Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombed - Israel Blamed

As with 9/11 the dust has yet to settle and the far left is mostly claiming it was the work of MI operatives in order to smear Muslims but the second popular theory now already blames Israel. At Indymedia the current equivalent of '4000 Jews never showed up to work' is already being trumpeted based on a report that an alert was put out by Scotland Yard shortly before the attacks which resulted in Netanyahu staying in his hotel.


  1. Anonymous7/7/05

    Have a source/link for this?

  2. No matter what happens in this world, they will blame Israel for it!!

    NJ from Nj

  3. Anonymous7/7/05

    Too bad.

  4. indymedia front page

    It appears that there were 3 explosions on the London Underground along with another bomb that exploded on a London Bus blowing its roof. There was no warning and although an unknown group linking themselves to Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility on a known Jihadist web site (Arabic web site, translation here), this has not yet been confirmed. The BBC are reporting that the death toll now stands at 38, with another 700 or so injured, whilst at least The Sun (not one of the more reliable of the UK papers) is now reporting 53 fatalities. Reports that the Israeli embassy had been tipped off are circulating although a Scotland Yard spokesman denied this. Transport within the capital is gradually returning to normal with bus routes reopening, although commuters and tourists will still rely on river boats, taxis, private transport and of course feet for many journeys.


    and more

  6. Anonymous7/7/05

    Britain has been unsympathetic to the woes of Israel all this time.
    I have trouble feeling anything in the way of sorrow for them now.