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Duma and the Return of the King

Israel is facing a grave "king" crisis. Never mind the Muslim terrorists stabbing, slashing and shooting any Jews in range. The real threat was uncovered by Shabak's Jewish section, a gang of Jewish youths had plotted to "appoint a king". It's a lucky thing that Shabak had prevented the "return of the king" through the usual measures of planting informants and torturing detainees.

Just think, if they hadn't arrested and detained those "right-wing extremists", Israelis today might be forced to take orders from an undemocratic king instead of an undemocratic Supreme Court.

After Rabin's death, Kikar Malchei Yisrael, the Square of the Kings of Israel, was renamed Kikar Rabin. The kings of Israel had to make way for the eternal celebrations of outrage for the murder of the Labor PM at the hands of a pawn of a Shabak employee. That killing led to the same ritual cries about the threat of "right-wing extremism" which was somehow worse than the "left-wing extremism" whose pandering to terrorism had killed over 100 Israelis since Oslo.

It's a lot more than 100 today. And center-right prime ministers have come and gone with bold promises and only made things worse.  The regular chants of "Insert name here melech yisrael" at political conventions don't lead to any arrests. Though considering their tackiness maybe they should.

Still ex-Shabak boss Carmi Gillon has reemerged to cry "We’re at a worse point than before the assassination of Rabin.” Not in the sense that the terrorists set off by his old boss can now bombard Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. But in the sense that more "right-wing extremists" are noticing it. 

The star of The Gatekeepers, along with five other major Shabak bosses, is an expert on "right-wing extremism". Just ask Avishai Raviv, the Shabak informant who set up the "extreme right-wing" group Eyal, whose videos of blood oaths, Rabin-killing practice and claims of responsibility for assorted attacks that the fake group had nothing to do with made for great left-wing television. The drama climaxed with the killing of Rabin by a man whom Raviv had urged, "Be a man. Kill Rabin."

In the midst of the crackdown on "right-wing extremism", the agonized bewailing by center-right leaders about all the horrible "extremism" in their camp, it turned out that Raviv, the man in the "Rabin is a Traitor" t-shirts and Rabin in a Nazi uniform poster at a Netanyahu rally was working for Shabak's "Gatekeepers." And Shabak had to stop arresting people for telling politically incorrect Rabin jokes and figures on the center-right had to stop writing self-denounciations for thought-crimes.

But we are told that this sort of thing doesn't happen anymore. At least that's what Naftali Bennett assures us. Never mind the Susiya entrapment case which just wrapped up this month. Shabak doesn't do this sort of thing anymore. Except when it does. Bennett claims that the detainees want to "dismantle the foundations of the state." Shouldn't they be in the Knesset then?

If you want to plot to “dismantle the foundations of the state”, the right place for you is at the Haaretz conference, not a Shabak basement. Alongside ex-Shabakniks also plotting to "dismantle the foundations of the state". President Rivlin, who attended the conference alongside anti-Israel groups that are actually plotting to dismantle the state, without appointing any kings, calls the radical left-wing paper, "one of the most important papers for the existence of Israeli democracy.”

One of Haaretz's prize journalists, Gideon Levy, calls for the destruction of Israel, defends Hamas and promotes BDS. David Landau, the former Haaretz editor, told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that Israel was a "failed state" and urged her to "rape" Israel. “I told [Rice] that it had always been my wet dream to see this happen," he said.

Nobody in Shabak detained Landau without charge and then imposed a court order to prevent his name from being published. Nobody worked him over in a basement for plotting to "dismantle the foundations of the state". Instead Rivlin eulogized the dead monster by saying "it was a pleasure to be his friend". The Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel which are tripping over themselves to call for more arrests of "right-wing extremists" showered more love on the dead terror pimp.

Left-wing extremism never seems to lead to any arrests. If you meet with terrorists illegally and wreck the country, like Yossi Beilin, or call for the murder of Jews on the right, like Peace Now co-founder Yigal Tumarkin, or even openly support terrorists like Hanin Zoabi, you will not find yourself in a Shabak basement somewhere being worked over by two grinning gorillas until you sign anything they tell you to.

Instead you'll wallow in EU cash, in literary and political awards, in newspaper columns and tributes. And even those on the center-right will say that your views may be terrible, but in person you're a surprisingly charming and thoughtful fellow.

