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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Will America's Ports Boycott Israel?

By On February 28, 2006

If sanctions are ever placed on Iran those sanctions will have little meaning as Iran will continue recieving its weapons through Dubai, much as it often does now. Through Dubai Iranian money is transferred to fund weapons shipments to terrorist groups like Hamas and Hizbullah.

When Israel sized the Palestinian ship, the Karine-A carrying 50 tons of weapons, it went through Dubai after Iran. When nuclear ringleader A.Q. Khan tried to transfer nuclear materials to Libya, he used a Dubai port. When Al Queda sought to transfer its money in the wake of the US invasion of Afghanistan, it went through Dubai in the UAE. Most of the money used to fund the attacks of 9/11 came through Dubai.

On its site Hamas has a special tribute to the father of the current UAE President who poured millions into PLO and Hamas terrorist coffers. Today the UAE continues to specifically provide money for the families of suicide bombers. In 2001, over 100 million dollars was raised in the UAE for those purposes.

Dubai's hatred of Israel is so intense that 50 million dollars worth of hospital goods and equipment were returned because they originated from Israel. Dubai despite boasting of a free trade zone, maintains a boycott on Israel that prevents goods. Anything passing through there must be certified not to come from Israel or to have any components that originate in Israel.

Now a Dubai state owned firm will be taking control of American ports. We may down the road end up facing a situation in which Israeli goods will not be able to pass through US ports.

Bush and deal supporters have argued that security will be in the hands of the Coast Guard not Dubai's DPW. Now comes a document demonstrating that the Coast Guard itself was concerned about DPW's terrorist links.

While 70 percent of Americans and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle oppose the deal, the Bush administration continues to treat it a minor misunderstanding that will blow over soon. It shouldn't be surprising that Dubai has cultivated extensive political and buisness links in the US. The President's brother Neil treats Dubai as his second home. Dubai has a long roster of US political figures on its payroll, including most recently the former Senate Majority Leader and Presidential candidate, Bob Dole. Even the new administrator of the Maritime Administration of the Transportation Department is a former senior executive of DPW, the Dubai company in question.

And the administration and supporters of the deal in the media have no response to all these issues except to cry, racism. It is apparently a form of discrimination not to turn over our ports to a state owned company whose leader met with Bin Laden in Afghanistan. The same administration which sees a critical need to track library loans doesn't see any security threat in transferring control over our ports to a regime which supports terrorists and has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into funding them.

But if we must talk about racism, let's talk about racism. A year ago a schoolbook was withdrawn by order of the Ministry of Education in Dubai because it contained a very offensive picture. Two Jewish children playing together. That is racism.

Refusing to turn over strategic ports to a government with known terrorist ties isn't racism. It's just common sense.

Monday, February 27, 2006

And so Inevitably the World Embraces Hamas

By On February 27, 2006

When Hamas first won the Palestinian elections, many articles were written claiming that now, finally at last, the world would recognize that the Palestinians don't want peace and would stop supporting them. Now they thought finally the world must see.

I said at the time that the world would go on supporting Hamas and pressuring Israel. I will say it now again. There is no act, no rhetoric, nothing horrific or vile enough for the world to ever stop supporting the Palestinians because support for the Palestinians has nothing to do with the Palestinians and everything to do with a campaign against Israel.

No sooner did Hamas win election than the media and the talking heads and the politicians began claiming that the Palestinians didn't vote for Hamas because they support terrorism but because they were opposed to government corruption. This is a little like claiming that Germans voted for Hitler because of a shorter work week. Those can be factors but they are not the essence of the candidate and the German voters like the Palestinian voters undeniably knew who they were voting for. Bush in his speech no longer called Hamas a terrorist organization but an organized with an 'armed wing.'

Soon enough Russia expressed its support for Hamas, claimed they weren't a terrorist organization and promised to sell them arms. France backed Russia. Pundits and diplomats hurried to inform us that we should back the 'moderates' in Hamas by aiding Hamas. According to them this would weaken the extremists in Hamas. The problem of course is that Hamas moderates are just Hamas members who know how to spin their rhetoric for the tv cameras while Hamas extremists don't waste time on deception.

The US pressured Israel to turn over revenues to the PA and will continue some forms of aid. The EU will put in over a hundred million dollars now to help pay the salaries of the terrorists on the PA payroll, among other things. Meanwhile James Wolfensohn, formerly of the World Bank, currently the quartet envoy is warning the US that if the PA runs out of money there will be violence.

Of course claiming that when terrorists run out of money there will be violence is counterintuitive. There will always be violence when terrorists are in power. When terrorists have money they have more resources to carry out that violence with. The entire premise that terrorism exists because there is a lack of money is precisely the kind of discredited liberal nonesense that the supposed conservatives in office should have had no truck with. But then the War on Terror has long since moved into appeasement mode. The US is distributing over 200 million dollars to terrorists in Iraq hoping they'll stop the violence. Sadr who has been responsible for much of the Shiite violence against American soldiers was originally paid off to stop the fighting, only to begin it again.

When you pay Danegeld you never get rid of the Dane. But the problem is that bribing terrorists has been policy for some time now. The entire Israeli Peace Process was premised on the delusional belief that Palestinian terrorism could be bought off with some land. The US pressure on Israel to make concessions was based on the more delusional premise that the Arab and Muslim world would like us if the Palestinians got their own state. From that we moved to the still more delusional belief that the Arab and Muslim world would reform if it had Democratic elections, having missed the reality that most of the Arab and Muslim world democratically hates America and admires terrorists except when they bomb their own.

