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Not Oppressed but Defeated

"The Palestinians are not an oppressed people, but rather the irreconcilable remnants of a once-victorious but now defeated empire, living in an irredentist dream world in which a new Salahuddin will drive the new Crusaders into the sea."



  1. Anonymous19/2/07

    The 21 point plan of Islam for the destruction of the USA has been forgotten since the media played it down.
    It included points such as
    marrying western women and converting the children to islam then divorcing her and taking the children.
    Taking control of media through jobs , management positions, influence,etc.
    Taking over chat rooms, forums, associations, etc.
    And through individual jihad when possible.
    I would love to post the whole list but I cant find it right now.
    Islam is not a religion.
    It is a political philosophy like fascism that seeks money and power through physical and spiritual domination of peoples.
    It is invasive and dangerous.
    They are doing shootings, running people over in cars at cross walks, and the muslim doctors are making "mistakes".
    Quite a few Muslim doctors do not autoclave their instruments or keep proper sterilization techniques in their offices.
    Not a few "misdiagnose" or "accidently" overlook things with patients. This is their contribution to jihad.

  2. The Palestinians are a historically non-existent myth created by the terrorist migrant hordes of racially mixed peoples who were drawn to Israel by the prospect of work in the thriving economy and by the fact that no other arab nations wanted them.
    They were unwanted because of their tendency to try to overthrow the government of whatever nations they migrated to.

    Its an abomination to see writers, esp Jewish or Christian who call the land "Palestine" even pre-Roman times!!
    They ignore the fact that the name Palestine was substituted for "Judea" by the romans after 70CE


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