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Monday, February 28, 2022

Forget Crack Pipes, a CDC Provider is Promoting 'Safe' Fentanyl Use

By On February 28, 2022
We live in the golden age of the junkie. Not even in the darkest days of the counterculture were addicts able to swarm major cities and sit on the street getting high while knowing that all of their needs and wants would be taken care of. Billions are spent on “homeless services” for crackheads, meth abusers, and heroin addicts whose plight is blamed on the cost of housing.

Not on a political system that decided to decriminalize drug dealing, drug use, public vagrancy, shoplifting, and then wonders why the streets are filled with tent encampments and overdoses.

Public health has long since been redefined as giving addicts everything they could possibly need to go on smoking, snorting, or shooting up as they will until they overdose and die. The same dysfunctional public health system that insists on masking 2-year-olds also claims that the interests of public health are served by handing out drug paraphernalia to crackheads.

Yes, that includes crack pipes.

When the Free Beacon’s story about the Biden administration signing off on “safe smoking kits” went viral, Biden’s people and the media rushed to deny it and shout it down, but the story reveals nothing unusual. Public health is now routinely used to enable the drug lifestyle.

Free crack pipes have been handed out before. The Biden administration claims that the “safe smoking kits”, as if there were a safe way to smoke crack, will not include actual crack pipes.

Does it really matter whether the crack smoking kit contains an actual crack pipe or just all the other essentials for smoking crack? The public may be temporarily outraged over handing out crack pipes, but how is that any different than handing out free needles to heroin addicts?

Needle exchange programs, which were controversial a decade ago, are ubiquitous. There’s hardly any major city that doesn’t offer needles. The Biden administration, now busy acting as if it would never hand out free crack pipes, announced a push to get states to adopt Syringe Services Programs. That’s another euphemism for handing out free needles to heroin addicts.

Is there some reason why crackheads shouldn’t get freebies but heroin addicts should?

The Biden administration announced its free heroin needles advocacy through the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Once a signature element of President Reagan’s War on Drugs, ONDCP, like everything conservative that leftists touched, from the military to the FBI, serves the opposite of its original purpose, no longer fighting drugs, but enabling it.

There are still the old “Drug-Free Community” grants that now mean the exact opposite.

Not only isn't the old drug czar office fighting drugs, but it funded the drafting of a bill to give out heroin needles. Faced with a sharp increase in overdose deaths, Rahul Gupta, the Biden admin's choice to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which is no longer in the business of controlling drugs, proposed more free needles and offering fentanyl test strips to allow addicts to test if their drug of choice has been cut with Communist China's drug of choice.

But at this rate, ONDCP will be handing out information on how to safely use fentanyl. That’s no exaggeration since the proponents of “harm reduction” believe in just that.

SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration promotes free needles, "safe smoking supplies" alongside "masks, social distancing" to keep junkies safe.

The CDC, which claims that being around an unmasked child can be lethal, is overseeing the Harm Reduction Technical Assistance Program to "monitor" free needle giveaways nationwide.

Masking 2-year-olds and handing out needles to addicts is the new public health.

The CDC promotes the National Harm Reduction Coalition’s claim that “racialized drug policies” are the real problem. Harm Reduction is a euphemism for making drug use safer rather than ending it. And that’s exactly what the NHRC, which acts as a “provider” for the CDC, argues.

The National Harm Reduction Coalition’s site claims that, "Safer drug use means using safe supplies" and, "No one knows what’s best for you better than you. Whatever drugs you use, we want you to be safe and healthy". It has a fact sheet on fentanyl use advertised as “by and from people who use drugs” that is funded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

“You can use any drug safely, including fentanyl and its analogues, as long as you have the right resources,” the fact sheet tells users.

It repeatedly blames drug overdoses on the "criminalization of people who use drugs".

The fact sheet from the Drug Overdose Prevention and Education (DOPE) Project mentions that it's funded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and that it's been featured in "CDC reports". Perhaps the CDC can address the claim by its “technical assistance provider”.

But you can see why the CDC is comfortable in its collaboration with NHRC because the organization issued COVID guidance for handing out "latex gloves, safe masks, and hand sanitizer" to junkies alongside "harm reduction supplies for safer smoking and snorting".

Smoking crack won’t kill you, but a lack of hand sanitizer just might.

DOPE traces its history back to San Francisco's Heroin Committee and "innovative" programs like "free, 20-minute phone cards, which were distributed by programs serving injection drug users (IDUs), with pre-recorded messages encouraging users to 'fix with a friend.'"

And that again is how we got here.

Leftist cities in California shifted from fighting drugs to enabling drug use while fighting overdoses. The only thing wrong with shooting up heroin or smoking crack was that “criminalization” made the product and practices risky. Under the guise of “harm reduction”, every effort was put into enabling drug users to “safely” inject heroin or smoke crack.

Never mind that there’s no “safe” way to use crack, heroin or fentanyl.

Harm reduction is obsessed with preventing overdoses, but the biochemistry of drug use makes them all but inevitable in addicts over time. And the risk of an overdose is not the only thing wrong with drug use. The streets of San Francisco and every major city are evidence of that.

Our “homeless” crisis is the result of a deliberate policy reversing the war on drugs. It’s no coincidence that the crisis is at its worst in the California cities that pioneered “harm reduction”.

Harm reduction is a wonderful euphemism. It doesn’t stop the harm, it merely makes it manageable. The successful crack, heroin or fentanyl user “manages” his addiction. He reduces the inherent harm to slowly destroying his mind and body, to lying on the street, mugging random pedestrians, and spreading disease, all the while avoiding a final fatal overdose.

There’s nothing humane or kind about this. Harm reduction enables human misery on a scale we haven’t seen in generations. And every time the overdose numbers rise and more homeless crowd the streets, the same social welfare crowd that caused this crisis offers more of the same.

Poverty won the War on Poverty and drugs won the War on Drugs because the warriors weren’t actually fighting poverty or drugs, they were fighting for the other side. And the other side won.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Sunday, February 27, 2022

How to Destroy the Economy With This One Weird Socialist Trick

By On February 27, 2022
On Feb 1, the New York Times ran an article warning that the national debt had topped $30 trillion for the first time, leaving us in so much debt that “the government would need to spend an amount larger than America’s entire annual economy in order to pay it off."

That’s a problem.

Five days later, the same paper ran a puff piece touting Modern Monetary Theory and its claim that you can just print as much money as you want to fund an infinite welfare state.

The “economic theory” embraced by Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Starbucks hipsters everywhere “posits that if a government controls its own currency and needs money…it can just print it.”

No wonder Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, whose economics degree from Boston U has appreciated worse than anything at Walmart, insisted that MMT needs to be “a larger part of our conversation.” It needs to be because MMT’s cult-like denial of reality is how we got here.

House and Senate Democrats, along with the Biden administration, which is packed with Sanders and Warren apparatchiks, have tested the theory that money can just be printed. Now once interest hikes on the national debt kick in, we’re headed for $1.4 trillion in interest.

So we’ll just print more money.

The New York Times claims not to understand why this might be a problem. Or as Stephanie Kelton, the leading proponent of MMT, put it in the Times puff piece, “Want to build a road? No problem, so long as you have asphalt and construction workers. Want to feed children free lunches? Also not a problem, so long as you have the food and the cafeteria workers.”

The workers will probably want to be paid. And what do you pay them with when money is worthless? It’s a problem tackled by progressive regimes from Weimar Germany to Venezuela.

"Biden Can Go Bigger and Not ‘Pay for It’ the Old Way," Kelton insisted in a New York Times op-ed last year. Biden went bigger and we’re all paying for it in the oldest way possible.

