Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cry Islamophobia and Let Loose the Dogs of War

The Muslim oversensitivity to any perceived insult is in directly inverse proportion to how much hate Muslims themselves are willing to display for others.

If you go by Muslim standards, removing a man wearing a t-shirt with Arabic words off a plane is an unacceptable display of Islamophobia, but banning an Israeli tennis player from Dubai is completely legitimate.

Drawing cartoons of Mohammed as a terrorist is not acceptable, but calling for the deaths of the cartoonists is. Writing a book parodying Islam is unacceptable, but murdering the book's translators around the world is reasonable.

Israeli checkpoints on the Gaza border are unacceptable examples of apartheid, but Saudi Arabia barring all non-Muslims from entering the city of Mecca or from holding Saudi citizenship-- is their right.

A protest against Hamas and Al Queda that desecrates their flags, which have verses from the Koran on them, is unacceptable offensive to Muslims-- but Muslim student associations waving those same flags is something that no one may question.

A Muslim "refugee" who is arrested for illegally entering a European country is being imprisoned solely out of "Islamophobia", as are the terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay-- but Westerners who enter a Muslim country lose all rights and may be imprisoned, tortured and flogged on the flimsiest of allegations from a Muslim.

Western countries expecting that a Muslim woman remove her Hijab for an ID photo is Islamophobia. However Muslim countries have the right to demand that even the House Speaker and First Lady cover up their hair when visiting a Muslim country.

When a Muslim man has woman's underwear put on his head, while detaining for trying to kill American soldiers, that is the vilest crime against humanity. However when Muslim men hang and flog women for adultery... that is their culture and we have no right to judge. Not unless we're Islamophobes, that is.

Muslim paranoid fears of Western culture can legitimately express themselves in banning magazines, Valentine's day celebrations and movies. However any Western resistance to the Koran or Arabic is a clear sign of Islamophobia.

A Koran in a toilet is a hate crime. However burning the contents of the Library of Alexandria because "if it's not in the Koran, it's superfluous", is a legitimate expression of Muslim views on non-Muslim literature.

Prejudice against Muslims is unacceptable. But Muslim prejudices against women, Jews, Christians, gays, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Atheists, and just about everyone else-- are part of their culture. And who are we to judge if they feel they have a right to hate and kill anyone who isn't a Muslim male.

The problem with all of these examples is that Muslims want to have it both ways. On the one hand they want a blank check that allows them to treat any negative feedback as Islamophobia. On the other hand they want to be able to express any degree and form of hatred for others and support for terrorism in public forums without any repercussions.

What Muslims really want is Political Correctness for us, and none for them. They want a chain around our necks with the leash in their hand, while the other hand waves a Hizbollah flag. And that can't work.

If Danish cartoonist can't draw Mohammed, then Muslim protesters should at the very least be unable to call for the murder of their political opponents. If Christian pastors are to be censored for denouncing Islam, then the Finsbury Park Mosque rabble should be too.

Neither hate nor tolerance can be a one way street, yet Muslims have exploited charges of Islamophobia to do just that. Saudi backed organizations such as CAIR or the MSU routinely spread hate, and then are outraged when anyone calls them to account for it.

Canada's largest group, the Canadian Arab Federation, had no problem being part of rallies featuring Hamas and Hezbollah flags. They did have a problem when Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney criticized them for it, so naturally the President of the CAF called him a "professional whore". Kenney in turn responded by saying, “We should not be rewarding those who express views that are contrary to Canada’s best liberal values of tolerance and mutual respect” and announced plans to pull the CAF's funding. Naturally the CAF's response was to cry Islamophobia.

The Canadian Arab Federation decided to host pro-Hamas articles on its site, to push for airing Al Jazeera in Canada, to participate in openly terrorist rallies and then respond to criticism by insulting the Immigration Minister. But naturally the consequences of all that only came due because of Islamophobia.

Muslims have gotten too comfortable sweeping a lot under the rug by crying Islamophobia. But that implies that they actually wish to be part of a tolerant multicultural society, where everyone's rights are respected. By their actions and agendas however, that is not the society they wish to be a part of. Neither in Riyadh, Tehran, Gaza, Karachi or London, Paris and Detroit.

