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Anti-American Savages of the Post-American World

The past week has shown us what a Post-American world looks like and it isn't a batch of treaties that lead to men and women from around the world meeting to decide how to feed the hungry, clothed the naked and take everyone's guns away to banish violence from the world. It's mobs of violent savages ransacking embassies while their suited brethren use it to explain to our decadent leaders that the only way we will have peace is if we let them decide what sections of the Bill of Rights we get to keep.

Forget the UN, the Post-American order isn't a blue flag, it's a black flag with Mohammed on it. There are far more people in the world who believe in a world order based on the violent ravings of a 7th Century madman than the number of people who believe in a world order based on 19th Century European wishful thinking. And it helps that the supporters of 7th Century violence over 19th Century internationalism are far more willing to use murderous violence to get their way.

The burning embassies and authorities scurrying to intimidate the Mohammed filmmaker into making some kind of apology or going to jail, as their British predecessors bullied Salman Rushdie into doing, reveal the naked order of the new world. It isn't a place of treaties or laws, but of naked force and we will not be the ones doing the forcing.

In the new world order we will cower behind our televisions while the global mob, composed of whoever has the most surviving kids living on international handouts, will tell us what laws they want us to live under. And those will not be tolerant laws, they will not protect women or gays, let alone minority religions, they will be the laws of the violent majority, not that of the Christians or Buddhists, or the tinier numbers of Jews or Atheists, they will be the laws of Islam, because Muslims are willing to do what they aren't, go out into the streets and kill to establish those laws.

Let us dispense with any pretense that if we do criminalize defamation of religion or prosecute Mohammed cartoons as a hate crime, that this will be because we are tolerant or respect religion. It will be because we are afraid of Muslims and we are right to be afraid of Muslims because our leaders are gutless cowards who have no idea how to deal with anyone whose greatest fear in life isn't being called a racist on the evening news.

And let us dispense with the pretense that the growing internationalism is humane, rational or orderly. It is nothing of the sort, it is a mob of savages that kills to convey its demands to the officials who pretend to be running a humane and rational world order and uses them as its mouthpiece. When our enlightened leaders lecture us on offending Muslims, they are acting as the interpreters for bearded thugs who believe that Jinns are around every corner, that angels are afraid of cats and that women are inferior creatures because Mohammed went down to hell and found it full of women.

Any order that takes its laws from savages will be an order of savages, no matter how urbane and cultured the men and women who have chosen to act as their international representatives, while pretending to be ours, are. The world order envisioned by 19th Century Europeans is now a secret negotiation between their criminally idiotic descendants, who still go to all the right schools, and a mob of savages and their oil-rich patrons. Their global order is not taking us to the 22nd Century, but back to the 7th Century, and of all the things that they owe us, the least of them is to be honest about that.

Leftist Anti-Americanism has revealed itself to be Post-Americanism and Post-Americanism is nothing more than savages making laws by burning and killing things. And our Anti-American and Post-American elites had better start explaining to us why being governed by Salafi savages is a moral improvement over Americanism and they had better do a good job with that explanation because the American people are watching.

Laws are given by the conquerors to the conquered and the conquerors today are not the European colonialists, but a new wave of Muslim colonialists spreading across the world. The failure of the  European chattering classes to deal with this simple reality, rather than celebrating the local version of that colonialism as cultural enrichment, while condemning any criticism of it as racism, is a further sign of their irrelevance and complete incapacity for dealing with any crisis more significant than a canape shortage at their latest book signing party.

Having ignored the crisis for as long as possible, they are now discussing on what terms the raiders should be able to impose their laws on us, while bellowing at us that any notion of Sharia law being imposed on us is a fantasy of racist extremists, even as they cower when the actual racist extremists tell them they want Sharia law or they will go on bombing, burning and killing. And there is still not even the faintest twinge of an honest discussion of this subject in any official forum, even as officials arrest men and women for the crime that in most Muslim countries is honestly known as blasphemy.

We can now see what kind of glorious world the abandonment of nationhood and national laws is getting us. It isn't a John Lennon song, it's a long screaming guitar solo, a wretched tormented yell of the savage set loose to kill in the night. It isn't a peace flag, it's the black flag of Islam scrawled with the supremacy of its prophet and its deity on every surface. It isn't a system that makes life better, but one that reverts to the savage order of those with the most power making the laws for all.

