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Kidnappings Demonstrate the Futility of Withdrawals and Disengagements

Terrorism is the use of violence to inspire terror. It is not meant to achieve military victories but to inflict terror on a population in order to break their will. In 1992 terrorism won in Israel when Yitzchak Rabin under heavy international pressure surrendered to Yasir Arafat's PLO and signed agreements that allowed terrorists to set up an armed state within Israel's borders. When that state was set up what followed was a quantum increase in terrorism from its new base. Sensing victory the real war to destroy Israel began. The myth Labor leaders like Rabin\Peres\Barak sold Israelis was that terrorism could be ended by signing an agreement and meeting some of the terrorist's demands. By the time the 21st century had dawned, that myth was dead. Negotiations with terrorists who used terrorism as a negotiating tactic resulted in only one thing, more terrorism. The myth Likud leaders like Netanyahu\Sharon\Olmert sold Israelis was that terrorism could be cordoned off by a few

If It Wasn't For All Those Dead Jews...

There's nothing like a dead Jew to ruin an otherwise perfectly good time. Just recently the media were celebrating that Hamas had agreed to recognize the State of Israel. Champagne was being uncorked in the halls of Washington D.C. and in the New York Times building. Everyone was cheerful. It was just like Christmas. For months Hamas had painfully frustrated the numerous bureaucrats and eurocrats, talking heads and columnists, when they refused to fall into line. Not fall into line by ending terrorism and living in peace with Israel. No, they refused to lie and pretend to agree to peaceful co-existence and a two state solution. The international community was baffled. They'd had a good run with Arafat playing it just this way. Hell Arafat had even invented the game. While Fatah terrorists shot a few Jews or blew up a pizzeria full of them, Arafat would celebrate the terrorists as martyrs for his own people, hold a press conference blaming Israel for the whole thing and th

IDF Soldiers in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Tehilim 23 Gam Ki Eilech Begei Tzal Mavet - Though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death Lo Yira Ra - I will fear no evil Ki Ata Imadi - For You are with me

The Russian Sword at Israel's Throat

Russia's intentions towards Israel made the news recently when it announced arms sales to Syria and then to Hamas. It continues to provide assistance building up Iran's nuclear capabilities and hours before the US invasion was shipping weapons to Iraqi forces. But there are less subtle things that don't make the evening news. Putin threw out the democratic reforms of Yeltsin's government and has returned to Russia's old imperialistic policies. The first step was to destroy any independent businessmen not in line with Putin's policies, including those who were associated with independent parties or ran independent television stations or newspapers, or those who merely owned businesses the Putin regime wanted. This has already been done. The Russian press is under Putin's thumb. Key businesses are under government control now and are being used to control their international customers. Russia's oil and gas industry in particular has been leveraged ag

Palestine's Act of War

"Iraq has stockpiled biological and chemical weapons, and is rebuilding the facilities used to make more of those weapons. We have sources that tell us that Saddam Hussein recently authorized Iraqi field commanders to use chemical weapons -- the very weapons the dictator tells us he does not have." George W. Bush, Radio Address 10/5/2002 “With the help of Allah, we are pleased to say that we succeeded in developing over 20 different types of biological and chemical weapons, this after a three-year effort...We will surprise you with new weapons you have not faced until now. As soon as an IDF soldier sets foot on Gazan land, we will respond with a new weapon,” Fatah, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade 6/26/06 What you see above represents the parts of Israel, Hamas and Fatah, the Palestinian ruling authorities, will be able to strike if Olmert retreats from the West Bank. The range includes Tel Aviv. And now Fatah has threatened rocket attacks equipped with chemical weapons. Saddam Husse

America has Global Warming FEVER!!!