Kelton, who had worked as the chief economist for the Democrat Senate Budget Committee and then for Bernie Sanders, became part of the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force. And Biden, who has spent a lifetime in politics and whose closest brush with economics came when Hunter was allegedly reserving 10% of kickbacks for him, doesn’t get it.

Neither, on every odd day, does the New York Times.

But to put it in terms that the Times can understand, the paper’s business people decided to raise its digital subscription price for the first time in 2020. The paper just bought Wordle for a "seven-figure sum" because 44% of its digital subscriptions are coming from its cooking, reviews, games, and other non-news areas. Despite the Times’ enthusiasm for socialism and even Communism, it remains listed on the stock exchange and when it needs more capital, it doesn’t just print more stock certificates, it raises prices and tries to provide value.

Crazy, huh?

Kelton, who was the economic adviser to the Bernie Sanders campaign, joined Stony Brook University, a public university, with an apparent salary of $208,590. Up from $200,000 in 2017. In a striking case of income inequality, her salary is "163.8 percent higher than the average pay for co-workers and 216.3 percent higher than the national average for government employees."

At Stony Brook, Stephanie outearns her husband, a fellow professor, who only makes $175,000.

And then there's her MarketWatch podcast, speaking fees and book, The Deficit Myth, published by the Hachette Book Group which also published In Defense of Looting.

All of this enables the Keltons to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with an estimated $2 million waterfront estate on nearly two acres. Aside from the usual looting of the taxpayers, this arrangement is made possible by a functioning economy in which money from public universities and publishers can be exchanged for the niceties of life.

But whether it’s health care, crime, homes, family values, or economics, lefties want to live a more traditional life in which they have their choice of doctors, their children from two-parent families attend private schools and crackheads aren’t pounding on their windows at 2 A.M.

And also they’d like to be able to get paid in actual money instead of colorful confetti.

Yet here’s the New York Times, with a market cap of $7 billion, featuring a woman who lives in a waterfront estate, insisting that, as Kelton put it, “Q: Are you saying the government can just ‘print the money’ to pay for new spending? A: Is there any other way?”

A currency based on something other than funding lefty policy agencies would be a start.

The United States is borrowing trillions to fund interest payments on a debt amassed to fund a war on poverty and assorted “investments in our future” as Obama liked to call his sprees. We mortgaged our future in an experiment with leftist social policies that have crashed and burned.

Now the leftist proponents of those policies insist that we shouldn’t be bound by mere numbers.

If the New York Times or the Keltons ran their own books the way they would like to see us run ours, the woke would shortly be very broke. And in prison. The Social Security Trust Fund, sold to a generation that survived the Depression and witnessed the early stages of the disintegration of the family as a hedge against growing old in poverty, became just another flow of tax revenues that can’t and won’t be paid back once the unfunded bill fully comes due.

The doomsday clock for the Trust Fund moved up one year. The news that Old-Age and Survivors Insurance will now run out in 12 years was largely ignored in 2021. It'll go on being ignored until the mandatory 20% cuts start kicking in. And then it’ll get even worse.

Medicaid's hospital insurance will be out much sooner by 2026. That's only four years away.

Modern Monetary Theory shrugs at such things. A Truthout article on MMT and Medicare declares, “Congress can simply authorize the Treasury and the Federal Reserve to spend the money necessary for single-payer health care.” Money to lefties, who often come from privileged backgrounds, is a Nietzschean expression of progressive will, not a real thing.

In the real world, that means a Venezulean nightmare in which a prosperous oil-rich country became a place where hospitals had no medicine, stores had no food, and money had no value because the sociologist running its economy announced that inflation did not actually exist.

The vast distance between the elites and the real world makes such illusions possible.

America is vast and wonderful enough that its academic elites and economic podcasts can exist in an entirely different realm than the one occupied by people just scraping by. Socialism is the hobbyhorse of university grads who propose things that Karl Marx would have laughed at. Inflation may have killed the dollar store, but it’s still an illusion to the Biden White House.

In the face of the grim consequences of their social policies and economics, leftists are climbing higher into a fantastic world in which the prosaic limitations of human nature don’t apply. Like adults watching Marvel movies, it’s not really a world they believe in, but that they’d like to. It’s a world without any of the limitations on the political superhero fantasies of their egos. They expect us to live in that world, but don’t ask them to leave their mansions and join us there.

(Personal note. I’ve been to the ER the previous week. I can only sit and write for so long at any given time. And my brain is somewhat fogged by painkillers. I'm sorry if I have been unable to reply to your emails or comments as a result.)

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thursday, February 24, 2022

CEO of World's Largest Publisher Funds Campaign to Force Critical Race Theory Into Schools

By On February 24, 2022
Behind Ibram X. Kendi's racist tract, How to Be an Antiracist, is a German publishing giant with a Nazi past. Kendi’s books have been published by Penguin Random House, which after a merger overseen by Bertelsmann executive Markus Dohle, and despite antitrust challenges from the Justice Department, became the world's largest publisher under CEO Dohle.

Bertelsmann, the German mega-publisher, whose owner had donated to the SS, which, employed Jewish slave labor, and long before Kendi, was infamous for racist tracts such as The Christmas Book of the Hitler Youth, is heavily invested in pushing racism on Americans.

And schools are a lucrative market for inflicting critical race theory on American students.

Now Dohle, in a New York Times story that suspiciously reads like a press release, has announced that he’s donating $500,000 to PEN to create the “Dohle Book Defense Fund”.

The fund by the wealthy German CEO appears to be meant to fight efforts by states, schools, and parents to keep racist hate out of the classroom like the kind purveyed by Bertelsmann which went from the The Christmas Book of the Hitler Youth to How to Be an Antiracist.

The New York Times connects efforts by parents "demanding the removal of certain books from schools" and local legislators working to keep "gender identity", "pornographic material" and "critical race theory" out of the classrooms to Dohle growing up in Germany after WW2.

Dohle claims to be aware of “the dark times and the dark history of the country" in his native Germany, as if parents fighting to keep racist books out of classrooms makes them Nazis.

Parents already struggling with the disproportionate power of the Biden White House, which attempted to treat them as terrorists, and the smears of the media, will now also have to contend with the world's largest publisher coming after them in order to protect its profit margins.

Dohle’s move however casts light on the role of Penguin Random House and the former Nazi megapublisher behind it in the war over critical race theory in America. None of the media stories about the Dohle Book Defense Fund bother to mention Kendi or the financial stake that the former Nazi book publisher has in forcing American schools to keep buying its racist hate.

Penguin Random House has aggressively marketed Ibram X. Kendi’s brand of hate to adults and even to children with the widely mocked Antiracist Baby, a board book for babies, and Goodnight Racism, which does for Goodnight Moon what Farrakhan did for bow ties.

(There’s even a card game: The Antiracist Deck. Whatever card you pick, you lose.)

Penguin Random House's education arm however also pushes Kendi's How To Be an Antiracist to high school students grades 9 to 12. Kendi's Be Antiracist is targeted at grades 6-12.

It's not just Kendi.

Robin DiAngelo's racist White Fragility is being distributed by Penguin Random House which promotes it for grades 6 to 12. Her latest, Nice White People, is designated for grades 9 to 12.

Ta-Nehisi Coates's Between the World and Me is promoted for grades 9 to 12. There's also the latest Coates book being adapted for young adults, The Beautiful Struggle (likely to be translated as Der Schone Kampf in German if Bertelsmann ever gets around to it.)