And that is what this is really about. Americanism guarantees rights to all Americans. It even guarantees rights to many non-Americans, and it uses force to protect those rights. Anti-Americanism however introduces us to Post-American Internationalism, which on paper guarantees so many rights that you can never remember them all, but that really only has one right, the right of those with the largest and most violent single group to impose their will on everyone else.

That is what Muslims have been doing consistently at the United Nations ever since its membership was opened up. That is why Israel is so consistently reviled and despised at the hands of a Muslim alliance and its foreign enablers. But as the alliance has grown and gotten stronger, its appetites are no longer limited to the Jewish State. Any country that defends itself against Muslim violence, from the United States to Russia and China, from the Philippines to Burma, India and Thailand, will sooner or later be gnawed on by the hungry savages looking to put more infidels under their boot.

Now we have come to the acid test of internationalism. The great naked emperor moment that will determine whether we will go on down the ladder to the 7th Century or climb back up to the light of a better future.

The question is childishly absurdly simple. Will we allow Muslim mobs to determine the content of our Bill of Rights? Will we decide that as Americans, we have a right to freedom of speech, without considering the "global opinion" of a band of savages who want us to bow down to their stone god and its views on women, freedom and blasphemy, or will we decide that as Post-Americans we must consider the opinions of the "international community" and accept that freedom of speech is no longer feasible in a connected world?

The spokesmen for the latter obscenity have already crawled out of their holes to bray at us about giving consideration for the feelings of others. Obama, Clinton and all their diplomatic stooges have spent so much time talking about our consideration for religion that they might as well have taken off their shoes and planted their noses into the nearest smelly carpet.

But suppose for a moment that we don't want to be considerate, support that we want to support the peculiar institution of allowing as many offensive opinions as can be found in a country of a few hundred million to proliferate. And suppose further that we believe that every person has the right to bray those opinions as he pleases, and that such a society of discordant arguments, where everyone is entitled to be right or wrong, ignorant or intelligent, bigoted or tolerant, crazy or sane, good or evil, without ever being sure which is which because it's the process of yelling at each other that allows us to discover this, is actually the best society, then we are being jingoistic American exceptionalists.

Americanism is a nation of people arguing with each other, without killing each other, and Post-Americanism, as we have just witnessed, is the people who are willing to kill winning the argument by default. Anti-Americanism is the view that the people who kill each other should win the argument because the fact that they don't have enough jet planes to kill us with proves they're not part of the military-industrial complex.

That is our choice. We can choose to be ruled by savages brandishing weapons or by the Bill of Rights. But let's not pretend that the rule of Obama or Ban Ki-moon is anything more than the rule of savages by proxy. It doesn't much matter whether the savages are here pointing a gun at our heads or if Obama or some civil rights commission is doing their dirty work for them; our choice is clear. We can either be ruled by our laws or by the Koran.

Internationalism is the Koran wrapped in a blue flag and a billion words of empty human rights guarantees that mean nothing. Only nations ruled by free people can guarantee rights and anyone who undermines them, who promotes an Anti-American or Post-American agenda, is promoting the law of the Koran over the law of individual liberty.

The left has a choice to make. They can either choose Americanism or the Koran, and for the most part they have made their choice. And we need to make ours. This is not a debate over policies, but over basic freedoms. This is not a conflict over what percent of taxes we will be paying, but whether we will have even the most basic civil rights left by the time that the international order of savages and murderers, and their transnational representatives, are done with us.

Laws are made by force, not by international consensus. The Salafis and their internationalist appeasers have reminded us of that. That force can be the force of free people making laws for themselves or the force of violent outsiders imposing laws on people who are unable to resist them.

Americanism is not there to "communicate" or "reach out" to the savages to explain how much we respect their religion and how much we disavow anything that offends their tender sensitivities. It is there to tell them that our laws are inviolable and not open for negotiations and that if they attack us, then they will pay the price. Americanism is there to say that if we are attacked, our first priority will not be to win the hearts and minds of a global community, but to inflict ruthless devastation on our attackers without regard for the collateral damage among those nations that harbor them, and that we will do this while minimizing the risk to our own lives, because nations are obligated and mandated to place a higher value on the lives of their citizens than on those of their enemies.

A nation has only those laws and freedoms that it is willing to defend. And if we lose the nation, then we will not have sold it for a better international order, but for the violent whims of the Anti-American savages of the Post-American world.