It began with that Academy Award winning actor Albert 'Fishbreath' Gore whose astounding film, 'An Incontinent Truth' revealed to us that in eight months and three days the entire planet will burst into flames if it's not immediately coated with asbestos and now all of America has Global Warming Fever. Scientists who have done extensive research on the subject after they read about it in a New York Times editorial discovered that much of the world suffers from a hot phase known as 'Summer.' Archeological and anthropological records reveal that this phenomenon known as 'Summer' was recognized by ancient societies for thousands of years and often coincidences with plagues and famines. While the disgustingly well-off Westerns societies remain insulated from such phenomena by their adoption of exploitative measures such as prosperous democratic societies, vaccinations and scientific agriculture, much of the world continues to suffer through this plag

Divide and Conquer - How the Present Kadima Tyranny Took Power in Israel

Divide and conquer has always been historically and traditionally the tactic of the enemy. When Shechem raped Dina, his father offered the rest of the family lucrative business prospects if they went along with it. When the Jews were enslaved in Egypt, the tribe of Levi was set apart from being enslaved so that their vigorous energies would not be directed into resisting Pharaoh. When Amalek attacked, he cowardly struck at those who lagged behind. But in each of those cases the Jews refused to be divided and thus conquered. The brothers of Dina fought for her and destroyed the city that had abducted her. From the Tribe of Levi came Moshe and Aaron, the liberators of Israel. When Amalek attacked some of the Jews, all the Jews led by Yehoshua fought Amalek and slaughtered them. Sadly this state of affairs didn't continue for long. The divisions between Yehuda and Israel strengthened Edom and allowed first Babylon to strike one and then the other, and during the Second Temple infi

Mercy to the Cruel is Cruelty to the Mercifull - Aid to the Palestinians is Murder to Jews

M16 weapons transferred to the Palestinian Authority, to President Abbas' bodyguard of terrorists were used in an attempt to murder Jewish girls. This is not the first time that weapons provided to the Palestinians for "security purposes" were turned against Israelis either. Each time weapons were provided to the Palestinian terrorists the media and politicians describe as police officers, soldiers or presidential bodyguard; those weapons are inevitably used in the service of terrorism, because whether it's Fatah or Hamas, the ruling authority of the Palestinians are always terrorists. For over a decade the bleeding hearts who selectively bleed for every murderer with a bomb and gun have but whose hearts are closed to the suffering of their Jewish brothers have pushed aid as the solution. They have shoveled aid to the Palestinians. Aid to Indonesia which turned around and spent it on donations to Hamas. They have built factories for the Palestinians while the unem

Introducing Israel's New Superheroes - The X-Prime Ministers

"A new forum organized by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is scheduled to meet for the first time on Monday: the Ex-Prime Ministers’ Club. The topic on the agenda: Iran." Finally deliverance is at hand as the X-Prime Ministers snap into action! When Israel is in trouble they spring into action! First up is Ehud Barak who can play the piano, speak Russian and show off his many medals. Additionally he possesses the mysterious superpower to conduct secret negotiations while lying about it to everyone's face. Barak parachutes into Tehran disguised as a woman, meets with top Iranian officials and promises that Israel will allow itself to be nuked so long as nuclear weapons only fall outside the Green Line. Back at home Barak promises that he has made absolutely no deal with the Iranians. No one but no one believes him. Next to take a whack at the problem comes Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu possesses the power to deliver excellent speeches while conducting multiple extramarital aff

The Betrayers of the Flame

- T he future Prime Minister of Israel is covered in lice on the lower decks of a prison boat headed for Siberia. The criminal gangs control most of the boat, killing the political prisoners, taking their clothes and shoes. A dying Jewish Communist who was the former assistant editor of Pravda asks him to sing him a song he remembers before he dies. The Lashuv song. Lashuv El Eretz Avoteinu. To Return to the Land of Our Fathers. The Hatikvah. - I n a Soviet Gulag when men were dying of the forced labor and the cold, when food and warm clothing were more precious than gold and hope was gone, a prisoner sat translating a copy of Leon Uris' Exodus. It is a mediocre book and unknown to him others in the USSR are engaged in the same task. When the translation is done it will be smuggled out again and circulated among those Russian Jews desperate for their homeland. Their true homeland. - I t is 1944 and a young Jewish girl is crossing the border into Hungary. Before she crosses ov