After all, Bertelsmann had only agreed to stop selling Mein Kampf in 1999.

It’s no coincidence that three of the most infamous racialist authors who, more than anyone, have helped mainstream racism, and have become the public face of the ideas inherent in critical race theory, are on the list of one single publisher. Or that the publisher’s CEO is now going to war against parents trying to keep Bertelsmann’s brand of racism out of their schools.

Previously few conservatives were willing to connect the dots to Penguin Random House.

But Markus Dohle’s declaration of war on American parents and conservatives may change that. The Dohle Book Defense Fund is not defending books, it’s defending the cash that Dohle’s company makes from hooking American kids on hate. PEN, which has failed to advocate for conservative writers being canceled left and right, is thrilled to act as a front for the financial interests of one of the megapublishers destroying the industry. It probably helps that Dohle sits on PEN’s Board of Trustees and has served as the Board’s executive vice-president.

(If you wonder why PEN won’t actually protect writers, read that last sentence one more time.)

American publishing has been carved up by foreign interests like Germany’s Bertelsmann and France’s Lagardère Group (publishers of In Defense of Looting) which have not only destroyed longtime American publishing firms like Random House and Little, Brown, and Company, but turned them into machines feeding hate, violence, and the breakdown of American society.

In the media’s press releases, Dohle neglected to mention his company’s financial interests, and instead claimed that he decided to invest at least $500,000 into fighting American parents because of “the future of our democracy.” Nothing says “democracy” like a German CEO using the world’s largest publisher and rivers of cash to bully American parents into backing down.

But as Dohle and Bertelsmann go to war to protect their racist business model, they may experience more of that “democracy” than they expect. It took a long time to wake up conservatives to the dangerous threat of monopolistic Big Tech companies. Dohle and Bertelsmann may be about to wake the same sleeping giant as Bezos and Zuckerberg.

Penguin Random House under Dohle signed a $65 million deal with the Obamas, and a $20 million deal with Prince Harry. Cuomo’s shady $5 million book deal came through Crown: an imprint of Penguin Random House. Hillary’s book deals came through Simon & Schuster which is set to be swallowed up by Bertelsmann extinguishing one of the last large U.S. publishers.

The Justice Department is fighting to block this latest Bertelsmann cannibalization of America’s publishing industry, but considering how many politicians have made millions from book deals through the German giant, the odds may not be on the side of justice.

If you follow the big book deals of politicians and the big racist book deals, they tend to lead to the same German company which is destroying our society and our culture for its profit.

Dohle and Bertelsmann could have been satisfied wielding their power from behind the scenes. Now they have declared war on American conservatives and parents, and that will raise questions about whether not only Kendi, Coates or DiAngelo’s racist tracts belong in our schools, but whether any Bertelsmann and Penguin Random House books do.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thank you for reading.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Celebs Backed BLM Fund That Bailed Out a BLM Assassin

By On February 21, 2022
Quintez Brown, a Black Lives Matter activist, walked into the campaign office of a Louisville political candidate and opened fire. Bullets grazed the clothing of Craig Greenberg, a local businessman running in the mayoral election, as people ran for cover from the shooter.

Brown's bag carried extra magazines suggesting that he had come prepared for a massacre or an extended firefight. However the people in the office barricaded the door and the Black Lives Matter activist ran for it.

The police caught him anyway.

After years of campaigning against the police with BLM, the arrest came as poetic justice, but it was followed by BLM's Louisville Community Bail Fund bailing out the assassin.

"It is nearly impossible to believe that someone can attempt murder on Monday and walk out of jail on Wednesday," Mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg said.

And yet that’s always been the goal of BLM and the pro-crime police defunding movement.

"There is simply no defense for a would-be assassin to be released on bail, 60 hours after firing on his intended target," Adam Edelen, the former Chief of Staff for Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, tweeted.

Brown had led a charmed life long before the shooting. After a free ride scholarship to the University of Louisville, he met with Obama as a fellow at the Youth Violence Prevention Research Center, along with John Legend and Michael B. Jordan, got a column at the Courier Journal and was planning to launch his own political career.

After a very privileged life, it’s not surprising that Quintez Brown retains his political privilege.

Black Lives Matter is a racist and antisemitic hate group, and Brown’s increasingly hateful and antisemitic views were not out of line with his fellow black nationalist bigots. BLM’s decision to bail him out of jail is evidence that the hate group continues its support even after the shooting.

And who was behind Louisville Community Bail Fund?

The bail fund is a project of BLM Louisville, but its fiscal sponsor is the Alliance for Global Justice. AFGJ had been created to support Marxist Sandinista terrorists in Nicaragua and its backers include George Soros, Tides, the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, and other wealthy leftists.

The Louisville Community Bail Fund was originally set up to bail out BLM rioters during the violent mob scenes over the death of Breonna Taylor who was killed when her boyfriend opened fire on police officers during a drug raid. Celebrities who rallied on social media to celebrate the drug dealer’s girlfriend also promoted donations to the bail fund in order to help the rioters.

"If you are heartsick over racism & injustice, let it manifest action, work towards justice, however you can manage," Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted, along with a link to the Louisville Community Bail Fund. “If you cannot donate, amplify/volunteer.”

Some of these tweets were organized by celebrity, music, and women’s magazines like Billboard, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire who cheered support for the racist rioters devastating cities and provided convenient links enabling readers to donate to free them.

Rapper Janelle Monae tweeted, "I’m getting heroes out of jail in Louisville. Join me if you can (especially those who seek to be allies). Let’s donate."

Monae, despite no discernible talent, has multiple Grammy Award nominations, is a Cover Girl spokeswoman, and Boston even created Janelle Monae Day to honor her. She appeared in the revisionist history movie Hidden Figures and has faced no consequences for her activism.

Scandal star Kerry Washington convened an Instagram online yoga class and offered donations to the Louisville Community Bail Fund for everyone who joined her collective breathing class.

Former teen actress Gabrielle Union also tweeted about her bail fund donation.

Front Page Magazine reached out to some of the celebrities who donated to the bail fund for a racist hate group in light of its role in bailing out a political assassin, but received no reply.

The cast, crew, and producers of FOX’s sitcom Call Me Kat, also made a collective donation.

“I set our upcoming Fox series in Louisville to honor my hometown,” executive producer Darlene Hunt said. “But in light of current events, supporting the Louisville Community Bail Fund seemed like an important way to not only honor my hometown but to also hopefully promote positive change.”

How releasing rioters to destroy more of the city would promote positive change was unclear.

Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy tweeted, "Disgusted. Enraged. Heartbroken. Please contribute if you can. Justice should not be a luxury" along with a link to the Louisville Community Bail Fund.

Now it’s Louisville residents watching a racist assassin being set free who are disgusted and enraged at this betrayal of justice aided and abetted by millionaire celebrities from California.

None of the actors whom I contacted about their support for a fund that bailed out a political assassin were interested in replying and addressing the issue. Much like the celebrities who supported Black Lives Matter were unwilling to discuss the devastating riots, destruction of family businesses, and deaths caused by the racist hate groups they were supporting.

The violence that Quintez Brown unleashed in a campaign office did not come out of nowhere.

Black Lives Matter lives by violence and hate. The hate that Brown spewed on social media did not get any attention until he opened fire. And even then his apologists are claiming that his actions are the result of mental illness rather than his association with a racist hate group.

Leftists want to support Black Lives Matter, yet they refuse to accept responsibility for its violence. Celebrities eagerly organized donations to free race rioters and criminals, but are unwilling to accept responsibility when the BLM fund they backed releases an assassin.

