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The Supersessionists of the Liberal Confederacy

The battle between Obama and the Republicans is a sad and pitiful contest for the same reason that a baseball game in which one side plays by the rules and the other one races the bases in motorcycles and shoots the balls over the fence with an RPG.

Ted Cruz has come the closest to understanding that the other side just doesn't play by any rules, but lacks the leverage to make much of that. Cruz is still a product of a system in which there are rules. And that system is as unfit for challenging the left-wing radicals running things as trying to play a game of chess against an opponent who feels like moving the pieces any which way he feels like and always claims to have won.

Law is a consensus. If you stop keeping the law, the police arrest you. If a gang of left-wing radicals in a basement somewhere stopped following the law, they might be locked up. It's not a certain thing considering that mad bomber Bill Ayers is a university professor. But once those same left-wing radicals control much of the system and the media that reports on the system, they have no reason to follow the law.

Political factions agree to follow the law for mutual benefit. The Constitution had to be agreed upon by just about everyone. The left-wing radicals in Rhode Island who were making everyone pledge allegiance to their worthless paper currency while threatening to nationalize everything refused and had to be forced in with threats of military intervention and trade embargoes.

But in the end they got the last laugh.

The United States has never really had full-bore left-wing radicals running it before. It does now.

Media outlets breathlessly report on Tea Party radicalism, which consists of wanting to undo the judicial activism of the last century. Meanwhile Obama and his cronies just ignore any law they don't like and rule by fiat.

Which of these is more radical? The Tea Party activists who would like to revisit the debate over the Tenth Amendment or an administration that does anything it pleases and challenges an impotent judiciary and an even more impotent legislature to stand in its way?

The Tea Party activists would like to revise American legal history. Their left-wing opponents sweep the whole thing off the table. The Tea Party would like the system to abide by the letter of its legal covenants while their left-wing opponents have "modernized" them by judicial fiat and disregarded them by executive fiat.

The only laws that Obama will follow are those that allow him to do what he wants to do anyway. Like the Caliph who conquered Egypt and declared that if the Library of Alexandria should be burned because if its books contradicted the Koran they were heretical and if they agreed with it they were blasphemous, the entire American system, its laws and regulations, are at best supplementary.

Law is a consensus. But the left rejects that consensus. It subjects each law to an ideological test. If the law meets the ideological test, which is based on social justice criteria entirely foreign to the American legal system, and the practical test of furthering social justice, it can stay. If not, then it will either be struck down or disregarded. They have applied that same ideological test to the nation as a whole and decided that the existence of the United States does not meet their ideological tests.

Political factions in the past may have engaged in bare-knuckle political hostilities but they all agreed that the United States in its past, present and future forms was the proper arena for their disputes and that the maintenance of an objective system of laws was the best way to ensure its perpetuation. When that consensus broke down, a civil war resulted. Now the consensus is in even worse tatters.

It's not the Tea Party that is the new Confederacy, as popular a media talking point as that may be. The new threat isn't secessionist, but supersessionist. The new Confederacy isn't out to break up the Union into territorial slices, but to replace the Union with a new and different Union. Call it the Confederacy of the Community Organizers, the War between the Unions or the Supersession War.

The Supersessionist rebels insist that the Constitution and the old order were superseded a long time ago by the march of history. And the only reason that we don't call them rebels is because they are in control of almost the entire system of government.

Can a government be considered in rebellion against a nation's laws and its established order? That is the bizarre situation we find ourselves in. There is no shot fired at Fort Sumter. Instead a million conspirators tear apart and remake the system in countless ways on a daily basis while the leadership remains in open rebellion of the laws that it is obligated to abide by and enforce.

Obama and the Republicans are fighting a civil war which only the Supersessionists of the Liberal Confederacy fully understand.

The Republicans, who for the most part are about as radical as a three-piece suit, are fighting to maintain a consensus in which everyone follows the law and settles their disagreements by hammering out a compromise that keeps the system going. And their opponents disregard the consensus and the system and go on doing what they want while defying anyone to stop them.

You could call it political civil disobedience, the left would certainly like to when dealing with the administration's radical lawbreaking on immigration or gay marriage, but civil disobedience applies to the civil population, not to their government. Government disobedience isn't noble or virtuous. The rebellion of governments against the laws they are obligated to enforce is self-righteous tyranny. 

A government in rebellion against the laws is one that asserts that no power, not that of tradition, of the legal covenants that brought the system into being or even the previous votes of the people, is superior to it. That is why the rebellion of the supersessionists is far worse than the rebellions of secessionists. Both the secessionists and the supersessionists reject the consensus, but only the supersessionists insist on forcing a new system of their own making in place of the old consensus.