Each time the bribes fail and the violence continues, the advocates of appeasement argue that it's because we didn't give enough. If we began with a finger, next time give the nice folks an arm. And so we give more. Over 2000 US soldiers are dead. Over 3000 US civilians are dead. Hundreds of billions have been spent to protect Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq and Afghanistan, in foreign aid to Egypt and Jordan (over 3 billion combined.) Heartbroken Americans poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Tsunami relief efforts, yet the end result was not gratitude towards America but Islamic radicalization as Imams went around preaching that the Tsunami was the punishment of Allah for a lack of sufficent observance.

How much more is there to give? For starters our freedom of speech which in the aftermath of the Cartoon Jihad has already been given up. Nuclear weapons to Iran. The transformation of Iraq into Iran 2. And that is just the beginning. After 9/11 we did not restrict immigration from Muslim countries. We did not ethnically profile terrorists. We did not fight a proper war against those who had done this, instead pursuing nation building campaigns until we had completely lost track of our purpose coming to believe that it was to give civil lessons to Muslim regimes. With US support the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas have come to power in Egypt and Israel and this is but the beginning as we continue bribing the murderers who will never stay bribed taking each thing we give them as their due and demanding more.

If Jews or Israel believe after all this that the US or Europe will seriously withdraw their support from Hamas, they have been deeply deluded. What after all is the real difference between Arafat's terrorists and those of Hamas except that the former were less religious. Arafat didn't recieve international praise and support out of some confusion of identity. Everyone knew full well that he was a terrorist. Every knew full well that he remained a terrorist. This did not bother anyone. As the US War on Terror has devolved from CIA agents flying into Afghanistan with briefcases of cash for Osama Bin Laden's head to CIA agents riding into Baghdad with briefcases of cash to try and bribe the terrorists killing US troops to go home, so too US support for Israel has devolved into appeasement for the terrorists.

The world will never reject Hamas or any Palestinian terrorist. Only we can do it because no one else will.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Do Neturei Karta represent a Terrorist threat in the West?

By On February 26, 2006

Neturei Karta despite consisting of a small number of individuals is well known as the men in chassidic style dress who turn up at rallies protesting on behalf of Palestinian terrorists. While these individuals are not actual Chassidim but a bizarre sect that has been shown to have been funded by Fatah terrorists; they recieve a good deal of attention from Muslims and the Left as they go around claiming that their views are the ones of 'Torah-True Orthodox Jews.'

In fact a wide range of Orthodox Jews from Modern to Chassidic have condemned them and issued a directive to shun them altogether. Up till now their tactics have been despicable such as serving in Arafat's government, holding public prayers for Arafat, appearing at the memorial service for the leader of Hamas and going around defending the leader of Iran and Hamas and calling for the destruction of Israel.

Their latest twist though suggests they represent more than a mere nuisance. Islamic terrorist cleric Abu Hamza had become nearly as well known as Osama Bin Laden. Operating out of his Finsbury Park Mosque, Abu Hamza spewed violent hatefull rhetoric and promoted terrorism in Iraq, Israel and at home in England. A raid on his mosque turned up weapons, false papers and even chemical warfare protection suits. Quotes such as these were introduced at his trial.

"Killing a Kafir [infidel] for any reason you can say it is OK even if there is no reason for it,”

"Although it is good it is not as good as you do in your own door. You don't have to travel thousands and thousands of miles to become a shaheed - you can be shaheed right on your own doorstep. May Allah open our eyes for what's good for us - so we don't waste our Muslim blood far away."

"We do not hate Jews because they hurt each other we hate them for their corruption on earth... So nation of Mohammed must regain their dignity and this dignity would not be regained unless with blood."

"The Jews will be destroyed, the state will be destroyed and some of the Jews will be running around hiding behind the trees and the stones and then they got cursed by the earth until there is not one of them left...The Jews will never leave Palestine. The Jews will be buried there...He told his audience that "the tunnels that they dug underneath the al-Aqsa mosque will be filled with their skulls and their bodies and whatever they corrupted with their wealth - against the Muslims...It is decreed that it will be the biggest Jewish graveyard in the world..."

When Abu Hamza was put on trial it was a Neturei Karta Rabbi who came to testify on his behalf. 'Rabbi' Joseph Goldstein (though no Neturei Karta member can halachically be considered an actual Rabbi.) Neturei Karta had always embraced terrorists who killed Jews but this along with their embrace of CAIR, places Neturei Karta as operating not merely in support of terrorists who target Jews but terrorists who target Americans and British too. Neturei Karta had always claimed that they oppose only Zionism and yet they are collaborating with terrorists who oppose the West as well making them a national security threat to any country they live in.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

England proposes negotiations with Al-Queda

By On February 23, 2006

The Muslim Brotherhood is the oldest running Muslim terrorist organization which was responsible for numerous murders and terrorist attacks. Like Al Queda it is a Wahhabi terrorist organizations seeking to create Islamic states and conduct a war against America, Europe and Israel. The Brotherhood's second best known terrorist organization is Hamas. Its best known terrorist organization is Al-Queda, many of whose members are from the Muslim Brotherhood; including Bin Laden's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Thanks to the 'Democratic elections' in Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are close to taking power and the West continues to be prepeared to appease them. The Brotherhood's success in Egypt is an outgrowth of America's pressure on Egypt to allow Democratic elections. Which it did.

American and European pressure on Israel to allow a Palestinian state has given the Muslim Brotherhood control in the Palestinian Authority. As a result the US and Europe have aided an organization that is essentially a super-Al-Queda in coming to power in the Middle-East and now England is proposing to negotiate with them. But just the 'non-violent' ones.

Let us take a look back at what the Brotherhood is. The Brotherhood was founded by Al Bana, an admirer of Adolf Hitler and allied with the Nazis promising that they would fight alongside General Rommell when the Germans came. It was responsible for the assasination of Anwar Sadat. Its ideas are behind all Sunni Muslim terrorists.

It is clear once again that there is no terrorist organization that the West won't deal with.