The reckoning over years of Black Lives Matter violence, backed by corporations and celebrities, has yet to arrive. But as violence by the extremists drawn to the racist movement continues, those who funded violence and terrorism will have to answer for the consequences.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thank you for reading.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Was Christina Lee Murdered Because Critical Race Theory Told Her She Was a Racist?

By On February 19, 2022
During the violent Black Lives Matter race riots, the blog for the Splice platform offered the ritual BLM slogan and urged everyone to "educate yourself on the Blacks Lives Matter movement and how you can become a better supporter." One of the company's BLM tips included garbage like, "6 ways Asian Americans can tackle anti-black racism in their families".

Two years later, Splice offered an RIP to "our beloved Christina Lee" who was "senselessly murdered in her home." It asked everyone to remember the 35-year-old New Yorker as "dedicated to making beautiful and inclusive artwork."

Even Lee’s murder had to be reframed in the service of diversity, equity, and inclusivity, when it was really caused by the cultlike obedience to the critical race theory obsession with equity.

Lee’s murderer, Assamad Nash, a black career criminal, had multiple court cases in his wake. Instead of being locked up, he followed the young woman to her Chinatown apartment and was caught covered in her blood. This latest crime by Nash may be serious enough that Soros DA Alvin Bragg will feel moved to actually prosecute him and ask for actual jail time. Maybe.

Nash, a homeless criminal, had followed Lee home. He had trailed her up six flights of stairs.

Did the young woman see him at any point? Was there a flash of fear followed by a recourse to diversity, equity, and inclusion? Did she start lecturing herself about her prejudices and ignore her common sense so that she wouldn’t be seen as a “Karen” perpetuating systemic racism?

What could Lee have done? Called the police?

During the BLM race riots, Cuomo signed a bill into law that banned "reporting a nonemergency incident involving a member of a protected class."

Nash was a member of a “protected class”.

Calling the police on a black person without "an imminent threat" made the victim into the perpetrator.

Until the moment when Nash physically assaulted Lee, she would have been the criminal for calling the cops on him.

The co-sponsors of the bill that protected Nash from Lee included State Senator John C. Liu, who later appeared at a press conference bemoaning her brutal murder.

The same Splice BLM page promoted National Bail Out as a "collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers, and activists that bails out those impacted by mass incarceration" and a variety of local bail funds that free criminals enabling them to commit more crimes.

New York's destruction of bail has enabled the crime wave that is now destroying the city.

Lee’s death was senseless only in that Splice and the city’s lefty hipster elite helped make it happen. The politicians are back to deploring violence against Asian or “AAPI” people while implying that it had something to do with President Trump’s Wuhan Virus comments.

But, like so many attacks on Asian people in Manhattan’s Chinatown, it’s absurdly easy to trace the origins of this attack back to the infamous red doors of the Bowery Mission.

When the Bowery Mission opened in the 1870s, it was in the Five Points, the vilest slum in New York where gangs like the Dead Rabbits rampaged in the streets, Tammany Hall's thugs controlled the wards, and the water was unfit to drink.

Quite a lot has changed in 150 years.

The Manhattan mission with its infamous red doors now intersects the gentrifying East Village on the one hand and Chinatown on the other. The Bowery’s historic nature (it appears in some 19th century fiction and 20th century movies) and the cult of enabling junkie vagrants means that hardly anyone dares to tell the obvious truths about the violence surrounding it.

The Bowery Mission is close to a school, but child rapists have been found living there. Assaults routinely happen in the vicinity of the Bowery. When the violence targets a minority group, whether it’s the Asians or gay bars in the area, politicians condemn it as a hate crime. The perps out of the Bowery Mission do sometimes shout slurs when slashing people in the face, but the slurs are a symptom of the problem, and not the actual problem itself.

The area is a notorious open-air drug market and people are assaulted all the time in the area.

But the worst Bowery Mission massacre happened a few years ago when Santos, a Dominican immigrant who had previously been arrested for everything from biting a man on the chest to groping a woman, who punched his mother and broke his grandfather's nose, who had been arrested four times in one year, murdered four men by beating them to death with a metal pipe.

Cops caught the immigrant crackhead carrying a metal pipe covered in blood and hair. His victims included 83-year-old Chuen Kwok. The killer, a regular at the Bowery Mission, committed his crimes in its vicinity, targeting fellow vagrants who were sleeping nearby.

Santos didn’t have to be on the loose. He had been arrested for a series of violent tantrums when he was bailed out by NYU Law School’s Washington Square Legal Services Fund.

The Fund’s mission is to “subvert the cash bail system by bailing out as many people as possible.” Four dead people were just collateral damage from the Fund’s subversion.

Beyond the Bowery, the area is ground zero for homeless shelters and halfway houses, which eventually reach the housing projects that line the eastern shore of the island.

Sara D Roosevelt Park, planted in the middle of what would become Chinatown and named after FDR's mother (over her objections), was carefully rehabilitated in the Giuliani and Bloomberg eras only to revert back to a hellhole filled with junkies, vagrants, and violence.

A newspaper walkthrough last year noted a delivery man stabbed to death for his electric bike and how "a man stabbed a stranger in the chest in the park, putting him in critical condition” while a “baggie of angel dust was found in the suspect’s wallet."

What’s going on here is senseless, but no mystery.

Asian politicians, like their Jewish counterparts, are captives of a Democrat political machine and unwilling to address violent attacks on their community members in any but the broadest of generalities.

The Asian American Federation responded to Lee's murder by tweeting, "we urge our community to remain calm & reserve judgement until we get all the facts."

"We are asking for a $30 million emergency commitment toward mental health resources for (People of Color) POC-led orgs serving communities of color," its director clamored.

The only thing that would do is worsen the problem which can only be solved by locking away dangerous monsters from the general public in what lefties like to call the “carceral system”.

State Senator John Liu, whose career has depended on balancing leftist virtue signaling and Asian constituents, opined, "now, maybe this is a hate crime. Maybe this is not a hate crime. But it’s yet another Asian woman."

What it really is, is another crime that could have been prevented with a working justice system.

The collapse of the justice system, of police, prosecutors, and prisons, has filled the streets with junkie criminals, many of whom orbit around an area that intersects Chinatown. Political dogma means more tearful press conferences like the ones attended by Liu and other Chinese-American lefties who aren’t allowed to talk about what’s actually going on.

Instead they bewail, in general terms, hatred and discrimination against Asian people. Rhetoric that sounds like it’s indicting white people is safer than holding the minority killers and their white enablers accountable. And then they complain that nothing has changed. Of course not.

“This has happened so many times, and we have attended too many vigils," Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou complained.

And it's going to go on happening until people actually speak the truth.

The truth might have warned Christina Lee that her fears were legitimate. They might have saved her life. Instead she was programmed by everyone from her political representatives to her colleagues to her culture to believe that being afraid of criminals made her a systemic racist.

By the time she was being murdered in her bathtub, it was too late.

Meanwhile at Splice, the links to dismantling the prison system and freeing all the criminals, to accusing Asians of being racist against black people, still remain even after Lee’s death.

The author of "6 ways Asian Americans can tackle anti-black racism in their families", who has a PhD in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley for a thesis on Asian American solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, later revealed that she had been raped by a by a fellow Berkeley student who introduced her to pro-crime politics and opposition to the criminal justice system, and who later received a "prestigious racial justice fellowship from an elite university".

Throughout her article, it never seems to occur to her that his crime and his politics were linked.

"Many of us believe that the people who hurt us deserve to heal," she concluded.

