploitationist elite to begin with. Theirs was the party of socialist secular elite who thought they had a mandate to eternally govern Israel. Each new wave of immigration was an irritant to them as they realized the new immigrants were different and had their own character and way of life and could not simply be ground under to their hegemony. As each wave came, Holocaust survivors, sefardim, russian Jews; Labor attempted to assimilate them the hard way alternating between brutality and neglect only to find th

Peres: It was a mistake to liberate Jerusalem

The government made a mistake in annexing all of east Jerusalem following the Six Day War, Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres said at the Labor Party's Jerusalem Day celebration at the capital's Gerard Behar Center on Sunday. "Whoever thinks that 240,000 Arabs from East Jerusalem could be annexed while Jerusalem stays a Jewish capital is as mistaken as those who say the city can be divided with fences and walls," Peres said. "If there isn't peace in Jerusalem, there won't be peace in the country, and if we don't leave the Gaza Strip, there won't be peace in Jerusalem," he said. And the concessions are only beginning... Of course now that the Labor party has an unheard of 22 percent Arab membership, Peres is scrambling for their votes by being the most radically pro arab and anti-israel.

Blood on their Hands

According to White House Spokesthing Scott McClellan, the White House still sorta has problems with terrorists who kill Israelis, though not nearly as much as terrorists who kill other people, but he wants to make an important distinction. There is “a big difference” between people who “may be members of organizations, but are not terrorists, versus terrorists, people who have blood on their hands,” White House spokesman Scott McClellan said in March. In recent Palestinian elections, “you saw that there may have been people elected that may have been members of Hamas, but they weren’t terrorists,” he said. Undoubtedly McClellan will keep this distinction in mind when members of Al Queda who were not directly involved in military operations run for Congress. Funny how the Bush administration which once upon a time declared war on terror is now fighting congress to fund palestinian terrorists and legitimize them. Is there a difference between terrorists with blood on their hands and thei

IDF Soldiers hunted down terrorist PA cops to avenge their comrades

Israeli special forces killed 15 Palestinians, including police, in 2002 to avenge comrades slain in a West Bank ambush. Two former commandos, their names withheld, told Maariv that after Palestinian militants killed six Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint near Ramallah in February 2002, they were told to attack Palestinian-run checkpoints elsewhere in the West Bank. They had been " change the mode of operation and adjust it to the harsh reality on the ground - Hunting down all those involved in terror activities." "'We are going to liquidate Palestinian policemen at a checkpoint in revenge for our six soldiers that they killed'," one ex-commando, quoted his commander as saying. He added that "the feeling was that this would be 'an eye for an eye."' The other interviewee described taking part in a raid on a group of Palestinian policemen drinking coffee at a checkpoint near where the Israeli soldiers had been ambushed. He said t

While you sit at your Shabbat table...

While you sit at your Shabbat table think of those who have no table or place to sit and soon no home as well.

Smarter lighter armies for Israel and America

Israel's new IDF Chief of Staff appears to be taking a leaf from the playbook of US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Like Rumsfeld, Halutz wants to refocus Israel's military to be more flexible, lighter on its feet and technologically integrated. Like Rumsfeld Halutz may be focusing on the reality of a battlefield saturated with guerrillas and terrorists but ignoring the threat of a large scale ground war. Rumsfeld's cuts of systems such as Crusader weaken America's abilities to face down large scale armies in the field where heavy artillery and tanks and conventional armaments are needed. America faces the possibility of such a war with China or Putin's Russia but neither of those are likely possibilities. With the fall of the Soviet Union, Rumsfeld's changes while risky may be pragmatic at least in the short term. No Iron Curtain however has fallen for Israel and the Arab armies remain an ongoing threat. While Israel is currently fighting terrorists, tho

President Bush welcomes Chancellor Adolf Hitler to the White House

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you. Mr. Chancellor, it is my honor to welcome the democratically elected leader of the German people to the White House. We meet at a time when a great achievement of history is within reach, the creation of a peaceful, democratic Europe. Chancellor Adolf Hitler is seeking that goal by rejecting violence and working for democratic reform. I believe the German people are fully capable of justly governing themselves, in peace with their neighbors. I believe the interests of France, England and all of Europe would be served by a peaceful German state. And I believe that now is the time for all parties of this conflict to move beyond the old grievances of the first world war and act forcefully in the cause of peace. Chancellor Hitler's election is a tribute to the power and appeal of democracy, and an inspiration to the people across the world. The German people voted against violence and for a stable government that cares for workers and seeks peace with i