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Home Democrats Elizabeth Warren politics Race Learning to Love Big Sister

Learning to Love Big Sister

Angela Peoples first became famous when she was photographed at a post-inauguration anti-Trump rally holding a sloppily hand-lettered sign reading, ”Don’t forget: White Women Voted for Trump.”

Peoples’ expression is surly. She’s sucking on a lollipop while her white baseball cap seems to say something about “killing people”. Her giant hoop earrings dangle listlessly. Behind her stand a trio of white women in pink genital hats, all smiles and selfies, with the Capitol Hill building behind them.

The racist sign tapped into a meme shaming white women as gender traitors. Peoples, a veteran lefty activist, parlayed that internet fame into a New York Times op-ed arguing that white women couldn’t be trusted. “White women are not unified in opposition to Trumpism and can’t be counted on to fight it. Instead, it’s the identity, experience and leadership of black women that we must look to,” she urged.

Her message was, "we need you to get out of the way and follow our lead." And "would-be candidates" were told to "step aside and make space for more black women."

That was two years ago.

Now Black Womxn For, an ad hoc coalition run by Peoples, has endorsed a white woman.

Or, as NBC News declares, "Warren wins 2020 backing of influential group of black women". How influential is the Womxn “collective” of Netroots activists in the black community? Not very. A more accurate headline would be, “Warren wins 2020 backing of hastily thrown together lefty group.”

But Warren responded to the endorsement by declaring enthusiastically that, "Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy."

Who knew our country really was run by the 1%? Or the 0.00001%.

Despite Warren’s assertion, none of the Womxn leaders seem to be especially “trans” or “gender non-conforming”. Some are lesbians. That’s about as far as the “Womxn” thing seems willing to take it.

What the “Womxn” lack in “trans” and “nonbinary” people, they make up for in bigots.

Senator Elizabeth Warren not only welcomed the support of Peoples, who had spent years bashing white women, but also Charlene Carruthers, an anti-Israel activist, formerly of Color of Change, who sits on the board of the Women's March, which has its own notorious anti-Semitism problem.

Carruthers has tweeted approvingly about Louis Farrakhan, accused Israel of “apartheid”, and endorsed BDS. She led an anti-Israel delegation to Israel and accused the Jewish State of a “massacre” in Gaza.

Carruthers appears to have tweeted a selection of Farrakhan quotes, including, "Integrating the Bedroom not the Boardroom." This is a familiar Farrakhan quote which opposes interracial marriage as a "hypocritical trick" by white people while urging a separatist black country.

This separatist black nation probably won’t be run by Elizabeth Warren. Or will it?

Warren's new endorsee also claimed that, "Minister Farrakhan is speaking the truth about HIV/AIDS." It's not clear exactly what exactly she's referring to, but the Nation of Islam hate group leader has claimed that AIDS is a government bioweapon aimed at black people. People associated with the Nation of Islam have also claimed that Jewish doctors were injecting the virus into black babies.

This is Senator Warren’s idea of “the backbone of our democracy”.

Other members of the "steering committee" of Black Womxn For include Rukia Lumbumba, the sister of Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, who boasted that he would make Jackson, Mississippi into the "most radical city on the planet", Carmen Berkeley, the Managing Director for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Nicole Carty of Occupy Wall Street, and a number of other veterans of lefty activist groups.

Also known as the octopus in the swamp.

And Anoa Changa, who ran into controversy over her appearances on Russia's Sputnik. When Elizabeth Warren accuses President Trump of being in bed with the Russians, she can look at her own endorsees.

But what’s really behind this endorsement?

Peoples has gone from bashing white women to fighting for one while using the language of black nationalism. As director of Black Womxn For, Peoples and her group claimed that "a Warren victory ensures an environment in which Black community leaders can better and more easily usher in those long-overdue societal transformations that move us closer to the Liberation that we know is possible."

By that they mean, "Black Liberation". And by "Black Liberation", they mean appointing "Black women, especially trans and immigrant women, Black men, Indigenous people, people of color and disabled people" to government positions. Some of whom will presumably be affiliated with BWF.

“Liberation” will be brought to you by political sinecures and the spoils system. "She is a woman who is willing to learn, open to new ideas, and ready to be held accountable by us," the endorsement reads.

In two years, Peoples has gone from demanding that white women follow black women to rejecting a black woman, Senator Kamala Harris, and endorsing a white woman, Warren, while pretending that the power relationship is with her, rather than with Warren. Even Peoples’ racism and black nationalism proved to be transactional. Or rather, what they had always been, a façade for the usual lefty politics.

Black Womxn For is described as a project of ‘The South’ which is run by Peoples. What’s ‘The South’? It’s apparently a brand. There are few references to it online. There’s a YouTube channel with 8 subscribers whose video about Peoples (which has 1,038 views) begins with the assertion that the “most beautiful people in the world” are “black people”. Unless they’re Cherokee academics offering you a job.

In the interview, Peoples, who is modestly wearing a t-shirt with her own picture on it, castigates “white women’s racism”, claims that an “overwhelming majority of white women voted for Donald Trump”, and then defines that overwhelming majority as being 53%. There are no comments.

Peoples is also listed as the “founder” and “lead strategist” of MsPeoples. It has no internet presence.

