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South Africa Goes Zimbabwe

"Strongman politics are ascendant," Barack Obama warned in South Africa. He spoke passionately about "the politics of fear and resentment" at the Mandela Lecture. He worried that we were entering a world, “where might makes right and politics is a hostile competition between tribes and races and religions.”

While the media used the remarks to attack Trump's meeting with Putin, Obama had shared a stage with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa who had come to power promising to seize land from white farmers. Ramaphosa was the latest in a series of ANC strongmen, including his predecessor, an alleged rapist, beginning with the Communist terrorist whose legacy Obama was commemorating.

President Ramaphosa had vowed early on to seize land from white farmers without compensation. "The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate redistribution of land to black South Africans,” he had declared. And denied that such racist Communist tactics were unconstitutional. Now he’s moving to modify South Africa’s constitution.

Initially, the ANC, which is partnered with the South African Communist Party, had claimed that seizing land would not violate the law. Now it’s actually going to change the South African constitution.

“It has become pertinently clear that our people want the constitution to be more explicit about expropriation of land without compensation,” President Ramaphosa announced.

When your only rule is mob rule by ANC thugs, it doesn’t really matter what a piece of paper says.

“We will accelerate our land redistribution programme not only to redress a grave historical injustice, but also to bring more producers into the agricultural sector and to make more land available for cultivation,” Ramaphosa claimed in his State of the Nation address.

Zimbabwe had already made great strides in improving agriculture through land seizures.

Land was stolen from the farmers who knew how to work it and handed out to politically connected thugs. Soon the former "bread basket" of Southern Africa was starving. Black groups pleaded with the white farmers to remain. Rural Zimbabwe died. Hyperinflation made the currency worthless. A trillion dollars might not be enough to buy one egg. A former food exporter was forced to rely on food aid.

"If white settlers just took the land from us without paying for it," Mugabe had declared, "we can, in a similar way, just take it from them without paying for it."

Ramaphosa’s rhetoric is an echo of one of Africa’s worst racist strongmen. Land seizures won’t bring South African land into “full use”, as he claims. It will mean productive land falling into the hands of ANC thugs who will be too corrupt, incompetent and greedy to do the hard work of working the land.

South Africa’s agricultural sector will go the way of Zimbabwe.

Cyril Ramaphosa is one of South Africa's richest men and has an estimated net worth of $550 million. How did a socialist student activist make a mint? The answer is an inevitable as it is unsurprising.

South Africa’s agricultural sector has been steadily in decline. Farms used to provide millions of jobs. Now they offer less than a million. Wheat planting has fallen to a third. Cotton to a tenth. A country that once exported wheat, is now importing millions of tons while its agriculture sector fails.

The decline of South Africa’s agriculture has gone hand in hand with what it euphemistically calls its land reforms. White farmers have been murdered or driven off their land. But land seizures, legal and illegal, with compensation or with a hatchet, haven’t made South African agriculture more productive.

Instead South Africa is becoming increasingly dependent on agricultural imports to feed its people.

Like Zimbabwe, South Africa is due to revisit the same implacable economic consequences of land seizures that took the Soviet Union down the road to famine and terror. Toward its end, the USSR, despite possessing territories that had once bulged with rich harvests, had gone deep into debt to buy food from the United States. The African National Congress’ Communist roots are taking South Africa down the same path as its fallen Communist masters. And with the same miserable results.

Comrade Ramaphosa, as Comrade Mandela liked to call him, is less of a strongman, than a weak man. More afraid of thugs like Julius Malema and the greed of his ANC comrades than of dooming his people to hunger. The ANC is populated with thugs who are impatiently waiting to loot South Africa’s corpse. And they’ve grown tired of pretending that they are anything more than a failed state’s Marxist mob.

The constitutional gambit is a desperate attempt to legitimize racist mob violence and ANC corruption. It takes the constant assaults on white farmers and tries to disguise lawlessness under the color of law.

1 white farmer in South Africa has been murdered every 5 days. This ethnic cleansing has been going on with the same regular clockwork as the tributes to Nelson Mandela and his even more murderous wife. The racist violence, the murders, rapes and land seizures, the chants of, “Shoot the Boer” are backed by lies about a shadow white majority somehow still ruling South Africa even after all the years of ANC rule.

The media frequently repeats fake news statistics which claim that white farmers own 70% or more of the country’s farmland. The actual number is less than a quarter. Some of the best land in South Africa is already in black hands. And, just as in Zimbabwe, it hasn’t remedied the agricultural or social problems.

