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Who Gets To Be Eaten Last?

There's a story about a party of men lost in a jungle who see crocodiles, jungle cats and snakes crawling across the jungle floor toward them. "You can't fight them," the leader of the party thinks, "give them a tidbit and perhaps they'll be satisfied and leave you alone." Deciding that it is hopeless to fight, the party push the weakest man in the group toward the beasts. The beasts fall upon him and devour him, but they only move closer. "It's only fair after all," says the leader of the party, "it is their jungle after all and we have no right being here. Share and share alike. Surely that will be enough." And so another of the party is pushed toward the hungry animals. The beasts fatten themselves on his blood and flesh and draw the ring around the party even tighter. One by one the men in the party betray one another until only the leader of the party is left. And he begins cutting off pieces of his own body to toss to the be

Between LGF and Brussels, the America/Europe Split on the War

Let me say first of all that I respect the different sites involved in this and I link to most or all of them. In many ways what we're seeing is not so much an ideological split, as a split between America and Europe, because as I wrote before, America and Europe face two different conflicts. In WW2, Nazism was an abstract for Americans but a reality for Europeans. Then as now, many Europeans collaborated with the enemy and weak Europeans governments paved the way for the Nazi war machine. America was able to sweep in and save the day, mainly because America was not compromised by either Communism or Fascism. Americans could ride in on a great white horse because they were free of having to choose one or the other. Americans did not have to choose Fascism or Communism or face being squashed between the two. They could simply be Americans and be on the right side. Today, Islam is an abstract even for those Americans who like LGF'ers are vigorous campaigners against Islamofascism

Brussels Journal, Altas and LGF: Dealing with the Devil

There has been a lot of debate shaking up the right hand side of the political blogsphere over Vlaams Belang. Narrowly broken down, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has exposed the Neo-Nazi connections and racist sympathies of Vlaams Belang , while Atlas and Brussels Journal and other conservative blogs have argued that these don't characterize the movement and that a common front against Islam is more important. They're right even as they're wrong. In the United States the reaction to 9/11 created a broad opposition to Islamic terrorism and liberal apologetics and disdain for America, above and beyond the conventional Republican party or conservative movement. This "Front" has no name but it might be loosely called, a "Patriotic Movement". Many of those included in it are not politically or socially conservative, it contains a sizable proportion of liberals, atheists, Democrats, Jews, otherwise apolitical, libertarians and so forth. There is

Halloween and the Yitzchak Rabin Memorials

With the overlap of the American holiday Halloween and the endless memorial services for Yitzchak Rabin, it is hard to miss just how much they have in common. Like Halloween, the Rabin Memorial is a festival dedicated to the dead and to death. Halloween celebrates the culture of death and the memorialization of Rabin celebrates the culture of death he created by making deals and concessions with terrorists. On Halloween people celebrated by dressing in costumes. In Rabin memorials politicians celebrate too by dressing up in costumes, except they all wear the same costume, that of Rabin the peacemaker. After all Rabin as peacemaker has killed far more people than Dracula, Frankenstein and all the other monsters combined. Halloween is a series of pagan festivities and so too the Rabin memorials are pagan festivities. Halloween reaches back to Pre-Christian times and the Rabin memorials reach back to pre-state and pre-religious times creating a cult of personality around one man, Yitzchak

Parshas Vaeira - The Selfishness of Sdom

Parshas Vaeira begins with G-d appearing to Avraham as three angels come bearing news, news of the imminent conception and birth of a child and the destruction of Sdom. The destruction of Sdom has long ago passed into our lexicon, yet Sdom appears to be the only city that G-d actively destroyed in the Torah, since bringing the flood. Not the cities ruled by Nimrod, nor even Pharaoh's Egypt, which was marked but not destroyed. What therefore made Sdom so uniquely vile that it required the personal intervention of G-d to destroy it? It could not have been mere corruption and evil, because that was not so unique. Even the Caananites, who were expelled and destroyed, were not destroyed in a massive spectacular event as Sdom was. In Pirkei Avot we are told that Midat Sdom was Sheli sheli ve'shelcha shelach, What is mine is mind and what is yours is yours. On the surface this may seem somewhat ungenerous but overall not all that hideously unreasonable. When Avraham rescues the fallen

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Stabbings, Cults, Good News Surpressed and Courage Among the Flames