Olmert's Regime to American Jews: Support Withdrawal or Shut Up

"American Jews largely support Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's realignment plan and those who don't will be told to keep quiet so that the global Jewish community can maintain a united front, says Consul-General in New York Arye Mekel. " Truly a reminder of the halycon days when Shulamit Aloni was the New York Consul and doing the best her rotten little heart could to suppress opposition to Oslo. Merkel claims the OU won't publically express its disagreement with the plan to expell hundreds of thousands of people forcibly from their homes which would merely be a continuation of the cowardice they displayed during Disegagement, making only a small protest when the harrassment had turned so bad Jews in Kippas were being singled out and taken off buses. Merkel insists that American Jews respect the democratic choice of Israelis. He rather forgets that this democratic choice was about as democratic as your average Ugandan election. While defectors from Likud and Labor w

Biased Reporting About a Lakewood Bias Crime

Recently the Jewish community in Lakewood experienced a brutal sexual assault. When Elchonon Zimmerman saw Jamarr Dickerson, a strange teenager on his property, he tried to take a picture of him with his cell phone. There was a scuffle, people nearby arrived to assist the property owner who subdued the teenager. When police arrived they arrested Zimmerman charging him with assault. This was just the beginning though as the NAACP held a press conference demanding that bias crime charges be lodged against everyone involved because there had been supposed shouts of racial slurs. Now call me crazy but when a man gets into a scuffle with an intruder on his private property, the police should at the very least arrest the intruder as well as the homeowner. The NAACP has persistently refered to Jamarr Dickerson as a child, but Jamarr Dickerson is a fairly large 15 year old who could reasonably be mistaken for older. The Asbury Park Press however has repeatedly trumpeted the NAACP line without

Puerto Rican Day Parade Welcomes Criminals

The Latin Kings are one of the most violent street gangs in the United States responsible for murders, arson drug dealing, kidnapping and a long list of violent crimes. In 1993 15 year old Jenna Gonzales was beaten so severely by Latin Kings members that she could only be identified by her dental records. Two RICO investigations have been launched resulting in the arrests of hundreds of Latin Kings members. Today members of the Latin Kings gang marched in the Puerto Rican day parade. The New York Correction Department's Hispanic Society which was supposed to march behind the Kings made it clear that it was either them or the Kings. The parade organizers made their choice. At the parade 50 people were arrested for disorderly conduct, including many in Latin Kings colors. Violence has long since been associated with the parade. Buisnesses along the parade route regularly board up their windows. The most notorious incident may have been in 2000 when women were sexually assaulted by ga

Get Your Zarqawi Collectibles on Ebay

... wonder what they have. I'd guess it's a going out of buisness sale.

Zarqawi's Death No Reason to Celebrate

The United States is overeagerly patting itself on the back for finally getting Zarqawi after years of terrorist attacks. This was managed through tips from inside Al Queda itself and the Iraqi government has already announced that the 25 million dollar bounty will be paid to the sources. None of this is any reason to celebrate. Zarqawi wasn't caught because of good intelligence work but because of a split between Osama Bin Laden and Zarqawi, between the Al Queda leadership in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Last month a meeting was held in an attempt to patch things over, the root of the dispute being whether Al Queda's terrorism should be focused on Western targets and American troops as Bin Laden wanted or equally against Shiite muslims. as Zarqawi has done. The contacts failed to resolve anything and as a result the Bin Laden side of the Al-Queda network handed over Zarqawi's location, disposing of an obstacle to what Bin Laden really wants which is to join with Shiite Muslims