It is up to Muslims themselves to decide what role they wish to play abroad and in the global culture. They can be intolerant fanatics who stay at home and expect everyone else to stay at home too. Or they can be open and tolerant enough to live side by side with others. But they can't be intolerant fanatics who expect us to be tolerant and open toward their fanatical intolerance. Not on our dime.

That is the problem, and it is a Gordian Knot that Muslims can either try to untie themselves, or someone will wind up cutting through it for them.


  1. I doubt they'll change of their own volition. The choice is up to us--we either want to submit to them and Islam or fight against its infringement on our liberty.

  2. Eventually everyone will change. G-d is about to stop giving the world a choice.

  3. Anonymous22/2/09

    Maybe someone should tell them that stomping their collective foot and whining doesn't always work.

    Or at least it shouldn't.

  4. The more we grovel, the more unrestrained violence in the name of "religious tolerance" we're going to see. I wonder how any intelligent person can fail to see this.

  5. Anonymous22/2/09

    Please put a big RSS image link on your site.

    Thanks for the post.

  6. For the life of me I cannot understand how a largely immigrant community has achieved so much power and influence in such a small time frame.

    The only thing I can figure is that we had a bunch of superliberals so afraid of a 9/11 backlash against Muslims that they bent over backwards tolerate anything from them, including unreasonable demands and pressure.

    Ito--foot stomping is right.

    If you watched the show "Super Nanny" before when it was on Monday nights or "Nanny 911" in almost every episode you'd see rich, liberal over tolerant Yuppies who couldn't control their own kids temper tantrums.

    I think these are the same types of overindulgent liberals giving in to every demand of Muslims.

  7. Excellent article.

    Am about to Digg it.

    In Britain, Muslims know damn well that they only have to threaten a mass temper tantrum, to get their own way. Hence Geert Wilders is banned from entering the country - even though a mere TWO WEEKS ago he was here with no problem!

    You may already know this website; if not, I highly recommend it:

  8. Well thought out post. Your entirely correct. We either stands up or become slaves. Islam leaves no choice.

  9. Anonymous22/2/09



    (1) You refer to the midwinter holiday as 'C*****mas'.

    (2) You save loose change in a p***y-bank.

    (3) You allow your children to read unexpurgated versions of Winnie the Pooh.

    (4) You doubt whether it's politically correct to stone rape victims.

    (5) You believe that the earth is round.

    (6) You think there's something weird about a 50 year old man marrying a six year old girl.

    (7) Your children play with Barbie dolls, teddy bears or LEGO.

    (8) You object to being a third class citizen in your own country.

    (9) You fail to celebrate cultural diversity when your daughter is gang-raped for not wearing a headscarf.

    (10) You think government policy should be determined by your elected representatives rather than a raging mob.

    (11) You object to your taxes being used to support people who are plotting to kill you.

    (12) You aren't convinced that 'Jihad' means 'Inner Spiritual Struggle'.

    (13) You don't understand why the Jews must be exterminated.

    (14) You aren't married to at least one of your cousins.

    (15) You don't have sex with your daughter-in-law.

    (16) You sometimes have doubts about BBC reporting.

    (17) You occasionally wonder what's inside those walking tents.

    (18) You realise that taqiyya is not a Mexican drink.

    (19) You believe moderate Muslims ride unicorns.

    (20) You don't appreciate the multicultural need for Methodist grandmothers to be body-cavity searched before boarding aircraft.

    (21) You claim to understand the words "Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them", even though you don't speak Arabic.

    (22) You fail to see the difference between criticising Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism, which is free-speech, and criticising Islam, which is racism.

    (23) You have reservations about 'faith schools' where the kids will be taught that Jews and Christians are pigs and monkeys, at public expense.

    (24) You don't understand why flying your country's flag has become a hate-crime.

    (25) You don't believe that God is a brothel-keeper.

    How many of the questions did you answer 'YES' ?

    On a scale of 0 to 25...

    0 you are a Dhimmi and will be nominated for the Neville Chamberlain Peace Prize.

    1 to 5, you are a Najis Kaffir.

    6 to 10, you are an Islamophobe.

    11 to 15, you are a Thought Criminal.

    16 to 20, you are an Enemy of Allah.

    21 to 25, you are a Racist Zionist Crusading Jackbooted Fascist.

