Home economy US Election Democrats Discover Culture is Downstream of Economics
Home economy US Election Democrats Discover Culture is Downstream of Economics

Democrats Discover Culture is Downstream of Economics

"It is time to stop the pursuit of personal destruction and the prying into private lives and get on with our national life," President Bill Clinton once declared.

But switch on CNN or flip through the Washington Post and you will find the non-stop politics of personal destruction accompanied by Fortune 500 ads. Clinton supporters in the media aren’t just obsessed with Stormy Daniels or Russia conspiracy theories, but with destroying the lives of Trump supporters, from cabinet members to a random New York lawyer who once donated $500 to Trump.

Bill Clinton may have popularized the politics of personal destruction, but practicing its politics cost Hillary Clinton the ’16 election. Hillary’s message was that her opponent was a deplorable bigot who would move the White House to Moscow. Millions of Americans left behind by the crony socialism of the Obama economy and looking to change the change were not impressed with her hateful message.

And now the Democrats are making the same mistake all over again.

While the Republicans talked about the economy, the Democrats turned over their messaging to CNN, the Washington Post and the rest of the #resistance. While the media tethered its news cycle to Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, the economy boomed and tax cuts delivered. The Democrats went into spring with a solid advantage on the midterm ballot. Then the GOP broke even and has now taken the lead.

CNN thinks that the Stormy Daniels sleazefest matters, but even a majority of Democrats disagree.

The politics of personal destruction are deeply compelling to people who already believe that their opponents are utterly deplorable and must be destroyed. These days that’s the entire media and most of the beautiful people in the blue states who have the cultural influence and the real power. That’s why the media is a non-stop roll of interviews with Stormy’s lawyer, flowcharts of Russian conspiracy theories and breaking news reports claiming that EPA administrator Scott Pruitt eats stale bagels.

The #resistance demographic of yuppie urban elites made old media properties like the Washington Post and the New York Times profitable. CNN temporarily experienced a boom. #Resistance yuppies and hipsters weren’t very electorally significant as voters (except when they donated to obscure candidates in red state special elections), but they had lots of money to spare. That’s why media advertisers were willing to pay big bucks to reach them. And why the media kept feeding them anti-Trump clickbait.

In ’16, the media made the unwise decision to ignore everything except the big blue urban and suburban bubble. In ’18, it’s back to pandering to its bubble and ignoring the rest of the country.

Because the rest of the country doesn’t share its obsession with destroying President Trump.

The Democrats were hollowed out by the left. The big tent was deflated. Pro-gun, pro-natsec and pro-life politicians were shoved toward the exits. But the hollowing out of the left also meant that the party came to orbit around the tastes, obsessions and attitudes of a tiny percentage of the country.

It’s why the Democrats can’t stop shouting about impeachment and Russian conspiracies.

Efforts by Rep. Nancy Pelosi and other top Dems to shift messaging always runs into a ditch because Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Ted Lieu and other #resistance pols know that support from the most engaged portion of the base will pour in for any politicians who talks impeachment. If you threaten impeachment, CNN will give you 5 minutes. If you want to talk about the economy, you get 5 seconds.

The politics of personal destruction can entertain and influence most Americans, but it doesn’t drive them. Trump’s insults succeeded as entertainment because they were tactical stratagems that didn’t define a political worldview. However the left doesn’t just toss around insults. It believes that its abuse is reflective of a higher truth about the relative humanity of Democrats and Republicans.

And that’s why their politics of personal destruction keeps flopping against President Trump.

The difference between humor and malice lies in how seriously it’s meant. Stewart, Colbert and Oliver tried to get under the fence by being self-deprecating. But it’s not the deprecation of the self that matters. It’s the deprecation of the worldview of the joke. Liberating humor treats the entire world as a joke. Totalitarian humor is a contemptuous lecture, a bray of consensus, disguised as a gag.

To most Americans, personal attacks are a joke. But the left is entirely serious about them.

The cult of the left truly believes in its own moral authority. It expects Americans to vote based on its personal attacks. But most Americans are independent. They’re driven by self-interest, not ideology.

Both Middle America and the Blues are voting their economic interests. Trump is delivering more manufacturing jobs. The Dems promise more employment for sociology majors. But the Blues insist on cloaking their economic opportunism in moral preening. The politics of personal destruction and virtue signaling allows them to avoid any discussion about their own financial interests in politics.