A 20 year old girl stabbed an Arab who had been trying to assault her in Ramat Gan. As is predictable under the current government, she is the one now under arrest. This is itself a microcosm of what is happening in Israel. When the arabs attack, they get a free pass. When Israel fights back, it's condemned. When Israeli soldiers open fire on Arab attackers, they face trials and prison time. When Israeli civilians fight back, they go to jail. And that is what perpetuates the real cycle of violence. Israeli and Western appeasement. It's appeasement that perpetuates violence. It is the suppression of those who defend themselves against Islamofascism that perpetuates the violence. It isn't Israeli violence that perpetuates Arab terrorism. It's a lack of decisive violence against Arab terrorists. - Meanwhile in a roundup of a portion of the big blog world, Ron Paul has been caught taking a donation from the head of Stormfron t, a major Neo-Nazi site. Stormfront had alr

Iran, Syria and Turkey Triangulate on the Kurds to Break America

If there was one stable leg in the tripod of Iraq's Sunni-Shia-Kurd, it was the Kurds. The Kurdish areas were relatively stable and peaceful. The Kurdish leadership was generally pro-American. Among the debris of the Shia-Sunni infighting, it was an oasis. So of course that oasis had to be brought down. And now Turkey's Islamist government is coordinating with Iran and Syria for an assault on Kurdish Iraq. The American successes in stabilizing the Sunni areas have made Iran and the Islamist Turkish government only more determined to sow chaos and bring down Iraq and Kurds represent the perfect wedge, resented by Turkey's secularist military, they force the US to choose between allegiance to the Kurds or struggling to appease Turkey. The supposed attacks on Turkish troops by the PKK, reminiscent of the supposed attacks by Polish troops on German soldiers that "provoked" Germany's invasion of Poland have one thing wrong with them. Iran and Syria which support Tu

AP's Illustrated Israel Bias

Let's for a moment imagine that you're a propagandist... I mean editor at the AP News Desk. You're supposed to find the right photo to illustrate a story with the headline, "Israel: Militants plotted to kill Olmert". The right photo to illustrate such a story would be A. A photo of Olmert B. A photo of the "militants" C. A photo of a Palestinian Arab boy next to an Israeli soldier Guess which one the Associated Press picked? If you guessed A. or B. you have some concept of credible reporting and there's no place for you at the AP. If you picked C. the completely irrelevant to the story propagandistic photo of a Palestinian Arab boy next to an Israeli soldier, congratulations you're in. Welcome to journalism. Random photos of Arab children next to Israeli soldiers are approved for use next to any possible story involving Arab terrorism. This is meant to suggest that the terrorists in question are little Arab boys. The fundamental dishonesty of the

Senile Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing: 9/11 Not Such a Big Deal

After the brief window of commiseration after 9/11, we have been fortunate enough to have a long line of Europeans lining up to tell us that 9/11 was not such a big deal after all and we were all acting like children and needed some of that British stuff upper lip. The latest is senile Communist wannabe Doris Lessing, current Nobel Laureate, in the Nobel tradition of rewarding writers who have A. produced nothing worthwhile B. produced nothing anyone has ever read in the last 50 years Nobel laureate Doris Lessing said the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States were "not that terrible" when compared to attacks by the IRA in Britain. "September 11 was terrible, but if one goes back over the history of the IRA, what happened to the Americans wasn't that terrible. "Some Americans will think I'm crazy. Many people died, two prominent buildings fell, but it was neither as terrible nor as extraordinary as they think. They're a very naive people, or they pretend

Ehud Olmert: May Your Fate Be As That of Gonen Segev

With the parade of disgrace following behind the political supporters of the Oslo agreement, one remembers the miserable fate of Gonen Segev. Gonen Segev was a doctor who was elected to serve as a Member of the Knesset in Rafael Eitan's right wing Tsomet party. In exchange for a cabinet position in Rabin's government he voted for the Oslo accords. Gonen Segev never won reelection. His betrayal of Israel and his party took him on a path that led him to smuggling Ecstasy from Holland using his expired diplomatic passport from his days in the government. He was caught at the airport in 2004 with 32,000 Ecstasy tablets in boxes of M&M's and sentences to five years in jail. Gonen Segev was only the precedent for the wave of phony right wingers who would defect from the Likud to help form Kadima, a party dedicated to the political power of those in charge. Under Sharon, Kadima stood for Sharon's massive ego and personal power. Under the weak leadership of Ehud Olmert, Kad