How desperate is Warren for black support that she and her allies were trumpeting this nonsense?

Meanwhile the likely reason why Peoples threw her support behind Warren is a detail hidden in her bio. Peoples was a policy analyst for Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and had been working there nearly since its creation, back when the failed agency was Warren’s “baby”.

Peoples has thrown her support behind Warren, whose agency she worked at, in exchange for government jobs provided through input by Black Womxn For through Warren’s transition team.

Truly, the age of “Liberation” is upon us.

Who else backs this mighty endorsement of Warren? According to the endorsement, it was based on "hundreds of survey responses from self-identified progressive Black women and GNC/NB folks."


If they’re self-identified black women, was Rachel Dolezal allowed to participate?

Senator Warren is desperate for black voters. They’re Biden’s base. If the Democrat base were entirely white, Warren would already have the nomination locked up. To stop Biden, she needs to make a serious dent among his black supporters, but is so unable to connect with them that her campaign is touting an endorsement from her home base of Netroots activists as if it were an achievement.

And she’s willing to ignore as much bigotry as it takes to win the support of her new base of bigots.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous27/11/19

    Long ago, carnival side-shows featured people
    afflicted with horrible deformities. They made
    their livelihood by titillating the morbid
    curiosity of their audience. The 1932 movie
    “Freaks” looked into this world.

    Eighty seven years later, our appetite for the
    grotesque can be quenched by Democrat politics.
    Imagine the contortions needed to appear to
    represent all intersections except straight
    white men. So many dimensions of sex, gender,
    preference, race, ethnicity, wealth, class,
    religion, language, education, age; can any
    candidate appeal across so many divisions?
    Following the Clinton-Obama divide/conquer
    tactic is now a loser for the Dems.

    Trump addresses us as Citizens of the Greatest
    Country ever; united patriots. Works for me.


  2. Daniel, at its simplest the entire cis-, trans-, mis-gender mania is mental illness

  3. Anonymous28/11/19

    Freaks, Tod Browning's 1933 movie was prophetic. The freaks sing their Gooble Gobble chant: "Gooble Gobble, Gooble Gobble, We Accept Her, One of Us".

    Most normal people don't know this, but the Alphabet People (LGBTKILLKILLANDKILLAGAIN) who made themselves today's self-freaks/victims, sing the same chant when they welcome a new recruit into their antifa/pantyfa underworld: "Gabble Gobble Gabble Gobble, He's-a She's-a She's-a He's-a, Gooble Gobble, Kill the Normals."

    When the hammer comes down on the Alphabets' reign of arrogant revenge-mad tyranny, which it will in the next 10 years once the Alphabets have used up all the world's good will that's been shown to them over the past 20 years, the Alphs will be singing another tune and it sure won't be Gooble Gobble.

  4. Do people wonder why her numbers are dropping like a stone? The only thing that keeps the dumb bumbler (Dumbler)Biden in the race is that dumb and bumbling is better than dumb and insane. There will be, in my opinion, a locked convention with no one getting the necessary votes to take the nomination. A brokered convention is in the offing, and a dark horse will be chosen....maybe even Hillary....which demonstrates what a mess the Democrat party is.

  5. Anonymous29/11/19

    Oops Freaks' date is 1932 as Charlie said, not 1933 as I misremembered it (and I just watched it again 2 weeks ago!)

    An aside: I only comment here on Sultan Knish blog because I can comment as Anonymous and I do so for a reason. I was dragged through the Leftist doxxing torture chambers over 10 years ago and was among the first online "traitors to the left" to be doxxed and purged and had my real name put on Urban Dictionary in 2007 as a "fascist transphobic nazi who advocates killing trans people". One person wrote about me "He doesn't live in the U.S. but I know for a fact he is now in jail in his own country for killing a trans person". I've never even had a traffic ticket! Yes this really happened and it may sound silly to some but it cost me my job at the time in a Left-heavy charity NGO.

    So I will never ever publish anything online or anywhere under my own name or pseudonymns again (though I know they can find you using IPS or UPS or some codes like that by divining your location using the angles of the movements of the rats in the cages they attach to your face). So I cannot comment on Daniel Greenfield's articles on Frontpage site but one article today is so excellent I want to commend it here on his blog.

    Daniel's Frontpage article today (nov 29) "Impeachment Shows the Limit of Media Power" is one of the most astute and eagle eyed analysis of the whole mess we're in I've ever read. Bravo, Daniel! This line sums up our whole society as well as being apropos for this particular blog thread topic: "Addiction to fantasies is harder to shake than heroin or cocaine. And their own lies are leading them to disaster. Live by the lie, die by the lie."

    Thank you, Daniel Greenfield. After 10 years lost in a wilderness of near despair for truth and freedom and integrity and values and honour in the public and media sphere that I thought were lost for good, you have helped me to revive hope.

    It only takes the light of one distant star to help navigate even the blackest nights.

  6. Anonymous29/11/19

    Dear Anon Oops
    Your justified fear of doxxing makes you feel
    alone against our present Inquisition. Those
    self-righteous cowards are like the Emperor
    with no clothes. His fearful subjects felt all
    alone until the little boy shouted. Game over!
    We all owe Daniel for just that!



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