Thursday, May 26, 2005

If I were Tagged, I'd still be Tagged

Since CosmicX has tagged me now five questions I must answer and answer them I shall

If I could be a scientist…I would finally once and for all finish Einstein's work and demonstrate that quantum physics is an obvious fraud composed of nonsense and moonbeams and then invent artificial gravity so I'd never have to use public transportation again.

If I could be a farmer…I would grow a mutant crop of truth apples laced with truth serum that would force everyone who ate them to speak the truth thus finally bringing truth to the world.

If I could be a musician…I would use my musical abilities for good and influence people by composing a lyrical and moving song calling for the trial and execution of every DJ who plays a hit song more than three times a day.

If I could be a chef…I'd weigh six hundred pounds with my chef's hat.

If I could be a world famous blogger…I'd have other people to actually tag.

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