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The Price of a Koran

What does a Koran cost? You can get a full color one for the Kindle for only 99 cents, just don't expect it to feature any pictures of old Mo. If you want to go deluxe, you can get a hardcover edition that runs three different translations side by side for around 40 bucks. But if you want to be more practical about it, the price of a Koran is the lives of six American soldiers.

That butcher's bill doesn't count the soldiers who burned the Korans, who despite following procedure will be penalized on orders of the White House which thinks that punishing American soldiers will somehow satisfy the Koran fueled bloodlust of men who aren't satisfied with their corpses.

The nature of the marketplace of human affairs is that a thing is worth what we will pay for it. Once upon a time Americans decided to pay any price for freedom. The price was high, but they got what they paid for... at least for a season or two. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were works of freedom written in blood. They made a free nation possible because that nation was willing to pay the price for them.

Muslims are equally willing to pay the price in blood for slavery, their own slavery and ours, for a book of slavery, written by an owner and abuser of slaves, who created a religion of slaves, where the optimal position was to stand on as many people as possible while reaching for heaven.

The men who fought to make us free placed value on their lives. The men who fight to enslave us place little value on their own. Whatever material pleasures they enjoy in this life, little girls, hashish and wealth, will be vastly improved upon in the afterlife. And they buy their way into that afterlife by killing us, as they have been doing for over a thousand years.

Each of their murders imposes their religion on us. They impose their notion of what is important and what isn't important. Twenty years ago no one would have cared a fig for a burned Koran or a cartoon of Mo. Today either one earns you an accusation of endangering the lives of American soldiers and inciting violence. Dress up as Zombie Mohammed and Judge Mark Martin will tell you that in a Muslim country you would get the death penalty. That's not the way it works here. Yet.

What's the price of a Koran? Whatever Muslims see fit to charge us for it and whatever our leaders are willing to pay. Not just in lives or ranks of men who were risking their lives in the way that B. Hussein could not even begin to imagine, but in the big picture appeasement.

At the store of international and domestic affairs in Washington DC, Muslims haul up a bunch of corpses and in return we pay them with all sorts of concessions, both tangible and intangible. Cartoons stop appearing in newspapers. Books don't get printed. Presidents attend Iftar dinners. Muslims get appointed to high positions. NASA gets retooled into a Muslim empowerment agency. And all of that isn't enough because the blood price never gets paid.

The essence of the vendetta is that it is eternal. It can only be resolved by marriage, by mingling two bloods into a single clan. If we agree to become Muslims, we can be part of their clan. Without that we are forever the targets of their rage, inferior in their minds, yet materially superior, despised in the Koran, but somewhat triumphant in land and wealth. A religious paradox that can only be resolved by subjugating us or by converting us.

This hasn't stopped us from trying to meet the blood price anyway, instead of imposing our own. The blood of free men goes on dripping into the sewers of Kabul or Baghdad and a hundred other places and the Jihad hums along. Slowly and deliberately we learn to censor ourselves, adopting the habits of the Dhimmi, kowtowing to our masters, praising their learning, their wisdom and above all their mercy. If they have gone a day without killing us, does it not show what a peaceful people they are?

Without going through the formalities of reciting the Shahada or donning the Burqa, we are becoming slaves. Our leaders have sold our rights to pay the blood price, our cultural elites are eagerly teaching us the habits and mindset of slavery. To always obey, to never question and to know that our Muslim masters are always right. If they kill us, then we have done something to deserve it. If they fly planes into our buildings, it is time for some soul searching. If they go mad and kill, that is an expression of the pain and suffering that we have made them feel.

We apologize not because we have done anything wrong, but because they are angry. And every time they are angry, we know that we have done something wrong. Like dogs, our leaders develop the moral reflex of a newspaper across the nose, accepting that they are guilty when Muslims carry out violence. The worse the violence, the more they apologize.

What is the price of a Koran? It's any price that we are willing to pay. It can be six soldiers or six hundred or six hundred thousand. There is no set exchange so the potential price is only limited by how much we are willing to bleed without fighting back. Slaves will endure anything, free men will not. The Declaration of Independence was a bill drawn up and sent back with the firm statement that free men would no longer pay this price.