(read here for more information on the Brotherhood)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Perpetuating Cycle of Abuse in Jewish History

By On February 22, 2006
Looking at the news and seeing the bloody teenagers beaten with the batons of Israeli police or reading that while Hamas terrorists grow in power the Israeli government carries on a war against the settlers, is difficult to comprehend.

But for a moment let us look further back at last week's Parsha. The Jewish people have been redeemed from slavery. We would expect them to be overjoyed and yet soon enough, they are demanding to return to Egypt. How can they possibly wish to return to a land where their children were butchered and they were slaves?

These two sets of events may be far apart in years but they are both linked from the beginning of the Jewish nation to its possible end.

An oppressed minority has one of two possible reactions. Either it clings more tightly to its values and identity or it begins instead to identify with the oppressor. When it comes to identify with its oppressor, it begins to try and become like him by matching his appearance and culture but finally in the most important point, it finds a victim to abuse. A victim that is like him so that he can fully identify with the oppressor and escape from being the victim. This is a pattern that holds true for any number of peoples from African-Americans to Indians to the Jews as a people subdivide into groups that cling to their heritage and others that attempt to imitiate their oppressors.

A famous midrash tells us that the Jews in Egypt did not change their language or dress. Why is this so significant? Changing yourself to appear more like the majority is an act of assimilation. An act of identifying with your oppressor. Jewish attempts at assimilation historically began with an attempt to appear like their majority but then quickly became aggressive assaults on Jews who retained their values. In the middle ages Jewish converts to Christianity quickly outdid their masters in furious attacks on Judaism. In the 19th century, the Haskalah which began as a reform movement teamed up with the Czarist government to further oppress Jews.

When we look at the panoply of Jewish history, time and time again we see Jews inexplicably turning on Jews. Whether it's in the earlier times of Hellenists or early Christians collaborating with the romans or in the 20th century with the Kapos or Messianic Judaism or Jewish liberals who hate Israel or the metal batons falling at Amona, they all have one thing in common. A segment of the Jewish people empathizing with their oppressors so much so that they do everything in their power to become the oppressor.

An abused child often identify with the abuser growing up to become abusers themselves and finding victims that allow them to fully become the abuser, instead of remaining the victim. This is an escape route that allows the child to escape from being the victim. Jews have been trying to escape from being the victim for the longest time. For thousands of years the same pattern has played itself time and time again. Like no other people the Jews have assimilated, have become distributed among many peoples. Yet there is no real escape.

Israel was recreated by men determined to create a 'new' kind of Jew. Yet they fell into the same old Galut mentality themselves as had the kings of Israel of old. Israel has done everything possible to achieve acceptance by the world community and the Arabs and yet have met with rejection time and time again. The average Israeli has become increasingly apathetic and withdrawn, no longer believing that events can be changed but at the same time lacking the will to move from the current course. Time and time again polls show that most Israelis believe peace is hopeless and yet support negotiations, believe that the terror will not end and yet support the ongoing policies. This is the catatonia of the victim who sees no way out, believes in no answers and can do nothing but clings to the comfort of the abusive routine.

The secular Israeli elite by contrast respond to the world's rejection and their own failure to appease the abusers through concessions by emphathizing only more strongly with their oppressors through finding victims to abuse. The victim of course must be someone who reminds them of their essence, their identity and nature. For Jews those are of course religious Jews. It is no coincidence that the campaign of hatred against religious Jews has increased as the situation with the Palestinians has broken down more and more. For the secular Jews, the religious Jews always represented the real reason for Anti-Semitism. For many of the secular Jews of Israel, the settlers have come to represent the reason there is no peace or acceptance for them, they argue. The cowardice the government displays in allowing Arab terrorists to pound Israel with rockets is funneled into brutal assaults against the settlers. The very helplessness only incites further brutality as it creates a greater need to identify with the enemy.

When a prominent Israeli professor said that when he sees religious Jews he understands the Nazis, what he was really expressing was a desire to be a Nazi and to be free of being a Jew. To be the oppressor and not the victim. When the left slanders Israel by claiming that what the Jews endured at the hands of the Nazis caused them to become like the Nazis, they are half-right. Only it is not the Arabs who are the victims but other Jews.

Enduring suffering either teaches you to morally overcome or to escape. Enduring abuse either teaches you the inferiority of your oppressor or convinces you of your own inferiority. The product of thousands of years of oppression beginning in Egypt has drawn some Jews to hold more closely to being Jews and taught others that the only way to be free of being abused for being a Jew is to abuse other Jews.

Moshe saved a Jew from being beaten by an Egyptian only to find one Jew beating another. The Jews who returned to Israel too have come to find that for those who do not want to be Jews, their only escape is to beat other Jews. For over a decade Israel has been making increasingly devastating concessions for nothing in return. These acts of madness were the Jewish State beating itself over and over again in hopes that if enough blood was drawn it would be finally accepted into the community of nations. Now Hamas has come to power and the international community in turn recognizes Hamas and demands that Israel continue giving it money.

A sane state at this point demands a halt to this but a sane state would never have gotten to this point. Only a victim state could or would allow things to get this bad. Only a victim state would continue negotiating the terms of its own dismemberment with the murderers of its own children. And finally only a victim state would respond to the situation by sending out its police to beat its own citizens.

If Israel and Jews are to survive we will have to stop being victims and pegging our self-esteem to the esteem of the world but recognize that being hated and rejected and oppressed and wronged is not an indictment of ourselves but of them. Reasoning, teaching tolerance, appealing to a common humanity are utterly futile tasks. One is reminded of Prime Minister Levi Eshkol before the start of the Six Day War trying to avoid a conflict by offering to take the Soviet envoy to see for himself that there was no troop buildup. This was of course a futile and pointless offer. The USSR didn't care whether there really was a troop buildup, except as a cause for war.