Instead political campaigns are reduced to a struggle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. And the triumph of ‘good’ will, incidentally, unleash a torrent of grant money for bad art, green energy and ethnic studies.

Follow the money.

Hillary Clinton ran on a negative message because it diverted attention from her corruption and lack of ideas. Her party is stupidly repeating the same trick in ’18 for the same sad reasons.

The Democrats are corrupt and have no new ideas. Their media megaphone allows them to shout at the rest of the country even as they have lost the ability to actually speak to ordinary Americans.

Doubling down on hating Trump has won a few special elections and created a constitutional crisis, but the midterm trend is moving toward Republicans because bigger tax refunds beat Saturday Night Live skits.

Politics may be downstream of culture, but they’re both downstream of economics.

There’s a reason that ‘Follow the Money’ is the timeless truth of politics. Individuals may vote contrary to their apparent economic interests, but groups rarely do. (Not never, there are always aberrations.) When it comes to politics, the ‘wisdom of crowds’ has a distinct dollars and cents bottom line.

The left bet everything on culture trumping economics in the midterm elections.

It assumed that it could override the economic self-interest of millions of Americans with conspiracy theories, Stormy Daniels and a thousand personal attacks. It failed in ’16. And it’s about to fail in ’18.

The left bet everything on hating Trump. And that’s about to cost it a second election.

(Personal note. I'm currently dealing with a family medical emergency, most of my time is eaten up by it and I may be unable to answer non-urgent emails for the duration. Thank you for understanding.)


  1. "Doubling down on hating Trump has won a few special elections and created a constitutional crisis, but the midterm trend is moving toward Republicans because bigger tax refunds beat Saturday Night Live skits."

    Full speed ahead! Give me my pittance of a few extra dollars each payday, and by god, Mr. Trump, you may attack whomever and whenever you want. The fact your tax law is a big giveaway to the wealthy and corporations is fine with me, I'm taking home an extra $10 A week! Yippie!

    And don't concern yourself with any constitutional crisis you may have created. Don't worry, Dear Leader, you're above the rule of law and we all honor you despite this.

    I have to admit you gave me a good chuckle with your remark that Trump's opponents created a constitutional crisis. Really? Is this how you really see it? Sounds a lot like blaming the rape victim, wouldn't you say?

    Let's let the special counsel complete his investigation of the Trump crime syndicate -- which it's starting to resemble. Then, and only then, will the rule of law trump demagogic authoritarianism -- which I would think every American would support.

    1. Anonymous26/5/18

      Hilary= Russian and Iranian collision. Plenty of evidence and plenty cover up. Democrats= communist party USA. Putin is their leader for sure.

    2. Anonymous29/5/18

      Get your head out of the sand. Jeez

    3. James Segars30/5/18

      It's sad to me that liberals can't seem to understand that the conservative base are individuals with minds of their own. We just have a stronger respect for the constitution. That is our document, and it is the mortar that binds us together as proud patriots. We have enough common sense to see what is going on around us, to know all the answers to our problems can be solved by adhering to it. Trump is not perfect, no man is, but he too is a patriot. It is so unfortunate that nearly two generations have been brainwashed and dumbed down to the point that they believe that they are victims that can only be saved by the government, and especially the president. Many of us have been silently observing the mess that liberals have turned our great nation into. And though president Trump may not be perfect, in our minds he's representing the nation according to what the founders had in mind. Americans...true Americans, are not victims. We are creative hardworking,industrious human beings. We don't want or need the government telling us what to do,how to think, or what we are allowed to say. Those are things we can decide for ourselves. President Trump is a leader our leader, and he is the voice of us, the courageous and the victors of our own struggles. He has proven to us he is doing his part as our president to protect our way of life and to reduce the size of government. To confront our enemies, and take care of our heroes, so we can be more independent in our daily lives. We do not want to forget the heroes in our history as a nation, nor will we dishonor them by adopting a socialist agenda. We have respect for ourselves and our country and what it stands for. We also have respect for your opinions, but to continue with the age old rhetoric of tax cuts for the rich is a poor, no weak argument for your support of the liberal agenda. Most of the people who are rich are that way because they were able to create something of value, or they struggled hard to expand a service or a product into personal wealth. That was only accomplished because of the free environment our nation consists of. You only insult yourself when you use weaponized words like totalitarian. We stand for the exact opposite and so does president Trump. You on the other hand are arguing for exactly that an over sized government that controls every aspect of your life. Please just look around you and see what is really going on, before you echo ridiculous rhetoric that you've either been taught or are too lazy create your own. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous25/5/18

    Prayers for your family, Daniel

    1. Anonymous26/5/18

      Join in the prayers.