South Africa’s agricultural sector is already on its deathbed. Its corrupt economy is incapable of competing on the world stage. Its exports are not at issue, its ability to feed its own people is. Aggressive land seizures won’t do much more damage to South Africa’s economy, though it will discourage investors and drive out more white farmers, but will bring its society to its knees.

Meanwhile the plight of South Africa’s white farmers continues to be ignored. The ANC genocide has been slowly unfolding for a generation with the complicity of the same leftist leaders who covered up Communist genocides in the Soviet Union, Communist China and Cambodia. But this latest legitimization of land seizures by the ANC will only encourage a further outpouring of racist attacks on white farmers.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has urged helping the persecuted white farmers of South Africa receive political asylum. But while every “persecuted” group is fast tracked for asylum, the door still remains shut for a productive population that has been targeted for economic ethnic cleansing.

In his State of the Nation speech, President Ramaphos declared, “We are building a country where a person’s prospects are determined by their own initiative and hard work, and not by the color of their skin, place of birth, gender, language or income of their parents.” Seizing land from people because of the color of their skin and giving it to those who haven’t worked for it is the opposite of that vision.

And yet it’s easy to see why Obama was so comfortable with a politician who could twist the language of equality to justify identity politics theft and the verbiage of tolerance to justify racial oppression.

South Africa, like the Soviet Union and Venezuela, like Cambodia and Cuba, is not just an atrocity, it’s a cautionary tale. Ideology, more than race, connects the scattered strands of the leftist killing fields. To pretend that what happened there cannot happen here would be ignoring the lessons of history.

And a new red famine is growing where the red blood of white farmers flows into the dying earth.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. And when SA collapses into bloodshed & tribal/group warfare, and starvation sets it, it will - nonetheless - be the white's fault even after there are no whites alive on the red soil.

  2. Daniel Greenfield said:

    South Africa, like the Soviet Union and Venezuela,
    like Cambodia and Cuba, is not just an atrocity,
    it’s a cautionary tale

    my personal response:

    The Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, Socialists and Communists never learn from these mistakes, because their beliefs are not determined by facts-on-the-ground or history.

    Their beliefs are not determined by narratives. In the 1950s, these narratives were known as “the [Communist] Party Line” and complying with those narratives was known as “towing the Party Line”.

    In other words, their beliefs are determined by propaganda and severely-flawed theories.

    Their beliefs succeed in the academic world, especially with Liberal Arts professors, because the academic world is detached from reality, and the Liberal Arts professors are the most detached from reality.

    Their beliefs do not succeed in the business world, or the world of hard sciences, or the military world, because those societies are based on accurate facts.

    Who are the Palestinians?


    Time Magazine vs Truth:


  3. "If white settlers just took the land from us without paying for it," Mugabe had declared, "we can, in a similar way, just take it from them without paying for it."

    It's hard for me to argue against that logic. When something is stolen, it never becomes the rightful property of the thief.

    Now, it may be ill-advised to reclaim that property ... but, that's a whole different question.

    What is your view?

    1. They didn't steal it but settled in unoccupied wilderness for the most part. After building a prosperous country blacks moved from other areas to get jobs and now claim their land was stolen?

  4. Can't wait for the campus campaigns collecting money to feed South Africa blacks because they are starving due to 400 years of white control. Control that campus campaigns helped to end. Commies.

  5. This trajectory was totally predictable, and predicted by many of us, from the point that the treasonous South African leaders surrendered to the ANC, without an exit strategy for their own people.

  6. When the Dutch first landed near the area that became Cape Town, there were no blacks south of the Limpopo River. The blacks that are in South Africa migrated there over the last three centuries, they've less claim on the land than the Boers do. In fact they have NO legitimate claim on the land.

  7. Anonymous19/8/18

    Not unexpectedly, I cannot find even one country today effectively governed by blacks. Africa--purportedly the oldest continent inhabited by mankind--when given the opportunity virtually always devolves to its lowest, most brutish level.

    As Rhodesia staggered into decrepitude in Zimbabwe so will South Africa devolve into 'Wakanda' or some other ethnically-inspired appellation.

    Ethnologists and social justice warriors sneer at the mere mention of 'The Bell Curve of Intelligence' but the unassailable proof of its legitimacy is printed daily in the World's newspapers and online publications.

    Someday 'Wakanda' will beg white nations for intervention, food, technology and for money--always for money. The actual concept of earning money, of feeding oneself with the toil of one's own hands, is foreign to an entire host of people. Taking beats toiling.

