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Annapolis: The Conference from Hell

The list of invitations to what is being billed as the Annapolis Peace Conference reads like the attendance at a lynching. From Saudi Arabia to Syria, from the Arab League to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, from Javier Solana to Kadaffi's Libyan representative, every faction and country that wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth already has an invitation to the conference at which the Palestinians are expected to mumble something vague about their commitment to peace while Israel carves itself up and hands out pieces of itself to the enemy like some ghastly banquet treat.

In the upside down universe of international diplomacy, the only way to thwart Hamas and Ahmadinejad is not on the battlefield, but by "empowering the moderates" by making endless territorial concessions to them. It's as if this was 1942 and the United States decided the best way to end the war was by "discrediting" the extremist Nazis in Germany by forcing England to attend a peace conference with the "moderate" fascists in Italy and Spain and turn over Wales and parts of England proper to them.

In preparation for the conference, Olmert has begun handing out terrorist party favors releasing Fatah terrorists and allowing Russia to supply them with 25 armored cars and a 1000 rifles and 2 million rounds of ammunition. The first death of that bloody harvest came with the shooting of
Ido Zoldan as terrorists celebrated the upcoming peace conference in the the traditional way by murdering Israelis. Of course since Ido Zoldan was an opponent of Olmert's corrupt government, that could only have been a cause for celebration in the Prime Minister's Office.

If the first half of Olmert's reign was notorious for his brutality, incompetence and corruption; his second half is now a sham in which Peres in the President's office wields more actual power than the Prime Minister, setting the agenda for the state. Every insane policy from the Rabin \ Peres era has been dusted off, from releasing terrorists to arming them, to holding peace conferences with Fatah which has broken every promise of peace it has ever made. Olmert may be going to Annapolis, but it is Peres who is now setting the agenda as Olmert trudges behind him hoping to salvage a way to stay in office.

Meanwhile Condoleeza Rice continues to lever pressure on Israel, as America and Europe remain delusionally convinced that Abbas is an American ally, that Fatah is friendly and that the only way to salvage his failing government is to force Israel to make massive concessions to him. This is supposed to win him the confidence of Palestinian Arabs and the Middle East, but why in the world would any Arab have confidence in a failed leader who has to be coddled and armed by America and Israel? That's the problem with puppet regimes, they never have much credibility.

In the aftermath of Arafat's death, Fatah has been exposed for what it is, a bunch of cowardly armed gangs with no ability to run anything except their protection and payoff rackets. Hamas has been exposed as a bunch of fanatical Islamic thugs looking to create their own Taliban state. Given that America and Israel have repeatedly shown that they will not remove Hamas and since Hamas has shown that it can and will win any confrontation with Fatah, why in the world would anyone besides foreign diplomats back Fatah?

Condoleeza Rice can squeeze as many giveaways out of Israel as she likes, but leaders don't get credibility at the negotiating table, but from their ability to control their own territory. It's why the Afghani government has credibility and the Iraqi government does not. Right now Abbas has to be wearing diapers because he knows that the likeliest time for a coup is when the leader is out of the country. When Israel accepted Oslo, it turned over Gaza and the West Bank to a coalition of armed gangs represented by a handful of men in suits with foreign educations who could plausibly mimic a government well enough to fool the diplomats. The gangs are going their own way, leaving only the men in their expensive suits to accept Israel's surrender on behalf of a phony nation whose representatives are busy stockpiling aid money in its foreign bank accounts for when the hammer comes down.


  1. "Phony nation"
    Well that is what it is but the world is so ignorant and uneducated today they believe that Palestine was a real people.
    I have even seen religious tomes talking about how Avraham lived in Palestine! That is how stupid people are.
    As long as people continue to be uneducated and remain willfully ignorant not much can be done.
    Propaganda is a very effective tool in the hands of the wicked.

  2. Anonymous21/11/07

    What ails you my delusional Sultan ?
    Not one mention of your savior,your messiah George Bush's hand in all of this.
    This sickness is far and wide among idol worshiping Jews.
    You do get up the courage to say something about his Secretary who he has hired.
    He has said she is doing a great job.
    You are part of the problem Israel faces in continuing the cover up.

  3. Anonymous21/11/07

    There is a joke:

    Four people had a bet. There was a Jew, a Franchman, a Brit and an Arab. The bet was who can last the longest in a pig sty. A few days want by and the Jew came out. A week later the Franchman had had enough. Two weeks more the the English man pulled out. A month later the Pigs gave up.

    I think today Olmert would bet the Arabs.

  4. marcel, I have no idea what your problem is, but I'm really getting tired of your rants.

    I've repeatedly criticized Bush, but in the end Bush is doing what every US president has done. It's the government of Israel that is failing its people and it's the Western mindset itself that I'm attacking.

  5. Marcel have NO mindset,

    he's just a party line parrot...

  6. I still don't think America is delusional, said the little paranoid Jew. It's a part of Bush's plan to rid Israel of Jews. Since Israel means nothing to Olmert, he joined the plan not giving a flip. I imagine he's making a freaking fortune off it too.

    I also agree with a friend of mine. She said with Bush first took office, she looked in his face and all she saw was evil staring back at her and she wasn't sure why. It's simple. Only someone hideously evil would set Israel up like this.

  7. PS: marcel...you have issues.

  8. Hi, I think Marcel has a point. I am a thirty six year registered Republican. If it weren't that most conservatives appear to support Mr. Bush in what he is doing to Israel, Marcel might be casually dismissed. I listen to a fair amount of talk radio. Mr. Big and Sean Hannity are solidly behind Bush as are many conservative bloggers and web masters, etc. Most conservatives, even pro-Israel Christian conservatives support Bush on Israel. Other than the left for their own selfish reasons, I do not see folks on the right questioning the fact that Bush is selling out an ally -- our only reliable ally in the Middle East --- Israel's traitorous prime minister notwithstanding.


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