The unequal constest places liberal rebels looking to trash the system from the top against conservative defenders of an old order fighting from the bottom. The old Nixon vs. Hippies match-up has been flipped over. Nixon is in the crowd of protesters against government abuse and the hippies are laughing at him from the White House. The counterculture has become the culture, but still acts like it's the counterculture even when it's running everything.

On one side there is no consensus and no law; only sheer will. On the other there is a body of legal traditions going back centuries.

It's painfully clear that two such approaches cannot coexist within a single government. And those who have the power and follow no rules have the supreme advantage of wielding government power without the legal restrictions that were meant to bind the abuse of that power.

The Republicans are struggling to find common ground over a mutual respect for the system where none exists. Like any totalitarian radicals, their opponents regard their concern for legalism with contempt.

The radical does not respect process, only outcome. He holds law in contempt, but respects will. While the Republicans debate process, the Democrats steamroll them by focusing only on outcome. Where there is no consensus, then process does not matter. The Democrats treat process as a fiction when it comes to ObamaCare or immigration. And the Republicans struggle to understand why no one holds them accountable without understanding that accountability is also an aspect of process.

The radicalization of the Democratic Party is slowly leading to a counterpart radicalism in the Republican Party. The process is moving far slower because of the vested interests in the way, but every time the radicals of the left displays their contempt for the consensus, they are paving the way for the rise of a Republican Party whose members are more like Ted Cruz than John McCain.

What radicals never understand is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The process of the consensus exists to safeguard both sides and prevent political battles from spinning out of control. Democrats, under the influence of the radical left, have decided that they can unilaterally transform the country by acting as if the consensus and the process don't bind them. They have not considered what will happen when a Republican Party that has as much resemblance to its present day leaders as Barack Obama does to Hubert Humphrey makes that same decision.

Liberal supersessionists claim to be worried about conservative secessionists when they should be far more worried about conservative supersessionists. The consensus we all live by is a fragile thing. It is being torn apart by the radical left and once it is destroyed, it will not bind the right, in the same way that it no longer binds the left.

And then the true conflict will begin.


  1. Naresh Krishnamoorti20/10/13

    So there IS hope after all: one day a radicalized Republican Party may take up arms and defeat the left-wing through a titanic clash of the will to power. From the ashes, we might be able to begin a new and better civilization based on the rule of law and the observance of the traditional moral consensus.

  2. In trying to find something to read to help shut the brain down for sleeping I made the mistake of coming here...

    Your essays should be taken in the awareness of the full light of day. *sigh*

    Note to self: Do not read anything by Daniel Greenfield when looking for something to help fight insomnia.

  3. Anonymous21/10/13

    The Liberal elite has learned how to control the Zombies. From their Ivory Towers they feel safe from those Zombies. Regular people have to live in fear daily that they will fall victim to those Zombies. If Conservatives so much as try to stand up against Liberal bullshit, the Zombies turn their attention to them and eat them alive.

  4. Daniel,

    I spent the weekend reading the plans to use education globally to create a Global Citizens Movement that will supposedly shift away from the national emphasis to local and global. Coming out of both the OECD and the UN and put in place in the US via the social and emotional emphasis of quality learning and the unknown global competency focus of the new Common Core State Standards.

    And I kept thinking that the Republicans either plan to be part of this oligarchy authoritarian vision of the 21st century or they are playing right into the Left's hands by assuming good faith. When the other side intends to use all the levers of power for wholesale transformation. And soon. In fact it's a big part of what all this out of control spending is about. Financing the transformation by making local politicians think the feds are paying 80% of the bill for the wholesale changes at the local levels. Towards communitarianism and merging private and public sectors.

    And you nailed the naivete about the nature of the fight completely.


  5. The radicalization of the Democratic Party is slowly leading to a counterpart radicalism in the Republican Party.

    This sounds misleading, as though Cruz, et. al. are also moving towards lawlessness. I thought the whole point of the article was that the conflict is between law and chaos.

  6. Anonymous21/10/13

    Excellent column. Interesting times ahead for sure.

  7. Anonymous21/10/13

    Someone commented yesterday about your readers on freerepublic.com. That is probably where I found you, but now I come straight here almost daily (and then go to FR).

    Your posts/articles are appreciated - they grow in value. Please keep up the incredible work.

  8. Thank you for naming the reality of our situation. Harry Potter was right in calling Voldmort by name. To fight a problem, we first must name it.