    Just how hopeless IS Africa? This (in)famous piece by Kevin Myers should be republished throughout the world--and copies airdropped on the U.N. in NYC:


  8. The best thing that Trump could do right now,(besides getting the wall built, hint, hint) would be to enact an emergency plan for granting asylum to all whites from South Africa. They could get checked out like they're supposed to be, but get them here and save them, rather than let them perish in SA.

  9. "(Obama) worried that we were entering a world, “where might makes right and politics is a hostile competition between tribes and races and religions.”

    Well, wasn't prescient of him. Because that is exactly the world the left, the hysterical self-described Antifa, and other assorted Trump-phobes, plunged us in since Hillary lost the 2016 elections.

    Maybe the left should learn not to be so complacent, and to be less dismissive of the conservative hicks who vote (that's you and me, dearie). But that's a huge learning curve for the contradictorily-called 'progressive' light bulbs, so we might have some respite left yet.

  10. Anonymous19/8/18

    I called this in “94” ...

  11. These countries that follow this path are like a man playing Russian Roulette with 6 bullets.
    If it never worked before, what are the odds it will work this time?

  12. Nicely done.

    Amazing that I've yet to hear even a whisper of this on CNN ETC. Doesn't fit the narrative.
    Totally blinded by TDS.

  13. And after South Africa DOES go the way of Zimbabwe, and all these criminals are starving...LET THEM enjoy the fruit of their labors!!
    Their evil seizure of land and racist murders of white farmers will most definitely bring the consequences they richly deserve...

  14. Just a common 'tater19/8/18

    California is an example of how to accomplish this same effect by environmental laws based upon feelings rather than science. Water for golf courses, but not farms. Protect a species of rats or fish that may or may not be "endangered" but do not plant food.

    It is common sense that we need enough water in rivers and streams to keep fish alive and not dump tons of pollutants into them. It is another thing to take a once large productive area out of the food chain by diverting water out to the sea that could be saved by some careful planning.

    We are told not to waste water and to stop putting lawns at residences. Yet, go to government buildings and watch the sprinklers blow water all over, even if it is raining cats and dogs. Cut back on water as ordered, but your bill still continues to go up.

    Import terrorists that hate our culture and way of life, but block those that are willing to come here and start from scratch to build a new life and are compatible with our society and values.

    This is all suicidal. I think that a large part of the problem is:

    1. MSM does not cover the plight of these people being run off their farms
    2. MSM keeps harping back to "apartheid" systems that haven't existed for decades (more of the reparations theology)
    3. MSM fails to tell how these same people vilified by them served valiantly in WW2 and kicked the Nazis and Fascists out
    of Africa.
    4. As much as the old apartheid system was flawed, kept in place by force, and discriminatory, millions of black Africans attempted to sneak in to work in these countries.
    5. Tribalism, usually under a Marxist banner, but sometimes under a "religious" banner, is what is ruining Africa and keeping it poor, starving, non-competitive, non-functional, and ignorant.
    6. Do gooder, feel-gooder, leftists in developed countries perpetuate the demise of Africa by pumping in billions of dollars every year that mainly goes to the despots running these hell holes into the ground.

    Thank you for letting me vent.

  15. what if the white land barons i mean the current hoaders of land that they inherited from their forefathers who did not pay for it are compensated for land that was never theirs to begin with, Does that mean the new owners will be productive ? What Obama said are his views. The rightful owners of land will learn from the mistakes of Zimbabwe which is basically distributing land to politicians and not credible farmers. South Africans are taking the right path by taking whats rightfully their. Tshaka reincarnated!

  16. Our only ethical duty is to accept the good Boers into the West or Russia. After that, the problem solves itself an is of no concern whatsoever.

  17. All of this was predicted to occur long ago after Mandela (who was NOT a communist even though he allowed them to make common cause with him to end apartheid) passed from the scene. His political successors, like Mugabe in Zimbabwe, were men of the hard Left as well as tribalists. Ramaphosa, and Julius Malema of the EFF, will continue to work to dispossess whites of property, legally as well as illicitly/criminally, both agricultural or industrial, and mass racial murder will be the ultimate offense to occur -- first the whites, but not limited to them. In Zimbabwe, the Shonan Mugabe killed a lot of Ndebele, and many blacks of the "other" tribes will suffer a similar fate in South Africa ("Azania" in the ANC's vision) in the coming future. Communism always seeks to consume "enemies of the people", of which there must continuously be an ample supply to sustain the leaders. Thus & so, all whites, as well as so-called Coloureds and Indians, should leave South Africa now and not wait for the inevitable to happen to them.

