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No Flies on Hillary

“Let me just start out by saying that so much of what he just said is not right,” Hillary began.

And then while 63 million people watched, a member of Musca domestica, or the common housefly, landed and perched near her eye.

Trump had just wrapped up a thorough takedown of the Clintons and their abuse of women. “There’s never been anybody in the history politics in this nation that’s been so abusive to women,” he said. The camera cut to a stone-faced Bill Clinton sitting unmoving in the VIP box.

“Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously. Four of them here tonight. One of the women, who is a wonderful woman, at 12 years old, was raped at 12. Her client she represented got him off, and she’s seen laughing on two separate occasions, laughing at the girl who was raped. Kathy Shelton, that young woman is here with us tonight,” he said.

Kathy Shelton had been beaten and raped into a coma by Hillary’s client. On tape, Hillary could be heard laughing as she recalled how she had gotten her rapist off while accusing Kathy of making it all up.

“I think she should be ashamed of herself,” Trump concluded. The audience applauded. ABC’s Martha Raddatz, Hillary’s venomous proxy among the debate moderators, sourly told the audience to shut up.

With her patented false chuckle, Hillary launched into her rebuttal as the fly perched on her.

The media, which can take a story about Hillary laughing about the rape of a 12-year-old girl (Vox: She did it for the Constitution) or leaving Americans to die at the hands of her Muslim terrorists in Benghazi and then lying about (The New York Times: It was a spontaneous protest) jumped into action.

CBS dug deep into its vault of stupid and declared that the fly was really a Native American totem “delivering a unique message” to help her “steady her emotions” after Trump’s attack. The “Tiffany Network” based this on a source which claims to have “life-long abilities” connecting with people, through “telepathy, energy awareness, clairvoyance and clairsentience”.

“Was it nature’s way of delivering a message to the Democratic nominee?” CBS asked.

In the bleary eyes of the press, even the fly landing on Hillary was the universe’s way of helping her against Trump. One might even say that the fly was an honorary member of the mainstream media trying to convey messages of reassurances from the media’s posh dungheap.

A quote from a less New Age source that went viral on social media however came from the Talmud; “The evil spirit is like a fly that lies at the door of the human heart.” Rav, the Talmudic scholar, used Ecclesiastes 10:1 as his source, "Dead flies make the ointment of the perfumer fetid and putrid".

King Solomon went on to write, "Dead flies make the ointment of the perfumer fetid and putrid; so doth a little folly outweigh wisdom and honor. A wise man's understanding is at his right hand; but a fool's understanding at his left.” Underneath Hillary’s favorite perfume (“Angel” by Thierry Mugle) is the smell of putrefaction that attracts flies. Her understanding is that of the left and the left is an evil foolishness.

The 15th century Spanish Jewish scholar, Rabbi Arama, wrote in the Akeidas Yitzchak, that, “He who prefers the rewards that originate from the left side is foolish” because they provide only “transient values”. Transient values are mortal. Unlike wisdom and honor, they perish swiftly.

The folly of the Clintons has outweighed any wisdom and honor they might have had. They have gained enormous wealth and prestige, yet even their own supporters despise their rottenness.

The only creature attracted to them is the fly.

The fly is a carrion symbol. It is drawn to dead and dying things. Even in the Native American legends that CBS desperately tried to invoke to turn the fly into a positive symbol it is the creature that brought death into the world. Putrefaction is what the Clintons brought to America. The fly is their perfect symbol. They are greedy creatures of rot, surrounded by filth and wallowing in their own vileness.

Hillary Clinton has presided over massive theft, corruption and the complete collapse of our foreign policy. From her modest days of turning $1,000 in cattle futures back in Arkansas into $100,000 with a little help from some key influential friends, she moved up to delivering six figure speeches to anyone willing to invest in Clinton futures in Washington D.C.