Did Lee believe that? There may be no way to know, but as another brutal murder strikes Chinatown, as part of a crime wave engulfing New York City and major cities, it’s time for believers in the cult of critical race theory to choose their rapists and their killers.

Or choose themselves.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Biden's Black and Left Base Go To War Over Supreme Court Seat

By On February 17, 2022
As Governor Rod Blagojevich once said of Obama's Senate seat, “It's a f____ valuable thing, you just don't give it away for nothing."

A Supreme Court seat is even more valuable and with the Senate stalemated, the two big factions of the Democrat base are furiously fighting over who gets to ‘Blagojevich’ it.

The superannuated struggle over the seat of Justice Stephen Breyer, who chose to retire at the age of 83, pits Rep. Jim Clyburn, 81, against Senator Bernie Sanders, 80. Both are demanding that Joe Biden, 79, let them ‘Blagojevich’ the “f____ valuable” Supreme Court seat.

(None of them however are planning to follow Breyer’s example and retire at 83 with Bernie Sanders set to run again in 2024 even though he’ll be 83, Clyburn declaring, “Hell, yes”, when asked if he intends to run again this year for a term that will take him to 83, and Joe Biden insisting that he will run for reelection for a second term that would take him to the age of 86.)

Both Clyburn and Sanders have a claim to the contract on Joe Biden’s soul.

Clyburn turned out the black vote for Biden, dragging him through the South, and enabling him to hold off Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. Biden and Bernie then agreed to a unity pledge that united the Democrats behind a candidate to whom the usual response was, “Huh, him, why?”

In politics, nothing is free. Biden mortgaged his presidency to Clyburn, Warren, and Sanders.

But there’s only one Supreme Court seat available. And only one fundament, no matter how diverse, can be planted on the wooden bench. The question is whose fundament will it be?

Biden got the pretense of even pretending to pick the best candidate out of the way when he vowed that the only candidates he would consider were black women. And not Judge Janice Rogers Brown whose nomination to the Court of Appeals he had blocked two decades ago.

But the question is which black woman?

Biden’s promise wasn’t some noble call to remedy a historical injustice, but a pitch to black voters in South Carolina that was made at the urging of local political kingmaker Clyburn.

When Biden first made ins infamous “promise” at the South Carolina Democrat debate, he told

Oprah pal Gayle King, "I'm looking forward to making sure there's a black woman on the Supreme Court" and then responding to audience noise with, "Not a joke -- not a joke."

It’s a joke, but like everything involving a crooked senile hack being given free access to the White House, the national treasury and foreign policy, it’s ultimately not very funny.

Biden's promise worked though. He won nearly half the vote in South Carolina leaving Bernie Sanders a distant second. The other candidates hovered around the single digit mark.

Clyburn delivered South Carolina, the South and the party’s nomination. He wants to be paid.

The White House is full of Clyburn’s people, but a Supreme Court seat is still a “f____ valuable thing”. Biden promised it to Clyburn who picked his own nominee and is working the room.

While the lefties are pushing their gals through the media, Clyburn took Judge Michelle Childs to meet members of the Senate and recruited Senate Republicans, including Senator Lindsey Graham, to promise to support her. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders got into a snit and refused to meet her which allows Clyburn to imply that they’re a bunch of racists.

Give the third-highest ranking House Dem credit, he knows how to hustle.

Childs is a typical non-ideological product of Congressional Black Caucus patronage. She wouldn’t make a great justice, but neither does she go to bed every night plotting to destroy America. You can expect bad decisions from her, but not particularly creative ones.

Socialists would like someone dedicated to completely dismantling the country and supporting every insane scheme in the book. And they’ve got a shortlist of horrifying candidates.

Demand Justice had sent around trucks blaring, “Breyer, retire. It’s time for a Black woman Supreme Court justice. There’s no time to waste." Once word of Breyer’s resignation leaked , the leftist group took credit for the liberal justice having been "shamed" by the "gushing fire hydrant of bullying tweets". And the Soros-backed group has its own “shortlist” of justices.

The Soros shortlist from hell includes antisemitic DOJ appointee Kristen Clarke, Soros Philly DA Larry Krasner, and Dale Ho, a Biden nominee, who boasted of being a "wild-eyed sort of leftist".

While none of these people are getting nominated, two of them aren’t even black women, the Demand Justice shortlist also includes Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Leondra Kruger who top the leftist shortlist and whom the media has been promoting non-stop for the Supreme Court.

Leondra Kruger, the daughter of a Jewish doctor and a Jamaican immigrant, is another Kamala Harris who slithered her way up California's political ladder.

Kruger had never even been a judge until Governor Jerry Brown put her on the Supreme Court before she turned 40 because she had the right political credentials..

Now the media is working hard to put her on the Supreme Court.

At only 45 years old, Kruger would have a long tenure in which to reshape the court.

But a half-Jewish half-Jamaican product of the California leftist machine is not what Clyburn had in mind when he got Biden to promise to put a black woman on the Supreme Court.

While the Left and the media keep touting Kruger, Clyburn has pushed Childs. The Left, unwilling to just say that its real objection to Childs is that she’s not the product of their political network and sworn to their radical agenda, has accused her of working for “corporations”.

That’s a hilarious charge considering that Demand Justice is backed by Soros, Swiss medical tech billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, and other wealthy businessmen. Without corporations to fund them, the American Left would be stuck handing out badly mimeographed pamphlets on college campuses inviting people to seminars on Marxism. But they can’t quite call Clyburn a racist.

And accusing their enemies of being corporate stooges is the Left’s only fallback position.

The battle over the Supreme Court seat has unraveled the uneasy alliance between the black political machine and white leftist wings of the Democrats. Most things could be shared, but there’s no way to share a Supreme Court seat and both are determined to claim the prize.

But whom will Biden pick?

Despite promising to match President Trump and release a Supreme Court shortlist during the campaign, Biden never did. Instead he let everyone, including Clyburn, believe he would name their candidate giving him the maximum flexibility to bribe one side at the right time.

The political calculus here is as crass as a Hunter Biden art show. Biden needs the support of black voters and lefties to win a nomination for another term. He’s polling deep underwater. The question is does he double down on his black loyalist base who got him to the nomination or does he make a desperate play for the Left which is likely to run a candidate against him.

Bernie’s people have been insisting that they will primary him in 2024. (Probably not by Bernie though.) The Bernie network has also been warning against a Childs nomination. And if either side can get a few Senate Democrats to commit to voting against Childs or Kruger, the Supreme Court nomination could go the way of Build Back Better. And Republicans wouldn’t mind.

Clyburn’s pitch is that some Senate GOPers like Graham will back his candidate even if Sanders and Warren won’t. The Left’s sales pitch is that they’ll sink Biden and take the rest of his first term (not to mention any implausible second term) down if he defies their will.

Does Biden reward his black allies or appease his leftist enemies? It’s a tough call. And that’s what will determine which particular inept hack ends up on the Supreme Court.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The Truth About Biden’s Fake War With Russia

By On February 16, 2022
Biden tried to be FDR and failed at that. Now he’s settling for playing a senile elderly JFK.

If you watch 5 minutes of CNN or any cable news network, you might believe that we’re on the verge of war with Russia. That’s what the same people who claimed that President Trump was working for Putin want you to believe. Their new war with Russia is as real as Russiagate.

Democrats want to fight Russia to the last Republican.

They aren’t about to fight a real war. Their fake wars with Russia are an attack on Republicans.

Russiagate came after Democrats spent eight years giving Putin everything he wanted as Hillary toted a Reset Button from a swimming pool and Psaki posed in a sickle and hammer hat.