Governments that do not recognize the freedom of men from government view them and their freedoms as assets to dispose of. If the price of peace be our freedoms, they will pay the price. If the price be Sharia law, they will pay it. And why not, what's one more oppressive and repressive legal system on top of the existing one?

Between the primitive feudalism of the Muslim world and the postmodern feudalism of Western socialism is a consensus that human freedom is secondary to the rule of the enlightened and the purity of the ideology that serves as the wellspring of their power. The Mullah and the Eurocrat are both seeking a perfect world which is only perfect because the rulers have all the power and the ruled have none.

The Muslim is dying for the Koran and the American soldier is dying to bring tolerance and civil rights to them. While the Koran beaters are encouraged to kill for their beliefs, the American serviceman is encouraged to be a good soldier by dying without a fuss rather than cause any civilian casualties. That would only increase the blood price, infuriate the followers of Mo and cause more deaths.

It works both ways. We are just as capable of setting the price of our freedom above that of a Koran. All we have to do as a nation is say it and mean it. All we have to do is replace the price of a Koran with the price of freedom. The men who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the cause of freedom would have done it. Instead our leaders have pledged our lives and fortunes to the cause of Muslim freedom from regimes that inhibited them from making the Koran into the 100 percent law of the land, instead of only the 60 or 70 percent law of the land.

How do you set the price of a Koran? It's easy. You just decide that life is not worth living if someone torches a Koran, disrespects your prophet or otherwise doesn't show the full and proper respect to your religion. When enough people feel the same way and are willing to kill and die over it, then the price is set.

A hundred years ago our leaders would have held them to that price. Today we try to buy our way out and sue for peace by way of apologies and appeasement. This doesn't meet the price, it only inflates it as the laws of supply and demand tend to do. The more we are willing to pay for a Koran, the more its worshipers will charge us for it, with no upward limit.

Their bloodlust is an aspect of their sense of honor and like all merchants, they cannot consider letting anything go at a bargain price, so long as the other party continues raising the bid. The more we feed their honor with appeasement, the more their honor grows until they fancy themselves kings and caliphs of the world. And when they demand that, our leaders bomb anyone in their way, roll out the red carpet for Muslim democracy and cheer the new Caliphate. And still the blood price isn't met.

Honor killings really aren't about honor and blood prices aren't about blood. They're about power and the worthlessness of the men who would wield it. The more worthless and backward the country, the greater and pricklier is its sense of honor. Afghanistan has more honor per square mile than goats, microchips and living girls. Having become slaves to Islam, they brandish it as a banner, having convinced themselves that they could only be slaves to something truly noble and great.

To convince themselves of the high price of their submission, they kill us, they kill their daughters and they kill each other. The blood price of the Koran is as endless as their own worthlessness and just as irredeemable. The price can never be paid, because there are two priceless things, that which has no price because it is beyond value and that which has no price because it is worthless.

Unlike the Koran, our freedom is priceless because it is beyond price. The lives of our sons and daughters are equally priceless. And if we allow them to be sold for the price of a Koran, then it is we who have forsaken our sacred honor.


  1. Anonymous4/3/12

    you say koran
    i say quran
    let's call the hole thing off

    -- spanky

  2. Jewel Atkins5/3/12

    An eloquent, powerful, and devastating writ, Daniel. One of your best. I think I will memorize parts of it. This is why I no longer read newspapers or watch television news shows. Slightly off-topic, but to show you how worthless the press is: http://minx.cc/?post=327190
    We all know that the press is in the grips of Islamophobia, as it should be defined. By example. Anyone who speaks out against Islam, its prophet and its tenets isn't Islamophobic but brave. It is the press that cowers in the dust with platitudes and studious non-observations about the reality of Islamic culture.

  3. Anonymous5/3/12

    Excellent, Excellent Article. One of the best I have ever read. Puts islam into perspective without name calling or negative hateful comments. Great Job!!!

  4. Cross posted @ http://rebelontheright.blogspot.com/2012/03/price-of-koran-by-daniel-greenfield.html

    Thank you, Daniel.