The Clintons raked in $153 million in speaking fees alone. Is there anyone who has sat through a Hillary speech this election season and thought that it was worth 50 cents, let alone the $280,000 paid by Germany’s Deutsche Bank, the $335,000 paid by the Biotechnology Industry Organization or the $325,000 paid by the National Automobile Dealers Association?

Those weren’t speaking fees. They were illegal campaign contributions.

And then there’s the Clinton Foundation, a gargantuan organization where the revenues run to $149 million a year, and whose real mission was to function as a slush fund for the Clinton campaign. As a charity, the Clinton Foundation was incredibly useless. It spent a small percentage of its loot on anything resembling charity. Much of the money went to employing key Clinton people like Huma Abedin.

Even when the Clinton Foundation tried to perform its good deed for the year, it cut corners on charity to keep up its core mission of getting Hillary into the White House. It shipped AIDS medicines that had been banned in the United States to the Third World. Haitians protested outside Hillary’s office over the millions that had been raised for Haiti, but got funneled to Hillary pals like Warren Buffett instead.

As Secretary of State, she presided over the complete collapse of national power and influence. When she took office, America was taken seriously around the world. When she left office, we were a joke.

Russia and China had succeeded in smacking around our allies and expanding their territory. They escalated their hacking campaigns into cyberwarfare attacks that stole our most vital secrets. Islamic terrorists took control of much of the Middle East. They murdered one of our ambassadors and attacked our embassies and missions. And the Clintons kept on getting richer from their dirty deals.

While the People’s Republic of China pushed aggressively into the South China Sea and launched cyberwarfare attacks against us, Bill Clinton took home $200,000 from its organs, including the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry. The Ministry is believed to have played a role in PRC hacking attacks.

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Clintons and their shell Foundation had pocketed $145 million from them. Bill Clinton was paid $500K for a speech by a bank linked to the FSB, the secret organization formerly known as the KGB. It was quite a Moscow comeback for Bill from his original trip there that had also been conducted under the auspices of individuals and groups linked to the KGB.

The Clintons are attracted to corruption the way that flies are drawn to offal. The media can spot no flies on Hillary. Its fact checkers excuse every scandal. They even invent a positive spin for a fly landing on her. The ordinary fly visiting Hillary may hold no special meaning. But flies are notoriously attracted to rotting things. And no political figures in this country are as rotten to the core as the Clintons.

The media may not be able to scent the rot of the Clintons, but a humble housefly can.


  1. Infidel14/10/16


    Quite a strange omen, for those who believe in omens.

  2. Anonymous14/10/16

    Ted Kennedy's Immigration Law of 1965 excluded the smart, educated, productive in favor of poor, uneducated, 3rd worlders unlikely to appreciate and join our meritocracy. Bill Clinton sold all our post WW2 nuclear warhead and ICBM technology to China. And now the Obama/Clinton Islamization of America is compassionate.

    These monumental abasements of our technical and human superiority happened in plain view over years. If noticed at all, it was belittled, swallowed by the news cycle, and became part of musty, boring history.

    Are we now left choosing our politicians by debate digs? How about examining such events and their consequences for us? Will History always show even the best civilizations wake up too late?


  3. Anonymous14/10/16

    Good job, Daniel. You see things as they are, unlike the MSM.

    The hypocrisy of the media is deafening. The media controls what you hear, what you discuss. They hide the rapes (and murder) at the hands of JFK and Ted Kennedy; and Clinton's sexual predatory acts, which they hid for over a decade. Suddenly, over the Trump "scandal" the mainstream media are all Victorian prudes and gentlemen and gentlewomen.

    Fake outrage now because it’s Trump.

    The hypocritical double standard for Trump is blatant. Bill Clinton had legions of female accusers come forward for decades (and still are coming forward) with the same grope, harassment, and rape allegations. All these accusers were and are ignored and dismissed even in spite of The Feminist First Commandment that "a woman never makes this stuff up." Now, with Trump, they get front page, non-stop, coverage.

    Fake outrage about misogyny of Trump highlighted by inviting ultra-misogynistic rappers to the White House, etc.