Today the secular left which blames the settlers, the anti-zionist chassidim who blame the zionists and every faction and group that tries to pin blame for the situation on other Jews is similarly missing the point and wasting their time. The teeming hatred of so many for so few Jews is fundamentally and eternally irrational. No excuses or explanations can cause it to make sense. Consider Japan which has and never had any native population of Jews, in whose religion Jews do not figure at all, and yet has a productive industry of best-selling books that demonize Jews. To be confronted with Anti-Semitism is to be confronted with a vast incomprehensible mass insanity, which to fully contemplate is to step towards the brink of madness.

To attempt to rationally understand Anti-Semitism is futile. There is only one answer and only one source for the hatred. We are Ivrim. Hebrews. The meaning of the word Ivri is Ever HaNahar, the other side of the river. We descend from Avraham and Yitchak and Yaakov who cast aside the pagan gods of the time to worship the one true G-d and we are hated for it as they are hated for it. The nations from Egypt to Midian, from France to Germany; called on us to abandon our ways and join with them and yet those Jews who foolishly did so found that they were hated still. Spain forced the Jews to convert to Christianity and yet their children and their children's children continued to be persecuted, generation after generation.

Our persecutors like Jews themselves understand innately that what we have cannot be cast aside, it remains a part of us. Those peoples and those Jews who try to remake Jews into something more 'acceptable' find that no matter how hard they labor it is never enough and turn furiously on them when their efforts are frustrated. Not Jews themselves nor non-Jews can manage to undo the Jewish people. When their efforts at conversion and assimilation fail they turn to horrific bouts of mass murder but those too fail. Any other people which saw mass slaughter and attempts at genocide in nearly every generation around the world would have long since ceased to exist but we have been living this way for thousands of years and despite the horror of it; we are still here.

And the horror of it is great indeed. Since 9/11 Americans and some westerners have begun to gain a small glimpse of what it is like to be rabidly hated by billions around the world, to know that seemingly ordinary men you have never met, whom you have done nothing to, would eagerly kill you simply for who you are. To know that those same men blame you for running the world, putting mind altering chemicals in their water and stealing their organs and whatever lunatic ideas their minds can come up with. This is a part of being a Jew. To some Jews it becomes all they can see. To some Jews it becomes all they want to escape, even at the cost of becoming like those men, so they can finally be free of the press of that great murderous irrational hatred.

They come to think of their Jewishness as a curse like wealth, as something that they can give away to appease those who hate them. And when they think they have given it all away. When they have become Progressives, Communists, Liberals, Socialists Messianics, Conservatives, Jews for Marx and Jews for Nader and Jews for Jesus and Jews for Allah and Jews for Bhudda and find that they are still hated; they shout all the more eagerly for those who still have their Jewishness to give it up and turn on them angrily blaming those Jews for existing and defeating their efforts to escape and become their enemies. Yet the wealth they have they cannot give away, for all their many laborious efforts.

Ve'Atem Tihiyu Li Mamlechet Kohanim Ve'Goy Kaddosh - And You Will Be To Me A Kingdom Of Priests And A Holy Nation, G-d said to us. A rich man can give away his wealth but can a Kohen give away his priesthood to another? Perhaps he may want to, perhaps he may even try but such a thing is impossible. He cannot give it up. He can eat from impure foods, he can befoul himself in every manner and yet as a king's son remains a prince, so too he remains what he is.

One day in a far-off land revolutionaries came to overthrow the King. They drove away the King, contaminated his palace, defiled his name and rewrote the history books. They captured the King's sons demanding that they renounce their rights to the throne or be executed. Some refused and were murdered. Some escaped and tried to blend in with the populace. Still others agreed signing away their royalty, putting on common clothes and even working for the new government to help imprison their own brothers.

Yet no matter how even these befouled themselves dressing in rags, demeaning and lowering themselves and shouting revolutionary slogans; the new government hated them as much as it hated the remaining sons of the king, for on their faces as on the faces of all his sons it could be still seen that they were royalty. The new government which now claimed that it had taken the authority of the old King by right and disvolved his old kingdom needed them to sign the papers renouncing their heritage to participate in the charade but deep down inside they knew it was a charade and the more this knowledge haunted them the harder they worked convincing the remaining sons to sign the papers promising that they would be accepted and tolerated, convincing them that the new government was really the fulfillment of all that the old kingdom was meant to be. Some of the princes tired of the suffering and persecution signed and some resented those of their brothers who remained true believing that the continuing hatred they suffered even after their defection was because of them and became the most rabid persecutors of their brothers.

And yet still those sons of the king took common work and did the most difficult of labors often driven from their posts before they were even paid and yet they remained true knowing that the old kingdom was not gone but would return again and that all the new governments were hollow lies. As they walked the streets, whether they were of the brothers that had stayed true or those who had not, all who saw them knew deep inside that they were the sons of the King and that the King and his kingdom would return again. Some of the people were filled with hope at this, others with frustration and rage and they hurled bricks and beat them. And the sons who had proven false too threw bricks and beat them the hardest.

As the hooves of the returning king's armies sounded again on the royal road the mob and the false sons redoubled their rage and their assault. All the leaders of the new government too shouted all the louder leading the assault. In all the din the true sons of the King could not hear the sounds of their father's return and many began to despair thinking that there was no hope and that this was their destiny and some in that hour joined their enemies. And yet others understood that the fury of the enemy was a blessing, a signal that their father was coming and like Rabbi Akiva at the ruined temple, they laughed for joy.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Wanted: A Victim Who Won't Talk Back

By On February 20, 2006
What ground-breaking story has been occupying the collective attention of the media for the last week, trumpeted from the front page of dailys, broadcast on the evening news and scattered across news sites?

Was it Iran's accelerating race towards a nuclear arsenal? Hamas' takeover of the Palestinian Authority? Worldwide cartoon protests by Muslims which has now killed over a dozen people including children?