Fundamentally Freud is Fundamentally Wrong

Michael Freund is a very sincere guy and his organization Shavei Israel has traveled around the world seeking out lost Jews. But the lost Jews he seeks are rarely Jews. They are on occasion may have a Jewish many times Great-Grandfather somewhere down the line, but that does not make them Jewish. Now Michael Freund is outraged because the conversion of the so-called Bnei Menashe has been aborted by the government. "This is an immoral decision, motivated by ignorance and based on post-Zionist and racist considerations," Freund said. This is as stupid a comment as was ever uttered by someone on the right. It's worse than Post-Zionist to import thousands of non-Jews to Israel and convert them. It's Post-Jewish. It's what the Jewish Agency did and thanks to them we now have Neo-Nazi attacks taking place inside Israel itself. As for racist-- the only possible racism as applied by Jews can be to converts. Jews cannot be racist to other Jews because Jews are a single

Parshas Lech Lecha - The Secret of Possession

Avraham begins Parshas Lech Lecha as the wanderer, indeed the Parsha itself is named after the act of exile. Thus far both preceding Parshas, Bereishis and Noach, involved a forced exile, Adam from Gan Eden and Noach from the earth itself. Yet Avraham's exile is unique for it foreshadows a new sort of exile, not from a better place to a worse one as with Adam and not a salvation from destruction to dispossession as with Noach, but an exile from a worse place to a better one, thus reversing the path of mankind up until that day. That long exile that his descendants, the Jewish people would suffer, is still that exile with a final return to a better place than the one we left. No matter what travails we suffer in the journey, we are still Avraham's children traveling through foreign lands on the way home. Avraham's travails however usher in new problems. When Avraham reaches Egypt, he passes off Sarah as his sister, which leaves her under the authority of Pharaoh. He then acc

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Muslim Hollywood, Temple Mount in Congress, Children's Rule and Light in Darkness

The week wears on and comes to an end. And thus it goes. - Paradise Now director Hany Abu-Assad, the Palestinian Arab whose movie finished with a suicide bombing, goes Hollywood with a major project starring Nicholas Cage as a father searching for his son who converted to Islam. This follows this weekend's opening of Rendition, basically a big screen version of HBO's Strip Search bemoaning how America tortures innocent Muslims. Meanwhile on the small screen, Aliens in America features its main Muslim exchange student character lecturing an American girl on "cheapening herself." No wonder the Muslim world doesn't have much of a movie industry, they don't need it because Hollywood is happy to do its work for them. - Ann Coulter continues her idiocy tour delivering gems like this, "Jews don't accept the New Testament, so, you know, as long as we're playing this new sport of 'he who is offended first wins,' if anyone's going to

Before All Else Blame the Jews

The current bestseller book in Turkey is "The Children of Moses," which claims that Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan and his Islamist party are really Jews and a front for a Zionist agenda meant to transform Turkey from a secular state into an Islamic one. How turning a secular ally state into an enemy Muslim state would help Zionism is unclear but that hasn't stopped the book from selling 520,000 copies. Meanwhile of course Islamists in Turkey had been claiming for some time that Kemal Aturk and the Young Turks were actually Donmeh, Jewish converts to Islam, and that a secular Turkey was actually a Zionist plot. (A point the Washington Post neglects in its article which is a love letter to Turkey's Islamists). Turkey's frustrated nationalists are accusing their Islamist enemies of being Jewish and Turkey's Islamists are accusing the secular nationalists of being Jewish. This is just a microscopic example of a global trend. In Russia Jews are accused of being

Israel's Survival is Not Assured

If you must remember one thing in the coming days, remember that. The survival of the Jewish people is assured, the survival of this current incarnation of Medinat Yisrael is not. We have reclaimed Israel before only to lose it. Lag Baomer contains the remnants of the original Yom Yerushalayim, the bows and torches are all that remain of the day the Jewish people took back the holy city from Rome. If Yerushalayim falls again, what will remain of this era's Yom Yerushalayim? The attempts to take back Israel did not end with Bar Kochba and Betar, though that is what most are taught. We tried again in the 3rd century and were slaughtered. In the 6th century we allied together with the Persian Empire and reclaimed parts of Israel and Yerushalayim for half a year before the Byzantine Empire retook it again. Each time Israel fell it did not merely fall because of the enemy's superior force, it fell because of treachery from within, it fell because of infighting, it fell because we w

The Turkey Mess Stews on America's Burner

While we're talking a lot about Iran these days, Turkey is causing plenty of real headaches. The former bastion of secularism is looking more and more like Pakistan these days with a religious government right down to the new President, hate-filled propaganda, Al-Queda operating freely in Turkey and now a showdown with the Armenians and the Kurds. Like Iran, Turkey is built on the oppression of indigenous minorities. In Iran it's the Azeris who make up much of Iran but have few rights compared to the ruling Persian minority. In Turkey it's a laundry list of ethic and religious minorities, topped by the Armenians and the Kurds. And right now the Armenian genocide bill is headed to the White House. The Bush Administration rightly points out that it will create a national security disaster with Turkey while Nancy Pelosi rightly points out that she doesn't care because anything that goes wrong for the White House can only help the Democrats. Not that it really matters thoug

