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Sweden Saves the Middle East

On Thursday, Sweden finally solved all the problems in the Middle East by recognizing the State of Palestine.

For decades all the instability in the region had been blamed on the lack of a PLO state. Foreign policy experts stood in line to tell us all that the only thing that could end terrorism in the Middle East was a terrorist state.

 It was a plan so crazy that it was bound to either work or kill a lot of people. Mostly it’s done the latter.

But our leaders kept the faith. The White House’s Middle East coordinator insisted that Israel’s obstinate refusal to create a Palestinian State, against the wishes of the unelected president of the Palestinian Authority who refuses to negotiate one or to stop the terrorism, was causing instability in the region.

Secretary of State John Kerry had denied that ISIS was Islamic, but blamed Israel for ISIS recruitment.

But it wasn’t John Kerry who saved the Middle East from instability. Instead Sweden did it by recognizing a terror state whose leaders stopped bothering with the onerous duty of holding elections once they realized that the Eurocrats and Obama would keep shoveling money at them even if they chose their unelected terrorist leaders by playing Russian Roulette.

Sweden’s new Palestine not only dispensed with elections, routing the business of governance through its core PLO organizations, but also has no economy, instead employing an army of people who are paid not to run a country that doesn’t exist with money sent over by America, Europe and Japan.

Some would call that a scam, but it’s remarkably similar to how the European Union works.

In addition to lacking such luxuries as an elected government and an economy, the State of Palestine also doesn’t control Gaza, which is run by another terrorist group, Hamas. The international community has been ignoring that minor problem because it wouldn’t do for a bankrupt terrorist state which happens to be our last best hope for stability in the Middle East to be disqualified just because it’s actually two quarreling bankrupt terrorist states.

One terrorist state can’t help but bring stability to the Middle East. Two terrorist states sound downright unstable. If the Arab Muslim settlers in the West Bank and Gaza can’t stop fighting each other long enough to peacefully unite under the banner of one anti-Israel terrorist group, all hope for peace is lost.

With Sweden’s bold step, a bright future dawns over the Middle East. ISIS recruitment is bound to start falling as the Canadian and Swedish Jihadis with their Burqaed brides heading to kill as many Yazidis as they can will realize that there’s no more need for them to behave the way that their religion has for over a thousand years.

There’s a Palestinian State now. All their grievances have been met. A million cartoons and a thousand YouTube videos couldn’t outrage them now. Unless they were about Mohammed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if ISIS transformed into a humanitarian agency for gluing back all the Yazidi, Christian and Shiite heads that it cut off back on the bodies it beheaded. Even now, Sunnis and Shiites are hugging each other all over Iraq and only occasionally blowing themselves up in the process.

Sweden has given a great gift to the world. It’s only a question of how to properly repay it and the answer is obvious. If Sweden recognizing a micro-nation inside Israel’s borders will stabilize the region, it’s only right for Israel, and all right-thinking people, to recognize a micro-nation inside Sweden.

Sweden ended the occupation of Norway, but it continues to occupy such embryonic nations as the Royal Republic of Ladonia and the Republic of Jamtland.

While many of us might know Lars Vilks for his Mohammed cartoons, he also founded the Royal Republic of Ladonia after some of his other artwork was censored by Swedish authorities.

The Royal Republic of Ladonia was founded in 1996, three years after the Palestinian Authority, making it only slightly younger and a lot less violent than that micro-nation. While Ladonia is only around a third of a mile in size, it has a government, a newspaper, a lot of citizens and almost as many nobles.

Queen Carolyn I rules over the constitutional monarchy while President Christopher Matheoss was recently elected by a wide margin over such candidates as Count Wrigley, Antonio Maria De Grandis and Alexander Nevzorov III.

Unlike Palestine, Ladonia holds elections making it a much more legitimate country. And unlike both Palestine and Sweden, Ladonia has freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.

Considering how many newly created countries lack either, the Royal Republic of Ladonia has more of a claim on existence for its mere willingness to extend these freedoms to all.

Israel should recognize the Republic of Ladonia. So should the United States. It’s the only hope for stabilizing Sweden which continues to experience outbursts of Muslim violence in its major cities.

A better case for independence can be made for the Republic of Jamtland, which unlike Palestine, has an ancient history and was an independent peasant republic before the Muslims even invaded Jerusalem.

It declared independence in 1963, a year before the PLO was founded, making it indisputably older than Palestine. Back then the West Bank, which now hosts the PLO, had been annexed by Jordan and Article 24 of the Palestinian Covenant stated that it “does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah Area.”

The Republic of Jamtland had declared its independence from Swedish occupation while the PLO was still endorsing the Jordanian and Egyptian occupation of Gaza and the West Bank; the territories that it belatedly decided were really the homeland of its independent state after Israel took them back from Jordan, the country which also occupies most of the territory of the Palestine Mandate.

Despite generations of Swedish occupation, the Jamtlanders have not turned to violence. At least not in several centuries. Ten of thousands gather for their Freedom Festivals. Their Jamtland Republican Army remains peaceful even when it sets up its own tolls and checkpoints. The only violence there can be seen from the Jamtland Republicans, a local American football team, vigorously playing on the field.

Jamtish, a dialect, is spoken. The flag of the Republic, blue for the sky, green for the forests and white for the snow, is waved. And the European Union and the Swedish government are denounced.

Considering the peacefulness and antiquity of the Republic of Jamtland, its sizable population and unique cultural heritage, recognizing this micro-nation would be the right thing to do. It’s time for Sweden to end the long occupation of Jamtland’s rivers and forests and for this brave republic to take its rightful place among the free and democratic nations of the world. Sweden chose to recognize two terrorist states inside Israel’s borders. It would only be proper for nations of goodwill to recognize two wholly peaceful republics inside Sweden’s borders.