Perish the thought. The media has little patience for such trivialties. The lead news story continues to be that the Vice-President accidentally shot a man with birdshot in a hunting accident.

The media which had days earlier been so starved for things to blame Bush for that they were accusing him of killing polar bears (actual headline, Polar Bears Reveal Shame of Bush Administration) gleefully searched through their closets for anything Tartan and took to wandering the woods doing news broadcasts from places they'd never been like a forest, a ditch and Texas.

Faster than Superman during rush hour on Krypton the media gathered what little they knew about hunting, hunters and Texas into a small bundle and rushed off to make this the big story. When the injured hunter lay in the hospital, more attention was paid to his condition than has been paid to that of many world leaders. When he suffered a heart attack, more of the news media seemed to care for his health than that of their own children.

Then the 'man- who- would- not- be- Cindy- Sheehan' got out of bed and read a statement confused and embarassed at all the attention saying he didn't blame the Vice President, that hunting accidents happen and that he wished the whole thing would just go away.

Immediately he went from being the victim of the Vice President's homicidal bloodlust to being described as a 'Republican Donor.' Where previously the media had been willing to let his Republican donations go when they thought he might die or at least grumble, now they used that to top their headlines. To normal people it seems a bit confusing as to why stories about a man accidentally shot should describe him as a Republican Donor, but it pays to remember that Republican Donors, like Settlers describes a subhuman class as far as Liberal reporters are concerned.

To describe a man as a 'Republican Donor' is to state that he is not a human being and shooting him isn't a very terrible thing after all. It also to the media's way of thinking explains why he wasn't prepeared to do what they wanted him to, which was to metamorphose into Cindy Sheehan wandering the world praying at plastic tombstones and carrying a slice of onion in her pocket to produce instant tears for the cameras; but instead behaved with dignity and class. Had he made a spectacle of himself for the evening news, they might have forgiven him his Republican donations but failing to do so, they damned him with the worst epithet they knew which is certain to start a bloody hairpulling match any day in Berkeley or Tribeca. A Republican Donor.

Now with an uncooperative victim and an accident that most people thought was an accident, particularly people who had actually been hunting once in their lives or at least knew the difference between birdshot and an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile; the media like a bulldog with his teeth in the postman's leg were still determined to blindly keep reporting the story. By now they no longer know exactly what the story is about or what to do with it but news producers are tenacious creatures and like bulldogs they hang on in there certain that if they chew long and hard enough, some blood will spurt somewhere.

Indeed the bulldog legacy is the legacy of the Democratic opposition to Bush. An opposition that had long since lost any remnant of reason or coherence and has consisted of grabbing hold and biting down hard certain that determination will finally yield blood. And so the media disgrace continues while nations and organizations determined to turn as many Americans as they can into piles of corpses go about their plans, the media broadcasts Day 94 of the Cheney Shootout.

And so it goes.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh The Things We'll Show You...

By On February 17, 2006
The news media in a proud show of free speech has decided the cartoons that are at the center of an international controversy cannot be shown. CNN blurred their images as if they were pornography. Papers have argued that it is enough to describe them in words without actually showing them. (Under this philosophy one wonders why they run photographs at all; after all can't they just describe everything in words?) Only two major newspapers have run the photos and one isn't very major at all. The rest have gotten behind their speech codes and suddenly discovered that they don't want to offend people.

By contrast though the media has had no trouble running photos of Piss Christ, a figure of Jesus suspended in urine. Similar works of art offensive to Jews, Christians and Hindus by 'transgressive' artists who make their reputation being offensive are routinely celebrated in the arts sections of every metropolitan paper. The media culture of the late 20th century indeed has made a virtue of offensiveness. Our popular culture is filled with obnoxious shock jocks, obscene rap stars, ranting columnists and abusive reality tv and talk shows. Controversial in our time has become a form of praise.

To better understand the media's agenda, let's look at what the media will and won't show us.

They didn't want to show us the 9/11 photos either. Footage was quickly pulled from television and increasingly hoarded to avoid inflaming tensions. You will rarely see the worst photos of 9/11, of people falling from the towers or of bodies. Instead they will rerun many of the same distant shots of the towers burning as iconography. You might think that this is the media being tasteful but that isn't so. After New Orleans the media gloried in finding photographs of misery and suffering, manufacturing and spreading stories of cannibalism, raped child, armed gangs opening fire on helicopters and crocodiles stalking the flooded city that proved to be lies. They even sued the government to be able to photograph any corpses that would be found.

You might think then that the media wants to avoid offending or outraging Muslims, yet that isn't so either. Newsweek ran a false story on a Koran being flushed in the toilet that led to massive riots and deaths. The media gleefully run every Abu Ghraib photo they can get on to defame American troops and touch off Muslim riots. There is no concern there whatsoever. The Mirror even published transparently faked photographs of supposed abuses and refused to apologize for it. When it comes to stories that damage America, the media will not only enthusiastically report them but even make them up.

The media will only run photos that are hostile to American and will not run photos that are hostile to Muslims. The media will do anything to overthrow a conservative administration that they hate, to smear the military and endanger their lives and to broadcast their message that America is evil, that the War on Terror is futile and evil and must be stopped. The media will also do everything possible to cover for Muslim terrorists, to whitewash them and smear any country that will stand up to them.

Today the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story on Israel considering sanctions against Hamas under the headline; "Israel puts the squeeze on fledgling democracy." The sheer warped thinking required to coin that piece of hateful propaganda is itself almost astounding. Yet this is the natural language of the opposition. The opposition to freedom, to civilization, to morality; the shrill hateful voice of the modern liberal who splatters his sympathy across the worst killers and reserves his lies and distortions for their victims. A filthy siren song that inverts the values of good and evil to weep crocodile tears for the terrorists at Abu Ghraib, for the Black Panthers and for Hamas and the Communist Party and every murderer and thug hiding behind a political agenda. And behold how at the conclusion of his tawdry performance, the liberal rises from the floor to heap mud on the heads of their victims while proclaiming his own moral superiority for caring so much about the things no one else (that is no one else but the other hundred million Democrats) cares about.

