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Every Republican running for public office in areas run by Democrat political machines knows that he has to beat the voter fraud margin.

The voter fraud margin is the amount of votes that Democrats add or can add to the total to rig the election.

One of the unprecedented things about this election, in the year from hell, is that the amount of mail-in ballots, of ballot harvesting, made the voter fraud margin so much bigger. Democrats had set the ground by seizing control of key states and key positions in them in preparation for the election. And even where they didn't, their machines got busy.

This was always going to happen. It happens every election, but the scale of it is different. As are the stakes.

I don't have to state the obvious about all the Biden votes that "magically" showed up, about why vote counting was suddenly suspended, or why totals suddenly stopped being updated for no apparent reason.

These are symptoms of voter fraud. It's a "Hacks at Work" sign being hung up outside the door.

America has one of the most unreliable voting systems in the world because everyone, especially Democrats, wants it that way.

The two questions in every presidential election are whether the race will be close enough that the voter fraud margin will kick in and can it be exposed. This is where the post-election street fight comes into the picture.

If the voter fraud margin is high enough, then it becomes all but hopeless. And this was a race designed for a high voter fraud margin.

As I discussed in my article, Americans Won, Pollsters Lost, the margin needed low turnout. The more people went to the polls, the harder it was to sustain the scam. That's why Democrats wanted minimal in-person voting and Republicans wanted maximum in-person voting. It's much harder to steal an election if people show up.

The post-election street fight is a test of how big the voter margin fraud can get, how many more votes can be discovered than there are people, and how many ballots can magically show up overnight.

And even if the street fight is lost, it's worth fighting because it exposes the lie behind the legitimacy of the powers trying to take over the White House.

They couldn't steal the election in the daylight, so they had to do it in the dead of night. They couldn't steal it in empty halls, so they had to do it after everyone went home. And the more their lie is challenged, the weaker their power becomes, and the more they have to resort to blatant thuggery to wield it.

That's what happened on Election Day.

The polite voter fraud margin failed and they had to steal the election crudely. Now the real test between lies and truth begins.

President Trump went into Election Day with huge financial, structural, messaging, and economic disadvantages.

The Democrats were far ahead in the money race. Elections had been rigged in multiple states, often unilaterally by Democrat governors, in unprecedented ways. The media and Big Tech had colluded to build a messaging operation for Democrats that actively suppressed Republican and even President Trump's messaging.

And the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the riots had ravaged the economy.

Trump and Republicans went into this race as underdogs. And that was the right way to tell the story.

The media created a fake narrative bolstered with fake polls in which the country had turned against him and a blue wave was coming. Some conservative media, now increasingly littered with social media grifters, overpromised the other way.

The media's Democrat narrative was meant to suppress Republican and Independent voters, and pave the way for a cover-up of the massive election fraud now underway, as I discuss in my article, "Americans Won, Pollsters Lost".

But the stuff percolating in conservative media was social media clickbait. The only thing it did was lead a lot of conservatives to feel baffled and crushed.

2020 was an incredible election. Republicans made gains despite everything being rigged against them. The presidential election is still being contested. This is an underdog story.

Unfortunately too many conservatives went into this huffing up stories in which the black vote would turn to Trump (and in the process missed the much bigger story of the Latino vote in Texas and what that means) and California and New York would go red. The grifters got their clicks. Conservative media passed around its own share of bad polls, and I'm swamped with messages this morning from people wondering what happened.

What happened is that President Trump and conservatives beat expectations, won unexpected victories, despite everything being rigged against them.

Conservatives should be feeling that, instead of wondering where all the fake promises went.

Pros on both sides understood that this would be a close race that would be likely settled with a street fight over ballots in key states, Social media clickbait on both sides encouraged the creation of false narratives that have left a lot of people unhappy, angry, and confused.

Whatever happens now, this was not a defeat. It was a very close race in which conservatives outperformed the structural limits and expectations, and which may have changed the entire political landscape.

That sets the stage for future battles, one way or another.

If it ends up being that Republicans didn't beat the voter fraud margin, this was a hard fight by underdogs against a corrupt system. Remember that. And forget the clickbait.

Leftists need to believe in lies. Conservatives should uphold the truth.


  1. “Inconceivable!"
    "You keep using that word (Democrats). I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  2. Linda4/11/20

    The Voter Fraud Margin. This column should be made available to every American.

    What do we do with this truth?

    At the moment I feel as hollow as the U.S. political/financial system.

    1. Hollow. Yeah, that's it. That's how I feel. Hollow. But at this time and as always, I trust in God.

  3. Anonymous4/11/20

    Josef Stalin may have said, “Those who vote decide
    nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

    How is it possible that Republican cheating is
    orders of magnitude less than Democrat? Are they
    really that much more honest (or gullible)?

    Yet who seems most articulate at voicing outrage
    at alleged sins? Recall the passion plays of
    the last four years.

    Obviously, our election system has evolved an
    enormous fraud margin. If we can live in a
    working credit card economy, we can have a low
    fraud vote. Question is back to draining the


  4. This aposiopesis of evil will be defeated by Trump.


    When you produce a block of 110,000+ ballots ‪at 4 am‬ in the morning after midnight on election day, and NONE  of them have the isotope or the watermark or other identifiers, Trump laughs in your face as they get tossed.