  1. Just the fanatical hatred on their faces should be enough to shock the 'ordinary American' into some kind of sense of reality ... eh?

  2. Anonymous16/9/12

    A terrific piece Daniel - as usual you have hit the nail on the head. I fear that it already too late in many parts of Europe. It is inevitable that there will be a civil war - the people will lead and the politicians will eventually follow. If you read the youtube comments on the behaviour of the ignorant savages (eg, the Sydney protests) you will see that most people agree that we should get rid of these morons. Nowhere throughout history has there been a positive outcome when Muslims have interacted with other peoples - nowhere! There is misinformation about tolerance but this is only when the Jews and Christians were demoted to the status of dhimmis. Why can't politicians see this?! Keep up the good fight Daniel - we really need you.

  3. Anonymous16/9/12

    Obama said that after his inauguration they would look at us differently. Well, they do. They look at us more aggressively.
    What liberalism leaves out about religious history is the order of cause and effect. Liberal "history" depicts Christians as mysteriously deranged and aggressive, and assumes that Muslim and pagan aggression was a sad response to our bad example. The fact that we were and are attacked and merely defending ourselves just doesn't fit their worldview.
    Their objection to Americanism is that America is a Christian country despite being a free country; it is and always has been a country whose institutions developed from Christian thought and whose traditions are Christian traditions, even though no one forces things to be so. That is evidence that Christianity is actually a religion of peace. Also, America is happy and noticeable capitalistic. That is evidence that capitalism is good for people.
    Well, if Christianity is basically, compared to Islam, paganism or atheism, peaceful, and capitalism is basically, compared to any other economic system ever tried, wholesome, then our long struggle against communism was not the result of Christian capitalist pathology; therefore, it might have been necessary. And if anti-communism was necessary, then the originators of the New Left might not have been completely reliable teachers of wisdom. And if that's the case, the cultural identity of New leftists bears reconsideration. And that would be uncomfortable. And that explains liberal blind spots. My $0.02.

  4. We are in a religion war and our 'leaders' won't admit it.

    Will they before it is too late or are they too intent chasing the golden ring of re-electin?

  5. How is it that this mad religion from the pit of hell remained so dormant for so long only to arise again and set the world on fire ?
    Not long after America turned it's back on God to embraced diversity perversity the genie jinn was released from her long sleep.
    So soon after the President slapped Netanyahu down on his request to meet for red lines on Iran,the emperor is slapped down in Benghazi.
    Watch the US Naval war games in the Persian Gulf along with 25 other nations carefully because I know God is very angry with perverted,decadent,amoral,carving up Israel for their phony peace, America and according to Jeremiah 51 He will bring about an ambush,a sneak attack that will make Pearl Harbor look like a Sunday picnic,a major victory to Iran against the US.
    This massive,devastating defeat of the USA will change everything and bring great judgment on a wicked,godless,evil world.

    Judgment day on all flesh has begun as we see God has unleashed death and destruction on Syria,repent while there is still time.

  6. With each new column, Daniel leaves me thinking that it's the peak and climax of his reasoning and composition powers. But he always fools me. This column is another "keeper."

  7. Anonymous16/9/12

    "Forgive me, sir, that I have thus betrayed my weakness. It was the allusion to my family that overcame my feelings. Not, sir, I assure you, from any fears on my part. I have no personal fears. Not that I feel able to contest the matter with the whole community; I know perfectly well I am not. I know, sir, you can tar and feather me, hang me up, or put me into the Mississippi, without the least difficulty. But what then? Where shall I go? I have been made to feel that if I am not safe at Alton, I shall not be safe anywhere. I recently visited St. Charles to bring home my family, and was torn from their frantic embrace by a mob. I have been beset night and day at Alton. And now, if I leave here and go elsewhere, violence may overtake me in my retreat, and I have no more claim upon the protection of any other community than I have upon this; and I have concluded, after consultation with my friends, and earnestly seeking counsel of God, to remain at Alton, and here to insist on protection in the exercise of my rights. If the civil authorities refuse to protect me, I must look to God; and if I die, I have determined to make my grave in Alton--Elijah Parish Lovejoy (journalist and abolitionist)


  8. reminds us of kristallnacht.

  9. I just found your writing recently and I am so impressed. I keep reading and posting on FB and trying to get my liberal friends to see what is really happening. This is a scary time and we need people like you that can put into words what many of us are feeling. Keep up the good work and education.