And that was just what we knew about. The depths of betrayal were only touched on when Obama was caught on hot mic assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility”, to which Medvedev replied, "I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir."

The subject under discussion was another fake missile deal with Russia. President Trump later refused to renew an arms treaty which Russia cheerfully cheated on unless we got better terms.

Biden promised to renew it with no preconditions. And he did just that.

To believe that Biden is about to get tough and go to war with Russia, you have to also believe that there’s a Moscow hotel tape of Trump and all the other Russiagate nonsense and lies.

Even while the Biden administration issues meaningless threats of “devastating” consequences and “disaster” for Russia, it’s also made it clear that there will be no troops in the Ukraine.

And there will also be no sanctions on Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline (one of whose lobbyists is a Schumer backer) even as the Biden administration not only killed the Keystone XL pipeline, but the Greco-Israeli East Med pipeline. The Biden administration just got through lobbying Democrats to filibuster a sanctions push by Senator Ted Cruz on Nord Stream 2.

Is it any wonder that Biden signed off on a “minor incursion” by Russia.

The only way there could even be a war between Russia and the U.S. would be if Putin decided to invade Poland. And even then the same administration which turned over Kabul to the Taliban, stranding Americans behind enemy lines, would turn Warsaw into the new Saigon.

You can accuse Biden of many things, but being a warmonger isn’t one of them.

Warmongers don’t rule out sending troops before an invasion has even happened, or announce that they would be okay with a minor incursion. They don’t leave Americans behind in enemy territory or keep sending money to every enemy from Iran to the Taliban to North Korea.

(The Biden administration's envoy to Kim the Lesser announced that it is willing to send "humanitarian aid" to North Korea "regardless of progress on denuclearization".)

But Biden would like a fake war with Russia. And Putin probably wants one too.

Democrats have played this game for a while, building up tensions with Russia in the media, while remaining good friends behind the scenes. The more the public thinks a war might happen, the tougher and more heroic the Democrat in the White House seems. And when a war that was never going to happen, doesn’t happen, they also look like great peacemakers.

The Cuban Missile Crisis blueprint has been rerun any number of times. During the Cold War it was a useful defense against accusations of Communist sympathies. Now it’s a failed attempt to attack Republicans and distract the public from runaway inflation, a massive economic mess, the pandemic, crime in the streets, and a dozen other Biden administration failures.

But the vast majority of Americans aren’t paying attention and don’t care.

After four years of Russiagate, Putin and Biden are giving each other what they want. Both Biden and Putin want to look tough, and the Russian is also looking to extract any concessions that he can get from Ukraine and Europe. Biden is pressuring Ukraine to make that happen, but Ukraine’s government knows it can ignore Biden because he’s offering no support anyway.

There may indeed be an invasion and a war, but it won’t involve the United States. Eastern Europe, like the Middle East, has been learning the hard way that America under the Democrats isn’t an ally and can’t be counted on to do anything except issue press releases and sell it out.

The Middle East responded with the Abraham Accords that are continuing to bring together Israel and the Sunni oil kingdoms over a shared disappointment with Obama and Biden. Eastern Europe will also have to look inward, building new internal alliances to avert not only outright invasions, but assaults like the mass of Iraqi Muslim migrants hurled at Poland’s border by Putin’s puppet in Belarus and the migrant attacks on Hungary’s territorial borders.

Whatever Eastern Europe does or doesn’t do, America won’t be a part of it.

NATO is largely a fiction. The idea that America and Europe would go to war with Russia over an invasion of a NATO nation (let alone a non-NATO one like Ukraine) is another myth.

When Russian planes invaded Turkish airspace leading to the first casualties and exchange of fire between a NATO member and Russia since the end of the Cold War, nothing happened except anxious meetings in which NATO members made it clear that they didn’t want to be involved. Message received. Turkey befriended Russia and made it its new arms dealer.

The United States is not going to war with Russia, and Russia is not going to war with us.

Neither Biden nor Putin want to fight a world war. And if there were any chance of one happening, the troops would be going home right now. But both profit from the illusion of war.

Biden wants to pretend that he stopped a war and Putin wants to prove that America is weak.

The odds are that by the time this is over, both will be declaring victory to their respective domestic constituencies, but only Putin will have actually won while Biden will have lost.

Biden isn’t about to fight Russia. But the fake tensions provide a distraction, however limited, from the price of gas, the mandatory face masks, and the rising murder rates in major cities. And when this farce wraps up, Biden will claim credit for preventing a war that never was.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Model Afghan Refugee Sexually Assaulted Woman Who Helped Resettle Him

By On February 13, 2022
Matie with Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes (via Empower Wisconsin)

As soon as Haji Matiullah Matie arrived in the United States, he became the poster boy for Afghan refugees.

In November 2021, as swarms of unvetted Afghan refugees airlifted by Biden with Taliban permission arrived in the United States, military social media accounts made him the face of Operation Allies Welcome and promoted stories about his reunion with an officer he had known.

It no doubt helped that Matie had served as a “facilitator and fixer” for Marine Lt. Gen. Lawrence Nicholson. Unlike the Americans who were beaten in the streets, Matie and his family got a password and a special sign that got him access to the airport and a free ride to America.

The New York Times wrote up Matie’s story and so did many other media outlets. By the time he was finally resettled from Fort Pickett, Virginia, to Wausau, Wisconsin, he was famous.

When he flew out to his new home in the small Wisconsin city, the mayor was there to meet him at the airport. The mayor later visited his home along with Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes. The Afghan refugee’s social media accounts were filled with photos taken with local community leaders.

Each visit generated new stories holding Matie up as evidence that Americans should welcome Afghan refugees. And then it all fell apart as Matie was arrested for sexual assault against a person who had been helping him adjust to his new life in the snows of the Badger State.

My Family Is Safe”, a local paper headlined his story. His perhaps, but not American families.

Matie arrived in Wausau, Wisconsin, on December 29th. It took a little over a month for him to show local residents just what the irresponsible resettlement of Afghans means for them

And for all Americans.

Matie, who according to a LinkedIn of the same name, has "11 years experience in rehabilitation and civilization", has been described as a “tribal leader”, a “prominent man” and a “business leader” in interviews. And he, along with his wife and six kids, were resettled in Wausau.

Wausau, a small central Wisconsin city of 38,735, was volunteered for the risky task of hosting some 85 Afghans, by refugee resettlement activists including the Rev. Rebecca Voss and her First United Methodist Church of Wausau, and the Multicultural Community Center.

“We have a lot to be excited about as we prepare not to give into the fear-mongering,” Voss had urged.

A little fear might have been a good thing.

Since the mass evacuation of unvetted Afghans, four refugees and parolees have already been accused of sexual assault.

Bahrullah Noori, an Afghan refugee at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, was indicted for attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor, while Mohammed Tariq was convicted of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl at Quantico Marine Corps Base. Off base, Zabihullah Muhmand was accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old girl in downtown Missoula, Montana.

Matie is the fourth.

At the end of December, Voss, her church and First Presbyterian hailed the "honor of helping Wausau's first Afghan family re-settle here". She talked up welcoming Matie to her church's "sanctuary" and using it as a prop for a media interview promoting refugee resettlement.

“I hear things like, ‘How do you know that they’re safe? How do you really know that they can be trusted?’” Voss argued. “I believe that they can help us grow in our own sense of community, our own sense of faith.”

Perhaps the Reverend Voss will talk to the woman whom her Afghan pet project assaulted and ask her how she’s grown in a sense of community and faith since the sexual assault.