It is not sensitivity nor fear nor any of the excuses that has kept the cartoons off the pages of America's newspapers. They are absent from there for the same reason that photos of Kim Jong Il fill North Korean newspapers and that no photos of happy prosperous Americans appeared in the Soviet press. It is propaganda. It is the will to shape the organs of the press to produce a particular picture of the world with a particular agenda. In this world that they present daily to us, terrorism is the result of social inequality and can only be remedied that way. There are no terrorists, only people who are protesting inequalities as representatives of their ethnic groups and races. The ultimate blame for everything rests with America for being too rich and too successful.

It is a world that would be wonderful if not for the baleful influence of America and its allies such as Israel who disrupt that paradise. And that is their agenda. The desire to annihilate civilization as we know it. The man shrieking long and loud that he wishes he were an ape or a caveman even as he is surrounded by all the luxurious comforts that a six figure salary a year can bring. This is liberalism and this is the liberal media. It isn't about helping people, that is the facade. It is about bringing people down, subjugating them, destroying their will and reducing them to animals. At the heart of all pagan ideologies is the belief in the fundamental evil of man and the elevation of the virtues of the animal. Modern liberalism, a bastard stepchild of socialism and communism, is no different. Like Nazi Germany or the USSR it is driven to destroy higher moral values, to bring out the animal and turn the world into cowering sheep and brutal wolves.

Is it any wonder that they will publish what aids the wolves with the objective of turning men into sheep?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When is Ariel Sharon's Funeral Scheduled for?

By On February 15, 2006
The question is more crucial than it seems.

Ehud Olmert and the ruling Kadima party is only in power under the legal fiction that he is serving as a temporary replacement for Ariel Sharon. Of course Sharon is not going to go back to being Prime Minister but as long as he's lying in the hospital with occasional health updates, the fiction is maintained, however poorly. Should Sharon actually be buried though, the legal fiction would take on entirely new realms of twisting the law.

Olmert and Kadima's problem is that their entire existance and power is based on Sharon. To remain in power they need Sharon in the hospital, but after a few days of constant health updates the public tunes out. Like every form of entertainment, a media circus needs something new to top it. Succeeding surgeries on Sharon didn't do it. Olmert's administration has been a disaster and now with the sentencing of Sharon's son, one of Kadima's top figures and an MK, Olmert and Kadima very badly need the distraction and circus of the funeral of a Prime Minister. Reproducing the circus of the Rabin funeral and memorials before the election would provide Olmert with a stage to ramble on about Sharon's legacy and pass himself off as the inheritor to that legacy.

The irony is that Sharon's funeral is badly needed to give Olmert and Kadima legitimacy but at the same time a funeral would dispose of their legal legitimacy to be in power. Look for the funeral to be scheduled very close to election time when Olmert and Kadima stand to benefit the most and when it is too late for any legal petitions to remove Olmert from power.

Monday, February 13, 2006

No Reconcilliation Without Truth: No Dialogue Without Meaning

By On February 13, 2006
Another week comes and while the expelled families of Gush Katif live like refugees, our Jewish leadership pens pieces congratulating the police and soldiers for 'sensitively' expelling the settlers and the settlers for not causing too much problems in the expulsion. The pieces, all of them nearly identical, congratulate 'both sides' as if the family who is thrown out of their home and the men who threw them out are somewhat morally equivalent or as if this was a children's game where both players can be patted on the back for being good sports.

The pieces call for dialogue with the rest of Israel for the sake of unity. Dialogue of course being meetings between various leaders which resolve absolutely nothing but give organizations something to write press releases about. Indeed the spate of 'dialogues' being spawned in Israel like salmon in a river is reminiscent of American Judaism's preoccupation with interfaith dialogue which consisted of meaningless conferences that accomplished utterly nothing. Today after over a century of dialogue, the liberal Protestant Churches, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Methodist are boycotting Israel and the Catholic Church condemns terrorism all around the world except in Israel. What went wrong?

Dialogue as an aim in and of itself is worthless when the fundamental issues remain unaddressed. When South Africa ended a Apartheid they inaugurated the 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission,' Truth preceded Reconciliation because the truth must be spoken before reconciliation can occur. Attempts at dialogue without truth will always fail because without truth, reconciliation becomes a series of hollow platitudes.

The truth must be spoken. A moral reckoning must be made with those who were responsible for the expulsion, those who supported it and those who like the OU, stood by and said nothing. It is a reckoning that must be made in Israel and in America, among secular Jews and Orthodox and Reform and Conservative. We as a people must make a moral reckoning of what we have done and what we allowed to be done in our name.

We must speak the truth that over 10,000 Jews were expelled forcibly from their homes which were destroyed behind them in an act of ethnic cleansing.

We must speak the truth that for the first time ever the IDF was turned against citizens of the State of Israel, its soldiers compelled to commit war crimes or be imprisoned for disobeying orders and that anyone who advocated that soldiers disobey orders and follow the law were themselves threatened with imprisonment.

We must speak the truth that leading up to this the country was saturated with propaganda demonizing settlers, that those protesting against the government were brutally beaten and persecuted and that hundreds of political prisoners from old men to girls as young as 13 charged with 'Avaryanut Ideologit' or 'Ideological Crimes' were placed behind bars and some of them are still there.

We must speak the truth that even now most of those expelled are living like refugees, that along with the homes they grew up in and the businesses they supported their families with, they have lost personal belongings and that their compensation has been pitiful.

We must speak the truth that the looting and burning we have seen, the resurgence in terrorism and the rising strength of Hamas are all directly attributable to the expulsion.