  10. This is our Alamo, here is where we draw the line America.

    It is about a choice between freedom or submission, standing tall as members of a free society or dhimmis upon our knees.

    I ask Americans to make this choice without reservation. http://mywtfblog.com/2012/09/admit-it-they-hate-us/

    Here is the good news as I see it: this event has broken through the fog of apathy and people are responding with resolve. The apologists for freedom are finding themselves standing on the wrong side of the issue for all to see.

  11. Anonymous16/9/12

    Daniel, you should have become a professional ball player. You would now be the highest scorer of all time, and probably never be surpassed. No fence can stop you.

  12. Passer by16/9/12

    "The left has a choice to make. They can either choose Americanism or the Koran, and for the most part they have made their choice."

    Current elites are not going to be in power after 20 - 30 years. Either Islam will be supreme, or those who will resist it. And current elites are neither Islam, nor those who will resist it.
    Those who side with Islam will be among the losers, because Islam does not share power.

  13. Anonymous16/9/12

    Early in Obama presidency I saw he was appointing Muslim Brotherhood in high places. I stated on facebook after the Navy Seal team got killed that got Osama, that we have a mole in the white house and a fifth column in our government. I very often post your great blog. Our nation is at a very critical time during these 10 days. Will we as a nation reflect on all we are seeing and repent? Please, Israel, fulfill your destiny, for that is the only way the world will see peace.

  14. Linda Rivera16/9/12

    Infidel-haters, Islam-adoring Western leaders are condemning a film instead of condemning the mass violence of Muslims in many countries. The killings and barbaric murder of the U.S. ambassador.

    The Muslim violence has expanded into Australia where OUR policemen have been severely beaten by Muslim immigrants and OUR policemen are carried injured and bleeding into the hospital.

    Eternal shame on our Western leaders who make it appear that it is acceptable to wage violent jihad on our people for a movie.

    This despicable behavior by our Western leaders who continuously bow down and submit to Islam, massively encourages Muslims to increase their violence and murders against our people. What a horrible betrayal by Western leaders of non-Muslim innocents!

    We are in desperate need of patriotic Western leaders who believe that non-Muslims should be protected!

  15. Linda Rivera16/9/12

    Great article, Daniel!
    I agree with Marcel. Please read very scary, TERRIFYING Jeremiah 50-51 ! I believe it refers to America. The judgments will be so horrible, God actually pleads to people to get out! U.S. leaders have betrayed Israel repeatedly over the years - pay attention to Jeremiah 51:24.

  16. Anonymous16/9/12

    Hum...modified your text as bit, as I'm posting on FB as Hussein Soetoro Obama(the hidden Imam)...hope you dont mind...great article...carry on!

  17. Anonymous16/9/12

    I'm the hidden Imam, The Mahdi-Messiah for Muslims,
    your future master...I do not concern myself with what happen to a muslim wannabe homosexual pervert ambassador... Remember! The words from the Old Man of the ALAMUT Mountain, Leader of the Hassan-sin cult(assassins) Hassan ibn al Sabbah:


    Sharia is for suckers...this our only law!
    (The 9/11 crew was Takfir wal Hijra, or the BANNED HERETICS) successors of the Ismaeli cult of death
    which will unite the Sunnis and Shiites
    for the Infidel-Kuffars' conquest uder my leadership!

    (Barry) Hussein SoetoroObama

  18. Anonymous16/9/12

    I doubt many of the liberal American Jews that will, lemming-like, vote for Obama read this blog. However if a few stray or land here inadvertantly. they might consider this:

    "Neo-con", my dear friends, is the code word for "Jew", or rather "pushy Jew that wants us to fight a war for Israel". You see, the "Israel Lobby" allows your leftist fellow-travlers an acceptable face for their own latent anti-semitism and simply put, means YOU if you happen to support American values and our one true friend in the Middle East, Israel.

    They want to scare you to shut your mouth, and go back quivering in your liberal shtetls to be glad that Czar Obama is willing to protect you against the bad, bad Evangelical Christians, who will take away your abortion rights, and convert you en masse to Christianity!

    Sad to think that the best response to the liberal progrom against the American Jewish community's expression of its constitutional right to vocalize support for Israel's position on Iran will be these sorry Jewish asses running to their liberal Jewish machers and asking them to interceed with the democratic poobahs, no doubt for a "statement".