What exactly did Matie do? Police are reportedly considering this a fourth-degree sexual assault. Under Wisconsin law, that covers any "sexual contact aside from intercourse, where there is no consent present" including "fondling and groping".

Voss had claimed that the refugees bring “vitality” and “a renewed sense of the American spirit.”

While Voss has made no statements on how Afghan sexual assaults renew the American spirit, local elected officials who embraced Matie have been forced to issue evasive statements.

Mayor Rosenberg argued that the alleged assault "doesn’t define all Afghan refugees", but promised that Police Chief Bliven and "his team stand ready to help with comprehensive and specific training about American legal and social expectations."

Like not sexually assaulting women.

But do Wausau or America really need refugees who have to be taught not to rape?

Last month, the Wausau Police Department had proudly posted that Chief Bliven had visited Matie's home and that the police department has "been busy learning about Afghan culture."

The education has been quite rapid. And WPD has learned more than it ever expected.

Last month, Barnes and WPD urged residents to "join us in welcoming" Matie and his family to Wausau. Now the Facebook post has been deleted, but Barnes has no regrets about the move.

“Mayor Katie, Chief Blivens, and Deputy Chief Barnes are amazing leaders eager to learn about and from our newest Wausonians,” Rev. Voss captioned a picture of their meeting.

How much education will it take until they learn the lesson? And when will we all learn?

Matie touted the help of various officers in being evacuated while Americans were left behind Taliban lines. The men he credited included retired Marine Lt. Gen. Lawrence Nicholson.

When the New York Times told the story of how Matie was evacuated it was headlined, "These U.S. Veterans Won’t Rest Until They’ve Kept a Wartime Promise". Maybe it's time that we start keeping promises to Americans. And the first promise is to keep them safe from Afghans.

Otherwise where will Americans turn for refuge from Afghan refugees?

We spent a fortune in blood and treasure to protect America from Afghanistan. It’s a betrayal of those lives lost to turn around and bring Afghanistan to America.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

ADL Senior VP: 'Kudos To My Former Boss, George Soros'

By On February 10, 2022
Obama's career of political activism began in some ways when he met Eileen Hershenov. He graduated from Columbia University, and as David Remnick put it, "got it into his head to become a community organizer." After a brief stint actually working for a living, he answered an ad and joined Ralph Nader's left-wing New York Public Interest Research Group.

His supervisor at the time, Eileen Hershenov, describes having "some really engaged conversations about models of organizing". After a year, Hershenov pleaded with him to stay, "I asked him if it would help if I got on my knees and begged--and so I did," but Obama moved on.

So did Hershenov who went on to become the general counsel for the Open Society Foundations, serving "as chief legal officer for one of the nation’s largest private foundations and for the global network of 40 foreign affiliates founded by financier/philanthropist George Soros."

Hacked emails from the Open Society Foundations show that it bragged of its successes in “challenging Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies” in international forums. By then Hershenov was no longer affiliated with the Soros network, but she appears to be unrepentant.

These days, she “oversees” the ADL’s “policy, program and civil rights work” as the former Jewish organization’s Senior Vice President for Democracy Initiatives. Hershenov was a recent hire who was brought on board during the Jonathan Greenblatt era. Greenblatt, the ADL’s new leader, was a veteran of the Obama administration who has been accused of jettisoning its focus on the Jewish community and Israel in favor of playing the identity politics of the Left.

No single executive may embody the new ADL better than Hershenov who mentored Obama when he was just starting out and proudly worked for George Soros.

“I think I never really understood before as well as I do now that the fight for an open society will never ever end. Kudos to my former boss, George Soros,” she recently declared.

Now, Hershenov “oversees ADL’s civil rights team, its government relations and community engagement team, the Silicon Valley-based Center for Technology and Society” as well as "the Civil Society Fellowship (a partnership of ADL and the Aspen Institute)."

The Aspen Institute has received significant support from Soros. The Center for Technology and Society is funded by Pierre Omidyar, the Franco-Persian eBay founder who also funds The Intercept which regularly gushes defenses for antisemitism and terrorism against Israel.

The ADL's Center of Technology and Society board of tech experts include Eli Pariser, the board president of MoveOn and a co-founder of Avaaz. Avaaz, which is also Soros backed, promoted BDS and teamed up with JVP: an anti-Israel hate group that hosted a murderous terrorist, and an anti-Israel activist who claimed that Jews drank Christian blood and republished a bizarre claim that “the Zionists who created Israel and still run it are descended from the Khazars.”

This is the sort of thing that any Jewish organization or any civil rights group concerned with antisemitism ought to be condemning, instead of collaborating with and rewarding.

But the old ADL, flawed as it was, is largely defunct. Like so much of the old liberal institutional infrastructure, it's being sucked into the black hole money machines of billionaire activists like Soros and Omidyar who have destroyed liberalism and replaced it with their radical politics.

It’s why Eileen Hershenov, who boasts of working for Soros, a lead funder of anti-Israel groups, who has blamed antisemitism on Jews, is now in a key position at a group fighting antisemitism.

At least on paper. The ADL spends more time on everything else, including defending Soros.

“If your favorite politician is attacking George Soros,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL boss warned at the former Jewish group’s Never is Now 2018 conference, “you must stand up and tell them to stop. And do so even if they profess love for Israel up and down.”

If only the ADL defended Jews and Israel half as vigorously as it defends George Soros.

Once upon a time the ADL had condemned Soros’ antisemitism. When Soros blamed antisemitism on Jews, Abe Foxman, the ADL’s former leader, had denounced Soros' comments as "absolutely obscene."

But at the new ADL, you are expected to pledge allegiance to Soros and to place him above the Jewish community or the Jewish state. The ADL has more pages defending Soros than it does defending Jewish students facing leftist and Islamist antisemitism on college campuses.

It’s not just Hershenov.

The ADL's partnership with the Aspen Society has produced the Civil Society Fellowship whose fellows include Julie McCarthy, a leader in the Open Society Foundations’ Economic Justice Program, the Open Society Foundation’s Fiscal Governance Program, and the Open Society Foundations’ Revenue Watch Program. Another Soros network retread, Danielle Keats Citron, who serves as a board member for the Center on Technology and Society and on the ADL's Task Force on Hate Speech & Journalism had reviewed grants for the Open Society Institute.

Greenblatt, the head of the ADL, had come through the Aspen Institute where he founded the Impact Economy Initiative. Soros is an Aspen backer, but the specific initiative was backed by the Rockefeller Foundation. Greenblatt’s wife, Marjan Keypour Greenblatt, is a non-resident scholar at the Middle East Institute which used to be a centerpiece of the Arab Lobby’s anti-Israel push. (Due to the Abraham Accords, the MEI is still hostile, but somewhat less so.)

It’s unsurprising that Greenblatt and his allies are remaking the ADL into just another of the interchangeable leftist groups looking for handouts from Soros, Omidyar, the Rockefellers, Buffets, Gates and others that have hijacked and are controlling American politics and society.

Institutional capture is an ongoing process. Greenblatt joined the ADL in 2014. Hershenov came on board in 2018. The recent controversial hiring of Tema Smith as Director of Jewish Outreach, despite tweeting, "Jews have to be ok with Palestinians explaining why some turn to terrorism", and the redefinition of racism to exclude Jews are just the latest in a series of ADL betrayals.

While the ADL bemoans conspiracy theories about Soros (much more so than conspiracy theories about Israel or Jews) there is no denying the fact that what used to be an open society is closing in no small part due to his Open Society networks. Soros is not alone in this regard, he is one of a number of wealthy men of various ethnicities and backgrounds who have managed to centralize public policy through chains of non-profits in much the same way that tech industry monopolies like Amazon and Google have centralized our culture and economy.