  18. Excellent post, 'tater, and I agree with all you say. I spent 10 happy years in Cape Town and the people and locale is exceptional with little racism. It's the lefty MSM and their ridiculous rantings that are ruining Africa generally and supporting the thugs and despots that seem to be able to grab power in spite of the peoples' wishes.

    There will be no hope for this hell-hole until the MSM and movers & shakers get their act together, but when is anyone's guess. And the global financial system seems to be going the same way.

    I have written a book (unpublished) about the coming crisis and inevitable collapse. A free PDF of my manuscript (100,000 words)is available on request to: peter@underco.co.uk

  19. Excellent column, Daniel, thank you. Having heard Britain's Katie Hopkins discuss this issue at length, your column and insight only helped define it all the more. Of course Obama felt right at home standing next to a fellow marxist who will steal from legal citizens to reward his politically connected thugs. It is exactly what he did to America during his 8 years of tyranny.

  20. Just to be clear, the unstated direction of this is to abolish the ownership of more than 25,000 acres (about 39 sq miles) by whites. They're talking about industrial farms. The ANC is hoping these scare tactics will panic those white owners to sell at fire sale prices....to the government. The government has whined for years that no one will sell them land at the prices that the government is willing to pay. They want to drive the prices down, scoop up the land and then....well who knows what they'll do at that point. Probably featherbedding and political spoils. Because the reality today, is that black ownership of land has doubled in the last decade. What the blacks don't like is that their own land isn't as economically productive as the blacks want. For whatever reason, skills, capital investment, land quality, the weather, etc. they have the land and they're not seeing the returns they wanted. This will no doubt lead to some kind of communist central planning where 'returns' are mandated by the government. Until it's revealed to be a sham.

  21. Anonymous20/8/18

    It will be genocide. Watch it. It is your future, also. Act accordingly.

  22. "If white settlers just took the land from us without paying for it," Mugabe had declared, "we can, in a similar way, just take it from them without paying for it."

    The reality -

    "If Bantu settlers just took the land from us without paying for it," the Khoisan declared, "we can, in a similar way, just take it from them without paying for it."

  23. When the blacks running the farms leads to widespread starvation, I would hope (against hope) that no one gives them anything. They have made their beds in Africa-let them lay in them!!

  24. Anonymous23/8/18

    Well we know that will never happen.

    The U.S. Fed Reserve Bank will create more money so that America goes further into debt and send it to "those in need". Of course, most will go to a few select families that live like Kings there as it has been the case forever.

  25. Anonymous24/8/18

    The white development of southern Africa is a thing of beauty. But I don’t really care too much about development and well-being and upliftment. I would like to right all the wrongs of history, going back at least to 213BC. By force and a very powerful database system. In fact, my heart is with those who are weaker. Everyone who is weaker should get permanent compensation. Productivity and creativity must be taxed. Keep them down until every group - tall, short, fat, thin, Italians, Moaris, Hutus, those with dental cavities, those without - every single little identifiable group, is EQUAL. (Ofcourse it is completely justified that the strong be brought by force as low as the weakest of the weak. Or a little lower. Suffering - as the weak have suffered? Death - how many have died?). We will appoint an army of perfectly humble people to administer this. And it will be 100% efficient. There are many examples in history when this has worked. This is a natural, healthy functioning system. Besides, in the near future no one will have to do much work because of increasing technology and seaweed harvesting. It will just be cashing in. For all. Any creativity that might remain will be completely altruistic like Ghandi. In a gigantic, heavily armed, all-knowing government system based somewhere in central Turkey, we trust. Vive la revolucion! Nobody try your best - its not worth it. Your children are not really yours - you work for all the children of the world. Their parents are the government, so they are perfect i.e. your hard work is worth it. I’ve travelled all around the world and the people in all places are pretty much perfect (except ofcourse for all those who committed all those atrocities and fail their driving licence tests).

  26. Anonymous24/8/18

    Meanwhile in Brazil, activist trained in the law prime Venezuelans fleeing their socialist fallout on how to get land for free in Brazil. :P

  27. Anonymous25/8/18

    As South Afrivcans stsart to starve they will beg for money. Even that will never be enough as the birth rate is is far too high in Africa. So they will head for Europe and America. The excuse will be that the Whites stole all the rich soil when they were evicted.



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