Greater Than the Sins of War Are the Sins of Peace

Greater Than the Sins of War Are the Sins of Peace For in War Terrible Things are Done to the Enemy But in the Pursuit of Peace, Things Twice Terrible Are Done To the Nation and to One's Brethren Once again the planes take off, not for war but for peace. Conferences are carried on behind closed doors, secret proposals are put on the table and portions of them are leaked to test for the public's reaction. Phony surveys are commission that declare that %42 of Israelis are prepared to give up Gaza, Yehuda, Shomron, Yerushalayim, Israel and their own lives in exchange for peace. Another %5 percent are undecided. We have seen this show before. The actors change, the gallery shifts uneasily, the curtain rises on rubble and burned bodies, on wreaths of peace and international awards. We have seen the show before it never seems to end but plays on in this theater of the damned. It is always well received by the world's press which immediately comments that the final solution is nea

Offense and Defense - Ann Coulter and Richard Dawkins

In the world where unimportant things are considered important, Ann Coulter's comments about Jews are eliciting heaps of outrage from Liberal Jews. The very same people who can barely be bothered to yawn when Iran plots genocide and Hamas continues its terror, are deeply upset because a pundit expressed what a great many Christians believe, both Republican and Democrat. I'm not defending Ann Coulter's words or beliefs, but if all Muslims did was made snide remarks about the inferiority of Judaism on television, that would be a vast improvement. If Islam made that same improvement, we wouldn't be looking at cemeteries filled with dead Jewish children. What I find far more offensive than Ann Coulter are those liberal Jews who couldn't care less when rockets rain down on Sderot who suddenly become "Jews' when it's time to play their role as token minorities for the Democratic party. Be offended by Obama's racist church? Never. Be offended by Al Sharpto

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Coulter, Dawkins, Sunrise and Sunset

Another week has gone, Rosh Chodesh is here and as we celebrate the new month, which is also a sort of Yom Kippur Kattan because this is a leap year, we pray for forgiveness and for a better month. May those prayers come true and be heard. Meanwhile in the world where unimportant things are considered important, Ann Coulter's comments about Jews are eliciting heaps of outrage from Liberal Jews. The very same people who can barely be bothered to yawn when Iran plots genocide and Hamas continues its terror, are deeply upset because a pundit expressed what virtually all Christians believe, both Republican and Democrat. Meanwhile Richard Dawkins, patron saint of atheists, revealed that he thinks Jews run America. Because of course just because you're a rationalist and secular humanist, doesn't mean you can't offensively stereotype Jews and lend credence to bigotry. But then again Richard Dawkins has been taking shots at Jewish beliefs and practices for a while now while his

Im Eskachech Yerushalayim Tiskach Yemini in the Knesset

On Sunday Shas Minister Eli Yishai barred Jewish workers from working on Shabbat during the renovation of the runways at Ben Gurion airport. Shas however has not barred its MK's from sitting in the Olmert led coalition that is preparing to hand over much of Israel to Arab terrorists... including Yerushalayim. Which one wonders is the worse sin, chillul Shabbat by working on an airport runway or the destruction of the land of Israel and the murder of Jews. Like Esav, Eli Yishai discusses taking Maaser from salt while his hands are red with blood. The Right Wing and Haredi parties, Ashkenazi and Sefardi, which continue to maintain this government while fussing over the niceties of Halacha are nothing more than pig's feet stretched out to the public. Look we wear beards, we don't work on Shabbat, see how Kosher we are. Yet as Pirkei Avot says, their tables are laden with vomit. Their hands are bloodied with the blood of their brothers though as Kayin they proclaim a thousand

The Peace of Israel, the Darkness and the Light

"This is an opportunity we cannot miss" "Israel today has the chance for peace" "What we are setting in motion is a final solution" Hear the echoes over the years, the lies and the liars, the long nightmare of a decade and a half coming to fruition. Peace. Peace in our time. The peace of the bullet and the treaty of the shell writ over a mountain of our own dead. For a decade and a half those dedicated to the expedient course, the traitors of the House of Israel, have told the same lie again and again. Arafat is a man of peace. Abbas is a man of peace. They are all men of peace even as they are killing us. " I am determined to make brave but inevitable decisions that will mean foregoing the full achievement of dreams that fueled our national ethos for years ," Olmert proclaims to the Knesset . Yes indeed and so many have bravely made the decision to give away other people's homes and expose other people to shell and mortar. Bravely they have