  5. BTW, you can't get to the Burn the Koran site any longer. All you get now is: 403 Error - Forbidden

    I am very disappointed. I really enjoyed virtually burning that unholy book.

  6. .......and than my left leaning, intelligent, Jewish friend says: What are they doing in Afghanistan in the first place......?
    .......and NO argument of mine, right leaning open minded, not particularly stupid and also Jewish......

  7. dave s5/3/12

    In the Anglo Saxon tale of the 9th Century battle of Maldon the English leader replies to the Danish demand for tribute by saying
    "We will pay the tribute with our lances and old swords"
    Freedom will always have a blood price. Us common folk know this .Our leaders have forgotten.

  8. Judaism teaches us that even the nazi's were a drop less evil than the muslims. Why? The nazi's at least valued their own lives. They did not value other's lives, yet they did value their own. The Muslims? They value no one's life- not even their own children's lives. How truly bizarre. Great article, Daniel.

  9. Daniel noted: “Governments that do not recognize the freedom of men from government view them and their freedoms as assets to dispose of. If the price of peace be our freedoms, they will pay the price. If the price be Sharia law, they will pay it. And why not, what's one more oppressive and repressive legal system on top of the existing one?”

    And, besides, it isn’t as though Obama and Panetta and the eternally-vacationing First Lady and General Allen and Attorney General Holder and anyone else in the administration expect to pay anything. They are insulated from the consequences of their actions and policies. They will go on living far above the humdrum, everyday routines of those whose lives they have affected and diverted. They will collect their retirement pay and enjoy all the expensive perks (not including ObamaCare, they’ll have their own special care) and go on richly-compensated speaking tours (as have past presidents) and live grandly, not having to risk acid attacks or sexual assaults or having to deal with people who wear veils and so on. Now and then they’ll decide to rub shoulders with the peons and go to a Wendy’s for a real proletarian burger, but not before the Secret Service has emptied the restaurant of all other patrons and subjected the staff to body scans and security checks.

    No, they won’t pay the price. They will not enjoy the freedoms they have obviated; they will live in a realm of tax-payer subsidized privilege and protection. Freedoms? That’s for patsies and those with no political connections. What about all those who did pay the ultimate price for enforcing the policy of submission and apology? Well, a quick, taxpayer-subsidized phone call to some grieving wife or the like ought to be penance enough. Or one to a brave young woman who advocated that taxpayers subsidize her sexual prowess through socialized medicine and was called a “slut.” No cost at all, any way you look at it, to the non-payers of “social change.”

  10. Anonymous5/3/12

    There is a limit to what free men will endure. As the price gets higher, there will come a time when nothing will be paid except in hard currency - very hard and fast speeding currency.

    So let us continue with what we can do - convince our fellow free men and women that its time to stop paying.

    The sad thing is that Muslims and Islam, do not realize what a dangerous game they are playing.

  11. Anonymous5/3/12

    "Without that we are forever the targets of their rage, inferior in their minds, yet materially superior, despised in the Koran, but somewhat triumphant in land and wealth. A religious paradox that can only be resolved by subjugating us or by converting us."

    A huge number of pious Muslims must suffer from what can only be described as the most excruciating dissonance imaginable. They have been raised to believe that Islam is superior to all other systems, must reign supreme, and that non-muslims have been living in the most abject, miserable ignorance for 1400 years. But they are reminded endlessly on a daily basis that the facts prove otherwise, from the moment they wake up, to the moment they go to sleep. It's an exquisite torture. Non-muslims have designed and built the world as it exists today - everything. Islam has contributed nothing - unless you count killing 300m non-muslims as a contribution. The list of stunning, world-altering achievements by non-muslims is literally endless. It is impossible to reconcile this with the teachings and texts of Islam. Islam does not reward independent thought or intellectual attainment. Instead, it rewards the worst kind of lemming-like conformity, consigning them to their retarded, ossified, 7th century fortress forever.

    No wonder they hate us so much, as our very existence, and the essence of how we do things, is a source of endless rage.

  12. Anonymous5/3/12

    Forgot to say - another one hit over the fence, Daniel...

