Sunday, May 29, 2005

War on Terror to be renamed War on Violent Extremism

No it's not satire, it's actual Bush administration policy. The War on Terror will now become the 'War on Violent Extremism' which presumabely includes the KKK, the WWF and angry drunks who argue over politics in bars. If anyone needed a better demonstration of the watering down of America's fight against Terrorism, it's that we're no longer to be even using the world 'Terror' anymore. Of course we were never using the word 'arab terrorism' to begin with so it's no wonder we were pulling 7 year olds and medal of honor winners out of line at the airport instead of arabs and muslims. Now presumabely law enforcement officials will no longer be told to look for terrorists, but 'violent extremists'

"A senior US official told the Post that, while the use of the phrase global war on terrorism “is catchy, there may be a better way to describe it”.

“What we really want now is a strategic approach to defeat violent extremism,” the official was quoted saying.

General Myers used the new term yesterday, noting that the US had detained 68,000 people “since this conflict against violent extremism began”

Here's a better way to defeat 'violent extremism', stop using euphemisms.

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