    Remember, DHS printed the ballots. 

    They have radioactive isotopes and watermarks and other identifiers. This isn't advertised broadly, but the info was out there.  

    Ballots printed by other parties or foreign countries won't pass muster when challenged in court.

    ADDENDUM:  If Trump can prove any of the fake ballots or drivers licenses used in this election came from foreign sources? 
    Guess what happens next?

    The key word you want to focus on here from this old Trump tweet is "...and others...."


  6. The real concern is why so many Americans legitimately voted for a man who is clearly mentally inadequate, stunningly corrupt, and is surrounded by people of like stature. No matter who is declared the winner of this election America is in deep trouble. As people flee California to get away from the leftist insanity that corrupts that state, to states like Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, etc. they continue to support and vote for the very same kind of people and policies they’re fleeing. How can that be considered anything less than insanity?

    And it starts with the education of our children at all levels. Leftists co-opted the education system starting with the late 19th century and took complete control over the last 125 years to the point they teach the nation’s children to hate the nation that brought more people out of misery and squalor than any nation in the history of the world. The leftist contamination of America’s education system is nothing short of a deep chronic terminal disease. It seems clear to me we’re now on a Venezuelan course to suicide.

    I’m not optimistic.

    1. Anonymous6/11/20

      According to a few of my friends who voted for Biden, then didn't do so because they like him or think he will make a good president; they did it solely because they hate Trump. There are probably more than a few who were thinking that ultimately Harris will move up into that office, either because Biden dies or is judged mentally incompetent.

      As you say, it's a real concern, because it indicates the shallowness of a rather substantial number of voters.

  7. Phoebe5/11/20

    I've seen voter fraud before, but never this blatant. The fraudulent seem not to care how obvious they're being or how unbelievable their narratives are. They know they won't have to answer for their lawlessness -- any more than the rioters in the streets have had to answer for theirs.

    1. When Hillary Clinton got away with all her crimes, the rule of law got tossed out. This is just the ripple effect.

  8. "America has one of the most unreliable voting systems in the world because everyone, especially Democrats, wants it that way. "

    Got that right. The whole thing is a sham, and has always been a sham. I'm becoming so cynical that I'm believing the entire system, from the Constitution on down, is a sham. Rich people and members of "special" groups are above the law, now and always.

    If nothing else, I hope this utter disaster of an election, designed from the beginning to be fraudulent, this paper ballot driven fiasco, shuts those "we want paper ballot" folks up forever. TPTB have had 150 years of perfecting the paper ballot cheat, and the courts, legislatures, and big money interests are all in cahoots with it. Biden will win by backroom shenanigans. And the Socialist March will continue, the Swamp will deepen, and the corruption will only get worse. We were once the light of the world, but now we are just another shithole Turd World banana republic. Well done. Hosers.

  9. Voter fraud is just the tool being used. America is in JUDGMENT by the Creator who is FED UP with our allowing 62 MILLION unborn children to be butchered in their mother's womb. Just like Israel was judged because they offered their first born to be burned in the fire to their false god Molech. This is JUDGMENT, just as the Chinese virus was, and knowing God's Word, the Bible, each judgment will get worse and worse UNLESS we as a country REPENT!! Those who are corrupt and are intentionally trying to destroy the country so they can rule over the ashes, don't know that they are being used by the Creator for JUDGMENT on a nation that has thumbed their nose at Him for over 100 years. Unless we return to being the country our Founders set up for us, we will continue to slide into history and right now, we're on the very cusp of the Tribulation and in what scripture calls "the time of Jacob's trouble." Our nation MUST repent or it will be lost.

  10. "It was a very close race in which conservatives outperformed the structural limits and expectations, and which may have changed the entire political landscape."

    Well yes. But with a Harris-Biden administration where the shots are called by the Democrat Politburo, changing demographics along with the increasing number of entitlement groups will make any future Republican presidential victory next to impossible. They may win on a local and state level, but I won't hold out much hope for a future national victory. In which case it is imperative that the street fight be won if at all possible. The only this Republicans have in their favor is Trump, a born streetfighter. Will that be enough? We'll see. I hope so. The future of my children and grandchildren are riding on this.

  11. Voter fraud margin? You begin your column by making an unsubstantiated assumption. So how can one be sure that any further comments you make are accurate? These may be your opinions but opinions are not facts.


  12. A little digging into teh genesis of the "creative" software used in the tally process may also be in order.

    "Dominion" something??

    When more votes are counted than there are actual legal voters, it's time to call in the police.

    2020; the year of the "Chinese curse"; living in "interesting times".

  13. Anonymous17/11/20

    I don't see any facts in this article. Only statements of opinion which are completely biased. Even how you define fraud margin in terms of republicans vs democrats is completely miss leading. It has nothing to do with party. Anyone who wins has to have a margin greater that the amount of fraud. Here's a fact that can help us frame how much fraud has happened in the past: The Trump voter integrity commission, which was formed by Trump after he claimed widespread voter fraud was disbanded after finding nothing of any substance. They had a lot more time to find voter fraud than anyone does now. So we are supposed to believe Trumps claims now when in 2016 he found nothing of substance? The republican leadership needs to get smarter about this. Same old tune, with less time to prove it won't work. I for one will be looking for new republican leadership. Stories like yours don't help by the way.


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