Home Islam War on Terror Politically Correct Coverups of Muslim Killing Sprees: It's About Islam, Stupid
Home Islam War on Terror Politically Correct Coverups of Muslim Killing Sprees: It's About Islam, Stupid

Politically Correct Coverups of Muslim Killing Sprees: It's About Islam, Stupid

It's become second nature for civil authorities to claim a killing spree by a Muslim has nothing to do with his religion and instead resort to excuses like "depression", "financial problems" or "relationship problems."

In the latest Utah shooting, despite the fact that the killer's family had been prominent Muslim fighters, despite the fact that his own cousin sent an Islamic terrorist threat to the Governor of Connecticut saying, "09.11.01. Anthrax is deadly. You breathe and die. This is only the beginning. Americans will die. Death to America and Israel."

The press and law enforcement chose to ignore and deride any claims that his Islamic beliefs had anything to do with the attack. Even his home computer remained unexamined for clues as to why he carried out these attacks.

This follows a similar pattern of politically correct cover ups of Muslim killing sprees, including the attack in Portland and going back all the way to the LAX shooting at the El Al counter in 2002 by an Egyptian, which law enforcement insisted on claiming had been caused by "business problems" as well.

Then there's one of the grand daddies of them all. The Empire State Building Shootings.

In 1997, Ali Abu Kamal, a Palestinian, opened fire on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, killing one man and wounding six others. He left behind notes describing his hatred for America and Israel. Instead the media focused on the official story that Kamal had been upset over (you guessed it) business failures.

Never mind that he carried a letter reading, "The Zionists are the paw that carried out their savage aggression. My restless aspiration is to murder as many of them as possible, and I have decided to strike at their own den in New York..."

Now a decade later, Kamal's daughter has confirmed what everyone knew, but the media and law enforcement insisted on denying, that Kamal's attack had been a terrorist attack.

Kamal's 48-year-old daughter Linda, who who works for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, told the Daily News that her dad wanted to punish the U.S. for supporting Israel - and revealed her mom's 1997 account was a cover story crafted by the Palestinian Authority.

"A Palestinian Authority official advised us to say the attack was not for political reasons because that would harm the peace agreement with Israel," she told The News on Friday.

"When we wanted to clarify that to the media, nobody listened to us. His goal was patriotic. He wanted to take revenge from the Americans, the British, the French and the Israelis. He wrote that...he decided to avenge in the highest building in America to make sure they get his message."

The media and law enforcement of course "refused to get the message." They instead went into default cover up mode. As typically happens law enforcement is pressured not to designate the crime as a terrorist attack or driven by Islamic or Arab nationalist motives, but to relabel it under the usual categories that lone shooters are placed under, e.g. disgruntled or emotionally disturbed in some way.

With or without the help or the family, usually led by the press, this motive is constructed out of whole cloth and another Jihadist attack against Americans is covered up. And while America sleeps, the killings go on.

It's not depression though, or dissatisfaction or business failures. It's terrorism and the cover up must be fought.


  1. It's a reprehensible double-standard. If the Utah killer was black, white, Jewish, Hispanic..anything but muslim, the media would have reported on virtually every aspect of his life from craddle to grave--as they did with Timothy McVeigh.

    The media didn't hide his fixation on the Turner Diaries, or involvement with the Christian Identity movement. The media didn't cover-up how the two teens that murdered fellow students in Columbine had posted threats against their perceived tormentors online.

    While I don't doubt that many people muslim and non-muslim ruminate about violence, and life stresses can cause them to act on these ruminations, there is only one underlying motive--to kill--they have reasons that make sense to them.

    But underlying all of it is hatred against a particular group (Muslims hating Israel and Americans; teenagers hated students who have harassed the etc.)

    Business troubles, family strife are only important in that they explain the "why now?" question. The ruminations, hatred have most likely been festering for a long-time. The stress causes them to act on the ruminations.

    Then again, as September 11 has proven, Muslims are quite adept at mortgaging their emotions and hatred. They waited from the first attack on the WTC in 1993 to the final attack in 2001.

  2. Anonymous19/2/07

    The 21 point plan of Islam for the destruction of the USA has been forgotten since the media played it down.
    It included points such as
    marrying western women and converting the children to islam then divorcing her and taking the children.
    Taking control of media through jobs , management positions, influence,etc.
    Taking over chat rooms, forums, associations, etc.
    And through individual jihad when possible.
    I would love to post the whole list but I cant find it right now.
    Islam is not a religion.
    It is a political philosophy like fascism that seeks money and power through physical and spiritual domination of peoples.
    It is invasive and dangerous.
    They are doing shootings, running people over in cars at cross walks, and the muslim doctors are making "mistakes".
    Quite a few Muslim doctors do not autoclave their instruments or keep proper sterilization techniques in their offices.
    Not a few "misdiagnose" or "accidently" overlook things with patients. This is their contribution to jihad.

  3. Anonymous20/2/07

    Islam’s 20-point plan for conquering the United States by 2020:


  4. Gee, does that mean I get to go on an all out muslim killing spree since their very existence irritates me? Please say yes. :]

    Hey! If they can have excuses, why can't I? I'm handicap. :] (yo sits giggling till the cat on her lap inserts claws and brings her painfully back to reality.)


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