What’s happening to the ADL is what has happened to countless Jewish, Christian and non-sectarian organizations that were once liberal and are now just leftist fronts. What the Soviet Union failed to accomplish in its infiltrations, two generations of activists backed by powerful and wealthy men have done by turning every liberal group into the same front.

The ACLU no longer believes in free speech, the Sierra Club no longer favors limiting immigration to protect the environment, Planned Parenthood casually tosses aside its founder, and the ADL no longer defends Jewish civil rights. Indeed Hershenov condemned the Supreme Court for intervening in Gov. Cuomo’s persecution of Jews and Christians.

The vast majority of former liberal groups all say the same things and have interlinked leaderships. The only difference between them is which side of the street they’re working.

The same convoluted road that saw Hershenov and Obama briefly intersect before going through Soros, that saw the top ADL executive work for Soros and then for an Obama administration member is no coincidence. The Left looks big, but it’s actually very small. The massive numbers of organizations with their own letterheads, sites, and petitions belie how much money is spent manufacturing these organizational illusions of political scale.

All of this is a massive political potemkin village. The ADL is now just another false front staffed by radicals, detached from its original purpose, and existing only to serve a common agenda of manufacturing the myth that a small leftist elite should be able to speak for all Americans.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

$200 Million in Minnesota Somali Welfare Fraud Paid for Trips to Mecca

By On February 09, 2022
Feeding Our Future, the Minnesota food charity sponsor whose offices have been raided by the FBI over allegations of massive fraud that some estimates have placed in the hundreds of millions of dollars, claimed that it wants to make "the world a better place for all".

10 members of FOF's staff boast of speaking Somali, others of Arabic and related languages often spoken by Muslim minorities, but only 3 speak Spanish and only 1 knows Chinese. The organization's Manager of Operations, Food Program Coordinators Manager, Food Program Support Manager, and multiple administrators, all appear to be Somali.

The contact page is decorated with a photo of a woman in a hijab chowing down on a burger.

The pandemic destroyed lives, hundreds of thousands died, millions lost their businesses and jobs, but a great river of government money flowed to those who knew how to play the game.

As The Counter notes, “In the early months of the pandemic, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) acted quickly to loosen rules governing how child nutrition programs had to operate. Gone were the strict nutrition guidelines, the group dining requirements, and the in-person inspections. Instead, the agency focused on cutting red tape as part of a broad effort to keep snacks and meals accessible to hungry families while mitigating the spread of Covid-19.”

In 2019, Feeding Our Future distributed $3.4 million in taxpayer food aid funds to the non-profits it was sponsoring, In 2020, that shot up to $42 million and then up to $197 million in 2021.

These were impressive numbers for a charity that seemed to focus on Somalis in Minnesota.

While there may be some hungry Somali Muslim kids in the Gopher State, $197 million would buy them all meals at five-star steakhouses before jetting them away from the snow to Vegas.

According to a lawyer for Aimee Bock, FOF's founder, who isn't Somali, but whose lawyer previously represented a Somali ISIS recruit, "all Ms. Bock did was feed children.”

When over 200 FBI agents converged on the offices of various non-profits, their search warrants claimed that the Somali aid groups received "tens of millions of dollars" but that "almost none of this money was used to feed children." The FOF’s Minneapolis offices were near the Somali Abu Huraira mosque and not far from a multitude of Somali community organizations.

Some of the money allegedly went to Bock and her boyfriend, Empress Malcolm Watson Jr., apparently a bail bondsman tracking wanted fugitives, who had previously been arrested for domestic violence, and whose construction company received $600,000 from her non-profit.

The only client listed on its site has the first name, “Aimee”.

Bill Glahn, a reporter for American Experiment who has been investigating the case, noted that Empress Malcolm Watson, Jr. "has an impressively long list of encounters with local law enforcement. 4 felony convictions, one for theft by swindle and one for domestic assault" which is even bigger than the rap sheet of his revered father, Empress Malcolm Watson, Sr.

From there it gets quite complicated.

Abdikerm Abdelahi Eidleh, a Feeding Our Future employee, according to the FBI documents, controlled multiple target premises, opened over 20 bank accounts in the name of his various entities, and "solicited and received kickbacks" from the groups receiving child nutrition cash.

According to Feeding Our Future, the organization's "extensive knowledge of the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program" helped "child and adult care programs maximize their reimbursement". These were the groups on whose behalf it acted as a sponsor.

Feeding Our Future was getting a 10% administrative fee off the top. But that wasn’t enough.

Safari Restaurant, which boasts "traditional Somali cuisine" like french fries and safari chicken quesadilla, where Rep. Ilhan Omar had celebrated her victory party, applied to participate in the Federal Child Nutrition program.

When the money was denied, Feeding Our Future complained that "minority-owned businesses serving almost exclusively economically disadvantaged children of color" were being denied the right to serve "culturally relevant foods" to "youth" during a "national emergency".

Crying racism worked and at its peak Safari claimed to be feeding 6,000 children a day. That's a lot of children. Documents note that the Somali eatery claimed to be serving a comparable number of meals to "the entire St. Paul public school district."

Safari was just one of the many providers who claimed to be feeding thousands of children.

Glahn in American Experiment found that, “Feeding Our Future had 312 authorized sites for the program, approved for a maximum of 126,000 children.” That’s a lot of hungry Somali kids.

Oliver Twist, eat your heart out.

He also noted that, “Five of the sites are religious centers.”

The Feds staked out various Feeding Our Future meal sites and found no one at the places that were supposed to be feeding 50,000 children. According to the FBI, the money being stolen wasn't used to feed children, it went into various shell companies and fronts operated by Somalis and was used to buy everything from a Porsche to African properties.

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, S&S Catering led by Qamar Ahmed Hassan received $13.8 million in federal funds. The FBI warrants note that, "Qamar Ahmed Hassan wrote approximately $27,000 in checks from S&S Catering bank accounts... to Amax Travel, a travel agency that specializes in Haji travel packages."

Haji is the Islamic obligation for every Muslim to visit their holy city of Mecca.

Amax offers trips to the Saudi cities of Mecca and Medina, that non-Muslims are banned from entering, five-star hotels, and tours led by Imams.

One of the non-profits associated with FOF, Stigma-Free International, was incorporated by Minneapolis City Council Member Jamal Osman. The Somali politician is a political ally of Rep. Ilhan Omar and has been photographed with her. He had previously been featured in a Project Veritas undercover investigation which appeared to show his brother "rifling through piles of ballots strewn across his dashboard" and declaring, “just today we got 300 for Jamal Osman."

The man in question had also allegedly worked on Omar’s political campaign.

The scale and scope of the alleged fraud is as vast as the network that perpetrated it. The FBI warrants list numerous people, the vast majority of them Somali Muslims, a dizzying variety of non-profits that received the money, and a wide variety of destinations for the cash. The fraud was lubricated by false accusations of racism and discrimination by FOF and its recepients.

During the initial controversy, a video in support of Feeding Our Future at the Safari resteurant featured numerous local politicians, including Senator Omar Fateh, the first Somali Muslim in the state senate, who had been backed by the Democratic Socialists of America.

A Deputy District Director for Rep. Ilhan Omar gave what was described as an "impassioned speech" declaring, “This community is tired. It’s tired of the bulls—"

But it’s Americans who have every right to be tried.

Open borders migration is not feeding our future. It’s stealing our future away.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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