Thieves Without Ideology: Kadima Reveals its Intelectual Bankruptcy

Revelations that Kadima USA, the American branch of Israel's Kadima party, plagirized much of its platform word for word from the Texas Democratic party should be no great surprise. That is also how the Israeli Kadima party got its platform. Shmuel Tamir, the Irgun fighter, prominent lawyer and former Justice Minister describes in his autobiography how he had started his own party back in 1972 and got a visit from Ariel Sharon who feigned interest in joining his party and took away a copy of its positions. They agreed to hold a joint press conference the next day announcing their union. Instead Sharon held his own press conference to announce the formation of his own party all based on positions quoted from Tamir's own document. Sharon's political party failed, but that same party platform was revived again for Kadima. The reporting on KadimaUSA stealing its platform overlooks the fact that the original Kadima Israel is equally based on a stolen platform. If someone

Rabbi Shlomo Goren: Liberator of Hevron

In these restored photos we can see the Maarat HaMachpelah from its days under Turkish and British rule. Jews were not allowed to ascend higher than the seventh step. The future Chief Rabbi of the IDF and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi and Brigadier General Rabbi Shlomo Goren was a student at the Hevron Yeshiva during the abortive Arab pogrom of 1936. At 17 he wrote a commentatry on the Rambam's Mishna Torah. At 18 he joined the Haganah to fight for independence. During the war of 1967 Rabbi Goren followed behind the troops to bury and take care of the dead putting himself at great risk. He blew the shofar at the Western Wall of the former temple and proclaimed "We Have Liberated the City of God." After the liberation of Jerusalem, Rabbi Goren had demanded to be brought along to Hevron but he was nevertheless left behind. Rabbi Goren proceeded on his own and mistakenly arrived in Hevron, a town of 80,000 Arabs that had driven out the Jews in bloody pogroms, on his

New Media Collaborates with Old Tyrannies

When it comes to the Chinese police state both the old and new media are more than happy to oblige. News Corp has helped the PRC build its digital wall. Microsoft has censored an MSN Spaces user's blog at the request of the Chinese authorities. Google has censored its chinese search engine so no troubling mentions of democracy or Taiwan come up. Yahoo though topped them all when it turned over information from a journalist's Yahoo email who had emailed comments from a newspaper staff meeting which which the Chinese government decided was classified information. The journalist went to jail through information provided by Yahoo. When Yahoo chief Terry Semmel appeared at the All Things Digital conference he expected to discuss technology instead he was asked if he would similarly have collaborated with Nazi Germany. His reply was as follows. "I don't know how I would have felt then." All told I think we have a pretty good idea of what Mr. Semmel and the others would

The Modern Day Heroes of Our People

Two weeks ago Tzippi Schlissel , the great-granddaughter of Rabbi Avraham HaCohen Kook became a grandmother herself. Her father was Rabbi Shlomo Raanan who was murdered in his home in Hevron in 1998. The Arab terrorist climbed through his window, stabbed him through the chest and went after his wife Chaya. The 64 year old Rabbi Raanan while bleeding to death followed after the terrorist to protect his wife. Rabbi Raanan struggled with him and was stabbed yet again but the terrorist fled. Rabbi Raanan died shortly afterwards. His daughter, Tzippi Schlissel became a grandmother now days after she was forcibly expelled from her home in Hevron. The mother of 10 children, she had lived there with her husband Rabbi Yisrael Schlissel who taught in a Kollel there, before they were dragged out of their homes. When she was evicted her youngest daughter was ten months old. This was not the first time. She was beaten and arrested in her own home on January 19th in Hevron at Mitzpeh Shalhevet, the

The Faces Behind the Batons at Amona

These are some of the faces of those police behind the brutality at Amona. Many police at the scene removed their nametags or replaced them with phony ones. These and hundreds of other pictures were put up online here at the Zechuyot site to help identify these perpetrators. If you recognize anyone depicted in these photos please contact that site.

Violent Crime Continues to be Underreported

"Hevesi: Violent Crimes Underreported In NYS" Suffolk Life Newspapers, NY - May 31, 2006 7Online, NY - 19 minutes ago - State Comptroller Alan Hevesi publicly apologized Thursday for a remark about "putting a bullet between the president's eyes."