If recognizing breakaway countries can stabilize the unstable Middle East, just think of how much stability it can bring to Europe. Now that Sweden has solved the problem of Muslim violence in the Middle East, perhaps a few breakaway republics will solve Muslim violence in Sweden.

Sweden saved the Middle East. Now maybe someone can save Sweden.


  1. The sad thing is that however right you are dear Daniel, with however many honest, valid, hard facts you prove your point, the indoctrination in the youth of western society has infected their, reduced to emotion-thinking brains, till the point of incurability, incapable of even understanding a shred of the validity of the truth. That a once reasonably sane society like the Swedish one, managed to have their well meant and due to the combination of great natural wealth and small number of inhabitants, affordable brand of socialism rot their brain out from the inside, leaving it completely clue- and visionless. Instead of being warned by this failure the rest of Europe mimicked the Swedish model while being in a much less favorable financial position to sustain the model from the start and with the same result. This future destroying model even under first Clinton and now Obama and even under republicans became a goal for American society with disregard of the already proven destruction it wrecks on society. Still the western world appears to continue it's march over the cliff thereby utterly destroying all the good which enlightenment had brought to the Judeo-Christian values based western world.

  2. Y. Ben-David4/11/14

    Not only Sweden and the EU hold these delustions, many Israeli, whom we would think would know better, also believe this nonsens about a Palestinian state. The Makor Rishon newspaper had an interview with veteran Israeli 'peace negotiator' Gilad Scher. He admitted it was difficult to pin the Palestinians down to any agreement but we should keep trying. Why? Because he said "it would be very bad for Israel if there is no agreement with the Palestinians". Did you get that? The Palestinians should do Israel a favor and make peace with it. I can just imagine Abbas telling his fellot FATAH terrorists: "listen guys, it will be very bad for Israel if we don't make peace with her, so we should make suicidal concessions like giving up non-negotiable demands like the right-of-return of the Palestinian refugees so we can help the Israelis out". Why don't these supposedly smart people like Scher ask themselves why the Palestinians should make an agreement with Israel when Israelis supposedly in the know admit that if we keep holding out, we will get everything we want (i.e. the ultimate eradication of Israel, G-d forbid) without having to make ANY concessions which our ISIS-Al-Qaida brothers would remind us forefully are treason.

  3. Sweden will a majority Muslim country in less than 30 years with Muslim immigration and birth rates of Muslims already in Sweden, most of which life off the generous welfare Sweden offers them (jizzya by default). What a way for a country to commit suicide.

  4. Superb. Brilliant. Hillarious. We've been Swedophiles for so long, this is all news to me. Thanks for the enlightenment and the laughs. Unfortunately, the laughs on us.

  5. Sweden saves the Middle East , the Middle East enslaves Sweden!

  6. Anonymous4/11/14

    Is there no one left alive in Scandinavia who remembers WWII and its' horrors ?
    "A rose by any other name..." etc.
    Does anyone there follow the news in Great Britain, and know that a British soldier was publicly beheaded? And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
    Maybe they think that the non country of "Palestine" is simply brimming with men of goodwill..
    And we think the average American voter is stupid..

  7. Anonymous4/11/14

    Daniel, I had no idea of the existence of the Royal Republic of Ladonia and the Republic of Jamtland. Maybe when the U.S. implodes and becomes a dictatorial-run Socialist/Communist hellhole, those of us who still believe in liberty and self-government have a place to go to survive.


  8. Anonymous4/11/14

    Decisions and statements made by the detached political elites, of any Western nation, do not represent the opinions of the indigent populace at large. Sweden Democrats and the grassroots Swedish Defense League are gaining politically. Having said that, the situation is dire indeed, and assuming that the current replacement-level immigration policies remain, demography is not on the side of the Swedes. Eventually, the indigent population will rebel, when the situation becomes intolerable. I find it hard to believe that the civilized and enlightened Germans mass-exterminated millions of harmless Jews and Slavs, but today's Europeans will not do the same to the belligerent, criminal, and supremacist adherents of a certain religion of peace.

  9. They also keeps on occupying the southern provinces of Skåne, Blekinge and Halland which they conquered from Denmark in the mid 1600's. According to the original treaties with the danes, We were supposed to keep our culture and language. A promise that was broken already over 300 years ago by the swedes. A part of history not widely known outside Scandinavia. We may have been fairly "integrated" but not fully assimilated, nor do we wish to be that either. We would rather wish to gain independence or a the second next best thing, return to the old mother country Denmark. We even have our own flag, a red one with a yellow cross, with both the swedish and danish colours. Best wishes from Skåne/Scania.


  10. Anonymous4/11/14

    Irony and sarcasm intelligently used in this article. Thanks for writing it.

  11. The state within a state in Sweden is the no go Arabic areas in the country. Surrendering police enforcement (the police powers of the state) is surrendering sovereignty. Your state within a state is already in place, just not recognized.

  12. Anonymous17/11/14

    Sweden is history. Sad to watch a country commit genocide. EU immigration and far left killed it, no hope. Who will pay the generous welfare benefits when the Swedes that are left tire of gang assaults and move to AUS?

  13. Anonymous17/11/14

    Palestine is incapable of self sustainability. Israel, US, Europe and Arabs/Persians pay them to wage war and drink tea. There is little in the way of an education or productive base. They cannot accept Peace. Send all the Jews and their incredible medical and technological inventions to Montana and Israel will look like Gaza in ten years. Even Jordan and Egypt do not want them.


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