  3. Gary Sack25/5/18

    Daniel, whatever the medical matter may be, refuah shleima to whoever in your family is hurting. Shabbat Shalom, God bless.

  4. Anonymous25/5/18

    Jefferson's Guardian...I should have guessed that rank hypocrisy was the idea behind that name. Jefferson for all of his faults would have been horrified at what you and your Democrat/leftist ilk have done to the US and to all else that the slavery party has contaminated. A gentle hint: if you wish to criticize Trump how about something other than the CNN trash that people like you vomit out without hesitation nor inspection for that iota of truth that you think you have found, as it just vanishes that touch of credibility that everyone gives you initially.

    1. "...if you wish to criticize Trump how about something other than the CNN trash that people like you vomit out..."

      I don't watch CNN...and I haven't vomited since my college days. ;-)

      "...for that iota of truth that you think you have found..."

      And what, exactly, is that "iota of truth" that you believe you've discovered through Donald Trump?

      Donald Trump lies repeatedly on a daily basis. This is factual and verifiable. Do you deny this?

      "...as it just vanishes that touch of credibility that everyone gives you initially."

      How do you determine what "everyone gives" me "initially"?

      Is this you, Chuck? Hiding behind yet another moniker?...stalking again?

  5. Jefferson's Guardians comments are the perfect example of what Daniel has just adroitly articulated. The left is absolutely incapable of self examination within the bounds of reality.

    1. MikeN, am I to assume you believe I'm part of the "left" for no other reason than my comments criticizing Donald Trump's corporate giveaway tax cut and his demagogic behavior?

      Is there anything else?

  6. "It's the economy, stupid." JAMES CARVILLE

  7. Anonymous25/5/18

    I'm still registered DemoCrat, their desperation this election cycle has never been more apparent. I'm sure they're counting on their fraudulent voting base (i.e. non-citizens) to push them over the top.

  8. Anonymous25/5/18

    It's hilarious how a DemoCrat supports the fake Russia probe into Trump while ignoring the manifest corruption of the C-l-i-n-t-o-n crime family with same.
    Trump made his own money, he doesn't need bribes. The C-l-i-n-t-0-n Crime family OTOH have always been nothing but professional corrupt politicians.

  9. Jeffersons Guardians comments reveal the mind set of the left exactly as Greenfield has so accurately written.

    Evan as the Obama administration has left his bloody fingerprints all across Mesopotamia,and who's E.Orders were found to be unconstitutional more than any president going back to Jackson. this is all ignored.

    Politicizing our most respected institutions from the DOJ to your local police Dept. All without a protestation.

    The "Useful Minions" on the left are without the ability of self introspection juxtaposed with reality.

  10. thanks for the post,and best wishes to your family Daniel

  11. Brian Richard Allen26/5/18

    .... The Left bet everything on hating Trump. And that’s about to cost it a second election ....

    And this is bad?

    Pray and trust you and everyone you love are soon as well and as fit as it's possible to be. -- B A.:

  12. If the rats do not take the House in November, more than a few cities will burn.

  13. Three points:

    The Democrat base has been reduced to the Obama coalition of minorities, far left feminists, leftest indoctrinated college kids who have not yet gotten their first real job, social justice warriors and sexual deviants. This coalition is fairly reliable during Presidential election years but they don't turn out for mid-terms. We saw that in 2010 and 2014 and Democrat might finally learn the lesson in 2018.

    Secondly, to the extent that the most committed of these far left Democrats have turned out for the primary elections, they have promoted the farthest leftest candidates to the general election. These radicals offer little appeal.

    Finally, the Democrats most fertile hunting ground for winning control of the House is California. They are blessed with too much of a good thing; too many Democrat candidates in their jungle primary system may divide their vote to the extent that Republicans might make the top two.

  14. Family first. May the Lord walk with you during this storm.

  15. Sympathy for family issues, Mr. Greenfield.


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