    Such a sorry, perverse Ghetto mentality.

  19. We Jews need to really understand who the true enemy is when discussing the Middle East. Totalitarianism, using Islam, is the enemy. Islam the religion can go nowhere without a movement. In the US we have rule of law that protects us from Sharia law being practiced here. Yes, we have a president who is most apologetic to our enemies, especially of late his bowing down to the Blasphemy laws in the Middle East. The right of free speech is protected, and his request that You Tube take down the trailer "Innocence of Islam "was scandalous, and wrong. We shall not bow to the will of others, or their religion. Our rights to speak out are cherished and protected under our Constitution, and his request was extraordinarily un-American.

    However, just having Muslims in our country does not mean they are all desiring to "takeover." Most of them are secular, yes, secular, meaning they do not prescribe to Sharia law. In fact, most of them are refugees, such as the ones here in Irvine, Persians who escaped the ravages of the Iranian Revolution. They want nothing to do with Islamic fascism.

    Please understand that while Political Islam does exist, and it is dangerous and evil, and we the people need to be on guard, bigotry and blind hatred are not necessary nor are they tolerable.

    Willful ignorance is dangerous. As a Jew I have heard the worst things said about my faith and culture, statements such as the Jews were responsible for 9-11. Or the Jews have built a tsunami-earthquake machine. This is what ignorance sounds like. Deborah

    The two pillars of 'political correctness' are:

    a) willful ignorance
    b) a steadfast refusal to face the truth
    ~ George MacDonald


  20. Have any of you heard President Obama's New Year outreach to Israel and the Jewish people ?
    I honestly have to say that it's from his heart and it's a keeper,I was moved ,pass it on !


  21. Anonymous16/9/12


    We judge people by their actions, not their words, and for the thoughtful and aware Jews, President Obama's actions over the past four years toward Israel say more than enough to support regime change here.

  22. Marcel,
    Do not misinterpret the Scripture. Jeremiah 51 was for Babylon of old - not America. We have our own judgment - which we are in the midst of. Barack Obama is part of that judgment. We get the leaders we deserve. Americans are self-absorbed - Obama is self-absorbed.

    The LORD laid out His pattern of judgment in Leviticus 26, beginning with verse 14. The LORD's goal is repentance, not destruction. Hence, His judgment takes a while - but it is not endless. There comes a point in which He will destroy any nation for failure to repent.

    Has America crossed that line? I do not know for certain. Josiah thought Judah had not, but the LORD told him otherwise.

    America has a litany of problems which it must rectify if it is to have the judgment lifted - beginning with a respect for all human life. But as the Scripture is express, the correction of America's ills must begin in the churches and the pulpits of those churches. When supposed pastors side with murderers against innocents, and they are not swiftly removed from their positions, then you know where the fault lies.

  23. Anonymous16/9/12

    Folly says: It seems to me that judging from the actions of the screaming beards it is a bigger insult to Islam to see how many of those screaming beards are named Muhammad.

  24. Anonymous16/9/12

    Amongst a people generally corrupted by evil liberty cannot exist, what we are facing is the marrage of Islamofascism to the political left both soldiers in the new Fourth Reich.

  25. Mr ED16/9/12

    Daniel, another wonderful article and one that I believe is as heartfelt and passionate as any I have ever read by you.

    "...our Anti-American and Post-American elites had better start explaining to us why being governed by Salafi savages is a moral improvement over Americanism and they had better do a good job with that explanation because the American people are watching."

    I sincerely wish that were the case, but at least half of the American people are still looking to the Libfilth MSM for their "news" and they do not yet take the time to find the facts and the truth for themselves that the MSM has filtered, manicured and tortured into an unrecognizable admixture that promotes the Leftist pretend version of the world, where Obamesiah is infallible, Leftists are always the heroes and Libfilth policies always work as promised.

    At the moment the Libfilth MSM is at the frontlines in the Leftists war on society, and "hoping" the Libfilth MSM will - for once - tell the truth, or saying "I wish" the Libfilth MSM would tell the entire set of facts in context on my pet issue, is simply foolish. Libfilth MSM are fanatics and they simply will NOT tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth because they believe they themselves have a "bigger truth" to tell that is more important than the literal truth, and they wouldn't want the unfortunates that are still stuck reading/listening/watching them to think outside the boundaries they have deemed acceptable. Libfilth MSM believe it is their sacred Leftist task to set and enforce the boundaries of what is publically acceptable speech and to, as they said in the sixties Libfilth journOlista schools, "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable".

