Thursday, April 14, 2005

Satmar Simcha Hall Stamford Hill

For the individual who found this blog by searching google for "Satmar Simcha Hall Stamford Hill" I really wish I could help you but frankly I have no idea. Anyone who does though is free to volunteer information.


  1. and do they REALLY think satmar simcha hall would be on the net??? IDIOTS. lol.

  2. Anonymous14/4/05

    I am not sure where the simcha hall is located, but if they serve up some delicious, juicy, Glatt Kosher Hamburgers or steaks I will find it baby!!! Just have some steak sauce and ketchup and fried onion rings and a salad ready for me when I get the info for you.
    I will be following my nose to the source of any and all catered simchas.

  3. Trust me matt, it's not on the net. It's just a hall where people hold chuppas and barmys.