There's never a left-wing extremist threat. Instead it's a grave threat that a dozen teenagers in some small village will spray graffiti or protest police brutality or appoint a king. And if they don't do it on their own, a dozen Shabak informants who have gotten into debt or petty crime will make sure that they get around to doing it so that the left-wing security state and the sellout center-right can scream their heads off about the "right-wing" threat.

Now the threat is back again.

The headlines are full of reports of "right-wing extremists" being rounded up and held without trial for such crimes as protesting other "right-wing extremists" being rounded up and held without trial. There's a poorly edited wedding video that purports to show a photo of something or other being stabbed by someone. Which is proof enough for more indefinite detentions for the case that never seems to actually come to trial. And petitions in support of Shabak.

There's a petition  by 47 Rabbis "We support the fighters of the Shabak and all the security arms protecting our state, in plucking from the roots all expressions of Jewish terror. as this is crucial."

From the roots. All the way down.

Ya'alon demands the ritual "soul-searching" and warns that there are "implications to ignoring the rule of law  even in minor instances, such as illegal building in Judea and Samaria or those who raised their voices against the High Court of Justice." There are implications to Ya'alon's implications too. The implication is that political opposition to undemocratic institutions is itself a crime.

And, of course, the Rabbis must be investigated. Not Arik Ascherman and his group. But the pro-Israel kind of Rabbis.

All this for a case in which there are still no real charges, no real trial and no real evidence. In lieu of these things, a blurry video runs non-stop on television and an army of public figures rises to denounce the threat.

The Duma case was a joke from the start. The rash of fires in the Arab village were part of a clan rivalry. The official version of the crime couldn't have even physically happened. But the left had its agenda and the center-right, Netanyahu and Bennett had discredited themselves by failing to accomplish anything tangible, and so jumped on board to silence right-wing critics.

The only way to keep the Duma hoax alive is to extract confessions from someone, anyone. Shabak claims to be using "ticking time bomb" torture methods to extract these confessions. But after all this time where is the bomb ticking? The bomb is political. No one wants to fight Islamic terrorism and certainly no one is going to start locking up left-wingers for trying to "dismantle the foundations of the state". That just leaves the easy target, angry and upset teens and twenty-somethings, whose ethnic cleansing is constantly called for by the left and its international backers.

With enough torture, someone will confess to plotting to appoint a king, setting all of Duma on fire and even photoshopping Rivlin in a Nazi uniform. The center-right will bewail how "we" have become capable of such extremism. The left will demand even more powers for Shabak to fight the "right-wing threat" before its next boss heads off to a Haaretz conference.

Ex-Shabak boss Ami Ayalon endorsed Breaking the Silence (not to mention nukes for Iran) as did ex-Shabak boss Yuval Diskin. Shabak bosses can wage war against Israel and the IDF, yet no one is going to arrest them for trying to undermine the foundations of the state. Certainly they won't wind up in their own basement being worked over.

We have once again found the "enemy within". It's not the Muslims and their left-wing collaborators, but another phony right-wing terror group, that when examined closely will no doubt have an unfavorable ratio of Shabak agent provocateurs to actual members. But we can't fight the PLO or Hamas. We can't fight the New Israel Fund or Breaking the Silence. Or their Shabak pals. But we can always take another whack at the dangling pinata of "right-wing extremism" which, on close examination, turns out to be manufactured by the extremist left-wing establishment.

And then it'll be time for another Haaretz conference and the destruction of Israel


  1. Broker Tov and Oh, have you covered all the hypocrisies inherent in this Zionist Dream! Shame on them all, twisted and immoral the whole bunch of them.

