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Will America's Ports Boycott Israel?

If sanctions are ever placed on Iran those sanctions will have little meaning as Iran will continue recieving its weapons through Dubai, much as it often does now. Through Dubai Iranian money is transferred to fund weapons shipments to terrorist groups like Hamas and Hizbullah. When Israel sized the Palestinian ship, the Karine-A carrying 50 tons of weapons, it went through Dubai after Iran. When nuclear ringleader A.Q. Khan tried to transfer nuclear materials to Libya, he used a Dubai port. When Al Queda sought to transfer its money in the wake of the US invasion of Afghanistan, it went through Dubai in the UAE. Most of the money used to fund the attacks of 9/11 came through Dubai. On its site Hamas has a special tribute to the father of the current UAE President who poured millions into PLO and Hamas terrorist coffers. Today the UAE continues to specifically provide money for the families of suicide bombers. In 2001, over 100 million dollars was raised in the UAE for those purposes.

And so Inevitably the World Embraces Hamas

When Hamas first won the Palestinian elections, many articles were written claiming that now, finally at last, the world would recognize that the Palestinians don't want peace and would stop supporting them. Now they thought finally the world must see. I said at the time that the world would go on supporting Hamas and pressuring Israel. I will say it now again. There is no act, no rhetoric, nothing horrific or vile enough for the world to ever stop supporting the Palestinians because support for the Palestinians has nothing to do with the Palestinians and everything to do with a campaign against Israel. No sooner did Hamas win election than the media and the talking heads and the politicians began claiming that the Palestinians didn't vote for Hamas because they support terrorism but because they were opposed to government corruption. This is a little like claiming that Germans voted for Hitler because of a shorter work week. Those can be factors but they are not the essence of

Do Neturei Karta represent a Terrorist threat in the West?

Neturei Karta despite consisting of a small number of individuals is well known as the men in chassidic style dress who turn up at rallies protesting on behalf of Palestinian terrorists. While these individuals are not actual Chassidim but a bizarre sect that has been shown to have been funded by Fatah terrorists; they recieve a good deal of attention from Muslims and the Left as they go around claiming that their views are the ones of 'Torah-True Orthodox Jews.' In fact a wide range of Orthodox Jews from Modern to Chassidic have condemned them and issued a directive to shun them altogether. Up till now their tactics have been despicable such as serving in Arafat's government, holding public prayers for Arafat, appearing at the memorial service for the leader of Hamas and going around defending the leader of Iran and Hamas and calling for the destruction of Israel. Their latest twist though suggests they represent more than a mere nuisance. Islamic terrorist cleric Abu Hamz

England proposes negotiations with Al-Queda

The Muslim Brotherhood is the oldest running Muslim terrorist organization which was responsible for numerous murders and terrorist attacks. Like Al Queda it is a Wahhabi terrorist organizations seeking to create Islamic states and conduct a war against America, Europe and Israel. The Brotherhood's second best known terrorist organization is Hamas. Its best known terrorist organization is Al-Queda, many of whose members are from the Muslim Brotherhood; including Bin Laden's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Thanks to the 'Democratic elections' in Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are close to taking power and the West continues to be prepeared to appease them. The Brotherhood's success in Egypt is an outgrowth of America's pressure on Egypt to allow Democratic elections. Which it did. American and European pressure on Israel to allow a Palestinian state has given the Muslim Brotherhood control in the Palestinian Authority.

The Perpetuating Cycle of Abuse in Jewish History

Looking at the news and seeing the bloody teenagers beaten with the batons of Israeli police or reading that while Hamas terrorists grow in power the Israeli government carries on a war against the settlers, is difficult to comprehend. But for a moment let us look further back at last week's Parsha. The Jewish people have been redeemed from slavery. We would expect them to be overjoyed and yet soon enough, they are demanding to return to Egypt. How can they possibly wish to return to a land where their children were butchered and they were slaves? These two sets of events may be far apart in years but they are both linked from the beginning of the Jewish nation to its possible end. An oppressed minority has one of two possible reactions. Either it clings more tightly to its values and identity or it begins instead to identify with the oppressor. When it comes to identify with its oppressor, it begins to try and become like him by matching his appearance and culture but finally in t

Wanted: A Victim Who Won't Talk Back

What ground-breaking story has been occupying the collective attention of the media for the last week, trumpeted from the front page of dailys, broadcast on the evening news and scattered across news sites? Was it Iran's accelerating race towards a nuclear arsenal? Hamas' takeover of the Palestinian Authority? Worldwide cartoon protests by Muslims which has now killed over a dozen people including children? Perish the thought. The media has little patience for such trivialties. The lead news story continues to be that the Vice-President accidentally shot a man with birdshot in a hunting accident. The media which had days earlier been so starved for things to blame Bush for that they were accusing him of killing polar bears (actual headline, Polar Bears Reveal Shame of Bush Administration) gleefully searched through their closets for anything Tartan and took to wandering the woods doing news broadcasts from places they'd never been like a forest, a ditch and Texas. Faster t

Oh The Things We'll Show You...