    Libfilth MSMsters are NEVER gonna voluntarily remove themselves from the center of their own little self-important universes. No leftist ever will. They are going to have to be exposed, humilliated, denigrated and forcibly removed from their pulpits. That is the literal truth.

  26. Anonymous16/9/12

    Truly you are a putrid little maggot. Do you wear your Klan robes when you puke out this rubbish?

  27. Anonymous17/9/12

    I think the Muslim aggression is a good thing because it will shut up the liberals and bring out the Charles Martel faction of the European peoples.

    Liberals are our biggest enemies, not Muslims. If the Muslims behead the liberals for us, then all we have to do is wage a hot lead and cold steel CHarles Martel aginst the Muslims and then we win.

  28. Anonymous17/9/12

    The Western governments, including the US, do not base their decisions on how to respond on principle but on what is good for business. The West, which has struggled for centuries to rise to a level of civility finds itself in bed with others who lack civility for the sake of profit. Obama, be careful how you respond to Libya, we need their oil. Walmart, look the other way while cheap goods are made in Chinese sweat shops. The bottom line is greed trumps any attempt of a government behaving in an ethical fashion. You can bet that if what was going on in a country would somehow threaten Western business interests, there would be cruise missiles, carpet bombing and marines showing up.

  29. john 3:1617/9/12

    If Obama gets re-elected, America will have a civil war...If Obama doesn't get re-elected, we may have a civil war...If Obama declares Martial Law, we will have a civil war....

  30. Anonymous17/9/12

    Thank You Dany.
    From Joseph E Givatayim-Israel
    "Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation that rules it. Islam requires the earth – not just a portion – but the whole planet." Islamic scholar Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi
    Maududi was an influential Pakistani journalist, theologian and Muslim revivalist leader
    The history of Islam. This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not see anywhere else. This video explains what Islam is.

    Islam, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr. Bill Warner

  31. Anonymous18/9/12


    Felicitations!Excellent publicity for the Republican Party!!. I miss a calm, nuancé, intellectual analysis. God, if he exists, please save us from this kind of mind! To.day he is against ALL moslims, to-morrow he will be against ALL opinions which are not his own.

  32. Anonymous18/9/12

    Gisela (2)

    P.S. ... and please save us from ANY fundamentalist, religious, left or right ones. THEY are the real danger for peace and for our civilisation.

  33. Can we stop the theological debates? This is a forum for discussing common threats to our civilizations, not for infighting. Thanks.

  34. Anonymous18/9/12

    Daniel, this article is absolutely brilliant. I plan to download it and email it to other patriots. God bless America!

  35. Anonymous19/9/12

    Whole blog is theological discussion against one religion. Why stop at this?

  36. Anonymous25/9/12

    im sorry but the minute someone (muslim or not) comes to my door and tells me what I can and cant do (in religion or anything) he will be very very sorry. I done push my views on to them so why should they to us?

  37. This is the first article I had ever read by Daniel Greenfield. Actually, I was so impressed with it that I bookmarked it on my bar (reserved for best of the best). Coming back to it tonight to read the latest article and just two and a half months after this one was written I realize we have seen an election, a man jump to earth from outer space, a Palestinian/Israeli war, Palestinian statehood, a looming fiscal cliff, and on and on and on...

    But, here we are two and a half months later and we are about to allow the Ambassador Susan Rice become our Secretary of State. DO SOMETHING PEOPLE! Stand up, speak out or better yet, just keep doing what you are doing. Your choice.

  38. Speak2Truth17/1/13

    "It will be because we are afraid of Muslims and we are right to be afraid of Muslims ..."

    When Comedy Central allows South Park to demean and insult Christianity, Judiasm, to portray Jesus in as ridiculous a light as possible - but will NOT allow South Park to even show an image of Mohammed...

    You know you're right.

    Jihad is winning.

  39. Anonymous7/11/15

    The Muslims will keep pouring into the West indefinitely, and it won't stop because there's too many useful idiots who can't connect dots as to who is flooding their countries with these invaders. These useful idiots shout down and otherwise attack anyone who speaks the truth. So why save the West when it literally can't be saved?


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