  9. A perfect example of what this article states is the arming of the rebels in Syria when they know those weapons can't be controlled and are likely to be used against Americans in Afghanistan and other places. Anyone from the President on down including Republicans like McCain who wanted this to happen, should be arrested and charged with high treason. They are traitors. But nothing will happen. There is too much money being made pushing Obama's war agenda and they just push laws aside. As a Nam vet Marine, I despise their actions against my country and fellow military personnel.

  10. Looking at the quadrillion dollar bill I can see why they push scientific notation in common core. 1E+12 saves a bunch of counting.

  11. Anonymous21/10/13

    I remember bloggers writing that Obama was the Manchurian Candidate. Actually the Manchurian Candidate was John McCain. I don't think the Republicans are the answer. They have had their day. They stand for rational, large, static and privileged conglomerates and those days are done. We have global competition now and corporations are either competent loners not looking for government to wage foreign and domestic policy on their behalf or they are outright leftists looking for a piece of the socialist pie in exchange for providing resources. The . Repubs are too entwined with the latter to be of help.

    I am having a much better appreciation of monarchy. A great prince keeps his people free or shares the end with them and stays strong to the last. Democracies find new and hip ways to destroy themselves and appease their enemies.

  12. Anonymous21/10/13

    Excellent portrayal and naming of the situation with one exception. They HAVE considered what will happen when ..., which is why they are taking away gun rights, freedom of assembly, etc.

  13. Harry Potter is a bagatelle. If that.

    "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. (John 8:44)

    "The United States has never really had full-bore left-wing radicals running it before. It does now."

    You forgot the "who are also Muslim sympathizers, all while the wheels are coming completely off the economy" part.

  14. The rebellion of governments against the laws they are obligated to enforce is self-righteous tyranny.

    That's nailing it. The law is only a tool for them to use against us. And it is not just the laws of the land -- it also includes moral law and logic. They are bound by nothing. It's just raw power.

    Thank you.

  15. ChicagoRefugee21/10/13

    They are Transnational Progressives - Tranzis, for short (h/t Tom Kratman).

    They fancy themselves the new aristocracy who intend to rule over the mixed, muddled, denationalized and demoralized masses they are currently engaged in creating in a new, technological feudalism.


  16. Anonymous21/10/13

    With Eric Holder as the attorney general, there is no justice in America. That is what we are fighting day after day. The radical leftist know no bounds without a justice dept. to hold them accountable.

  17. Welcome to the USSA, comrades. The revolution happened from within. The counter revolution will be as bloody as the first civil war.

  18. DenisO21/10/13

    Great message, but it may draw fire.
    Like it or not, we are stuck with the Repub Party, as our only defense. It is up to us to change it, and we can, easier than you think. Next November, 14 Repub Senate seats are up for election, and some of the "go-along to get-along Republican " Princes are up for re-election, incl. Lindsey amnesty Graham, John Cornyn, Lamar Alexander, Jeff Sessions, Pat Roberts, and Mitch McConnel. If they have well-financed, true conservative Primary opponents, they may get the message. Here's the whole list: http://usconservatives.about.com/od/campaignselections/a/Republican-Senate-Seats-Up-For-Re-Election-In-2014.htm
    Unfortunately, they won't have to run again for six years, so I think a maximum effort to un-seat them has to be made. Save your change; we have a year to make a contribution.

  19. Fodderwing21/10/13

    When the American Civil War began in 1860, it actually came as no surprise to those upon whom it was visited. Deep ideological rifts were obvious for decades prior, and real talk of war and separation was fairly constant from 1850 on. The talk always precedes the upheaval, and even makes it possible, if not inevitable.

    From what I gather reading here and there on the web, there is talk like none we have heard for generations. At the time a new Party forms out of the Republican carcase, watch for things to come rapidly to a head. History (like that of the 1850's) will repeat itself and much will be put right.

    The U.S. seems to have a fourth branch of government in addition to executive, legislative and judiciary. It may be a stretch to call it the "let's brawl" branch of government, but something like it has settled many issues in the past.

  20. Anonymous21/10/13

    Good piece. I don't think there's any denying the sense of impending chaos. It's the zeitgeist everyone feels, yet no one is publicly acknowledging. People are desperate for some kind of certainty and normalcy. They will cling to that until the last possible moment, but after that I'm not sure what will happen. I truly fear we lack the stoicism, the conscious respect for traditions, and the love of honor that were such an integral part of the American character for so many generations.

