Monday, December 19, 2005

Kadima L'Beit HaHolim


  1. Can you translate the title, please? Thank you.

    I know Kadima means forward (or something to that effect)...perhaps the fledgling political party should be called Achora (sp-did my best).

  2. Anonymous19/12/05

    Hum... ... I don't get it!

  3. Anonymous19/12/05

    They say he will completely recover from his stroke.
    They say no damage done.
    Then, if no damage was done, there was no stroke.
    Strokes lead to forgetfulness , dementia, odd behavior, senile behavior.
    Be afraid, be very very afraid.

  4. Ruth, kadima means onward or forward. Beit is a house holim or cholim means sick.:)

  5. Anonymous19/12/05

    lemonlime got it basically,

    Onwards to the Hospital

  6. Anonymous19/12/05

    Arafat was also getting better for 10 days then he went to France, & then he came back in a box. Sharon could stay in Frace if he wishes & come back as a commoner when Moshiach comes if doesn't leave the Sabotniks behind.

  7. Anonymous19/12/05

    Arafat was gettiong better 10 days then he went to France & then...

  8. Thank you for the translation and clarification :)

    Seriously though, if Sharon was not oriented to time and place on admission to the hospital, that would reflect a serious TIA (transient ischemic attack) that could herald a massive stroke.