And most of all we must speak the truth that those Jews in Israel and around the world who supported this are responsible for all of this. In Parshat Shoftim which coincided with the departure that concluded the destruction of Jewish communities, we learn that when a murder occurred outside their city the elders of a city were obligated to bring a sacrifice and to gather and proclaim;

'Yodeinu Lo Shofchu Et Ha'Dam Ve'Einenu Lo Rainu; Our Hands Did not Shed This Blood and Our Eyes Did Not See This.'

Our leaders cannot claim this because by supporting these crimes or by remaining silent they have caused or at best stood idly by the suffering of their brothers. We have all seen it and those of us who have supported it are no different than the police who beat old men in their homes and young girls in the streets, no different than Border Police Commander Shaham who shouted to his men.

"They should all burn! Don't even think! Use cannons! Use water cannons and batons! And hit them in the lower part of the body, this is for the protocol!" (so as to avoid visible injuries)

Will we have dialogue with Shaham and with Sharon and with his defense minister who ordered all this? Will we have dialogue with those who stood with folded hands and now pat both sides on the head for their good behavior? Can there be dialogue without justice? Can there be reconciliation without truth? Without any reason to believe that all this will not happen again in the next round of expulsions?

There is no reconciliation without truth and there is no unity without justice. Those who preach dialogue as the solution to all ills are preaching empty platitudes that will neither help the victims nor reform their persecutors. Today the settlers are treated by the Jewish world much as Israel is treated by the world as a whole. Their behavior is only judged acceptable when they comply with their own destruction. Any refusal, resistance or rejection of the destruction of their homes is treated much the same as the world treats Israel's refusal to be destroyed.

Persecuted minorities begin to mimic the behaviors of the majority that persecutes them by finding a minority of their own to persecute. Kids bullied find weaker kids to bully. The cycle isn't broken, instead it's perpetuated. Having given up fighting terrorists and world opinion, the Israeli government has found a minority of its own to bully, the settlers. Reason and dialogue will not prevail here. The cause is embedded in Israel's failure to resist the bullies, turning first to appeasement and then when appeasement fails to bullying their own instead of fighting back.

And that is the truth.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Muslim Rape Epidemic and Islam's War on Women

By On February 12, 2006
Between 2000 and 2002 Sydney experienced a rash of rapes carried out by Muslim gangs against Australian teenage girls as young as 14. The attacks were horrific and brutal some involving over a dozen men who taunted the girls for being 'Australians.' The assailants were utterly shameless insulting their victims in court, defying the judge and used Islam as their defense. The attackers argued that the victims deserved it because they weren't wearing headscarves. Their lawyers argued that their culture drove them to do it and they weren't responsible. The families of the attackers provided every alibi for them and continued to defend them and insult their victims down to the end.

In 2005 six Australian women from Sydney were killed on vacation in Bali. Their memorial was located at the site of the beach where the riots took place with beachgoers carrying Australian flags attacking many of the same Lebanese and Pakistani gangs had harassed women flicking cigarettes at them, calling them obscene names and telling them they were whores who deserved to be raped. The same Muslim gangs assaulted and beat two female lifeguards, one into unconsciousness. When Australians fought back the next day, the gangs fled in true cowardly style and hours later were on a rampage of stabbings, vandalism and church burnings. While the media blasts the racists, the Muslim conquest of the west continues.

Rape has always been a fundamental part of Islamic conquest beginning with Mohammed who made the rape and enslavement of women part of the reward for his troops and took a number of such women himself. Modern Islamic law dictates that this is legitimate today and that married women may be assaulted as well. While Western liberals praise the diversity of immigration, to Muslims immigration has become a tool of conquest and Muslim immigrants increasingly see themselves as the modern armies of an Islamic caliphate conquering by demographic expansion.

In a war of demographic expansion the means of victory is through reproduction and the tool is the woman. In Israel, Palestinians had embraced such a strategy since the 70's with arab women being praised for having many children to fight Israel with. Such high reproduction rates in an impoverished economy results in unemployment and gang violence, for which the Palestinians have developed the 'suicide bombing' as a release valve to dispose of young men. The flip side of this strategy though is that terrorists will deliberately target Jewish women, particularly mothers. Eyewitness accounts tell of suicide bombers deliberately approaching mothers with children before detonating themselves.

Palestinian advocates argue that the higher number of Palestinian casualties prove they are the victims but most Palestinian casualties are male, by contrast a large percentage of the Israeli deaths are female. Half the Palestinian demographic war relies on the oppression of Palestinian women and the other half with the murder of Israeli women.

This is not a uniquely Palestinian pattern but one practiced by Muslims in any Western nation where they are jockeying for demographic superiority. From Australia to Sweden to France there are growing numbers of honor killings in which Muslims murder Muslim women who refuse to participate in the demographic war by complying with arranged marriages and assaults on Western women.

Rape charges in Sweden have tripled in 20 years. Rapes of children are 6 times as common. At the same time it's four times more likely that a rapist in Sweden is a Muslim immigrant rather than native born Swede. In Oslo, Norway, site of the peace process, two thirds of those charged with rape in 2001 were Muslim immigrants. In Australia Muslim gang rapes such as described above have become an epidemic. In England police ordered a documentary on Muslim assaults of British girls pulled for fear of 'inciting' riots by Muslims. A Mufti in Denmark who functions as an Islamic jurist deciding Islam law, stated that women without headscarves were "asking for rape." In France with a 10 percent Muslim population, the Tournade or the gang rape has become part of French-Muslim culture and French authorities look the other way even as rap music by Muslim immigrants celebrates rape, the rape of women and the rape of France.

