Thursday, July 07, 2005

Arabs bomb London - Left blames Blair and Bush

This is what the left considers to be a 'vigil for the bombings' namely protesting to give the terrorists what they want, they pulled this same garbage in new york after 9/11

Note how the large print says it's for the victims of the bombings and then ties it in with the 'victims of the occupation', that is those killed in the violence in iraq and then anyone killed from preventable causes, presumabely anything from a car accident to falling down the stairs

as usual the left's first impulse is to hijack a memorial and exploit it for their own purposes and then make the dead irrelevant, I saw this same garbage in NYC after 9/11

The left than rallies heroically for 'let's run away so they don't kill us'

Then there's the usual anti-war rantings

Finally a comparison between British troops and the terrorists who bombed London

and this triumph of the left's idiocy in being utterly incapable of finding fault with the terrorists

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