The news media in a proud show of free speech has decided the cartoons that are at the center of an international controversy cannot be shown. CNN blurred their images as if they were pornography. Papers have argued that it is enough to describe them in words without actually showing them. (Under this philosophy one wonders why they run photographs at all; after all can't they just describe everything in words?) Only two major newspapers have run the photos and one isn't very major at all. The rest have gotten behind their speech codes and suddenly discovered that they don't want to offend people. By contrast though the media has had no trouble running photos of Piss Christ, a figure of Jesus suspended in urine. Similar works of art offensive to Jews, Christians and Hindus by 'transgressive' artists who make their reputation being offensive are routinely celebrated in the arts sections of every metropolitan paper. The media culture of the late 20th century indeed

When is Ariel Sharon's Funeral Scheduled for?

The question is more crucial than it seems. Ehud Olmert and the ruling Kadima party is only in power under the legal fiction that he is serving as a temporary replacement for Ariel Sharon. Of course Sharon is not going to go back to being Prime Minister but as long as he's lying in the hospital with occasional health updates, the fiction is maintained, however poorly. Should Sharon actually be buried though, the legal fiction would take on entirely new realms of twisting the law. Olmert and Kadima's problem is that their entire existance and power is based on Sharon. To remain in power they need Sharon in the hospital, but after a few days of constant health updates the public tunes out. Like every form of entertainment, a media circus needs something new to top it. Succeeding surgeries on Sharon didn't do it. Olmert's administration has been a disaster and now with the sentencing of Sharon's son, one of Kadima's top figures and an MK, Olmert and Kadima very bad

No Reconcilliation Without Truth: No Dialogue Without Meaning

Another week comes and while the expelled families of Gush Katif live like refugees, our Jewish leadership pens pieces congratulating the police and soldiers for 'sensitively' expelling the settlers and the settlers for not causing too much problems in the expulsion. The pieces, all of them nearly identical, congratulate 'both sides' as if the family who is thrown out of their home and the men who threw them out are somewhat morally equivalent or as if this was a children's game where both players can be patted on the back for being good sports. The pieces call for dialogue with the rest of Israel for the sake of unity. Dialogue of course being meetings between various leaders which resolve absolutely nothing but give organizations something to write press releases about. Indeed the spate of 'dialogues' being spawned in Israel like salmon in a river is reminiscent of American Judaism's preoccupation with interfaith dialogue which consisted of meaningle

Sticky Post: Amona Pictures, Videos and Interviews

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The Muslim Rape Epidemic and Islam's War on Women

Between 2000 and 2002 Sydney experienced a rash of rapes carried out by Muslim gangs against Australian teenage girls as young as 14. The attacks were horrific and brutal some involving over a dozen men who taunted the girls for being 'Australians.' The assailants were utterly shameless insulting their victims in court, defying the judge and used Islam as their defense. The attackers argued that the victims deserved it because they weren't wearing headscarves. Their lawyers argued that their culture drove them to do it and they weren't responsible. The families of the attackers provided every alibi for them and continued to defend them and insult their victims down to the end. In 2005 six Australian women from Sydney were killed on vacation in Bali. Their memorial was located at the site of the beach where the riots took place with beachgoers carrying Australian flags attacking many of the same Lebanese and Pakistani gangs had harassed women flicking cigarettes at the

The Real Agenda Behind Iran's Cartoon Jihad: It's not about the cartoons, it's about Denmark

While a lot of attention has been paid to the so-called 'Cartoon Jihad' with commentary on Islam and its views on depicting Mohammed; most if not all have missed what is really behind all this. The cartoons themselves had long since been published. They even appeared in an Egyptian paper with little response. The fury that is now taking place was shown to be deliberately whipped up with joint calls by Imams to protest and the publication and distributions of fake insulting cartoons blamed on the Danish press. But it's not about the cartoons. It's about Iran. Iran is facing a showdown over its nuclear designs. That showdown is extremely likely to take place in the UN Security Council. How does this involve Denmark? Denmark is currently a member of the UN Security Council. In June, only four months away, Denmark will assume the presidency of the UN Security Council. Among a roster of UN Security Council members like Russia, Greece, Quatar, France and Ghana; Denmark with

AMONA POLICE BRUTALITY - Video, Photos and Text - Sticky Topic

Videos, Photos and Interviews from the Police Pogrom at Amona : this is a sticky topic and will remain on top, scroll down to see the latest posts Amona YouTube Channel Pictures of Amona brutality 1. Assault on the Protesters 2. The Day the Black Riders came to Amona 3. The Brutality of Olmert's Criminal Government Unleashed 4. Blood and Tears at Amona 5. Assault and Battery by the Law - New Video #3: Video interview with wounded in hospital - A smiling policeman lying about his injuries is confronted by a battered protester More video footage of Amona assaults Police Assault Teenage Girls on Roof Mounted Horseback Charge into Crowd Assaults at Amona Pogrom at Amona Israel Reporter's Photostory - Amona: From Dawn Through Demolition Additional Photos by Eyal Dor-Ofer - BauBau Photos For Those Who Want to Understand What's Happening Here and Why - Click Here - Interviews with Children and Teenagers beaten at Amona #1 - Interviews with Children and Teenagers be