    I look at the left-wing locusts as they chomp mindlessly away, and it truly makes me sad that most of them will never know what priceless cultural treasures we've lost for the sake of their god, the State. On the other hand, their mindlessness and rootlessness makes their triumph less certain.

    Then again, it doesn't really matter so much to me, as I don't plan to be on this continent when things come to a head.

  21. WalkingHorse22/10/13

    The official republican party is every bit as feckless as Mr. Greenfield suggests. The news is replete with establishment republicans acting surprised that no level of obsequious, self-effacing deference is sufficient to get the left and the media to like them. The republicans are playing politics, while the left is at war. The combination of denial and the normalcy bias is deadly. Meanwhile, the Tea Party folks are being treated like Churchill in the England of the 1930's.

    I foresee no peaceful resolution of this conflict. If I were to hazard a guess, we are in a situation analogous to that of the United States of 1858. The core issue today is no different than the one in that era: "Are individuals to be free, or is it licit that some people treat others as property?" The Federal Government as mutilated by the Left today adopts the role played by southern slave-holders in the 19th century. And rather than blacks, all inhabitants of the United States who do not enjoy political connections are being herded onto the government plantation.

    Viena una tormenta!

  22. "Then again, it doesn't really matter so much to me, as I don't plan to be on this continent when things come to a head."

    You may be surprised. Exile is it's own cross to bear.

  23. Anonymous22/10/13

    Events accelerate. The Republicans will disappear as an effective alternative as they have not demonstrated the moral courage that would give them the authority to take government. That vacuum will be filled. What is desperately required is a moral framework to validate a change in course. This will take shape as a Democracy vs. Liberty argument. It will have a racial component, an aristocratic element and an economic element, all of which will find consensus on a High Exit tentpole message (just leave me alone). I see a society in which there will be a differentiation between residents and citizens. I would expect many now on the "right" will cross lines and vice verse. The defining issue will be High Exit, just as it was in the first two revolutions. Given how the left has amped up the pace of their transformation w/o any interest paid to the mounting resentment, I expect it will be a bloody affair-- tho no Civil War 2.

    A more peaceful alternative: look for migration and self exile with some key geographic regions established as formal/informal homelands. Would the leftists gin up reasons to block? I suspect they would have to if they wanted to retain a tax base and retain legitimacy. If that's the case, Ruby Ridge X 1 mil, with moral authority with the resistance.

  24. Anonymous23/10/13

    It's the left/right, gain the moderate, trap the independent, play the people against themselves that has "us" where "we" are.

    It's all been a shuck, and a jive. From now on make sure you know if you are shucking, or jiving.

  25. Lt. Greyman, NVA23/10/13

    Everyone is skirting the race replacement and genocidal aspects of our current national leaders. The enormous influx of the Spanish/Indian (dot not feather)/African population that is replacing the White and is pressed along by the Left Radicals as an easier population to rule. The Country of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett is GONE and we are left with a mishmash of competing incompetencies.

    The "Zombies" as one poster above put it, have already carved the FUSA into chunks and now have the backing of the Federal government. Huge crimes can be committed by the Black Panthers (say the issuance of a Fatwa on the head of a private citizen for $100,000) and the Federal State actively encourages it by identifying with the criminal ("If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon") and never pressing charges. Indeed, the Federal Government in the guise of Eric Holder says that certain protective laws "Don't apply to Whites". The elected leader of Jackson Mississippi is an African Separatist yet no one says a word, but some guy says in Idaho that he wants to live away from blacks and HUD delivers Somalians fresh off the plane.

    If there is any tension is is not between the radicals and the Traditionalists, but between the Radicals and the Whites.

    Your skin color is your Uniform.

  26. Anonymous23/10/13

    Excellent article, but I am afraid any reaction to the action will be too little too late to matter. To draw some parallels, we are in a year 1941, while the time to act was in 1933. This is now a socialist state and will stay as such for a long time. End will come for sure, as every totalitarian system must eventually run its course and end. But it won't end with velvet revolution but rather conflagration not seen on this continent ever before. The left in this country is of true believer type who believe in their book just as strongly as muslim fanatic believes in Koran. They cannot be swayed from their way by words. They are ready to kill for their beliefs not ready to negotiate their beliefs.

  27. Anonymous23/10/13

    Give a democrat a stick of firewood and he will be warmed for a day, douse him with diesel fuel, and set him aflame, and he will be warmed the rest of his life

  28. Anonymous23/10/13

    Obama is just finishing what Woodrow Wilson and FDR started. Never forget that. This is the final phase.

  29. Anonymous23/10/13

    Time to arrest Obama for treason and sedition.


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