    Fatwas are automatically awarded for all scores above 5.

    Fatwas will be posted in plain brown paper envelopes in a choice of laminated or embossed styles, generously sprinkled with ricin, anthrax, sarin and polonium.


    Hahahaha!! Hilarious! I'm copying and forwarding this.

  11. Anonymous23/2/09

    While the liberals prostitute themselves to the hobnailed boot of islam, the rest of the world is watching.

    And the rest of the world is becoming more and more outraged...

  12. Anonymous23/2/09

    Because they are


    The only reason they need.

  13. Anonymous23/2/09

    THE ISLAMIC INDEX - an alphabetically arranged list of facts about Islam that the establishment doesn't want you to know.

    - Kwelos

  14. Anonymous24/2/09

    A Political Hidden Agenda in the Cabinet Minister's Closet

    My Allah is better than your Allah is a serious debate is going on at the ministers' office between his staffer, Velshi -"Shia" and the CAF president, Moummar -"Sunni"

    Jason Kenney should remain neutral as We Canadians should also make as many every day choices that supports our own culture, ... completely unbiased, impartial and politically neutral

    The minister, Jason Kenney's statement in Ukraine on November 22 , 2008, Quotes" That is because our Government is committed to preserving and enhancing understanding of the value and dignity of all human beings, not only in our own country, but around the world- and Quotes: "by helping people in my country to remember the victims of this horrible famine, we will remind them that they should never take for granted their responsibility to the world or the need to prevent similar atrocities from being repeated.

    FREEDOM is responsibility, not PRIVILEGE in Canada

    Is Jason Kenney an Anti -Muslim (Sunni) ? Who do we have on Kenney's foreign Policy staff? Why Mr. Kenney was attacked by Canadian Arab Federation president Khaled Mouammar ( Muslim Sunni),

    What is the real equation in the minister mind? This is an indication that Jason Kenney is Pro -Shia but in the same token also he is an Anti -Iran ? Is this possible! we know that Iran supports Hamas and Hezbollah, but Kenney is Pro - Israel, and Pro-Shia hmmmmmm! it just does not make sense! Is Kenney for Pro-peace rally or anti-terrorist rally?

    So why be surprised at his participation on an anti-Iran agenda when he is Pro-Shia? Someone needs to ask the Minister Jason Kenney if Canada is prepared to go to war with Iran. The Federal Minister has now said that the Harper government “stands four-square” with the Jewish community in its concerns about Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “genocidal intentions.” How Mr. Velshi reaction on Kenney's statement since Mr. Velshi is Shia who supports traditional and not moderate Muslims.

    'Genocidal' Iran Must Be Stopped - Jason Kenney Says at Congregation Beth Israel Beth Aaron last week and pledged that Canada “will pursue every possible avenue in concert with our allies to ensure that [Iran] does not come into possession of nuclear weapons, which could unleash unimaginable violence.” Does Mr. Velshi agrees with Kenney's statement? He said the government is looking at “every reasonable strategy” to thwart Ahmadinejad from his goal. Kenney said Harper understands that Iran is not interested in a two-state solution to the Palestinian issue, but “a final solution, in a perverted twist on history, that would complete the work Hitler began by eliminating the state that came into being as a haven for Jews.”

    Harper, he said, is unshakable in his support for Israel, because he “understands its existential fight,” and he has told the Conservative caucus that he would not change his stance even if it means the fall of his government.

    Who is Alykhan Velshi,

    Alykhan Velshi, (Muslim Shia) Legal Experience: 2 years-Jurisdictions: New York- not in Canada, advised his boss Jason Kenney to Cuts Funds To Arab SUNNI Group For Noting Kenney's Professionalism! what an odd thing to do?why These recent attacks at the Minister from the Sunni Muslim, and not the Shia Muslim.
    Velshi is an Ismaili Conservative Shia Muslim, graduated from the London School of Economics and was appointed , senior special assistant for foreign policy and parliamentary affairs, he is one of Jason Kenney’s staffers ‘living multiculturalism’ .We have a Hindu, Christian, Muslim and a Budhist,’ says Tenzin Khangsar, staff director to Mr. Kenney. ‘It’s a great example of the minister’s commitment to his job.’