While matters may be worst in France which will be 25 percent Muslim by 2020 and where the Sydney rapes would be nothing more than just another day and barely worth remaking on, the same situation exists in any Western nation with a large Muslim minority. While Westerns blame economics and racism, the conquest continues at a steady pace. Muslim women are used by their families as chattel and tools for reproducing the next generation of Muslim conquerors and killed by their own brothers if they resist this arrangement. The excess young men produced by this reproduction for whom there's no jobs go into gangs that deal drugs, steal cars and answer to Islamic fundamentalist Mullahs.

When the Islamic revolution comes, they will form the Islamic militias and terrorist groups, the French equivalents of Fatah and Hamas that will terrorize and murder on their way to making France a Muslim state. The pattern will then be repeated across Europe over and over again. The stone throwers and gunmen, the suicide bombers and militias are only a generation away from the same Europeans who lionize them. When the Muslim percentage of a population in a country is sufficiently high, the war will begin. In the meantime there are other 'entertainments' for the Warriors of Islam till the fighting begins.

Islam is not a moral religion but a tribal one governed not by right and wrong but by primitive understandings of strength and submission, honor and shame. To Muslims besides the act, the purpose of rape is to shame the woman's family. Thus in Pakistan tribal councils have ordered gang rapes of women to atone for the actions of their families as a kind of 'Blood Price.' Muslim women who are raped are often murdered by their own families for the shame they have brought on them. Raping Western women is the means that these Muslim gangs use to shame and humiliate the people of the countries they live in and to show their superiority and fight their demographic war by attacking the demographics of the enemy through their women.

Since to Muslims there are two kind of women, the 'modest' Muslim women they marry and use for reproduction to win the demographic war against the West and 'whores' who are all Western women or Muslim women who don't comply with Muslim dictates. Marriage by definition cannot be sexual since it exists only for the purpose of creating a new generation of soldiers for Allah with a 'modest woman,' and a woman who is at all a sexual being is a whore. Therefore sex to them can only take place with 'whores' but such a woman's consent is immaterial. As a woman belonging to the enemy she is the property of the Muslim conquerors and a 'whore' she has no rights whatsoever.

For these Muslims therefore sex can exist in no other form except rape. Citizenship in a nation too can exist in no form except the rape of the country. Islam does not co-exist, it conquers. For a Muslim living as a minority in a non-Muslim country is shameful. This shame can only be lifted by actively working to conquer it and by transferring the shame to the majority through rape of their women.

Any relationship, whether between two people or two groups or two nations must be premised on tolerance. This is what liberals got right. But when one side is thoroughly and fundamentally intolerant of the other and to it tolerance is inconceivable, that social contract is broken and the other side must take steps to defend itself or be destroyed. This is where liberals have gone wrong, not in calling for a tolerant society but of failing to acknowledge that they have largely succeeded in convincing the majority of the virtues of tolerance, their efforts have failed with Muslim minorities who are actively fighting a war of conquest. Women are the weapons and the targets in the second wave of the Muslim conquest.

The only response of liberal to growing Muslim intolerance is to demand more tolerance from their victims. The more bombs explore in London, New York or Tel Aviv, the shriller the left cries for understanding not the pain of the murdered but the murderers. This is part and parcel of the traditional approach towards rape, blaming the victim for the act of the perpetrator.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Real Agenda Behind Iran's Cartoon Jihad: It's not about the cartoons, it's about Denmark

By On February 09, 2006
While a lot of attention has been paid to the so-called 'Cartoon Jihad' with commentary on Islam and its views on depicting Mohammed; most if not all have missed what is really behind all this.

The cartoons themselves had long since been published. They even appeared in an Egyptian paper with little response. The fury that is now taking place was shown to be deliberately whipped up with joint calls by Imams to protest and the publication and distributions of fake insulting cartoons blamed on the Danish press.

But it's not about the cartoons. It's about Iran.

Iran is facing a showdown over its nuclear designs. That showdown is extremely likely to take place in the UN Security Council. How does this involve Denmark? Denmark is currently a member of the UN Security Council. In June, only four months away, Denmark will assume the presidency of the UN Security Council.

Among a roster of UN Security Council members like Russia, Greece, Quatar, France and Ghana; Denmark with a conservative ruling coalition and friendly ties to the US is far more likely to be a vote against Iran. That makes Denmark a target for Iran. The cartoon controversy stirred up by Iran has the agenda of turning attention away from Iran while putting the Danish government on the defensive against Islam and making it far less likely to take a position against a Muslim country.

Similar operations should be expected against the US and the UK, along the lines of the fake desecrated Korans, that will accuse UN Security Council members which oppose Iran of crimes disrespecting Islam along with worldwide Muslim protests.

Monday, February 06, 2006

AMONA POLICE BRUTALITY - Video, Photos and Text - Sticky Topic

By On February 06, 2006

Videos, Photos and Interviews from the Police Pogrom at Amona : this is a sticky topic and will remain on top, scroll down to see the latest posts

Amona YouTube Channel

Pictures of Amona brutality

Assault on the Protesters

2. The Day the Black Riders came to Amona

The Brutality of Olmert's Criminal Government Unleashed

4. Blood and Tears at Amona

5. Assault and Battery by the Law - New

Video #3: Video interview with wounded in hospital -

A smiling policeman lying about his injuries is confronted by a battered protester

More video footage of Amona assaults

Police Assault Teenage Girls on Roof

Mounted Horseback Charge into Crowd

Assaults at Amona

Pogrom at Amona

Israel Reporter's Photostory - Amona: From Dawn Through Demolition

Additional Photos by Eyal Dor-Ofer - BauBau Photos

For Those Who Want to Understand What's Happening Here and Why - Click Here

- Interviews with Children and Teenagers beaten at Amona #1

- Interviews with Children and Teenagers beaten at Amona #2

Sexual Assaults and Police attacks on MDA Medics -

Interview with former IDF Brigadier General and Chief of the Medical Corps, current Knesset Member and head of the Ethics Committee, Aryeh Eldad on his beating

Letter to an IDF member by a beaten boy


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