  13. Anonymous5/3/12

    It is sickening to observe the president of the USA apologizing for the ordinary and sensible action of eliminating a means of communication between hostile detainees. And, any punishment of the soldiers in this action will be an abomination. Thank you Mr. Greenfield for saying what must be said, so clearly and forcefully.

  14. andy goodwin5/3/12

    My name is Andy Goodwin. No hidden id for me. If you don't like my comments don't read them. (1) The only reason we put up with Islam is because of a need for fossil fuels (oil). There would be no oil production in the middle east if the USA had not shown them how to get it out of the ground. So in a since it's our oil. (2) Americans are dying to protect muslims from themselves. They don't want us there. WE get out seal the borders and let them kill each other. (30) Stop immigration of those of the Islamic religon unless they are willing to convert to christanity. They expect us to convert,fed it back to them. If we need oil,take it.

  15. Anonymous5/3/12

    Another great article! I am thankful for the perspective you bring to us in the heartland.

  16. Anonymous5/3/12

    Another home run! My only concern is in one of your last sentences. May I ask for clarification? You stated:
    "The blood price of the Koran is as endless as their own worthlessness and just as irredeemable." I was interpreting the "their" to mean the Muslims themselves are worthless and irredeemable. Regardless of whether you hold to another faith or not, I would hope you could see the value in a human being and his potential for a turnaround. We don't want to be Muslim haters, but Islam haters. Unfortunately, that position is misunderstood and we are so often accused of hating the people but really we hate the evil they profess and try to enslave us with. We fight their ideology in the media, in our courts, and if things don't change, we'll have to use bullets to survive. You are one of my MOST FAV anti-Islam writers, so I hope you can see the point I'm asking you to clarify.

  17. Jewel Atkins5/3/12

    I think they are worthless because they do not find any value in themselves, first and foremost. Everywhere the sons of the prophet tread, they leave in their wake a complete and utter desolation. Desolate deserts, countries without rational men in power, whose people are as irrational as their leaders.

  18. Greg RN5/3/12

    Great Article Daniel, too bad Washington can't count the cost of Freedom, it is never their Sons or daughters who have to pay the ultimate price, The Elite are just as bad as Islam, both are Evil beyond measure. But, their arrogance is their weakness, when it all plays out, G-d's Truth will Triumph.

  19. Anonymous5/3/12

    Andy Goodwin,

    The fact they are sitting on top of oil and gas is a complete accident of geology. The way they talk about it, it's as if they spent billions of dollars and years in labs creating it. They would not know the oil and gas was there if it wasn't for non-muslims, they would not be able to get it out if it wasn't for non-muslims, and there would be no market for it were it not for the world created by non-muslims.

  20. Anonymous5/3/12

    Until they start putting some Fatwas on the Hollywood folks the same as they did with Rushdie, great articles such as this will get no media attention or play. Americans have become dumbed-down couch potatoes more interested in ingesting their Doritos and watching Jersey Shore and various baby mommy-real world idiot dramas. They sold you a celebrity-type President with little experence or substance and they will sell him to you again while they demolish Romney with jokes and attack dogs on the liberal comedy shows and in mass media. No doubt Islam will be turned into the trendy new thing while Iran gets the bomb and Obama bows further to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  21. Anonymous5/3/12

    Forgot to add, it could be pretzels, chips, or nachos as well!

  22. "the primitive feudalism of the Muslim world and the postmodern feudalism of Western socialism is a consensus that human freedom is secondary to the rule of the enlightened and the purity of the ideology that serves as the wellspring of their power."

    Brilliant. Never had the similarities between Islam and the left been elucidated so well.

  23. The next time someone accuses me of being racist, a bigot, or an islamophobe for criticizing Islam, I will use the phase, "I'm not islamophobic. I'm brave." Excellent article.

  24. Absolutely superb post, Daniel! I'd add more, but you've nailed this so well that I simply cannot.

    About all I can say is... you've already got links to many of the social media sites so, please, get thee to Google+!

    Nice that you provide the option to make anonymous comments, but I'm happy to stand beside you.

  25. Anonymous9/3/12

    Beautifully written piece. Inspiring stuff. Pass this along people!


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