    The media is in cahoots with the government. They both want people to take their eyes off the stuff that matters, like a card hustler on the street.

    Just look at all the information in Wikileaks emails of dishonest Hillary and DNC? For example, like how Hillary (but, of course, not Trump) is covertly given debate questions before the debate so that she can prepare for those questions?

    It's not a story unless NY TIMES deems it to be a story!!!

    When the government and media collude like that to suppress information and give only approved information, it's called a totalitarian regime.

    Whatever, people are stupid. And we get what we deserve.


    We are fast becoming a totalitarian regime, complete with things you can't say in public or else you will be banished to Room 101 or put down the Memory Hole (Orwell's 1984 references).

    As for Hillary:


  4. Please Lord, hear the cries of the American people, the Haitians, the Tunisians, your chosen people, Israel! Please stop this vile creature, Hillary Clinton, in her tracks! She has whored the U.S.! I believe she is the Whore of Babylon.

    This morning, I walked into my office with my ignorant coworkers loudly praising hrc and massaging themselves with their favorite topic the hanging chads of the Florida vote against Gore. Then loud mouth Martin said, "Did you watch Michelle Obama's speech about Trump? It was powerful!"
    Today sucked.

  5. I will create a t-shirt with Hillary's pie face and the fly. "Hillary, endorsed by Satan!"

  6. Anonymous14/10/16

    Daniel, I am delighted by your righteous rant against the Clinton Crime Syndicate!

    When I saw the fly while watching the debate, I wondered if I was seeing things, if the fly was in fact in my living room and on my TV. But no, it was the real deal and it was a big, ugly, green sucker that Hillary didn't even flinch at or notice. I would add that not only are flies attracted to offal, as you so eloquently put it, but her lack of sensitivity to anything alive shows. Maybe it is the drugs. Maybe she is dead vagina walking. Time for her and the Clinton name to be flushed.

  7. Stinking, rotten couple. When, oh when will their corrupt dynasty of filth disintegrate?

  8. Anonymous15/10/16

    HRC and Bh0, acolytes of the Lord of the Flies:
    '(Be·el′ze·bub) [possibly an alteration of Baal-zebub, meaning “Owner of the Flies,” the Baal worshiped by the Philistines at Ekron. Alternately, Beelzeboul and Beezeboul, possibly meaning, “Owner of the Lofty Abode (Habitation)”; or, if a play on the non-Biblical Heb. word ze′vel (dung), “Owner of the Dung”].'
    It's interesting the close association that Bh0 and HRC have w/islam -- the only religion that not only sanctifies lying, but codifies it.
    Thank you for another outstanding article Mr. Greenfield.

  9. Anonymous15/10/16

    Leftists prefer sociology to sociobiology because the former can be tampered with more easily. That being the case, who are Hill’s devoted tribes? 50% white and hetero population? BIG NO NO they’re so deplorable; humm... needy latinos? No way; milennials in basements? Don’t think so; maybe inner citizens? Not the males but females maybe, well if they manage to reach the polling station without being shot at… and don’t forget some rich lesbians in New York. That is a landslide victory applying creative accounting…

  10. This fly probably felt like he'd died and went to heaven. More sh*t than he could eat in a lifetime!!

  11. Anonymous16/10/16

    Unfortunately God will NOT take her out.
    So, we MUST take her out by NOT voting for her.
    So, we MUST vote for Trump.
    Fracken libturds!!!!

  12. I wonder if some courageous entymologist will coin a new species of fly, perhaps called, Syrphus hillaria clintonitus. That would serve Hillary right.

  13. Anonymous16/10/16

    I grew up on a Wyoming ranch and I can tell you flies are always attracted to male bovine feces.

  14. Anonymous17/10/16

    Spot on article.

    I feel sorry for the fly.. sure it died shortly after ...

  15. Anonymous17/10/16

    Google Fly Guy to see flies landing on Obama's face in Jan 2013.


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