  2. Y. Ben-David27/12/15

    Tell it like it is!
    First of all, it is important to note that the Israeli "Deep State"-Leftist Establishment which still unfortunately has outsized influence within the organs of state coercion in spite of losing power in democratic elections to the Knesset came to the belief already in 1933 that a perception of "Right-wing violence" pays political dividends to the political Left. Mapai/Labor party leader Chaim Arlosoroff was murdered in 1933 by Arabs but his wife who witnessed the crime was 'persuaded' to change her original statement that Arabs did it to pinning it falsely on several "Right-wing" Revisionist activists who were later cleared of the charges by a British court. The hysteria whipped by the the MAPAI controlled media against the Right lead to an election victory by that party to the Zionist Congress shortly thereafter.
    Thus, when Rabin and the Labor Party decided to bring Arafat and his terrorist gangs to Israel in the 1990's his party, and their followers in the media and the SHABAK decided to repeat the gimmick and they used SHABAK provocateurs to create false incidents of "Right-wing" violence. Ultimately, they got what they believed to be the ultimate gift of the assassination of Rabin by someone who had been under close SHABAK contact and surveillance for months before hand, as the official State Commission of Inquiry revealed. In spite of that, the Israeli public had matured in the previous 60 years and was no longer easily manipulated and Peres and the Labor Party lost the election held only 6 months after the murder.
    It is the same today. The Left does not accept that the Israeli public has rejected their failed and immoral policies of capitulation to Arab terror, so they now turn to groups like "Breaking the Silence" and people like Ha'aretz journalists like Amira Hass who openly calls for Arab violence against Jews or Gidon Levy, and exploits fools like our "President" Rivlin who can't do enough to grovel in front these people (what do they have on him?) to turn foreign countries against Israel. Thus, once again, they are trying to use the perception of supposed "Right-wing violence" to further their nefarious cause. It is unfortunately that leaders like Bennett and Shaked, for whom I have great respect and who received my vote feel they have to kow-tow to this Leftist political thuggery, even though the public has learned to see through these shenanigans.

    Daniel-Keep up the good work and keep spreadking the truth!

    1. Anonymous27/12/15

      in fact Arlozoroff was murdered by Communists, most likely, according to Shmuel Dothan, the late Israeli historian who discovered documents, etc.

  3. Anonymous27/12/15

    No comments required. The harsh truth of internal politics.

  4. Israel, should it ever fall, God forbid, will die from the inside out. The left in Israel frightens me more than Iran does.

    The left in Israel are just as self-loathing as Democrats in the US and virtually 90% of Western Europeans. It is an exercise in cultural suicide that has way too many causes, many of which David has touched on in his wise columns.

  5. The best article I have read anywhere all year.

  6. Reading this article leaves me sighing heavily. What's wrong with us? We are the most reviled people on the planet and these traitors add to our enemies causing us immense harm. Excellent job in filling in many of the blanks.

  7. Anonymous27/12/15

    G-d bless you, Daniel! Each time I read this blog, I'm in awe but this one takes the cake! What a solace, thank you so much!

    I live in Israel. The whole Duma situation is making me sicker by the day. I refrain from listening to the radio or reading the newspapers because each time something comes through - like this demented Yaalon interview of yesterday - I fear for my mental health: it's like living in Orwell's 1984, except that it is worse because... this is Israel!

    Re. the 'wedding video', IsraelMatzav just posted this:

    About that wedding dance...

    and no, I won't take it with a grain of salt because I know what they are capable of, and also because of this:

    Attorney Ben-Gvir: Shin Bet is trying to pull me off Duma case

    I hope all of this blow up in their face. Please people, pray for the well being of the youngsters who are held by these goons. May G-d keep them.

    Thank you again, Daniel. G-d bless.


    1. Anonymous27/12/15

      don't you know that ben gvir is also shabak connected?

  8. Sultan Knish is real Jewish royalty!

  9. The Duma (Kremlin) just made it the law that they can murder civilians (even Russians) including women and children notice the word Dome (spe

  10. ".....the eternal celebrations of outrage for the murder of the Labor PM....." This is well said. I was in Israel in 1995 and cringe every year when November comes 'round.

  11. Anonymous28/12/15

    Please pray for Elisha Chaim ben Na'ama Leah. He is the minor-aged detainee who tried to commit suicide.

    H/T: http://havahaaharona.blogspot.co.il/


  12. The venal genocide dreaming leftist vermin Yigal Tumarkin: "When I see black hat heredim with the children they spawn, I understand the Holocaust.."

  13. Anonymous1/1/16

    Excellent article. Translation to Hebrew is necessary.
    Here translated to Russian:

  14. Anonymous2/1/16

    Every leftist I've ever met is a coward. How they have garnered the power that they have, is amazing. But fleeting. Biology trumps culture. Always. Sooner or later when the late 20th century social constructs meets the exigency of limited natural resources and an enemy that will fight and die to impose its worldview (ISIS et al) on others, the Leftist will have his moment of clarity... and then things will change. That time is coming. Those of us that could see the writing on the wall have made preparations. Indeed. μολὼν λαβέ.

  15. Elena, thank you very much.

  16. Bravo, R' Daniel for another eye-opening article.

  17. You'd probably want to check out this article: Why the 'Hilltop Youth' have no respect for the law


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