    CSIP Quotes Mr. Velshi:" Look - I suppose I'm what one would call a moderate Muslim, though for reasons I won't get into I dislike the term (I also dislike being called a "compassionate conservative", the adjective being redundant and somewhat offensive). I support the Bush doctrine, have a favorable disposition towards Israel, and supported the right to publish the Danish cartoons. Yet I cringed when reading Benedict's speech, and not jut because of its laughable recounting of 15th century Christianity's embrace of reason and tolerance, The problem with Benedict's speech, and it's illustrated perfectly by the quotation I cited above, is that it gives moderate Muslims no option other than to renounce our faith

    Velshi contends that by quoting the words "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman," Pope Benedict is "not giving moderate Muslims any wiggle room in which to offer an internal-Islamic critique of the bin Ladenists." Velshi :"adds that he doesn't even like the term "moderate Muslim," suggesting that the adjective is "redundant and somewhat offensive" -- in other words, to be a Muslim is to be moderate. But evidently Pope Benedict, Jihad Watch and I, as opposed to National Review and the AEI, do not offer "a bold challenge to moderate Muslims," but instead we are "alienating them. "What I have asked again and again of Muslims who identify themselves as moderate is this: that they acknowledge to exist, and renounce definitively, the elements of Islamic theology that jihadists are using to wage war against non-Muslims around the world.

    The Pope is not giving, and I'm not giving, peaceful Muslims a chance to fight the "bin Ladenists" because we point out that that is happening? Just the opposite, Velshi.:" The Pope is showing the way, and since you mention me also I'll say that in my small way I am also trying to show the way, to the only truly viable path to genuine Islamic reform. But only showing the way: of course, that reform can be accomplished only by Muslims, if it can be done at all. Do I think that reform is likely? I don't, and for two reasons: 1. Because the texts to which I refer do actually exist, and jihadists can and do use them to paint any Muslim reformer as a heretic or apostate -- thus putting his life in danger. And 2. Because of denial from moderates, such as I have been discussing: If you won't even admit there is a problem, Velshi,:"you will never, ever, be able to fix it. Unquote

    Velshi background and Published Comments;

    What Mr. Velshi is really saying is that if the government can do as it pleases with any one of us, it can do what it pleases with all of us. It would be in our own self-interest to consider Conrad Black innocent until such time as is proven otherwise.

    Jihad Watch: Alykhan Velshi and Mahathir Mohamad on moderate ...

    Posts Tagged ‘Alykhan Velshi’

    Misjudging Charity

    Keyword: 911Alykhan Velshi, a spokesman for Immigration Minister... U.S.-based Imam Urges Muslims to Join the Gaza Battlefield. 01/13/2009

    Alykhan Velshi on Islamic Fundamentalism on National Review Online

    Alykhan Velshi Responds to Robert Spencer and I Respond to Him.

    Conservative Minister Jason Kenney visits Humayun’s Tomb in New Delhi, India

    His Highness the Aga Khan's 71st Birthday

    Iraqi Expat: Sheikh al-Azhar sides with the Iraqis

    CSIP Lobbying Group believes as any Canadian Political party believes, that Our Canadian policies, focus on these (4)main points, which all other policies connect to and are dependent upon. Without these solid points addressed, Canada becomes a shell of a country, a colony under corporate rule.

    Monetary Control- The use of our Bank of Canada in the best interest of all Canadians and to maintain and enhance sovereignty.

    Sovereignty-The ability to make laws and decisions for Canadians by Canadians.

    Civil and Human Rights -The restoration and fulfillment of our rights as originally intended under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution.

    Parliamentary Reform-The changes needed to bring our country to a state of complete interactive democracy, for the people, by the people.

    Energy Freedom Compel the release to the public and funding of existing alternate technology that can free us from a dependence on damaging fossil fuels. Moratorium on the use of depleted uranium.

    Without these solid points addressed, Canada is a shell of a country, a colony under corporate and financial rule

  15. @Islamophobiainspector,
    Very funny and sadly accurate.
    As a prozionist jackbooted islamophobic facist(as determined by the questionaire).I think your test should be a mandatory exercise for all Msn readers.
    The ridicule of Islam as an ongoing
    "black comedy"should continue till hopefully those benighted souls who believe will address your questions and arrive at the only sensible conclusion:Time for me to abandon this shit.